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      Awesome mate
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      u still alive xD
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      boy whats ur name on fb again lol xD
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      Welcome back, Yoshi!
      You were missed by new and old members alike.
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      i miss your posts! you have such awesome dreams and i wish you'd come back
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      Sup boss?
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      Yoshi where are you bro? DV needs you
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      Thanks for the post back! After having read a few of my dreams, what do you (as someone who isn't me) find to be a reoccurring pattern or dream sign in my dreams? Just curious, so I may become aware of it in my dreams. I was also recommended by another LD'ing pro to not only do my RC's throughout the day, but to also do it every time I do a specific thing, such as walking through a doorway. I'll start with that today, and maybe we'll meet up at the Dream Academy soon!
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      Dude, just gotta say that you have the dopest lucid dreams, or just regular dreams they are all siick. Anyhow you give me something to strive for. Thanks for the inspiration!
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      Awesome. Would love to spin yarns about SP with you.
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    Whats up DreamViews! My actual name is Zack, but I prefer Yoshi anyway. I'm a big time gamer and 420 advocate! I'm also a huge sports fan, especially when it comes to the Dallas Cowbys! I am a former Dream Guide Leader here on DreamViews, so if anyone has any questions...feel free to PM me anytime. Yup, thats about it...peace. Stay High!
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    Anime, gaming, smoking, and dreaming!!.
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    Normal Dream (Scarlet A-suna)

    by KingYoshi on 06-16-2016 at 09:36 PM
    Haven't typed up my dreams in a while, but have still been DJing. Just wanted to type this one up, so my buddy could read it if he wanted, haha.

    June 16, 2016
    Normal Dream: Scarlet A-suna
    Series: Friends, Episode 16

    Me and a bunch of my buddies were at a big weekend getaway house that we all chipped-in to rent. It was basically a small mansion. Me and Gez were playing a competitive game in a small white room. It reminded me of racquetball, but not exactly. Anyway, we were listening to music as we played and I had just selected a random playlist on my laptop. On that playlist, however, was a special, unreleased song that Asuna (Sword Art Online) had sang, recorded, and dedicated to me. I didn't know it was on the playlist as Gez was currently dating Asuna. The song was about dating one person, but being in love with another. The music station was too far for me to turn it off in time, so I just tried to distract Gez from paying attention to it, but it didn't work. I could see the expression on his face change from confusion to shock to a cold fury as he paced back and forth listening. I waited him to say something, but he never did. The song got to a tasteful part about making love with the secret and I just had to get the fuck out of the room. I couldn't think of an excuse, so I just said, "Hold on a second," as I opened the door to exit the room. He responded in a calm, but tone of impending doom, "Sure." I exited the room.

    In the hallway, I took a deep breath and wiped the sweat off of my brow. That shit was way too intense. I muttered, "Fuck," under my breath and headed for the main party area. Most, if not all, the rest of our friends were in this room. I quickly approached Asuna and the look on my face must have gave me away. Before I could speak, her expression changed to a look of concern and she said, "What is wrong?" Shamefully, I was half thinking of a way out of the situation and only half paying attention to the words I spoke. "He knows," I replied. "Who knows about what?" she said as the look on her face turned to pure confusion. "Gez knows that you slept with what's his name," I replied. She paused for a split second and then shouted, "YOU MEAN YOU!?!" I didn't look at her face as I softly replied, "Yeah." She cursed and immediately took off out of the room to talk to Gez. This wasn't good I thought.

    I walked across the room and sat beside my buddy Diddy. I told him the situation about me fucking Asuna. He gave me his "you are in some shit and I'm amused" laugh, then asked what I was going to do. I told him it wasn't funny and I think Gez may actually shoot me. Moments later, the door opens and Asuna walks in holding an AR followed by Gez and his close buddy (I didn't know him very well). His buddy was holding a hunting rifle. I leapt to my feet and asked Asuna, "What the fuck are you doing? Why do you have guns?" Gez's buddy began setting up targets across the room. Asuna told me that Gez said he wanted to shoot some targets. I carefully took the gun out of her willing hand, laid it on the nearby bed, took her hand and lead her out of the room. "I'm sure he fucking does want to shoot guns right now." I lead her by the hand outside of the house and into the parking lot. I asked if she could take me home and she nodded. My heart is still racing as I see her car is blocked-in by about 10 cars. I then, cartoonishly, grab her car by the bumper and began maneuvering it around the other cars as if it was merely a wheelbarrow. Once we were in the clear, we jumped in the car and drove off.

