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    About KestrelKat
    LD Count:
    30 < LD < 60
    First Lucid: June 10, 2014!

    I'm a Kindergarten teacher and, though I am loving it, it's draining and I haven't had nearly as many lucids as I could be having! I'm currently at about 1-2 LDs a month, so not that many, and of varying levels of control.

    Anyways, enjoy reading my random-ass dreams.

    Lucid Goals (will add more):
    (X) Summon small objects
    ( ) Summon a platypus
    (X) Summon anime characters and have conversations with them
    (X) Fly in space
    (X) Find out who The Face is
    ( ) Swim in the sea
    ( )
    Country Flag:
    Teaching, Skiing, Adventure, Reading, Talking
    Kindergarten Teacher
    How you found us:
    my best friend uses the site and suggested it to me


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    Competition Week One

    by KestrelKat on 04-17-2016 at 03:21 AM
    Monday Night (night 2)

    Only fragments; I was at a building site and two neighbors from junior year of college were there. At some point, my Oma let me use her bathroom. There was way more to the dream but I can't remember many more details than that.

    Tuesday Night (night 3)

    I was with Zukin at one of her classes on an exam day. I took the exam as well, for shiggles. It was 15 questions and they were either super complicated with chemical and math and other stuff I would not know, or super simple questions like "what is a baby cat called?"
    I stayed to talk to the professor a bit because I was interested in the class now, and then met Zukin outside in the hallway. But when I got to the hallways, it turned into the supermarket. We picked out some foods and then walked back to her place. She took me by the railroad tracks. When we got back to her place, I had to set up my bunk bed (apparently I had that with me haha). But parts were missing... I couldn't find the ladder or the railings.

    Wednesday Night (night 4)

    I was teaching, but it was taking place at my home. During one of the breaks I somehow ended up thinking it was a good idea to get high, and then had to teach in that state. It was very scary, actually. I almost did so many things that would NOT have been good. After class, I took a nap and when I got up again it was a beautiful spring day. Some of my students were playing a game of tag or something right outside the window. And then one of them somehow busted his lip...

    Woke up for reals, and fell back asleep to have this one:
    I was taking a shower, and this shower was so effing beautiful. It was completely made of blue, green and purple glass tiles and had multiple levels. Like you could sit or use one of the levels to prop up your leg to shave better. I got out of the shower feeling great and ended up in my Oma's house. I thought this was strange because their shower is not like that at all, and checked my hands. They were stubby, so I knew it was a dream. I know I already did the TOTM but I really wanted to do it again because of how cool it was before, and also because I knew it was a competition night. I ran at the wall to phase through it and ended up in Oma's front yard. I jumped up but was having trouble getting airborne for some reason so I started my climbing the big tree I always used to climb and jumping from the top of it (like literally it's a pine and I can usually get three or four stores up.
    I jumped out of the tree and got right into flying, then hovered for a but to collect my thoughts. I wanted to get to the clouds fast and also get my second three-step so I let myself fall from where I was hovering. Just before hitting the ground I let out my hands and shot up Iron Man style. I've always loved looking down while I shoot up like that and watched the ground getting rapidly wider as I gained altitude. Then I looked out and up again and spotted a nice fluffy cloud to land on. It was the same as before, so light and soft but also really dense and firm. That makes no sense, I know, but it's the only way I can describe it. I tried to remember what my last three-step goal was, but was drawing blanks, so I let myself fall through the cloud as a teleportation device.
    I ended up in a weird but cool club and some guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to smoke with him. I said sure, why not, and gradually began to lose lucidity
    and then woke up.

    Fell back asleep and was immediately lucid. I was waiting for a train at a big and other-worldly station. It reminded my of Myst and Riven. I got on this train with other people my age and when it started going, I directed it upwards into the sky and into a cave. There were beautiful, luminescent lichen and stalagtites and stalagmites. The other people on the train were impressed and asked me to take them somewhere new just as cool. But I was loosing lucidity. I sent us to the rim of an inactive volcano or some other kind of mountain place. By the time we got there though, I was non-lucid again and dreaming normally. I eventually saw my kindergarteners and one of them tried to get me to watch this movie but I was tired and didn't want to.

