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    I like science and music and language and travel.
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    by kim on 09-20-2010 at 08:58 AM
    There was some dark place I was in, with Lanna and some other person. Some girl who was quite thin, and about our age. She had a dark, mysterious look about her.
    Lanna had some mini-djungelvrål lollies, and I was like "woah where did you get them?" And then she had green, mint flavoured ones. I think mine had arrived and I was about to go get them.

    There were some people doing cosplay.

    I fell asleep again, waking up remembering the following:

    There was some bike race and I was standing there watching it with Daniel. He was saying how it was the Japanese bike race or something. I worked out that it was in Tokyo and all of a sudden was riding in it. I said "Tour de Tokyo", lol. Daniel said to look out for the guy that was a really good cyclist. I caught up to him and the back of his cyclist clothing there was a logo and it said "That Guy" xD
    I can't remember much from here, but I think there was a part where one of those tandem bikes overtook me. They had a blue bike and were wearing blue clothing.

    Memory blank. Next thing I remember I was playing guitar and Kattknopp was there with me. We both played some stuff on guitar that was being recorded on video. No wait, actually we were both recording videos of ourselves playing guitar.

    Then this guy that was watching us was all like "hey, you should sing at the same time!" but I really didn't want to. Firstly because I suck at singing (especially while playing guitar at the same time), and secondly because this guy seemed like a total pervert and I really didn't like him. Kattknopp recorded her playing with singing anyway and it was really good. I was about to but somehow got delayed and never did.

    There was another part where I wanted to show Lanna the song New Zealand by Eric Stoltz, and I was searching for it on my computer but I could only find these other songs by him (I don't have any other songs by him) that weren't as good and Lanna was getting impatient because I couldn't find the songs.

    Lucidity fails :(

    by kim on 09-15-2010 at 09:12 AM
    Over the last week or something the following things happened to me:

    I had weird sleep paralysis twice in one night but then each time I got it I woke up again

    I woke up and felt that I was splashing about and stuff in the water. I thought "holy shit how did I get into a swimming pool!?" :S
    "...oh...I must be dreaming! Shit, hopefully I can still attain lucidity!"
    But then because I had super-realised that I was dreaming, I was trying hard to hold on to my dream but I opened my eyes and I woke up

    So close!

    Can't remember much

    by kim on 09-06-2010 at 02:42 PM
    But it was at the beach and there were giant waves and I almost got knocked over by some of them. Their sizes were really unpredictable (there would be tiny waves, and then suddenly really big ones), but they flowed smoothly (the water wasn't really choppy).
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Some mandarin and village invasion.

    by kim on 09-04-2010 at 04:19 AM
    I was sitting around a long rectangular table with heaps of people. One of the ends was just to the left of me and a blonde girl was sitting there. She was speaking some simple Mandarin but I couldn't understand very much of it. The way she was saying it to us it was like she was showing off. And when she said something everyone kinda looked at her while she said it, were like "wtf we can't understand this" and then continued back to their normal conversations.
    I remember that she said something that I DID understand, and replied back to her and she didn't understand me lol.
    Then she said some sentence and I recognised one of the words out of it (a word that was said several times in the sentence).
    I had to ask someone what that word, "zhou", meant. I can't remember what the definition was, but I was like "oh yeah! as in Ao Zhou (which means Australia); why didn't I guess!?"
    I can't remember much else from here.

    Creepy dream:
    I was in some small, poor village in some European country. People were getting hungry and the only food we had were corn crops. The other type of crop we had, wheat, had run out because the farmers hadn't replanted it that year. The corn crops weren't going to be enough to survive.
    Standing in the kitchen with a friend (I don't know who), we realised that people were invading our village.
    My friend and I ducked down behind the kitchen bench. There were quite a few knives on the bench so I grabbed some for us for defence. I had to pick and choose between them to try and get the sharpest ones.
    I noticed some guy enter the house behind the kitchen bench. After waiting for 10s or so, I decide to take attack first and lunge upwards towards his neck with my knife. It slashes his throat and puts him in enough pain for us to run away.
    {Memory loss here}
    Next thing I remember, I was running away with the friend and someone was coming after us. I decided to go at them. We were battling with kitchen knives lol.
    Next thing I remember I had somehow killed the guy, and I remember feeling so horrible about it. But I was telling myself that I had no other choice, that it was either my life or theirs. I remember feeling how I could die at any moment now because of the people raiding the village.
    Too bad I didn't do a RC xP


    by kim on 08-22-2010 at 06:31 AM
    I had like a million dreams last night because I ended up sleeping for around 12 hours
    The latest one I remember was something to do with microbiology and eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells and since I knew what they were I could save some company, or something like that
    I cannot really be bothered/do not have the time atm to think of and write the others down.