    "We are fucked," said Asuna, the first words any of us had spoke in the car. I asked what Gez had said when she told him and she said, "He looked at me as if I were an annoying bug he wanted to squash and calmly said 'I mean, of course I am upset about it, but it happens.' And that was it." My eyes widened and I replied, "Shit, yeah that isn't good." We drove in silence for a few moments as I tried to think of a what to do next. I then asked her to move-in with me. As I asked her I felt my body start to warm-up and a sensation of love overcame me. It was a sensation I hadn't felt in a long time (in real life). As she was about to reply, my roommates woke me up. I tried to jump back into the dream after shooing them off, but no dice.

    Series Details
    In the dream series, "Friends," I join the DC counterparts of my waking life friends and tackle the dream world. You never know what we will be up to next, but I guarantee it will be one hell of a time. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    Updated 06-18-2016 at 03:53 AM by KingYoshi


    Lucid Dreams 528 & 529

    by KingYoshi on 03-30-2015 at 08:42 PM
    Have had several dreams over the last two weeks. Can't remember the exact dates of them though. I have a few more besides these three that I want to type up too. I'll get them typed up when I get some more time.

    Exact Date Unknown
    Normal Dream: "Its prehistory, brother!"
    Series: The Mind of a Gamer, Episode 8

    I started playing a video game in the dream and soon was "inside" the the game. It was an open world game with various missions, much like Grand Theft Auto. Only, the setting was in prehistoric times. The plant life was huge, and cavemen were the human population. Also, many dinosaurs roamed the world. I was running down these various paths of yellow-ish sand that formed the road. There was a radar on my watch that also displayed in the top corner of my view. Apparently, I was sent back in time, so I had several present day gadgets, etc. Also, several other present day humans had been sent back in time and I was searching for them.

    I followed the radar and came upon a wooden shack. I entered the shack and could see my game character's girlfriend tied to a wooden chair. As I untied her, I heard a familiar voice from the back of the cabin, "It's prehistory, brother!" The back door was kicked open with a bang and out walked Hulk Hogan. He was decked out in caveman gear and had a bone in his famous handle-bar mustache. I tried several different attacks on him, like smashing a chair over his head and throwing these ninja star-like bones at him. Nothing seemed to damage him, it only slowed him down. Somehow, I knew that he would 1HKO me if he caught me, so I kept my distance. Finally, I just decided to run away after knocking him off-balance with another chair. My girlfriend followed me as we ran down the road. I had to fight a couple raptors that were patrolling the path we were on. I had a bone-club the size of a baseball bat and it worked well on them. Hogan was following us still, but he wasn't very fast.

    We came to a clearing when I felt/heard the pounding of some "Jurassic Park vibrations." I then realized that I had to lure Hogan into the jaws of a T-Rex while avoiding both 1hko scenarios. I spotted the T-Rex approaching from one angle and hogan from the other. Right when we were all three about to collide, the power cut out in my dream. I immediately tried to remember when I had last saved. While I was waiting for the power to cut back on, I either woke up or forgot the rest of the dream.

    Series Details
    With the dream series, "Mind of a Gamer," the gaming world and the dreaming world collide to produce a lucid paradise. Read as I take video game scenarios to the next level. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    Exact Date Unknown
    Lucid Dream 528: Disney by Putin
    Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 18
    Technique: ADA

    I can't remember much about the start of the dream. First thing I remember, I'm at an indoor theatre. It is pretty dark and loaded with people. As I look around, I can't figure out where I am or what I am doing there. I immediately become lucid after this thought. All of the people have now become large stuffed animals. Mostly bears, but some are other animals. I noticed that every single one of them is looking in my direction. It was a bit creepy. They also keep shifting positions whenever I wasn't looking at them When they started all getting closer to me, I decided it was time to just exit that theatre, lol. I flew up to the door and left.

