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    1/4/2014 - Two non-LD dreams

    by kislany on 01-05-2014 at 08:14 AM
    After a year break, I've decided to give LD another try. So last night I set the intention to wake up at 5 and remember a dream (and if possible get lucid).

    Well I woke up at 4.50 and while I didn't remember a dream, I went back to sleep. At 5.50 woke up again, this time with a dream still in my head. Wrote down some keywords in the dark to remember them later and went back to sleep.

    At 8 I woke up again as usual, and remembered a second dream. Both non-lucid, but I don't except to have lucid dreams just now when I'm still struggling to remember my regular dreams as it were.

    Dream 1.

    I was in a very small hotel room with my ex (I do have often dreams about my ex as we were still married). I noticed some money in a glass ashtray, probably left there to the maid from the previous room occupants. As we already took over the room, I took the money, figuring in my mind that it's ours since the maid probably didn't need it. I got a paper $20, some coins and also a Hungarian forint (which is no longer in print for years). In the dream I was also wondering about the coin, and if I were more advanced at it, this would have already been a dream sign to notice.

    Small fragment of me going to the balcony and in a neighboring room some guys were in the window, they saw me and started laughing (maybe I was naked? not sure).

    Another fragment where we were walking with a girl and her father (?). The girl liked the guy (which is why I'm not sure was her father), she kept putting her hands in his. She had a small black dog, who started to lick my hand and cuddle next to me, and I remember having thought that she would be definitely jealous to see the dog cozy up to me.

    Dream 2 after I went to sleep at 5.50

    My parents were visiting and I was at school (or work?) taking part in some show. Dressed in some white dancing style clothes and kept looking at my parents to see if they saw me. We left from the building and when we came back, we were changing clothes, but I noticed I'm in house shoes so I was looking for some other shoes to take (that belonged to other people).

    I found a brown pair of low closed shoes that I liked, but when I took them in my hands, a girl came and I gave them to her, as the pair were hers. Then I saw another pair of boots, a bit taller, but the owner came as well. So then I decided that I'll go with my parents to shop for my own pair of boots (or shoes).


    It was interesting how clearly I remembered the brown boots, I liked especially the shorter pair. If I'll ever see them in a shop nearby, I'll definitely buy them.

    Also strange how less moral or ethical things were ok in the dreams, as if they were the most normal thing in the world (taking others's shoes, or taking money from the hotel room without remorse).

    Also I noticed that my parents (which are living in another country, so we only get to really meet once a year) feature so often in my dreams. My ex relatively often as well. Guess these are dream signs I'll have to start focusing on.

    Funny litttle gremlin

    by kislany on 09-20-2012 at 07:27 AM

    Went to sleep about 11.30 doing Nayia's MILD technique and woke up about 4. I know I dreamt something but could not remember a thing. After toilet break and water I went back to sleep doing again the dream visualization and saying to myself 'I'm dreamig'.

    I woke up next about 6 or something (couldn't see the time but outside just about started to be a bit lighter). This is the snippet I remembered.

    I was with my mom (dream signal that sadly I overlooked) and she told me that my granddad died (he's still alive) and he left me a pet, but I can't keep it. We were actually going to the house where the pet was to see it. So we got there and a guy with a little beard gave me the pet. It was a small animal (on two legs I think) looking more like a toy and nothing furry. Its smile was thin and wide like one of those gremlins in the movie. I really liked it, it was in my lap and was making funny things, was very active, really cute. I was so hoping I could take it home as I was thinking that it doesn't even need to be fed. But then I saw a paper, a guide of some kind that talked about feeding it. I think I saw a picture of carrots in there.

    The guy told us that granddad gave him the pet a long time ago but then they had a falling out and he changed his will leaving me the pet instead. Recently things became good again between them, but who would pay the huge amount of 3-4k Euros (or dollars?) just to change the will again as it was too expensive to do it. So that's how I ended up with the pet.

