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    I got the comic only for nine cents! Thank you dc.

    by Kekkaishi13 on 03-08-2011 at 12:01 AM
    I loved this dream! I didn't have enough lucid control to do anything. Yeah...it sucked that I was in complete control of my actions. Then agian, it was still fun

    "Can I have that comic?" The eight year old version of me asked my mom.
    I didn't know why, but I wanted this dc comic. We where at a wall mart check out thing. Our cashire was the janitor who had to fill in the job of a sick worker.
    "No," My mother said to me. Strangly she left me their.
    I looked at the comic, it was the first volume of a new series. I looked over at the cashire, he was an elderly man with sympathy in his eyes.
    ''Listen sport." He said to me. In his hand was $14."I will give you that comic for nine cents."
    I looked at my feet, thinking that I didn't have nine cents. Then four brown dots grew from the floor. They were pennies.
    But I still needed five more cents! The old man pointed behind me. Turning around I saw a silver dot on the floor. I rush to it wit hendless energy. It was a nickle! I had nine cents.
    I gave the money to the old man, in return he gave me the comic. I looked at it with great detail for the first time. It was my favorite dc hero Zatanna, the sorcerist surprem!

    That is when I woke up, happy that I a dc was so nice to me. I guess even dc should stand for dream citizen. He was so real, so full of emotion.
    non-lucid , memorable

    I can fly!....and when did I start working as a waiter?

    by Kekkaishi13 on 03-05-2011 at 08:01 PM
    If any one has seen the new predator movie, don't read the first part. Anyway, here is my secound entry and i'm proud to say i'm good at useing dream powers. Now all I have to work on is controling the dream it's self.

    This dream kept on reacurring three times before I got it right. I was falling out of the sky. I always have a diffrent body, but I was a girl(Again) with long burnett hair and glasses. My eyes stayed open, catching in the scenere. I was darting out of sky to a ocean and a tall cliff was near by. The wind pushed past me, the scenere not changing or moveing. This was my third time doing this!
    A back pack was attacthed to me, to get a better look I went into third person point of view. It was the parechute from the predator movie."This is the third time and I don't whant to die." A voice said to me.
    I looked over to see a white dog talking to me. Looking down, I saw the cliff and the ocean coming closer. In panick I push the red button on my chest.
    Instead of a pareichute, a circular yellow life raft shot out of the button."How is this supposed to help!" I yelled.
    Out of nowhere, I start to make a u-turn back up to the sky. The life raft was gone and also the dog. It felt strange to fly, the whole intire thing felt like a movie.
    Three girls apered by my side, they were flying right beside my. We past over the cliff flying into to the sunset. It was like a crappy ending to any movie, but the sun got brighter untill I couldn't see
    I was now exiting a bathroom. Looking around, I saw it was a mexican reastruant.
    I slowly walk to this cashire, she was a elderly women. Near her was this young man, I assumed he was a waiter because he was wearing a clack suit with a red tie.
    At the register their was a old pay phone.(I was still in a girl form, but with a diffrent look. I was seventeen with short brown hair and tan skin) I checked my cloths for any money, figureing out that I was wearing a red dress. Dress plus no pockets equals no money.
    "If you want to use the phone my dear," She said to me."You got to work for it."
    I thought that was a wired idea. It was my dream! In anger I walked out side to see that I was in a city. I didn't want to waste LD time and thought calling a dc to pick me up was a good idea. I wen't back in,"Fine." I said in defeat.
    the room was almost in darkness, if it wasn't for some candels. Looking across the room I see a couple waiting for their food. I walk to the registure.
    The Cashire turns to the male waiter. She winked and he came over to her with a empty tray. She noded her head and he looked at me. He had black spiky hair and white pale skin. His face grew in worry, but gave the cashire the tray.
    Without saying a word he grabed his hat and jacket from a nearby coat rack. He exited the door, his shift was over.
    As the door swung open I saw that it was dark outside. I needed to call someone to pick me up. I turn back to the cashiere, next to her was a tray of food.
    I grabed it and wen't to the couple. I gave them their food and they said,"Thank you."
    They started to eat forgetting about me. I turn around to see darkness, my eyes were shut.
    They flickered open and I saw my room. I was now awake.

    That was really wired. I will never foreget this dream event. I flew and made some DC friends. It was strange, the waiter seemed so familiar. I will look for him and dream signs tonight if I become lucid.
    lucid , memorable

    The LD journey of a Kekkaishi(in training)

    by Kekkaishi13 on 03-04-2011 at 03:39 AM
    This my first entry as a LDer Note, this isn't my ld, but a recent one.

    I found myself in deep space, where no light exist. I know that I'm Ld because I never had this feeling before. I decided to go somewhere, any where but here. All of a sudden, the world around me turns into white paper and scenery starts to draw around me. The next thing I knew I was in a feild, leaning aginst a giant grave stone.

    I was smokeing a pipe. I calmly breathed out, purple smoke shot out."Their better not be health esue's." I said. A man in a blue cape walks tword me. I see his face, Marth from fire eblme.

    Before I can say anything, he stabs me in the chest. I feel onto cold rock. I looked around, seeing my friend anthony. I don't speak, but follow him to a cliff. I looked to see a bridge leading over the effile tower.

    We go down it to this warehouse. Their he goes inside while gang members come over to seach me.

    I saw myself in third person point of veiw. I was a tall burnette women, wearing a tight black jumpsuit. I notice one of them grabing a gun, it took me by surprise.

    It happened quick, I was useing super speed and mix martieal arts to take them down.

    Scared, I ran into the wear house. I look down to see in a pool of blood, anthony. His legs were perfectly cut off. "NO!" I scream.

    I hear a sliding door open on the other side of the warehouse. Looking over I see Darth Vader, he killed my friend!

    Out of now where I grab a light saber, letting the rage take over. It happened really fast. I soon found my self with him on a star ship falling to earth. Then I woke up.

    That sucked, I spent my time wandering around the dream. It's a habbit that started at my first LD yeas ago.

    Updated 03-04-2011 at 03:42 AM by Kekkaishi13