    I now noticed I was in Disney World, but it was located in an old school Communist Russia setting. There were soldiers posted at every line for the rides/attractions. I could see people being yelled at and punished for being to loud or not standing in straight lines. I also saw some signs that were anti-screaming/shouting signs and said, "Enjoy rides on the inside," and had a picture of cheering crossed out. I just walked around and observed this bizarre scenario. There were gun vendors and drug dealers set up everywhere. Though, these were all hidden from plain sight due to the large amount of military soldiers patrolling the area. After walking around a bit and seeing nothing too interesting, besides some giant headshots of Putin with ridiculous quotes that I can no longer remember, I decided to try and find the Rainforest Cafe. I figured it would be awesome in a dream. I took flight, but felt the dream slipping. I awoke soon later.

    Series Details
    In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    Exact Date Unknown
    Lucid Dream 529: Road Trip-y
    Series: Friends, Episode 15
    Technique: ADA

    I was at Walmart and walked by a woman opening one of the freezers. Suddenly, a dead body fell out as she let out a scream. I tried to make my way through the crowd of on-lookers. When suddenly a guy behind the crowd got crushed to death. The room from the Call of Duty:AW map, Bio Lab, that lowers down part way through the game had came down in walmart and crushed him. The store started to panic from all the deaths, so I just left. I was semi-lucid during this time and became fully lucid outside in the parking lot.

    I looked around for something to do when I spotted Brandon and Mike getting into his SUV. I ran over and hopped in as well. Wilson was in the back seat too. Brandon was in the driver's seat, but we were all kind of driving the vehicle with our minds. We began a sideways slide and drove in a giant looping circle. As we slid, we passed through houses, trees, and other objects like glitching through objects in a video game. While we were passing through the objects, they became clear with lines outlining their structure. Much like a video game glitch.

    After doing a few loops, we straightened out the car and began driving on the road. The road had now turned trippy and colorful. It reminded me of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart. After driving on it for a while, I decided to fly the car. I lifted it up and flew just a few feet above the street. Everyone else took over the flying as I laid on my back and looked at the roof. We were now in a large RV. I used my mind to start peeling back the roof of the RV as I wanted to look at the sky as we drove. Once I peeled off the metallic roof, I could see the blue sky and clouds passing by as we drove. I started playing the "cloud game" as I relaxed. The cloud game is simply cloud gazing and using your mind's creativity to make a picture out of the shape of the cloud. We used to play it a lot during baseball practice back in high school and college.

    After relaxing a bit, I sat up and started flying the car again. Soon we were flying over flat ground and the environment began to look like a PS1 style video game graphics. We were flying over low resolution video game characters. They were playing various sports. One group was playing baseball. I spotted Babe Ruth in the group. Not sure how I knew it was him since it was low resolution. Anyway, the homerun fence was actually just a plateau to a higher elevated area. On this area, there was a football game being played. We eventually flew over another plateau and there was a basketball game being played. It was the UNC Tarheels and Jordan was on their team. The next plateau we reached had Jordan playing for the Bulls. I decided to control him with my mind. He performed a sick dribble move and then jumped cartoonishly high in the air and dunked the ball while his shoes ignited into flames. Much like NBA Jam characters.

    I forgot some of the dream here, but next thing I remember, I was inside a house and I kicked a random toy on the ground and it hit a passerby in the eye. He looked at me and said, "It's ok, now I look like the toy!" I looked and the toy had one eye open and one eye closed like the guy. I woke up sometime after this, but can't remember much more of the dream.

    Series Details
    In the dream series, "Friends," I join the DC counterparts of my waking life friends and tackle the dream world. You never know what we will be up to next, but I guarantee it will be one hell of a time. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    Lucid Dream 527 + Some non-lucid fragments...

    by KingYoshi on 03-11-2015 at 01:55 PM
    I'll start out with the Lucid Dream even though it happened between several non-lucid fragments.

