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    I think I'll be using this mainly just to try and journal dreams that I have. I like to remember dreams whenever possible, because it does not seem to happen that often. I am fascinated with the emotions dreams can produce, because it seems that those emotions may not otherwise occur in real life.
    Washington State
    Song writing, dream analysis, film, Jungian Psychology


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    Launching of a Man, Accompanied by Voracious Copulation

    by KittySquirrel on 05-09-2018 at 04:50 AM
    There was an event to take place in a huge event center, which appeared to me as a sort of pleasant hybrid of a baseball and football stadium. This event was to be the launching of a man from a cannon into a great trampoline, which subsequently would result in him flying off into oblivion (This is what we as spectators were to expect, anyway). I, simply just another innocent bystander among many, viewed this event from behind large glass windows. It was like we were in a private box, but it was on the same level as the ground level of the stadium.

    I stood there among what i suppose were executives, people in charge of the event. I was accompanied by a couple attractive girls, blondes, who bore a resemblance to several girls from two of my IRL college courses. We were all excitedly awaiting the launch...

    After the launch occurred, the old man bounced off the trampoline in a rather anticlimactic manner. He only managed to gain a few feet, and we all had expected him to fly much further than this. I felt disappointment, and a kind of sick recognition of an unfulfilled general aura.

    Then, much to my disturbance, the girls beside me went out onto the field and started fucking some of the executives who had been viewing the launch. It was a ludicrous and raucous display, and it gave me a sinking feeling. Afterwards, the girls came back inside; one of them was apologizing to me it seemed, and attempting to console me, though i did not outwardly express my disgust at the disturbing display. She was kind, though, and it was almost as if her consolation negated her previous sexual misconduct. We walked together, and i somehow gained a solace about the situation.

    There was much more to this dream, but this is what i remember.

    That look of eyes five inches a part

    by KittySquirrel on 04-30-2018 at 06:51 AM
    I found myself in a huge convention center, it seemed. And to my surprise, the place sort of circled around a large domain where the space needle was being constructed, though it was black. I met this woman, and everyone presumed she had an attitude about her that made her cold, unapproachable, and seemingly ill-tempered. I chose to ignore these elements and sat down with her at a picnic table, still inside this convention center. This woman's disposition was an absolute amalgamation of several personas of multiple strippers.


    I'm so stupidly foggy as to other dream aspects, but I was at one point conversing with my mother about something lifelike.

    Additionally, my friend Matt was at my house, and he felt the need to watch television on our big screen downstairs. He gathered together a jumbled mess of extension cords, and sought the assistance of my father to garner a means to watch his program. When i met him at the foot of the stairs, I asked why he needed to do this, and he responded with "I didn't want you to give me that look of eyes five inches apart!"


    Upwards Toward Sexual Frustration

    by KittySquirrel on 02-24-2017 at 07:33 AM
    I am in a parking lot with my friend. Several girls drive past us in a range rover type vehicle. One exits the vehicle and walks towards me, eventually embracing and kissing me. But the dream becomes like a video game to me. Nothing is quite real, but it's like a Virtual Reality simulation type thing. It's incredibly strange. I find myself spiraling upwards into some kind of cosmic space tornado. It is dark, and there is an underlying sexual theme about these occurrences, but it is neither good nor bad. I think it's just frustrating. Several other things happen in this dream. I imagine I am at my beach house again, and I get called into work, but I choose not to show up. I'm fearful about this, but I soon wake up.

    I should've recorded this one right after waking up, as there was much more to it that I can't remember; only brief glimpses come to me now. I do remember my awakening from the dream, however, and as with many dreams I've had, I feel many new and disturbing feelings I don't think I've ever felt in real life. The feelings stayed with me for what seemed longer than usual. It is after dreams like this one that I crave to dream more and experience these new feelings, and subsequently, I don't have the dream I hope for for a long time. I really wish I could somehow better recall the feelings I have during these dreams. They are still kind of present when I wake up, but they fade soon, and I cannot remember exactly what they were. There are ways to record a great many things, but the true form of a particular feeling seems to be exempt from this.

    Joshua's Jacket Depository

    by KittySquirrel on 02-24-2017 at 07:22 AM
    It seems to me a rare occurrence that I remember an exact phrase uttered in a dream. This dream provided me with that occurrence. I'm in the back part of a nearby burger joint. There appears in front of me and my friend a large sort of cathedral of bathroom stalls and urinals. The place is unnecessarily large for a restaurant bathroom. We heard some cries coming from one of the stalls and assumed someone was getting raped. A big fat man walked out of the stall, and we assumed him to be the perpetrator. My friend knocked him out instantly. Later, I entered the bathroom again, but it was normal sized this time. I saw a jacket that I realized I had lost hanging on one of the stalls. I come out to our table and say to my friends, "They should rename the men's bathroom Josh's Jacket Depository." I later find myself in a quaint neighborhood looking once again for a bathroom. I find a little garden with a small greenhouse where I imagine I might find means of urinary relief. Instead I find a garbage can. I leave the garden, damaging things on the way out.

    Another instance of this dream involved my old friend's house, where I see his little brother as much younger and smaller than he is in real life now. My older sister is here too. His dad offers me a Heineken, but first gives me a green lemon juice container as a joke. I respond to him by saying "What is this nonsense I see before me?" From here I find myself at my beach house, but as usual, everything is sort of discolored and distorted somehow. There are abnormally large cliffs on the beach, it is dark, and somewhat spacey.

    Stranded into the night; Reliving an emotional state

    by KittySquirrel on 01-12-2017 at 05:53 AM
    A dream like this came as no surprise given my circumstances the previous evening. I dreamt that my good friend picked me up from a Campus Christian Fellowship event, which actually did happen the night before. Only in the dream, there occurred a disturbing turn of events. He exited his car and entered into the facility in which the occasion was being held. I had already left the building, but after he had been in there for a little while, I noticed several members of the fellowship program leaving with very sad and offended expressions. In my mind, I felt that he had spoken harsh and offensive words to them and greatly disturbed these people. I, in turn, was quite upset, and we proceeded to have a fairly significant argument over the matter. He did not drive me home, and I was stranded into the night.
    Now, some things about this made sense, and other things did not. My friend does not consider himself a Christian, but he is not very critical of those who do profess to be, and he would certainly not intentionally carry out offensive and hurtful actions to strangers in the community, but this was the case in my dream. I was disturbed by this dream upon awakening, and I wondered what this was trying to tell me, if anything.
    I cannot remember the circumstances surrounding this next dream, but I remember the feeling of it, and one image in particular. Im staring at a face that bears a striking resemblance to that of my former lover. In the dream, I am experiencing the exact emotions I had when I was with her. Its weird that I cannot recall these exact emotions now IRL, but in the dream, they were very real. Its as if I can only recall my true emotions of the past in my dreams. The reasons behind this dream I could point to fairly easily. I introduced my friend (The same friend in the first dream) to the show Twin Peaks last night. We watched the pilot episode last night, and needless to say, hes hooked. But there was an odd moment when we realized he looks quite a bit like the shows unfortunate victim, Laura Palmer, to the point that it actually freaked us out a little. I have no doubt this instance is what influenced my dream, but I cannot explain how I was able to relive the exact emotional state in the dream as when I was with her.