    Thursday Night (night 5)

    I was at school, and a parent of one of my most challenging kids this year was dropping him off and told me, "don't let that Miss N. Read to him. She's stupid and she is racist and do t you let her write for them either." And I was so shocked that I cried. Like honestly that staff member she was talking about is one of the kindest people at he school and has been a huge help to me and my students this year. I wS taken aback by this and tearfully told the parent off lol.

    Friday Night (night 6)

    I was with Zukin and we were trying to get into this private (and super elite) lecture. We got to the entrance to the lecture hall and the professor was there... Zukin flirted with him to get us in haha. We took Sears near the window in the back of the room, and there was one of those three-windowed jut outs (I am spacing on what they're called haha) and I sat in it. It wasn't a seat but I made it into a window seat haha. It was a pretty nice day outside so I was looking out the window for a little bit and saw a woman sitting in the grass reading a book. I looked back to the professor to watch the lecture again, and then he looked out another window. He said, "oh shit, there are police cars out there's!"
    I looked out the window I sat by again, and saw (to my horror) three police officers trying to subdue a Bigfoot who was literally tearing the woman from before into pieces. I was horrifyed and all I could think was, oh shit. It can get through this window... and I turned to Zukin and said, "Zukin, we gotta run. Now."
    So we get up and run toward the exit. When we're about 3/4 to the door, the window shatters and the Bigfoot leaps in and starts chasing us. We were on the second floor of this building btw. Zukin and I were running for a while, and the university building was turning into more of a luxurious, huge mansion. I was 150% sure by this point that the Bigfoot was after me alone, so I told Zukin to get somewhere else. The Bigfoot was breaking walls and doors to get at me and it finally cornered me in a closet-like thing.
    It was about to tear me limb from limb but then stopped, looked at me a little sadly or pityingly, and said, "wow. You must be pretty stressed to be having a dream like this. How about a sensual massage instead of getting ripped apart?"
    I could only stare at it for a moment, then checked my hands. Sure enough, I was dreaming. I decided to take up the bigfoots offer, too. It told me to find the bathroom on the second floor west side of the building and then disappeared. I was curious now, and blinked myself to the general area. I found the bathroom and really had to pee, actually. It was hard to stay in the dream, and all the toilets in the room had some weird aspect that made them unusable. One had a permanent potty-training attachment so it was too small. One of them was a "diarrhea machine" in the wall, and I didn't want to open that can of worms. The other one was a coffin-sized wooden box with intricate designs on it. (These were all in the same room, haha!)
    The Bigfoot came in and opened the lid of the large wooden box thing. Bit turned out to be a massage table (and it was weirdly sexual, because there were little dips and grooves for butts and feet and even boobs). I was laying down on the table to get a "sensual massage" from Bigfoot when I woke

    Sweet 16 Nights 7, 8, 9 and 10

    by KestrelKat on 01-20-2016 at 06:24 PM
    Night 7 (4 NLD)

    I was in a game or on some sort of mission (or both) with a team of highly-trained specialists. I don't know what exactly they were specialists of, but I got the feeling they were very good at something. We got to this huge room that had a lot of debris and water damage, and found out only one person could go on because there was a shrink potion needed to continue. But there was only enough to shrink one person. So I took the potion and started living in a metal box of some sort (maybe the shell of an old computer?) in this room, alone. The box already had a lot of supplies (food, toiletries, entertainment) and a video recorder. I got the feeling I was to live here and record daily what I'd noticed, what was happening, etc. I didn't know what to record first, so I just recorded a self-introduction, and then made some food with the supplies. I went out to explore the room in further detail when the dream faded.

