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    The sofa scam and the Victorian ghost.

    by Kensei on 03-17-2013 at 11:26 PM
    I'm in my school's common room, only for sixth form students. In the dream however, it's much larger than in real life. The ceiling stands about two stories above me like a large gymnasium, and as far as I can tell the room is connected directly to the main 'street' of our school. Out of the nearby windows I can see it is night. There are several octagonal tables stationed around where people are sitting, talking, laughing and eating. I'm near the edge of the large group of tables, where a solitary old fashioned sofa is stationed. I get a really bad feeling about the sofa, as if it's an evil, tangible presence. I advise my friends D and A not to sit on it, but they laugh it off. D is very relaxed, and assures me that it's fine. They both sit down, and nothing happens, though I know something is wrong. It is then that someone I know, though I can't recall who, gives me a hacksaw and tells me to do it. D and A get up and resign themselves to the fact that they won't get to use the Sofa. I begin to cut it up into very thin slices. It's surprisingly easy to cut, as though it is made of sponge. Once i'm done, the room trembles and a voice booms "How dare you kill the being I sent down to earth!". At this point everyone in the room begins to get scared. We start hearing regular thumps, massive ones, as though a giant creature is approaching. The whole room shakes with each 'step'. I get up and go outside in an attempt to help calm my fellow students.

    Outside it is raining quite heavily, and the moon peaks out from behind the overcast sky. I move round the front of the school and round to the back. Here there are more changes. My school is now built near the side of a large river, and a cathedral is now stood nearby. The school is missing several sections as a result. As I move along the tarmac beside the river I sense something, and look around to see a legless ghost in a long Victorian skirt float across into the cathedral. I then see a huge white ball appear in the sky, and in terror assume it's the monster. It actually turns out it's a light atop the cathedral spire, and the whole thing is actually just faked. I move towards the school to tell everyone, who I can see beyond the large windows. A friend comes out to greet me, and realises as well that it is a scam. I then look towards the school to see the ghost flying straight at me, before waking up.

    Overall, quite an interesting dream. First one I had in some time. Will keep you updated on If I have any tonight.

    The dusty room

    by Kensei on 08-07-2012 at 01:55 PM
    I was in a grassy meadow about 30 by 50 meters, surrounded by a low cobblestone wall. Beyond the north wall was a road and then terraced houses. beyond the other walls were trees. I was there with a few girls, and my dad had supposedly dropped us off there. Before he left, he told us that ghosts lived in the meadow. We made our way to a small corrugated shed, and went inside to sleep for the night as it was rapidly becoming dark. The three girls were talking to each other about the ghosts, reassuring each other that there were none. I said goodnight to them, and headed off to my own shed. I climbed in and shut the door. Inside the walls were oak panelling. A small bed was in the room too, into which I climbed and fell asleep.

    I was now viewing a different place and couldn't feel my body. The room was startlingly vivid, particularly for a non lucid dream. It appeared to be an old Victorian manor, with dark wooden floors and various antique furniture. Everything was covered in a thin film of dust. The room was dimly illuminated despite the window being closed by a thick curtain. I then floated out into a hallway, where a woman resembling queen Victoria ran in a huge dress shouting "Begone foul spirits". As I watched, the spirits in question chased her and knocked her down. They didn't seem to be malicious, appearing as ghosts from luigi's mansion.

    I then woke up.

    Of crabs and gods

    by Kensei on 07-31-2012 at 05:28 PM
    I'm not too aware of my surroundings. They seem to be a large concrete island with some alien constructs on them - think forerunner designs (halo). I'm in a mechanical hardsuit that looks like a crab. As I walk along near the water's edge, two men come over and start to attack me. They're both in cartoony greek dress and I somehow know that one is zeus. The other one is a god, but I have no idea which one.