    March 11, 2015
    Lucid Dream 527: The Factory of Time
    Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 17
    Technique: ADA

    The first parts of the dream that I remember, I am in a classroom. I'm sitting in a desk at the back of class and our teacher was former US President, William Taft. It seemed to be a high school setting and I was up to my former ways. Trolling the teacher, giving them hell, then pissing them off worse by acing the tests. Taft was handing out test results as me and a couple people around me launched paper airplanes when he wasn't looking. The idea was to throw them in directions that he could see, but try not to hit him. The closer you get to the teacher without hitting them, the more points you get. If you hit him, you go back to zero. If he doesn't even see the airplane, you get nothing. Yes, we actually used to play this game back in high school. Our teacher ended up getting permission from the principal to film us during class because she couldn't ever catch anyone, lol. Anyway, Taft kept spinning around and screaming at me, in particular. He knew I was ring leading, but couldn't catch anyone. When he got to me, he threw my perfect score test on my desk in disgust.

    The next part of the dream I remember, Taft was giving a lecture and I kept shooting coins across the room when he wasn't looking at me. He would get mad and yell at me, but I was denying everything in a, purposely sarcastic, bad-acting, innocent denial type of tone. "What...me? I would never do such a thing. To think you are giving your time to teach us lowly students about the world, and someone has the nerve to interrupt your brilliance. Youth these day, I tell ya what." The class was laughing and there wasn't much he could do without proof. Finally, he had enough and grabbed a desk and threw it up against the wall. After some laughter and snarky comments from me, he ended up grabbing another desk and threw it with an overhead-like basketball pass. I informed Taft that he seemed to be getting more and more mad, judging by his style of desk toss. Going from a chest pass to an overhead pass. He didn't like that, so he launched a desk at me. This is where I became lucid, but it wasn't a sudden realization. it was more like a, I felt like I knew it was a dream the whole time, but just now made it known to myself, if that makes sense .

    I stood up, puffed out my chest and let the desk slam against me. The desk shattered and all the pieces bounced backwards and fell to the floor in front of me in a physics defying manner. I laughed and told Taft said, "You can't mess with an anti-desk vest!" I then pulled off my over-shirt and I was wearing what looked like a bulletproof vest. He then picked up another desk and launched it one-handed like a full court heave. Basketball references for the spirit of March Madness . This one was coming at me like a missile. I matrix dodged the desk and it nailed a female student standing behind me. Knocking her out completely. I started laughing and mentioned that his career was over and he was likely headed to jail now. He completely blew a gasket and took off running at me. I had enough of the nonsense, so I just turned and took flight toward the upper corner of the room. However, Taft managed to grab my leg and pull me down. I simply kicked off of him with my other leg, broke free and took flight. heading for the upper corner of the room, I simply lowered my head and exploded through the roof/wall and exited the building.

    At this point, I'm flying above a town. Several other students in the class had also flew out of the hole I created and joined me. One was Nemo from the anime, "Little Nemo." He was the young adult version of himself complete with pajamas and holding a pillow. He told me to follow him. I figured might as well see where he wanted to take me, so I followed him for a bit. I heard students screaming behind me, so I looked back and the killer from "Too Many Cooks," was chasing/flying after me while slicing through the flying students. I knew it was Taft and he had shown his true form. I had already had enough of the Taft saga, so I simply sped up to jet speed, told Nemo he was way too slow, and soared off into the distance.

    Now, I'm at blazing speed, flying through a forest area. The foliage/trees/etc aren't very thick, so the flying was easy. A few times I flew at a little too vertical of an angle and felt myself losing steam, I just went into a nose dive and then flattened out at a lower altitude to get my speed back. After flying for a while, I suddenly found myself inside a huge factory.

