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      Hey there. I DILD mostly, which is probably my favorite overall. In the past year or so I've started WILDing more, which is cool because it's so different from DILD. But they're both great methods.

      As far as RCs, I don't do them anymore because I've gotten used to the feeling of being lucid. But if I'm in a dream and I'm *almost* sure it's a dream but still want to check, then I just look around for anything unusual, or look at my hands. Once you've gotten used to being lucid alot, you'll find the need for RCs to go down.
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      I heard you got your profile pimped out. Came to check on my dibs.
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      It's no problem! And when you are WILDing it's best to wake up 3-7 hours after you have been asleep instead of trying it right when you're about to go to bed. And basically, like I said, you go to sleep like you normally would but keep your mind awake. Think about the scene you want to go to. So with that picture you posted I would first visualize it in my head. Pay attention to what everything looks like. Then I would imagine it moving. Maybe a little bit of wind, a bird flying over the castle. Then I physically try to feel myself standing there. I visualize walking across the water, climbing up the bridge, and walking towards the castle. As you go deeper into sleep the dream images will just naturally start to pop up and before you know it you're actually there in the dream! It can take some practice but it's easy once you get the hang of it. Don't expect it to work in just a couple of days. Stick with it!
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      Well WILDing works for some people but definitely is not for everyone. If you're still up to try it, the main thing is not focusing on staying still so much. Just move when you feel the need to and don't worry about it. Just fall asleep normally physically but mentally stay awake. As for the RCs, come up with a pattern. Don't just do a RC randomly throughout the day, you should have a reason. For example: do a reality check every time you walk through a door. Or if you notice a certain theme in your dreams whenever you see something related to that theme in real life, reality check.
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      Hi! V-WILD stands for visualization wake initiated lucid dream. It's a method I use a lot and is just a variation of the WILD technique. If you have a good imagination and can visualize things well, definitely give it a shot! Here is a link to my guide talking about V-WILD: dreamviews.com/wake-initiated-lucid-dreams-wild/128996-mancons-simple-visualization-wild-technique.html

      Hope this helps and best of luck!
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    Live and Let Lucid

    by Kmaniac101 on 06-13-2015 at 06:15 PM
    I was in an apartment with a few friends. I was in the bedroom with a particular friend who I've only recently grown attracted to. We were laying next to eachother but not in any sexual sort of way, and I got up and went into the kitchen. I then saw the others laying in the living room and watching the television and hanging out. I saw my crush leave the room and I suddenly figured I'd ask her about her first kiss to segway into my kissing her, but decided the best place to do this wasn't in front of everyone where she'd feel pressured, so I retired back to the bedroom.

    She followed me but when she entered she was no longer herself. Instead of it being Alyssa it was now an old friend of mine Taylor. I felt awkward asking a question with that purpose but for some reason it was already decided that I'd ask. So I did and she mentioned something about her boyfriend and then we segwayed into going on a trip.

    We were in a BMW that was stick shift however the seat was rotated funky and I couldn't press on the clutch very easily and shifting was a challenge. I adjusted the seat as we approached a red light after driving several blocks with this uncomfortable seating arrangement. I was feeling very tired or something and was looking out the passenger window instead of watching where I was going and the lady in the lane to the left of me had decided to start switching lanes to pull into my lane but ran out of room to pull forward so she was half in my lane and half in hers. I have extensive wreck avoidance practice from racing and so out of the corner of my eye I saw her as I approached and I had pulled a bit far up on her side, it looked as if I was trying to block her from getting into my lane.

    The driver was a middle aged mother of 2 and both of her daughters were sitting in the passenger seat looking out the window. I could hear them talking and somehow our cars were attached and it was like we were only separated by a thin sheet of glass but I could hear them just as if they were right next to me. I told Taylor that I could hear them and then I wondered if they could hear me. When I looked back at the mother and daughters all three of them were looking directly at me, but not in a creepy way, just more like the mother was looking at me because she was pissed off and the daughters were looking because the mother was.

    The light turned green.

    I let her pull ahead of me and I began to drive. With the seat fixed I felt much better with driving the manual transmission and downshifted to second gear after we were going down the road. I nailed the gas and we began to take off but it wasn't as quick as I anticipated. In fact the car was rather slow. I shifted to third gear. Not much speed.

    The road then dead ended into a parking garage and we were waiting in a line of people to get a ticket to park. I noticed that the lady from the red light was in front of me.

    We lost interest in waiting and got out of the car and walked through a doorway. We were on this rooftop of sorts. It was like a restaurant that had been setup on a rooftop. It wasn't the place we had been looking for and I looked around. There were quite a few people around. Suddenly across the rooftop an older man raised his hand and waived at us. It was Taylor's PaPa. He was a kindly looking older man with white hair. Before we walked all the way over to him I thought "this is all a really weird scenario" and decided to do a reality check. I looked at my hand to count my fingers, a full proof method of reality checking for me, and noticed I had 5 fingers. I looked up and then looked back down at my hand. I had to concentrate because it was difficult to count for some reason but i managed to tell that there was an irregularity with my hand. I managed to count 6 fingers. I said "okay 6 fingers so I'm dreaming".