    I was moving to a new apartment, and had just driven home from Target whee I'd gotten some things I needed. I almost didn't get let into the parking garage because I couldn't find my ID, but eventually they believed me and let me in without it. When I got to my new apartment unit, I was looking around the many rooms, trying to figure out which one would be best for the bedroom. They were all rather small, but that's fine by me. I eventually picked one room that was so small the bed touched both opposite walls.

    I was out shopping with my cousins and Zukin, and then we met my Oma. We all walked around for a while, and got some food, and then my Oma bought me a sexy bra. I was shocked but somehow it didn't surprise me, like I knew deep down she was a rebel anyways ;D

    I wanted to make a pillow pile in my room, so I went out to some home store with the intent to get as many of the cheapest pillows as I could afford. But it turned out they didn't ave any fucking pillows, so I went home PO'd. I didn't have enough energy to make it to another store to check if they had pillows, and I think I might have been high anyways, so I just went back home.

    Night 8 (1 NLD, 1 LD)

    I was babysitting for this new family; I think it was actually the family of my little brother's friend, Olivia. So they were both there, too. At first the kids didn't like me and when I asked if they'd like to play with me, they said no and hid behind the couch. So I backed off and started drawing on the floor. I got thirsty so I went to get a glass of water from the kitchen and when I got back to my picture the kids were looking at it. I asked if they liked it, and they said they really liked it. As usually happens with me a little kids, they opened up to me very rapidly after that, and soon we were outside playing this death-defying game of some sort. The older one wanted to show me a school project she was working on, so we all went back inside. My little brother and his friend were no where to be seen, so I was secretly wondering if they were making out somewhere, haha.

    I was parking my van in the street outside someone's house, and noticed a purple dog in the street. Did a reality check and confirmed I was dreaming. But it was too fuzzy and I couldn't remember any of my goals. I got out of the car and walked around, turned the dog orange with a wave of my hand, and then the dream destabilized and I woke up.

    Night 9 (1 NLD)

    I was at my neighbor's house (the neighbor happened to be one of my old high school friends) and talking to his girlfriend. We apparently had to pack things for him, and I remember thinking it was weird that I was helping pack things for him. Like, shouldn't that be his and his girlfriend's job or something? I was just an old friend, I felt like I shouldn't be doing this XD

    Night 10 (1 LD)

    I was part of another elite group protecting the world; this time, there were monsters plaguing the world and we went out at night and took care of them in a humane manner. I was out on a mission one night, and we were in a huge tube thing (this place was a bit like the trippy roller coaster Zukin and I are building in Minecraft) and jumping up and down on little platforms along its inner walls, trying to defeat these two monsters. We finally got them, but my partner and I got separated. The plan if that ever happened was to meet back up at the base, so I went back there on my own. He wasn't there yet when I got back, so I was worried, but I needed to rest, so I found a spot by a window and tried to sleep. One of my students was there (but she was all grown up!) and was watching an anime with her BOYFRIEND (whaaaat?!)
    I looked out the window again at the portion of the base that was at the bottom of this big hill (my portion of the base was at the top) and could see the people in it all scurrying around doing their works. That part of the base was open to the air for the most part, which is why I could see people so easily. I saw my ex there, and he waved at me (he must have looked up and seen me watching through my window) and soon like everyone in that base stopped what they were doing and waved at me. I realized this was strange and checked my hands; dreaming!
    This lucidity was oddly clear, and effortless. I knew my goal now was to summon Zukin. So I said her name out loud and snapped and there she appeared in front of me. We phased through the wall and started flying around. I wanted to go to space with her so we both shot out and up and didn't stop until we had exited the atmosphere and kept going a little further. After a moment of admiring Space, she said, "don't forget to do a mythical creature task," and reminded me of the fairy ring I'd failed last time. With Zukin here, I knew I wouldn't fail this time, so I teleported us to a forest by snapping (I've started using snapping for lots of dream control lately). Don't really know where the forest was or anything, but it felt like a forest would be a lot better than a fairy circle in someone's front yard.
    We walked around until we found a fairy circle, and then sat down in it and concentrated on the fairies I knew were around here. Soon they started flickering into being around us, kind of fuzzy and static-y like they were on an old television, or like they were a glitch in a game. They cleared up and sharpened up, and then I got a good look at them. Their skin was multicolored and metalic-like, and their wings shimmered, but they also had large talons on their hands and feet, and they had horns and fangs. I asked them what their secrets were, and to my dismay, they bashfully each pulled out multiple dildos. The fairies' secret was a dildo collection. Of course. I was too busy rolling my eyes at my subC and the dream faded
    and I woke up.
    lucid , task of the year