    There is a lot of automated machinery and workers walking around wearing yellow hardhats. We are in one huge room. Nemo is with me again and tells me we are in the factory that sits at the very edge of existence. I look around taking everything in. The dream is really clear and vivid at this point. I see that the back of the room never ends. It just goes on as far as the eye can see. However, I can make out an "invisible wall" that is located a few feet away toward the endless part of the room. Basically, it look like a really thin veil of clear liquid. I could see it slightly distort whenever some machinery made a loud bang in the room. I was debating whether to go through the veil or not as it had a very ominous aura about it. Suddenly, I heard a song start up, "Takes a lot to make a stew-ew when it comes to me and you..." I turned around and that damn, Taft/Too Many Cooks Killer, was running at me again. I said, "fuck it," he won't follow me through the veil, so I took off running and entered it.

    I went through it very easily. I didn't even feel the veil on my skin, but there was a flash of light and I was now in the exact same factory room. The veil still in front of me. However, the room was slightly different from before. The machinery looked more primitive and the workers had 70's hair cuts and clothing on. Nemo popped into my vision as he had came through the veil too. I said, "Goddammit, is Taft going to follow us here too?" Nemo told me that Taft couldn't get through the veil because he didn't have any kindred spirits that used to work in this factory during this time period. Before I could ask him what year it was, "1971" popped up in the dream like a subtitle. A random jogger popped into vision behind me, jogged by me, waived casually while listening to headphones, then entered the veil again. Moments later, the same jogger, now about 20 pounds lighter, did the exact same thing. He must have known I was wondering what was going on, so he jogged in place beside me for a moment and yell-talked over his earphones saying, "WHEN YOU JOG THROUGH IT, ITS LIKE RUNNING FOR A YEAR STRAIGHT." He then jogged through it again and disappeared. I decided to just go through and see what year I ended up in next time. It was 1950. Everything looked even more primitive and there were loads more workers. I decided to see how far I could go back in time, so I went through the veil two or three more times and got to 1905 before the veil disappeared and I couldn't go back in time any further. I figured that I could have, but I didn't have anymore kindred spirits to connect to that used to work there. I was just about to exit the factory and explore 1905 in other parts of the dream, when I woke up.

    So, this was, by far, the best dream I have had in a year or more. In terms of vividness, recall, stability, etc. I was planning to do the "Task of the Month," raising zombies from the dead and starting a zombie apocalypse, but I did forget all about it during the dream . Other than that, I'm very happy with it.

    Series Details
    In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    March 11, 2015
    Dream Fragment

    I am experiencing the dream through the viewpoint of a high school girl. I am living with my grandpa because my parents are separated. One is in jail and the other has shunned me for catching me with another girl.

    I arrive at school for my first day. About half of the dream is in japanese with subtitles and the other half is in english. I can't remember much except making friends with another girl with a troubled past. She is in love with me, but my lover from my previous town shows up. The last part of the dream I remember is stalking about the situation with my grandpa.

    March 11, 2015
    Dream Fragment

    I am with my buddy Christoff and Rack. One of them got their hands on a new video game prototype. It is a 4-player battle arena game. Like Smash Bros, but in 3-D stages like Power Stone (dreamcast). There are a ton of characters and they all have really strange names. However, every character is a parody/spoof of a celebrity, famous person/character, etc. One of the characters was a spoof of Big Bird from Sesame Street, but it was an anime version. It attacked with letter blocks, spelling attacks, school buses, etc. However, he was drawn in an anime art style, shouted out the names of his attacks, and told background stories during the fight. I played with a character that parodied Tom Cruise. During his introduction before the fight, he was spoofing the "acting crazy on the Oprah show" moment. Also, one of his attacks was based on the movie Cocktail. I can't remember much else of the dream except Big Bird turning green at one point and Leonard Nimoy (RiP) also being one of the characters.

    Lucid Dream 526 (Yoshi is back from the dead...again!!!)

    by KingYoshi on 03-06-2015 at 09:08 PM
    I'm back...again . Hopefully, my stay this time is longer than my brief period almost two years ago.

    I have been way out of practice and really want to get back into lucid dreaming. I have missed it and feel like I'm at a point in my life where I can get back into like I used to be.

    Anyway, lets throw up the dream I had recently...