    I felt the rush of lucidity waft over me like a wave on the sands of the beach. I felt warm and everything became very clear and colorful. The sun was out and there were clouds in the sky and people eating at tables. The first thing I wanted to do was stabilize the dream. I started clapping my hands together and then remembered reading something about touching objects in the dream world. I walked up to somebodies table and slapped my hands down on it. They didn't go through. I was surprised at how real it felt. I rubbed my hands together a little more and then I walked up a small flight of stairs to go to the next balcony restaurant patio thing and picked up somebodies drink from their table. I poured it on the ground right in front of them and laughed. They looked at me and I said "suck it" and then he went back to eating. I looked around and started wondering what I should do. I quickly looked for the hottest girl around to get some action with but then thought that this would be a waste of a lucid dream. Regardless I found a girl and slipped my hands into her shirt. I closed my eyes for a moment to imagine a girl and have her appear but when I closed my eyes I lost lucidity and the dreamscape closed.

    Fuck. Wasted a perfect lucid dream.
    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Sexy time, killers, and car thieves

    by Kmaniac101 on 06-06-2015 at 04:48 PM
    I was attending college and I remember being in the school then being home and looking at the time and remembering it's getting late and that the teacher told me before that class starts at 8 and not to be late. I went into my grandfather's bedroom and there was some sort of class taking place so I sat down and we were back in college sort of. It's hazy now that I've woken. Two girls were coming in late but instead of sitting down they kept walking back and forth down the halls looking around into different bedrooms until they got to mine at the end of the hall and then started heading for the front door. I chased after them and they were way too sexy. To explain the kind of sextra they were, think "new wave Russian Porn". I talked to the sexiest girl about sex stuff for a moment until she seemed uninterested and walked outside. I turned to her friend who seemed more interested and began to explain that I was about to jizz on her. Just as soon as I said that I jizzed on her arm. She smiled. I smiled. It was a good time.

    Later I'm downstairs in my grandparents house, and my uncle is there. In waking life my uncle is not allowed to be a part of the family until he gets help and sober up from lots of drugs and other things. He has tried to kill me three times and I have a Protection Order against him so he can't be near me or the house for a year. I saw him there and began to panic knowing he would try to kill me. I went into the laundry room and walked to my grandpa's tool bench to find something to defend myself with. He walked into the door way. I couldn't find a tool in time and he started walking at me and smiling and said something. I shouted for my dad and then ran out the back entry to the laundry room which leads to the garage and I tried to slam the door behind me but thought he may be too close and could catch it before it slammed. I pressed the button to open the garage and sprinted to the garage door and slid under the tiny bit that was open so far. My uncle, being a 300lb 6'4" man should have been slow... but he was right behind me. I knocked over the garbage can to slow him and tried to run as fast as I could but I was running slowly. I kept shouting and my dad came outside seemingly unconcerned. I think my uncle tripped or something and my dad wentry to stand over him to make sure he didn't get up. I started saying everything I wanted to say while he was on the ground. "Ha! Fuck you you big fat bitch! Suck my dick you twat!" I noticed it was very dark, like late night with no moon. He started cussing me and saying he's gunna kill me and I grabbed my phone to start taking photos of the scene and a video. My dad looked up to say something to the elderly neighbor who seemed concerned and was coming outside. I turned to video her for a second and when I turned back my uncle was getting up and charging at me. I ran for a second and then decided to fight. I was going to kick him in the knee and snap his knee back but for some reason it's impossible with the way he's leaning forward etc. Instead he walks right up to me and grabs me and starts to walk to the cement driveway. I imagine he's going to start beating my head into it. I claw at his face and start to grab his ear to rip it but it's like his ear is made of wood and nothing happens and I can't get a grip on it either.

    The dream faded and now I'm in a car with my dad. We're pulling into this auto repair place with a lot of garages in back, lined next to one another like how car auction houses are. We pull into one and its all very familiar. We walk through some complicated hallways and into a room that only has a few basic office things in it like a chair and desk. I remembered there being a full size car in this little room bit it isn't there. I told my dad it was here earlier. We begin walking down the hall until we see a guy sitting behind this big desk that takes up the whole end of the hallway, like the kind of desk stand you sit at when you're on the witness stand in court. Just behind and to the right of him (like the judge) was a lady doing paperwork. The guy leaned forward and was grabbing papers from a printer or somebody around the corner and asked if they were waiting for those reports so he could start on some other work.

    Then I woke up!
    All of my dreams have a slightly dark lighting to them for some reason.