    Sweet 16 Night 6

    by KestrelKat on 01-16-2016 at 06:58 PM
    I was in this huge old house where a queen or a noble or something lived. There was also a school in the building and I was co-teaching a class. Something horrible happened (I don't remember what it was) and to get the kids under control I just yelled "EVERYONE, FREEZE!" And they all froze like completely (it was more like stopping time lol). The other teacher in the room told all the other teachers and they were all very impressed with how I handled the situation. I walked around and eventually found Zukin. She was dressed as an elvish prince for some reason.

    Then it was time for us both to leave, and I was in the main room waiting for her. I saw her come out of a hallway and motioned for her to come so we could leave, and turned to wait in the car. But Zukin never came out so I got out of the car and went back into the huge house. I asked if anyone knew where she was, they had no idea... So I had to go looking for her. This place was like a fucking maze; lots of narrow halls with corners and stairs all over the place, and random rooms scattered and with no apparent pattern. I eventually did find her in a room at the back (or middle) with a whole wall of windows looking out into this field (or courtyard) with a stream flowing through it. It was way peaceful. I woke Zukin up and told her it was time to leave. She was relieved to see me. Apparently she had not seen me that time in the main room, and had gone to look for me and couldn't find me anywhere, and was forced to sleep in this room for the night. I remember thinking that something was different about her hair. I think it was really short somehow. She started changing into her normal clothes and then we left and I woke up.

    I was with my brothers, Zukin, and one other person about our age. We were in this big city, driving around. We wanted to find a place to rent a golf-cart to get around easier, so we parked at this hotel and started walking around. We passed through this beautiful little cafe with a terraced courtyard with an aqueduct-like water feature running around the perimeter and through it. We rented our golf cart and drove around. My recall is a bit fuzzy for the driving, but we needed up getting lost somehow and had a really hard time getting back to the rental place. I was driving the golf cart and somehow thought I was in the van... I was confused about why there was no windshield in front of me and then even the steering wheel was gone and it turned out I was driving from outside the cart, like sitting on the front of it.

    We eventually made it back to the cafe and the golf cart had turned into a scooter I had to return; everyone else was on foot. So we were going through this cafe-store's interior to get to the courtyard where we had to return the scooter. I had to go down and up lots of ramps. And right at the opening to the courtyard, there was a little cashier's desk and a woman was selling this beautiful stuff. It was light pink, light blue, and lavender colored ("Zukin's spirit colors") and shimmery and so malleable. It was sort of like oobleck but more solid. The woman gave me a sample to play around with in my hands and it felt so strange. I had assumed it was stuff to eat and was now not so sure but was embarrassed to ask if it was edible. My people called my name and I remembered we had to return the scooter, so I left. We had to get down a long series of ramps and stairs to get down to the bottom of the courtyard where the rental place was. For some reason you were supposed to return the scooters by driving them into the water feature... I realized this was a bit strange and did a reality check; dreaming!

    I looked around the courtyard with lucid eyes and it was really very pretty and complex. The sun was low in the sky but not quite setting so I decided to fly into space to grab something out of the sky for the challenge task for the competition. I shot off like a firework and kept going straight up until I was just outside the atmosphere. I looked around at the Space around me, but it didn't look like a dream night-sky looks for me, usually. It looked pretty normal like space. I wanted to grab one of the larger-than-life things that populate my dream skies, so I let myself fall back down to earth.