    Unknown Date
    Lucid Dream 526: Love Will Find a Way
    Series: 108 Stars of Destiny, Episode 13
    Technique: ADA

    The first parts of the dream I remember, I was in a village. It appeared to be back in a America 1700's colony type era, but there were some old looking vehicles/automobiles, neon signs, and several other modern technologies mixed in. I was in a group of about 7 people. We had some sort of importance. Government officials maybe? Anyway, at some point we arrived at the gallows and two attractive females were there with ropes being put around their necks. One was short with silvery-blonde hair. The other was tall with Maroon-ish/red hair. I could see they were crying. They were side by side and holding hands. They were, apparently, being hung for being in love with each other and both being female. Once we got to the stage where the gallows were fastened, I jumped up and started talking to the large crowd that had gathered.

    I can't remember my exact speech, but I was trying to convince them that we all had no right to deny love, no matter if they were both female or not. I ranted about this for a while and broke out the Jackie Moon saying (from the movie Semi-Pro)..."ELE, Everybody love Everybody, C'MON!!" The crowd was starting to take my side and I felt like I was going to save them. Then I told the crowd to go against "the church" and save these girls. I then stated how "the church" was corrupt and full of hate, but that was the wrong move. The crowd started throwing rocks at me and yelling at me in anger for talking bad about "the church." I then got strung up beside them. The floor was just about to fall out from underneath us when I thought, "I'm about to die in this dream." It hit me like a ton of bricks and I became lucid. I was thinking, "It has been ages since I became lucid in a fantasy/alternate setting like this."

    I didn't want to lose the dream as things got a little blurry when became lucid. I quickly did a nose pinch RC, took a couple deep breathes and focused for a second to stabilize. I no longer had a rope around my neck, so I cut the rope from the two girls and freed them. the crowd started rampaging toward the stage and all of them had very distorted and demented looking faces with red eyes. Like demons/monsters. I told the girls to grab a hold of my hands. I then leapt into the air in an attempt to fly away. The weight of the girls was too much for me, being out of practice from lucid dreaming. I came crashing to the ground, but luckily, I flew far enough to get passed the crowd. I told them to follow me and we ran toward a wagon being pulled by horses. The body of the wagon looked like a wooden sports car, but had big wagon wheels on it. We jumped in and I commanded the horses to run. They started trotting pretty slowly, lol. The crowd was getting close, so I looked for the reigns, but couldn't find any. There was a metal bar in front of me like an amusement park ride would have. I gripped it tightly and began to ull up as I used my mind to lift into the sky. The Horses and wagon began flying away.

    I just experienced the moment for a bit as I hadn't done this in a while. I looked back at the girls and wanting to ask where they wanted to go, and the taller one replied before I could even ask, "We just want to go somewhere that we can be together and love each other in peace." I told them that i would take them to the end of the earth and back if I had to. I asked their names and the tall one was Athena and the shorter one was Bianca. Athena had a scar on her face that I didn't notice before. She appeared to be athletic and toned while Bianca was short and angelic-like. I decided to land the wagon which had now turned into something that looked like santa's sled pulled by horses with wings.

    We got out and I looked around for something to explore. I noticed a huge castle off in the distance and it reminded me of my own castle from my previous dreams. I turned to the girls and asked them to join my Dream Army and live with me in the castle where no one would question their love. They agreed to join me. As I was taking them to the castle, I lost my lucidity along the way.

    The next thing I remember is being in a pub/bar that had one of those punching bag games that measures your strength. The setting was now very Wild West-like. There were some rough looking outlaws bragging about the punching game and I went over to challenge them. We argued for a bit and made some bets. However, the dream began to fade just before I was about to punch the bag and I woke up.