    Updated 06-06-2015 at 05:00 PM by Kmaniac101


    Mild Lucid dream and fragments

    by Kmaniac101 on 06-03-2015 at 07:28 PM
    I woke up in bed and noticed I had fallen asleep smoking a cigarette. I took a few small puffs on it as I sat up and then stood up. I thought to do a reality check t see if I'd false awakened. I pushed my finger into my Palm and it didn't go through. I then looked at my fingers. There were only 4 and they were perfectly spread ap add to like a cartoon hand would be. I got a very sudden feeling of lucidity as I realized I'm dreaming. The dream was very unstable and I was barely able to maintain any ideas. I thought what should I do? So I decided to take on the persona of Bad Ass McCoy from my old LD DJ entries. I began to feel the dream slip so I rubbed my hands together to stabilize it and that's all I remember.

    Dream fragment of walking with my grandpa to the top of the drive way and was greeted by a neighbor Ms. Davis. We spoke briefly but my grandpa kept walking across the street and there was a big hill. I stood behind him to make sure he didn't fall as he has Parkinsons. Suddenly we were in a loading bay of sorts and I looked away for a second then looked back and he was knelt down and falling over, I ran over and started to help him up but he fell backwards onto me and I acted stuck and it was hard to breath for a few seconds. I finally got enough momentum to roll him forward and pull him up. I stood him up and he had no walker. I got mad that he was doing all these unsafe things and imagined myself saying fuck and flipping off the world around me out of frustration. He then started walking up this long concrete gradient ramp that seemed to go around a big baseball field or something. I was making eyes with this cute girl who seemed interested. Slightly remembering it's a dream I stood up and walked by her lightly brushing my hand on her as I past. I followed my grandpa up the ramp I jumped up and grabbed onto the fence but it was a really high jump and I nearly grabbed the top of the fence. I climbed down and the dream changed to a store front.

    I wasn't lucid at all and was walking around seeming to be looking for girls. I past a few cute ones and eventually found a few girls who knew me and they had a friend and all seemed interested in getting down with me. Behind a few things in the store I exposed myself to them and we were all carefully looking for security. We decided to continue this somewhere else but I woke.

    The Discount Doctor

    by Kmaniac101 on 06-22-2013 at 04:54 PM

    Level of Lucidity: 1
    Level of Clarity: 7
    Level of Realism: 2
    (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

    I was standing in what looked like a barber shop. I looked around and there was another guy in the shop too. He was wearing a white lab coat. I looked to my right and there was a girl laying on a small hospital style bed, and she seemed as if she had just been released from a hospital. Her parents were standing next to her and they were just about to leave. I realized that this place was like an "Under-Ground hospital". Kind of a "Discount Hospital" for people who can't afford to go to the real hospital, and apparently I was an employee there. Suddenly a man rushed through the door and was hollering about how I need to help his daughter right now! I of course only know basic medical stuff from medical reading guides online regarding stitching, CPR, numbing parts of the body after serious injury or dismembered limbs, etc etc.

    The man who owned the shop looked at me and said "Fix her up." I nodded and cleared off the table and told the guy to lay her down there. I went into the back and started gathering some things. I grabbed a small bag of basic "Doctor Tools" such as the light you shine into the eye, and such. I brought them out and set them on the ground next to the girl, and quickly walked back through the door. There was a curtain on the door and I walked through it, and got tangled up in the extra long curtain. I struggled with it for a minute and then finally got free. I knew that I knew this place, but I wasn't sure where anything was. I looked down behind the curtain and there was a table with all sorts of toolbelts that doctors would use and other medicines and stuff. I was looking for a stethoscope in specific so that I could start off getting her blood pressure.

    I realized I didn't have a watch and started looking for one of those. I couldn't find one and realized I was starting to make me and the shop look like a very unprofessional place. I went back to where the others were and sat by them. I put the stethoscope ear plugs up to my ears, and had started removing the girls jacket and shirt. I put the end of the stethoscope to the girls chest. I started taking her heart beat per minute. I didn't have a watch but somehow I just knew. (Dream logic. Ftw.)

    I tossed the stethoscope aside and looked at the girls arm, where there was obviously a major issue. There was a giant hole in the girls arm and it was extremely cut and there was blood coming out of it and it needed it be stitched ASAP. I quickly grabbed a needle that was pre-loaded with a numbing medicine. I injected it into the girls arm and then found the stitches and stitching material. I was about to stitch the girls arm up and then decided to take pictures of the girl arm first in case anything went wrong and we had to take her to the real ER. I grabbed the medical tool belt I picked up earlier and shuffled through it trying to find a camera. There was a futuristic sort of screen with a small camera lens on the front. I grabbed it and started taking pictures of the girls wounds. She was clearly in severe pain.