    He was just taking care of it until I came to take it. He was quite sad though. In the end I decided to leave him the pet and I told him he can keep it.

    While writing down this dream snippet in my dream journal next to the bed, I remembered just a very tiny bit of another one, it was more of a flash than a well formed dream. As usual, again, it was about chocolate (safe to say it's a dream sign as well by now).

    A woman told us (I think I was with dad) that she'll make a cake to drink with the coffee. I asked if it is with chocolate, but she said n, it's with fruits. I don't much like fruit cake, but said ok anyway. End of dream-whiff.

    Updated 09-20-2012 at 07:29 AM by kislany

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    $80 champagne and other snippets

    by kislany on 09-19-2012 at 01:30 PM
    $70 champagne (Non-lucid)


    Still can't recall full dreams only fragments, so I'll keep journaling hoping that eventually my dream recall gets better.

    I slept at about 11 pm and woke up at 12.30. I don't remember any dreams, although I know there was something there. Next I woke up at 2.50 and tried to recall my dream. Managed to remember this bit.

    I was in a hotel with hubby and we had a bottle of champagne (could have been a third person as well, but i'm not sure). I went up to the room to pack when I heard a whrring noise like a fax. Checked what it was and it came from a billing machine of sorts. I ripped the paper from the machine and it showed champagne $70 plus something small total $80 for "hubby and the little witch". Hm...that was me I guess.

    I took it with me to go down and show it to hubby and when I exited the room i saw two girls on the hall. I went after one of them thinking that she goes to the lift and entered through the door just before it was closing. Noticed that it was a room and not the lift/elevator as I suspected so I said 'sorry' and left.

    Next I woke up was 6.30 and I remembered this small weird bit.

    There was a village or a place with lots of people. I met a little girl who really liked me. Even though the adults didn't really like me, I was happy that she took to me as I had an ally.

    Next I know there is something black flying low above us (sort of like a zeppellin but more of a rectangle shape) with windows. It was kind of creepy and although I didn't touch it, I knew that the material was not metal like real planes but more like leather or similar. People were looking down on us (not sure who I was with). I was really glad that the little girl liked me as the others semed to be almost hostile towards us.

    Next I remember (part of the same dream, not quite sure) I gave to some guy my email address to buy something for me, but then I was not very comfortable about it so I sent him an email to ignore this email address as I will change it pretty soon.

    At some point I was down in the car garage with my dad and he was taking something (I think petrol/gas) from that guy's car as borrowing. For some reason it was very ok to do that. The guy came down and my dad told him that he was only borrowing some petrol. The guy said it's ok. Then I asked him if he got my email about the email address (now it does seem a bit silly to email about an email address) and he said yes, but it's ok because it won't be happening very soon anyway, there is time.

    I've been reading the basic LD course by OpheliaBlue and was thinking about my dream signs and recurring themes are little girls, my family (I'm living in another country so I can only see them for real once a year when I fly down to them) and chocolate.

    Updated 09-19-2012 at 01:36 PM by kislany

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    3 dream fragments in one night

    by kislany on 09-16-2012 at 07:59 AM
    Dream 1 snippet (Non-lucid)


    This is a fragment from a long dream that sadly I don't remember. It ended somewhere around 6.40 when I woke up as hubby went to work.

    We went to a kitchen and saw some cupcakes on a tray and they were looking just yummie to eat, but I knew that the cupcakes were not ours. Some girls came in and saw us looking at the cakes and asked if we wanted to eat, but I said only if there are any extras, but she said there were none sadly. Then I asked about the cream (chocolate I think) and I said I remember that cream from home, it was very good. Thne I took out some other food for us (who is us I don't know) to eat. I think it was toast with something.

    Next I remember I went to her car
    (who is she?) and she was driving. It was very dark outside. We saw a guy just looking strangely at the car after us and the girl said something that he doesn't like her (but she really finds him cute), and she was sad about it. Then I realized that we didn't have the lights of the car on, that's why is so dark outside - and that's why the guy was looking so strangely at us. I told her to turn on the lights - and she did.