    Series Details
    Welcome to the epic dream series known as, "The 108 Stars of Destiny." Follow me as I build the most powerful army the dream world has ever seen. Along with the help of 108 key recruits, I take on the dream world and elevate to god-like status! Will anyone stand in my way? Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    108 Stars of Destiny
    NEW 19 - Athena - The Yuri Star
    NEW 20 - Bianca - The Hope Star

    Updated 03-11-2015 at 02:00 PM by KingYoshi


    Lucid Dreams 522, 523, 524, 525

    by KingYoshi on 06-29-2013 at 03:49 PM
    June 21, 2013
    Lucid Dream 522: Bar King
    Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 15
    Technique: FA

    I can remember pretty much nothing prior to having a FA (false awakening). I awoke in a strange apartment that I didn't recognize. I thought to myself, "Where the f*** am I?" It only took a couple more moments for me to recognize that this situation wasn't right. I couldn't remember how I got there, so I performed a nose pinch RC. As expected, I was actually dreaming.

    I turned toward the nearby sliding glass door and attempted to melt through it. I was successful, but there was another layer of glass in front of me. I melted through it and there was, again, another layer of glass in front of me. I thought, "Oh c'mon now!" I had to phase/melt through 3 more layers of glass before finally making it outside on the balcony. I noticed glass was slowly forming in front of me again so I thought, "Ok, I've got to get the hell out of here." I took flight and quickly flew away from that house.

    I decided to try and have an "Attack on Titan" dream. I flew into a town and a building caught my eye. I landed in front of it and entered. It was a bar. I walked up to the counter and said, "Give me a bottle of your finest dream vodka." She looked skeptical and said, "The whole bottle?" I gave her a, "I'm not going to ask twice" look and she handed me a bottle of gold flakes vodka. It was glowing a brilliant gold color. She held out her hand as if to take money and I said, "I own this place. I'm the master of dreams." She was taken aback and began apologizing saying she didn't know. I just ignored her and walked back to a table.

    I started chugging the the bottle and I then slammed it on the ground. It shattered. The DCs looked at me strangely. It seemed they weren't sure what to do, so I shouted, "Its ok. If you want to slam your glasses on the ground, go ahead." Everyone looked timid and nervous. One guy held up a mug and, with much hesitation, let it slip out of his fingers. It fell to the ground and smashed. I cheered, "There you go! Its fun isn't it?" I grabbed a nearby mug and slammed it on the ground. The DCs all cheered and everyone started slamming bottles and mugs all over the bar. I forgot to mention, I felt the effects of the alcohol immediately after chugging the bottle.

    After my glass breaking party, I walked outside and was in a fairly primitive town. I knew I was where I wanted to be. I walked up to the nearest DC and asked, "What is the fastest way to wall Maria?" The DC pointed and I took off flying in that direction. I got excited upon seeing the wall and the dream began to fade. I landed on top of the wall and immediately prepared to DEILD.

    Series Details
    In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    June 21, 2013
    Lucid Dream 523: Titan Slayer
    Series: Meiseki na Yume, Episode 5

    I smoothly transitioned back into the dream. I could tell I was now outside the walls. I was on a large, square, wooden platform in the middle of a thick forest. I could tell the trees were tall, but they only reached to the same level as my platform. I looked out into the sea of green treetops. A patch of trees to my right began shaking violently. Suddenly, battle music began playing in the background and I knew what was about to happen. A huge titan emerged from the shaking trees. It was about 20 feet taller than the treetops and the platform. I held out my arms as if I was holding two blades like the ones from AoT (Attack on Titan - A currently airing anime that is awesome. The japanese name is Shingeki no Kyojin). The blades didn't appear, but I acted like I was holding them anyway. The Titian swung its arm in an attempt to grab me. Its arms were abnormally long and stretchy. I performed a dive-roll over the arm and siced the Titans arm with my invisible blades. Its cut a bloody gash into his arm. I dodged a few more attacks and the blades were now visible and solid in my hands. I dodged an attack and then leapt behind the Titans head. I sliced through the Titan's weak spot (back of the neck) with both of my blades. It let out a monstrous groan and fell to the ground, disappearing in the sea of trees.

    Suddenly, Titans began popping up all around and I cut them down one after another. The dream went into a 3rd person view as I continued to battle Titans. I noticed that I also had now become a Titan, but I was still the same height as a normal human. I was just jacked like a body builder and had the face of the Armored Titan (from the show). The dream switched in and out of third and first person as I fought a fat Titan that just wouldn't die. I finally managed to kill him and no more Titans came. I decided to head back inside the walls. I could see the wall off in the distance as I began to wake up. Again, I prepared to DEILD.

