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    Last Day of School Velociraptor

    by KnightTime on 05-30-2013 at 01:49 AM
    Last Day of School Velociraptor

    I started out at my house, but it was slightly altered. People from my grade and two grades above me were there. Then suddenly I was at this carnival-like place and was on this ride where you sit on a seat and it moves you up and down in circles. I was wondering why I was on such a childish ride (dang it, almost realized)! After that, I went on to a bus with others and started driving. Immediately after we started driving everything got dark and gloomy. I didn't notice it being unusual at all (could have been lucid right there)!

    Everyone started freaking out on the bus, and I found out a VELOCIRAPTOR was trying to break into the bus via front/side door. I was sitting near the back of the bus, so I ran to block the back emergency door (I don't know why) and held with all my might. The Velociraptor broke through the front door. The Velociraptor and I met eyes for a moment, then it came darting after me through the bus aisle. I waited for it to get close enough to lunge at me, then dived into the seat next to me, hoping the Velociraptor would break through the back door with all its momentum. I was wrong. It stopped within 1 foot of me. I couldn't wait, I jumped at it and kicked it in the face, then punched it. I then ran down the aisle and exited the bus. For some reason I noticed there were tons of people running around screaming (I think my grade & two grades above me). I found some guy that told me to follow him, we had no time. I ran with him around to the other side of the bus, ran in between two houses, and broke off into a sandy area that was actually a beach with the ocean. It looked pretty amazing, deep blue and waves were splashing. I took a left and ran down the beach (which oddly didn't feel like running on sand beneath me) and followed the guy. I looked back and saw that the bus was on my elementary school playground! When I stopped looking back, I saw a lot of tall grass and had to run through it. We were going to a giant mansion at the end of the tall grass. The guy yelled back at me to "hurry up, we are being followed". It felt very weird running through the tall grass. As much as I would push myself and run as hard as I could, I couldn't and felt slightly slo-motion, but not really.

    We burst through the front door. There were three ways to go; left, right, or straight. We chose straight. I somehow realized that this was the guy that I was following's mansion. We went straight down a stairway, then took a right down the stairway, and finally a left. We got to the end of the stairs and into a small restaurant-like kitchen, with stainless-steel and silver stuff everywhere. I turned around, and heard something coming down the stairs. I ran to a corner of the kitchen. There was also another area to the left of the kitchen and an area behind it, but I don't remember what was there or why I didn't go there. Then I saw a shadow coming down the stairway. Then there was the Velociraptor. I grabbed a pan and waited for it to come at me. It lunged at me, but I dodged it at moved to the other side of the kitchen. Then the guy started fighting it and eventually got it to the ground. All of a sudden, the guy turned into a Velociraptor! He got near the other Velociraptor and curled up into a ball with it. I didn't know what the heck was happening! Then they stopped and he turned back into a human and said that he was its brother. I was so confused, but then the "brother Velociraptor" disappeared and I heard another thing coming down the stairs. The guy told me to get into this little cupboard. It was metal, and there was a little slit in the front and side. I saw another Velociraptor through the slit, and come towards the cupboard, glancing around everywhere. I didn't know where the guy went. Then the Velociraptor went to the side of the cupboard and barely looked at me when the guy popped into view through my front slit. I then took another frying pan and somehow smacked the Velociraptor through the small slit. I came out of the cupboard and the guy jumped the Velociraptor and killed it. He then turned to me and said "He wasn't my brother."

    I then found myself in the front yard of the giant mansion. The grass wasn't as tall as it was before, but definitely needed a good mowing. We ran to the right and came around to where the bus was previously. We found two big tents, and then he darted to the left. I kept running straight. I went and talked to some people in the tents, and found out this was all a GAME FOR THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! There were two teams: the humans and the Velociraptors. For some reason, the Velociraptors team still looked like humans. Of course, both teams were supposed to be humans as it was a game for school. I wasn't sure what the object of the game was, so I went to a tent to get some weapons. Everyone had some pretty good weapons, all mostly melee weapons made out of steel. I asked for someone to make me a weapon, and I got a cardboard knife I looked around and found something with a cardboard handle and a slight metal tip. I think it was a tool for yard work or something. Anyways, I went outside of the tent and did some stuff (don't remember what). I then heard a scream. I ran to where it was. It was my old crush being attacked by two real Velociraptors. I sprinted towards them. I tackled one Velociraptor that was closest to her and heard its bones being crushed when I made contact. I was pretty proud of myself, but then I saw that the other Velociraptor had killed her! I yelled with rage and went on a rampage, killing the Velociraptor and went and killed others I found around the area with immense strength and speed. I then heard the bell I used to hear when recess was over in elementary school. Then I heard a voice that sounded like it was over an intercom (which seemed weird because it was outside) that said that it was time to switch sides. I then turned from the human team to the Velociraptor team. Then everyone went to the school for lunch as apparently it was halftime.


    There are things I have forgotten, but this dream has helped me notice that I do (oddly enough) have a good amount of dreams with dinosaurs, especially Velociraptors. I wonder why, but I'm glad I found out one of my Dream Signs .