    As they charge at me I 'pause' and turn on god mode. We fight for a long time, toe to robo-toe, and plunge into the dark water. As I move the suit to surface, I see Zeus aiming a huge barrel at me. He fires, and a harpoon pierces through the suit and through my left kidney area. Nonetheless, I burst out of the surface and face them. They ask me incredulously how I survived, but I don't tell them about the god mode.
    dream fragment

    First Lucid In A Long Time!

    by Kensei on 05-08-2012 at 10:15 PM
    I became lucid at the start of the dream, but my body felt slightly distant. I was in a large walled garden, the walls in question being two stories tall and having buildings built into them. The grass was vibrantly green and the sky a pastel blue. I looked at my hands, and the dream became more vivid. I then remembered about dream spinning, and so promptly span twice on the spot. The increase in clarity was amazing! I could feel my heartbeat in my chest due to my excitement. I remember someone talking to me, but I ignored them and flew away. The dream then changed.

    I was then riding down the main road of my town on my moped. I wasn't wearing any protective gear and was driving like a complete pillock. Still, it was very fun Here it was raining, and I could feel the cool touch of the raindrops on my exposed skin. I eventually got to the entrance of the high street and dismounted. The traffic seemed to have just stopped, with some people gathering near me to see what I would do. I decided to try some powers, and felt a change of weather was in order. I stretched my hands out in front of me together and pointed them palm first towards the sky. I then pulled my hands apart in a great semicircle. As I did so, the grey clouds receded with my hands and the sky behind was sunny and a beautiful light blue. Someone near me said "Thanks mate!", and several other people were looking with amazement.

    I then lost lucidity, and have little memory of the dream that followed save for a few snippets. There was a robot factory, my brother, a large laser and the enclave.

    Fallout: British Countryside

    by Kensei on 04-24-2012 at 07:32 PM
    Finally had me some brief lucidity! And I do mean brief. However, this is a good sign of things to come


    I'm on a boat of some description. It's fairly square, and has balconies like on a paddle steamer. I remember going inside and seeing a kitchen and a television. I think I got something to eat. My dad was there as well. [Fragment, 0.5 points]

    Scene Change

    I and my friend J are near a canal. On one side is a huge red brick wall, stretching horizontally for miles. On "our side" of the river are several two storied shops and houses. Several tall black Victorian lampposts and benches line the canal. The floor is a sandstone tile, and looks quite pleasing. There are two arched bridges going over the canal, with people crossing them.

    For some reason I hold a pistol in my hand, and it soon becomes apparent why. Across the water I see a group of metro police (half life 2) about to cross the bridge nearest me. I fired into them, taking one down. They instantly drew their batons and began radioing for assistance. The people around us didn't seem to mind.

    (Minor Transition)

    Night falls, and the police are gone, presumably dead. Since no one's now around, we break into one of the stores. I find some ammunition and supplies. We then decide to leave before more enemies come.

    (Minor Transition)

    We're walking down a gravel country road in between large hedges, leading away from the city. We climb up on one hedge to find that it forms a huge 'block', if you will, of leaves that we stand on. This stretched up to a farm house, with a beat up pick up truck outside. We then notice the Brotherhood of Steel outcasts torching the area or stomping around menacingly, dressed in black and red power armour.

    My friend says to me "What if I do this?" before firing a large energy weapon and laughing. It shoots a huge blue ball towards them and explodes, killing some.

    Excrement hits the fan.

    What ensues is a brief battle, in which we slaughter the outcasts. Farmers, women and older children come out of the house and offer to join us, all wielding weapons. I pick up a shotgun from near the truck, but for some reason it's fused with another like a weird first person glitch. I throw one away. It's a twin barrelled break action 410. We were attacked by a few more outcasts, prompting me to scout a path in a nearby hedge.

    It leads to a field on a hill sloping down before me. The sun is just rising over the horizon. A farmer and a his son step out towards me. Not initially realising the lack of threat, I shoot, thankfully missing them. They're rather miffed, naturally. I then tell them why I'm on edge, panting "You weren't there!" like a grizzled war veteran. [Whole Dream, 1 point]

    Scene Change

    I'm now lucid. I seem to be looking at me from a weird angle, only seeing concrete on the floor. I seem to be not fully "in the dream" as I seem to be able to feel my physical body dragging me back. I slowly get pulled back and I wake up. [Became Lucid, 5 points] [Fragment, 0.5 points]

    Updated 04-24-2012 at 07:44 PM by Kensei

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