    We got somewhere and we stopped, we got out of the car. We saw the guy also appear. I told her to go talk to him and she did. Then I went away (with my brother?) and let them talk.

    Dream 2 snippet (Non-lucid)


    This is the second dream from the same night where I remembered much more than before.
    I was with I. (my ex husband) with a group (tour?) and we went to a big house/store/museum (not quite sure what it was) to visit. Everything in that house was for sale and there were some great things there that i was looking at. A girl (Di?) just picked up a red leather yoga mat (was very thin, more like a cover though) and went to pay for it. I went around the place and got to a shelf full of decorative mugs, cups, glasses, etc. I picked up a very interesting mug for coffee, it was greenish-blueish and on the side it had a relief of 2 or 3 people etched into the cup. Now that I think about it, I think it was more beautiful than anything I ever saw in real life.

    I was wondering how easy it would be to drink from the cup with all those extra bits and pieces on the outside of the cup - wouldn't it be uncomfortable? I told I. that I might get this to take it home with me so we both have with hubby (my current husband) a big coffee cup
    (bit of real life thing seeping through here as indeed we were speaking once with hubby about getting another big cup so we both have the same). I think the people on the design of the cup were priests or something similar. But then I put it back on the shelf.

    I was leaving from that room as I got interested in the lower floor (basement?), was curious what was there. I. disappeared and shortly reappeared with a mattrace in his hands saying that he'll take that home as it's great for his brother. So I went back towards him to check it out.

    I was anxious to go down to the basement to see what they're selling there, but I woke up as I felt cold, so my dream ended.

    Dream 3 snippet (Non-lucid)


    I was going back to sleep and I so hoped I'd end up in the same dream to see what great things that house/shop had. Didn't believe i would though.

    When I woke up about an hour and 20 minutes later this is what I remember from the dream. Btw - I ended up back in the dream afterall. That's something that hasn't happened to me in years.

    This time I was in the basement and here it was all about food. There was a big room with tables like a restaurant, and a smaller room full of various foods. The interesting part was that you could make your own food (learn how to do it?) with the help of the chefs. The foods were more like half-made and you had to finish them.

    Somebody started to mix some noodles (I think) with chocolate cream but eventually she left. I went out and sat at the table and had with me two different types of foods there.I tried one, a chocolate cake, and when I tasted it, the chocolate cream was very bitter and not so great at all.

    I made a mental note that when I was going to do the mixing in my own cake, I'd put more sugar in it. Before I knew it I ate almost everything from the plate and then I was worried that now I had to pay for the food - and didn't even know what it cost because there were no prices on any of the food samples.

    Updated 09-16-2012 at 08:07 AM by kislany

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Dream about dreams

    by kislany on 09-15-2012 at 08:00 PM
    Dream about dream (Non-lucid)


    Last night I was reading on Dreamviews a thread about Activating the left brain to achieve lucidity and I said to myself to try it out before going to sleep. Also while taking shower I held my breath (based on another technique), did the exercise 4 times, apparently it oxygenates the brain. I woke up once in the night, couldn't remember the dream, but in the morning I did remember a fragment (or 2?) of the latest dream.

    Basically I was in a place with several people who knew me and I asked one of the girls to fix my hair (trim or something, don't remember). So one girl came over and started talking to me about giving me a facial. I got annoyed and told her I wanted my hair done, not a facial as I was going on holidays and didn't have much time.

    Next thing I was looking for a doctor - and this is where it gets interesting - about my dreams, who could help me to have more vidid dreams, better dream recall and lucid dreams. I found the doctor, talked to her, but for some reason she didn't do anything about it - could not, would not, don't quite remember.

    When I woke up, I was disappointed that I didn't have a lucid dream, but then I suddenly remembered that last dream and got a big smile on my face. Granted, not lucid, but just the fact that the notion of dreams popped into my mind while I was dreaming is a sign of progress, methinks.
    dream fragment