    I landed, somehow, in the same courtyard cafe. I looked up again, and the sun was still in the sky. I realized I had done my second step task and that my third one was time control, so this was perfect. I wondered how I was going to speed up time; I've done it a couple times before but couldn't remember how I did it those times. I ended up reaching out and using a force-like pull to move the sun down toward the horizon. People around me started moving faster as well and it became like a time-lapse video until it was night time. I let time go back to normal and looked up. My beautiful, huge night sky was there and I just sort of watched it for a while. Then I spotted a galaxy that was the same colors as that shiny stuff, so I picked that one to grab out of the sky. I reached up, imagining that instead of it being something huge that was far away, it was something small that was within my reach. At first I only ended up waving my hand in front of me... But then I felt the little galaxy in my hand. It was ice-cold, and if "sparkly" was a texture, it was that. It sort of popped and tingled in my hands. It was malleable like the stuff tat woman was selling. I decided since this was a dream, why not eat it; it tasted like blueberries and cinnamon.

    I looked around again and wanted to summon some of my teammates (OneUp and spellbee were the only ones I could remember), and as I looked around, two men sitting at a table nearby had those named floating above them, like in a video game. OneUp had on a space helmet like his avatar and a tuxedo-T-shirt, and spellbee was wearing a green shirt with a cat on it and had glasses and short hair. I walked up to them and said, "OneUp? Spellbee?" They looked up at me and just grinned, so I sat down with them. I asked them what's new, and apparently spellbee was getting a divorce and OneUp was promoted at his job.

    "Have you guys seen any of the enemies around here?" I asked them. I started to feel the dream destabilizing and rubbed my hands on my thighs. I looked around, and saw two people walking toward us. One of them had the name dolphin above him, and the other had the name imazu, so I knew these were the enemies. They both carried pillows, so I reached behind my chair and summoned a pillow, telling spellbee and OneUp to do the same. But the dream collapsed and I felt myself
    waking up before we could have an epic pillow fight

    Updated 01-17-2016 at 06:12 AM by KestrelKat


    spellbee's Competition Night 4

    by KestrelKat on 01-15-2016 at 02:39 AM
    Third night's paltry fragments are not worth DJing, sadly.

    But last night was a double-lucid night (which doesn't usually happen for me! Especially when I've been on a dry spell!)

    I was driving on the highway through the city. I noticed a blockade coming up, though. I stopped the car and got out to investigate, and it turns out there was an accident ahead and the whole freeway was closed from this point on. But for some reason, instead of cars getting off at the ramp that was literally RIGHT THERE, people were getting out of their cars and continuing on foot up the off-ramp. As I followed people up the ramp, I overheard people saying how there was a lone survivor; a child whose parents both died pretty gruesomely. There was a police officer asking the boy who they could contact instead of his parents, and he didn't know...

    I soon found my way to a mall that had wide, open corridors. As I was walking in them (they were deserted) I pretty much just remembered, "oh yeah! I'm sleeping in bed right now." And looked at the ceiling above me. I jumped and knew I for sure was dreaming when I zoomed out, completely phasing through the ceiling to the city above. I flew around, making my way back to the blockade to investigate more, but everyone was gone. I looked around and spotted a door in the walls keeping the busy city from mingling with the freeway.

    I ended up in this series of tunnels and hallways that was a police checkpoint or outpost or something. I opened a door next to me and found the boy who'd survived and some other police officers. They all looked at me and the boy looked scared somehow so I told him and the officer with which he spoke to ignore me, and became pretty much invisible to them and out of their memories even. For them, I wasn't even there. One of the other officers got mad and said that only authorized personnel could be there. I waved and informed him that the boy didn't know I was here, so it was fine. This seemed to calm the officer down so I looked around while I tried to remember something I wanted to do. I started my three-steps. I looked for something to use telekinesis on, and settled on the handcuffs at the officer's waist. I focused on them and they began to move. Once they were free of the cop's waist, I made them float around for a while and then settle on the table next to us. I've never done much with telekinesis so this was good practice for me. The police officers who could see me were fucking amazed by this and asked if I was a wizard or something. I talked with them about something or other but I could feel the dream ending and don't remember what exactly I was saying to them when I realized I was
    awake again (and people were plowing right outside my window at 2am). I eventually fell back asleep, though.