    After I took pictures of the girls wounds I looked at the dad who seemed to be a well-off man. I questioned to myself "Why would he be coming here instead of just taking her to a real ER?"

    I looked to the dad and told him "I've done just the basics and she should hold out for a bit, but that she needs to get to a trained staff where they have several surgeons and she needs to get the proper medical treatment."

    The dad nodded and sighed reluctantly and then picked the girl up in his arms and started walking out the door. I noticed she had a mother with her too which hadn't been there before. I then awoke.

    Updated 06-23-2013 at 01:13 AM by Kmaniac101

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    The Fight Pub & Leah

    by Kmaniac101 on 06-22-2013 at 04:24 PM

    Level of Lucidity: 0
    Level of Clarity: 7
    Level of Realism: 7
    (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

    I was sitting in my car driving down the freeway. There's not much traffic and I decide to let the horses run free. I get up to about 140 MPH and all of a sudden a cop pulls on the freeway and turns dead left to drive across the lanes and cut me off. I had to turn right to narrowly miss hitting him, and it ended up freeing my tires and causing my car to spin. There was a small grassy bank on the right side of the road, and I managed to steer up the bank instead of back onto the freeway and into the wall. I was now going forward sideways, and the back end of my car barely clipped a rock on the bank, causing it to lift. My car began to rotate and flip wildly one after another spinning like crazy end to end! As I was spinning I was carefully watching the direction I was going when my windshield was facing that way and I precisely maneuvered my car in between a large tree and the giant pole used to tell the street exits coming up. My car was spinning and looked just like an Infernus spinning out in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It finally stopped and then the engine shut off. I tried to crank it but it wouldn't start. "Damnit.. I need a mechanic.."

    I hopped out of my car and started walking up the bank, there was a large group of people on the top of the bank just hanging out, and most of them seemed to be douche-y guys I know from real life. A couple of them were wearing mechanic like work clothes. I asked one of them to help me, and he said "Sure, but don't worry about that right now, come inside and hang out!" He pointed to a small pub like place that was located behind him, adjacent to the freeway. I went inside and sat at a table with a couple of girls that I knew from the real life and a guy who's a friend of mine. I was talking to them telling them what happened, and then I realized I don't know one of the girls, but I'm just friends with her on FaceBook.

    When I say this girl is beautiful.. I mean this girl is Drop-What-You're-Doing-Get-Over-Here-And-Tell-Her-She's-Beautiful kind of beautiful. Just before I went to bed I was thinking "If I ever meet her the only thing I'd be able to say is --You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met--" When I met her in the dream she said "Hi. I'm Leah." and all I managed to say was "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met Leah."

    We talked for a bit and then she said she had to go, and some of the other people who were there had to go too because they were all car pooling. All of a sudden one of the waiters at the restaurant started talking like a old pervert to her. Shouting stuff in the restaurant like "I'd like to take you for a trip down memory lane little girl" and all sorts of weird pervy shit. The first time he said something I couldn't believe it. The second time he said something I stood up and told the guy "You can shut your dirty ole' pervert mouth or I won't have a problem shutting it for you." He laughed a bit and at the same time I got up another boy did too who seemed interested in Leah. Him and I looked at eachother. Competition. We put our competition for the girl aside and decided to unite over the common enemy. The old pervert said "I'd like to see you boys try... while I'm feeling up Little Miss Cutie over there."

    That was all we needed, we started walking towards the guy and the other guy who was with me looked hesitant. I kept walking straight for the guy and rolled up my sleeves so as to not get blood on them. The guy looked confident that I wasn't going to punch him, but I walked right up to him and punched him right in the nose. He quickly rebutted and tried to hit me, but he was extremely slow, and I dodged it easily. The other boy now engaged to, by giving him a quick jab to the side. We fought for a bit and I pulled off some amazing fighting moves, jumping up and kicking him in the face, spinning backwards and doing backflips to avoid punches etc.

    After punching and flip-kicking the guy a few times I looked out of the door behind us to see what other people were doing, thinking maybe he's had enough. I realized Leah and nobody else was even paying attention, or seemed to care. When I looked back the Pervert and the other guy were under the bed fighting. Odd. The guy said "Ok.. Sorry..." I nodded a bit and offered him a hand up, thinking I was going to bring him over to Leah and make him apologize to her. As I grabbed his hand he slipped his other hand around my ankle and tried to trip me. I quickly kicked his face and walked out. The other boy left already and was back in front hitting on Leah.

    I walked out and walked right up to her and said "Hey... Let's get to know eachother better." She smiled and told me to text her, but then she couldn't remember her phone number, so she asked me for mine and she texted me so I had hers.

    After that just about everyone left and I sat back down and started to tell this story to one of the patrons at the restaurant.

    Updated 06-23-2013 at 03:17 AM by Kmaniac101

    non-lucid , dream fragment