    Note: This dream was sometimes animated like the show, but also was fully 3D/real world graphics at times.

    Series Details
    "Meiseki na Yume" is Japanese for, "Lucid Dream." In this series, I take my passion for anime and combine it with my passion for lucid dreaming. Join me as I explore the world of anime the best way I know how, in my dreams! Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    June 21, 2013
    Lucid Dream 524: Time to Alter Time
    Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 16

    I transitioned smoothly and was back within the inner walls of the city. I decided to just explore the area. It was night time, but there were many lights and neon lights scattered throughout the city, so it was very lit up. I made my way to a boardwalk with many shops and buildings. None of the buildings here had doors and the boardwalk traveled through many of them. It was like a big, open, outdoor mall. There were people partying and setting off fireworks all around.

    I entered one of the shops and saw a fortune teller-like woman seated on a fancy blanket. I had remembered something I wanted to try, just moments before. I asked the lady, "Where can I find the time dilation machine?" She pointed to a nearby door, so I proceeded through the door. I was now in a bathroom. There was an ancient metal computer-like device on the wall. It looked like a mix between a breaker box and an old apple computer. I attempted to type in 3 hours. The numbers were not being cooperative. I repeatedly typed up a jumbled mess until it finally showed "3 Hours." Of course, there were some jumbled characters on each side of the "3 Hours," but I didn't pay them any mind, I clicked the "start" button and exited the bathroom.

    I went back to exploring. There were so many random shops and objects scattered across the huge boardwalk that I couldn't remember everything. There were canoe shops, fishing shops, clothing stores, fireworks venders, beach balls randomly bouncing around, tumble weed, balloons, stuffed animals, etc. There was way more shit, but that is all I remember (had wrote down). There were also open houses along the boardwalk. The boardwalk was like a huge, winding, pier on a huge lake. Anyway, I entered one of the houses and there was a pool. There was a hot, naked chick sitting on the side of the pool. There was a long line of men in front of her waiting their turn to have sex with her. I watch for a moment and pondered cutting the line and having a go. I fought off the temptation and went back to exploring.

    I saw some speed boats and jet skis out on the lake, so I took off flying after them. I began chasing the speed boats around through the air, playing freeze tag with them. I was skimming the top of the water as I flew. I was "it" and soon "froze" all of the speed boats and jet skis. When I touched them, they literally froze in time. After winning the game of freeze tag, I landed back on the boardwalk. I walked into another house and there was a party going on. I saw a huge kite and attempted to fly while riding on it. I kept crashing into piles of random objects/toys/gear/etc. I could get the kite elevated, but it was out of control and crashed moments later. Always crashing into random piles of things. The dream soon began fading, so I, once again, prepared to DEILD.

    Note, the dream only lasted about 30-45 mins (dream time) after I typed in 3 hours, so it didn't exactly work out .

    Series Details
    In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    June 16, 2013
    Lucid Dream 525: Jet Gunner
    Series: The Mind of a Gamer, Episode 7

    This DEILD transition took longer than usual. I got some HI of the moon and space. I could hear "My Song" playing on my computer as I transitioned into the dream (the song from the anime, Angel Beats!). I had left my iTunes up as I had been sleeping this whole time.

    Anyway, I transitioned into the dream. I was in a fighter jet and was going through a video game-like stage. I couldn't control the speed or the jets direction of travel. I could strafe left and right with great maneuverability. I controlled the jet's guns with my mind. The environment went from realistic to PS3-like game graphics. I pummeled enemy jets as they approached from the background. It felt a lot like I was playing StarFox in a more realistic setting and great graphics. After a bit of this, the dream began to fade and I allowed myself to wake up in order to not forget too much of the previous dreams.

    Series Details
    With the dream series, "Mind of a Gamer," the gaming world and the dreaming world collide to produce a lucid paradise. Read as I take video game scenarios to the next level. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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