    All I remember before getting lucid again was being at someone's house and trying to make ramen. I had to leave it in my bowl for a bit to help someone do something or other, and by the time I got back to it, someone was shuffling off with most of my noodles transferred to their own bowl, and the rest of my noodles slopped all over the counter top. I was so angry! I yelled at him to stop and got in a heated cut-a-bitch argument with him. But then my assistant principal came in and said we needed to stop fighting. She also said we needed to talk about lesson plans. I somehow realized I was dreaming, because though I couldn't remember quite what day it was, it was certainly NOT Monday, when plans are due. Checking my ring confirmed that this was a dream, and I looked over at my assistant principal. I used Jedi mind tricks to wave her away with a, "my lesson plans are superb, no need to talk about them now," got up, and left.

    I found some of the people at this house and asked them where I could find a fairy ring; it was the TOTY that was first to come to mind. One of the guys jerked his finger over his shoulder, toward a window. "Right out front," he said. I thanked him and phased through the wall. Sure enough, there was a fairy circle like right in the front yard of this place. I approached it and wondered how to summon fairies, like actually. I remembered reading Zukin's journal; she sat down in it. I stepped in and felt a shiver like I was passing through some kind of invisible shield or wall of sorts. I sat down and willed for the fairies to arrive but woke
    up before they showed (I felt like I was THIS CLOSE to meeting them, too. I KNEW they were about to appear.)

    I had one other dream about eating fruits and pastries. It was nice I guess but not all that interesting or exciting XD

    spellbee's Sweet 16 Comp Days 1 + 2

    by KestrelKat on 01-13-2016 at 02:13 AM
    Wow, I've been so off my DJing game...
    I keep thm on my phone every day but I don't even remember the last time I actually typed them up here, and I'm too lazy to check right now...
    Either way, here's the DJ-Comeback (or not) for Spellbee's Sweet 16 Competition!

    Night One - January 11th, 2016

    Had a horrible night's sleep; plan to go to sleep super early (like 7:00pm) and wake up super early to get work done backfired immensely. I was wide awake still by midnight (yes, that's 5 hours of just laying there, trying to sleep) and I got maybe an hour and a half in short bursts through the rest of the night until 3:00 when I decided to fuck it all and get up.

    Interestingly enough, I had some very vivid dreams and managed to get lucid...

    This was actually the first dream I remembered having:

    I was in the Void. Literally just floating around in darkness. I knew I was dreaming right from the get-go. I had thought maybe I was still awake, but also knew I wasn't. I started walking in the air, trying to figure out what to do with my lucidity. I remembered something about creating a new world from the Void, and decided to recreate a minecraft world. I wasn't sure if it would count for the bonus TOTM, but it was worth a try. First, I made a body of water, in which I was standing. Then, I made sure there were large hills all around me. Somehow it turned into an area of the minecraft server Zukin and I play on, in which we've constructed this huge wall to enclose us and inside the wall are building all sorts of crazy, trippy, colorful, wonderful things. I was so happy and started flying around to explore. There were new structures around my "spawn point" and they were completely beautiful. I was a little sad because I knew I couldn't make something with of this level of beauty in Minecraft. I landed in the water of another pool nearby and there decided to try becoming a man. Upon looking down I discovered my manhood and touched it. It was an interesting feeling. I was starting to lose rational lucidity and then another man comes into my view and things got steamy. I think he was doing research on the water levels in that area of Minecraft when he saw me (apparently I was nakey) We touched each other. A lot. I lost lucidity. And then I woke up.

