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      Thanks killing.

      I'm glad you liked it. Regards.
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      Awww, thank you!!!
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      Wow, chat mod eh? Pretty cool, wish ya good luck.
    4. Hello there killing omg long time no see how are you
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      I happen to be well prepared to defend myself from the creative. Better safe than sorry!
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      Never! I will never change it.
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      But... But it's orange not yellow!
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      Congrats. Enjoy looking at spirals and running around the whole day, at least I heard that the Staff doesn't do anything other than that.
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      Congrats killing, good job becoming a chat mod. Welcome to the team
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    Lucid, couldn't leave the house

    by Killing on 04-08-2013 at 11:14 AM
    [color="darkslateblue"]I was in a house, it had 2 exits, I think. Both exits had a black, talking cat guarding it, I wasn't allowed to go outside.
    I stood up before one of the cats [/color][COLOR="seagreen"]and realized I was dreaming. What could go wrong, the cat is powerless. I went through the door, it was nice outside, even sunny.
    There was a man on a horse, he threatened to shoot me with his bow-like weapon if I walked past him. [/color][color="darkslateblue"]Lost lucidity, I walked around the house for the rest of the dream. Apparently there were some people buried in the basement.[/color]

    Demons, possessing everyone..

    by Killing on 03-04-2013 at 10:40 AM
    [color="darkslateblue"]I was somewhere at school, on my way to the cafeteria. There were some people around, they were all possessed by demons.
    I was standing in the line with a friend in the cafeteria, I was fairly sure that she was also possessed. I also felt different, kinda weird. My friend told me that my vessel was looking worn out and that I should switch. Everything went black and I felt my body go limp. I woke after a while and ran to the entrance of the sports hall. I was trying to find some woman's crucifix that had been there before, it wasn't there anymore.
    I saw two of my classmates leave the school's territory, decided to go with them. I'm not sure where did we go and why but I soon came back. Went to a high building, saw some man in there (I suspect it was Dean..), ran out, he wanted to kill me yay who cares. Scenery change right before he caught me.
    I'm now in a room with quite a lot of people. I think it was Sam who asked me about my necklace that my dad had given me. A moment later the necklace fell to the ground and broke into pieces, as if an invisible force had thrown it. I was shocked, staring at the pieces I knew it couldn't be fixed.
    An older man threw me out of the room, outside to the ground. Well. He was possessed by a demon, wanted to kill me. Woke up before he could do anything, as always.[/color]

    Too much Supernatural.

    Updated 03-04-2013 at 10:43 AM by Killing (Seriously, wtf is it with these asterisks)


    Lucid? Restaurant, Germany, graveyard.

    by Killing on 02-25-2013 at 08:43 PM
    Well, the first thing I remember is [color="darkslateblue"]being at this one little shop that's close to my home. I was bugging the owner about getting me a summer job there, but he only told me that they don't need any help. I decided to stick around anyway, in case he changes his mind.
    The shop turned into a small restaurant, there was a staircase in the middle of the room and there were tables here and there, I saw a couple sitting at a table. The whole room was darkish, seemed like it was only lit by candles.

    I walked past the couple, on a trail that brought me to a high building. I heard German, I assumed I was in Germany. The building had this arch and under the arch there was some little sculpture. Giving the sculpture something of value apparently brought you luck.
    The grass around the arch was green, a very nice and vivid green. There were people sitting on the grass, chatting.

    I continued walking the trail, it brought me to a very small, dim room. The windows were slightly foggy, but I could still see the enormous graveyard surrounding the tiny room. I went closer to a window to read the name on a tombstone, but then I saw my reflection in the window and it made me jump. :|

    I left the room right away, went back to the restaurant. It was all grey and dark, no lights this time. No people either.[/color][color="seagreen"]
    I sat down on the..3rd or 4th step of the staircase and stared at the room through the handrail spindles. I was sort of angry, the dream was so boring. Just for the heck of it, I tried to use telekinesis to smash some large object into the fireplace.
    Nothing happened.
    I was bummed, I tried breaking one of the wooden spindles. I broke the first one. Then the second. I think I broke another one. After that I stood up and quickly made it to my kitchen, looking for a wine bottle to break. Checked if it was empty..[/color][color="darkslateblue"]and then changed my mind because it would make a mess.[/color] >__>

    Yeah nice going. You tried to smash something big into a fireplace, but breaking a wine bottle's just too much.

    Abandoned cinema and other crap

    by Killing on 01-19-2013 at 05:40 PM
    - An abandoned cinema, a bunch of my classmates. We went outdoors, there was a beautiful beach and it got dark fast. I took my watch and put it in my pocket, didn't want to get it wet, though I still went swimming fully clothed. Later, we returned to the cinema, we ate gummy bears and sat in the middle of everything, just chilling. For some reason, I really wanted to talk to a classmate but I didn't want everyone to hear what I had to say to him. (lol?)

    - I tried playing Brother John on guitar but it was very much out of tune and I kept pulling the wrong string. Then the bitchfriend of my bro came over there and we got in a fight about something, not quite sure what happened.

    - A supermarket, I was in a back room with someone and an annoying kid kept on trying to get in there. I had control over the music being played in the supermarket and I kept replaying some song. The kid turned into a little bunch of bananas and I put it back to the shelf of bananas, on the verge of tears as sad music played on the background.
    Then I went to take a look at the map of the whole place to find an electronics store, but there weren't any. Whoever I was with, showed me which stores we still had to go to, they were all located on the second floor.
    We sat down in a table with a woman and two guys, the woman took her pink iphone (pls.) and played a song from Avenged Sevenfold. They spoke in some unknown language, but it seemed like polish to me. The song was also in polish. I was not amused. My wallet was lying on the table and they were exploring it, I loudly asked what the fuck, got up and left. They said something else and I yelled something back at them.
    Change of scenery, just stepped in from the front door, see my brother and his gf in the living room. I was still pissed off that he had broken up with his previous girlfriend, because this one was a total bitch. Anyway, I was disappointed that the bitch was still here.

    Brother never left his current gf. Idk why'd I dream about something like that.
    inb4 i see da future

    House on fire

    by Killing on 12-11-2012 at 10:34 AM
    [color="#483d8b"]We were standing by the window, watching people go by.
    Suddenly everyone started rushing down the spiral stairs, one of my best friends was also with me. The building was apparently on fire.
    When we reached the bottom of the stairs, I realized that it's cold outside and I ran back up to get my coat :|.
    By then everyone else was gone, I saw them through the window in the building right next to this one. They were all sitting by a table, it was some kind of a feast or something. I thought that it would be rude to go there late and I decided to stay in the burning house. Wut. I heard a girl scream somewhere but I didn't think much of it.
    I knew that the power would be gone soon, I took my watch, it was a bit over 7 pm. The digital clock said it was 1 am, I never questioned that.
    I accepted my inevitable fate and sat on the sofa with a blanket, waiting for it.[/color]

    This was a scary dream .__.

    I guess I'm quite afraid of fires, this certainly isn't the first nightmare about fire.

    Updated 01-11-2013 at 09:49 AM by Killing