    Later in the morning I had another dream, non-lucid. I was in Lilo and Stitch for some reason, and Lilo and her sister were living in this little house on a FUCKING GORGEOUS grassy, forested hill. Like I was climbing up through the trees and come out on the top of the hill and I just wish I had this view in front of me ALL THE TIME. But it turned out that Lilo and her sister were like... no-class. Like they were not upper-class, middle-class OR lower-class. They were not even on the class scale and this made them absolute nobodies in society. Lilo had a big blue bird (Stitch??) but this bird was kinda a bitch to any other birds haha.

    The last one I remember was really close to the time I decided to get up. I was trying to finish up my lesson plans for the week (For me, lesson plans for the whole week are due on Monday mornings) and I was cooking baby carrots in the sink. Like, turning on the sink cooked them somehow. My little brother was calling me and telling me about his new girlfriend (he doesn't have one yet, sadly).

    Night Two - January 12th, 2016

    Just one dream from last night, but it was a pretty interesting one.
    I was at a huge party of some sort. We were in a hotel or convention center or something, and there were elevators. I got into one of the elevators (there were two.) There was only an up button so I pressed it. The elevator went up, and then BING'd and opened. I was at the end of a long, LONG hallway. I got out and started walking. Eventually the hallways started to be made of glass, and I could see that there was what seemed to be the end of the universe outside the walls. The hall took a turn and then opened out into this vast, beautiful space. All black, with dimly glowing stars nearby, though not hot and somehow very peaceful. There was absolutely no sound. Now that I was thinking about it, I started to wonder if I've come to the Void again, and wondered if I was dreaming. Looking at my hands revealed I'm indeed lucid (my ring had a white, a blue, and a green stone when it's supposed to be two white and a red stone in the middle).

    I looked down from the edge of the hallways, and see these strange... almost negative-blue, structures. Like... hmm. It wasn't the inverse-color-of-blue (orange), it was like literally anti blue. Like so black it was blue. There were rough pillars and mounds, and some spike-like jutting out things, and some bowl-like spaces. I jumped off the edge of this hallways and landed in the structures, but gravity was being a bitch. I felt out of control and was spinning slowly in a zero-gravity that STILL wanted me to go down. I bounced off one of the bowl-things and seemed to float, spinning, off a ramp and into the darkness.

    I FA'd back at the two elevators, this time with Zukin by my side. I had lost lucidity completely, and went into one of the elevators (the same one I picked before, though I didn't remember at the time) I had a vague feeling of deja vu, but didn't attain lucidity again. This time, there was also only one button, but it was a down button. I pressed it, and the elevator started plummeting at an extremely high, terrifying speed.

    I legit thought we were going to die, but the elevator stopped and we stepped out onto the bottom floor. We were with a whole group of people, but four of them were getting extremely sick. I had a very bad feeling about these sick people, like they we going to try to spread their sickness to us. So Zukin and I tried to get away from them and ended up getting separated from each other. I took the stairs (fuck if I was getting back into that elevator) to the third floor (the 2nd and 3rd floors of this building were a big, open bar or club or something) and found a table where people I knew were sitting. I was hoping to spot Zukin from the railings (they were like huge lofts so you could see the floors below you). I eventually spotted her, called her over. She came to the table with a hamster ball. She invited me to play a game of "Hamster Jamster," whatever that was. We were on our way to a basement room where we were sleeping, and met up with two Gingers. I don't know how this made sense to the dreaming me, but there were two of him; one of them was Zukin's ex who was still clinging onto her at all times, the other was the real Ginger, whom she was dating. We decided not to play Hamster Jamster, and got into our sleeping bags. The not-Ginger was all clingy and kept trying to cuddle with Zukin, but she was all "No, we're not dating anymore..." and continued to cuddle the real Ginger. Or whatever. Zukin remembered she needed to take some medicine, and we found out it was in the most ridiculous packaging EVER. There were two pills in these huge cardboard things. Like srsly wtf drug companies.

    Then I woke up.