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      Good luck with your game, it sounds really interesting!
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    Recent Entries

    #12 - New Trivium - 04/05/2020

    by Komisoft on 05-04-2020 at 01:52 PM
    Had an awful lot of trouble recalling anything, but I picked out the most recent fragment before ending my dream cycle.


    I'm walking through what appears to be a train, but with some rooms being as large as ones you'd find in a house. I'm blasting out a new Trivium song that sounds like power metal, something that this band doesn't typically do. I was impressed by the vocals. I believe some schoolmates were involved.

    Possible recurring elements:
    -Matt Heafy

    -Second dream in a row featuring Matt Heafy from Trivium
    -I vaguely remember schoolmates being a part of this. Would not be surprised if true
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    #11 - Shopping Trip - 03/05/2020

    by Komisoft on 05-04-2020 at 01:48 PM

    I start off on a bus with old classmates, heading out on a school trip. I have various conversations that I couldn't recall, probably nonsense, until we arrive at out destination - a shopping centre similar to the one in my city, only slightly different. The teacher told us as we got off the bus that we could go home at 12:15pm if we happen to get lost/separated from the group. Immediately as the group leaves, I fall behind but soon catch up in the food hall, and get some destination information from the teacher assistant. I look on google maps and it points to a city 45 minutes away by car. I ignore it and go my own way to get KFC. I find myself back at the entrance of the shopping centre, this time with the other students, who are sitting down in some kind of lesson outside. I decide to play Spelunky for a little bit, with Matt Heafy from Trivium assigned to protect me for some reason. A large lantern falls off a post right next to me, startling us. I pick the lantern up and cut myself, causing my finger to bleed. I felt the pain as I carried the massive lantern into the shopping centre to give to security. I pass it to someone and he puts it on top of a wardrobe to look at later. I head back to class and decide to help an illiterate student learn to use a keyboard. This keyboard, however, is totally nonsensical, with some keys being labelled as simply "ooooo" and various punctuation. I get scolded by the teacher for not paying attention, but answer all of her questions correctly and brag about doing so on Facebook. Soon after, I draw a really childish caterpillar in MS Paint but have trouble filling the shape in with green, and eventually wake up.

    Possible recurring elements:
    -Local city

    -Second Spelunky dream, I've been playing almost daily for the last couple weeks. Ref. Dream #8
    -Yet another dream involving schoolmates on a bus. Ref. Dream #1 and #2. I've noticed in some of my later 2012 DJ entries, I commented how the school dreams were returning. Seems like this has been an element for years
    -First dream in the local city, but a local area nonetheless

    #10 - Falling Tower - 02/05/2020

    by Komisoft on 05-04-2020 at 01:34 AM

    I start at work, having an argument with my sister. Nothing in particular, she's just mad at me for whatever reason my brain decided to generate. We're arguing outside, where it's dark but active with people. She sends some disgusting, bald, mutated horses after me, but I escape and lock myself inside the warehouse - the door being notably different than in real life. My sister and I decide to have a contest to settle the score, and a big black guy ripped straight out of Bayonetta escorts us to a neighbourhood, still night time. I get in a car and immediately crash it into a house, where I get out and run into a nearby forest with a very familiar layout. Now I am with an old 2012 friend I had from here, walking with flashlights through the dark forest pathway. We spot movement on a bridge that seems to be 2-3 bears of varying fur colours. They leave and we move on. Finally at the end, now daytime, I see a large house on its own that now belongs to me. There's a rich kid sprinting around it in circles, he seems familiar from my last dream also themed around contests. In the distance, down a very long road, a radio/electricity tower stands. After some vague discussion, it falls over, and we head over to investigate. Somehow, we pull it back up but it falls back over.

    Though very hazy, I think I recall more competitions at the previous house.

    Possible recurring elements:
    -Local forest

    -Same forest path as Dream #6
    -Work and family, two pretty standard occurrences
    -Two dreams back to back with competitions of some sort

    #9 - Contest - 01/05/20

    by Komisoft on 05-02-2020 at 12:10 AM

    This dream starts with me walking with some people out of my local forest and towards my old school just outside of it, where a kid is skateboarding up a single, large ramp. I seem to predict that things will go wrong, almost like a moment of non-lucid dream control, and by no surprise, the kid slips over. He smacks his face really hard on the ground, there is no blood or signs of injury but he's screaming really horribly and desperately. It was a pretty grim scene, causing me and the people with me to back up towards the forest. We head back to the scene and everything seems normal again, the kid is skating and he has a woman standing with a flag near the ramp. This time, the kid reveals the whole thing is a trick in order to distract, but I couldn't make any sense of it. He performs the accident again and someone else appears behind me. The kid and I mutually propose some kind of contest, which we soon depart on.

    The next area is similar to Skyrim and Minecraft in some elements, mostly Skyrim, as usual. It was a sky complex above the clouds, with everything made of stone like a castle. It seemed our contest was a race to gather something, or perhaps kill something within this fortress. I run across a bridge among many, fighting a wraith-like entity on my way, and across a few more bridges until I reached a small separate building. Inside, the visuals turned more towards the Minecraft style, but this section is a it hazy. On the way out, I hear an announcement about three prize winners for a separate contest themed around drums, hosted by a metal drummer. He has a small speech and reads out some names, to which none respond to claim their prize. I think about claiming the prize myself and the dream ends.

    Possible recurring elements:
    -Local area

    -The same forest from my lucid in #5, as well as the same school from #7
    -Skyrim elements again, I've already begun reality checking while playing

    Updated 05-02-2020 at 12:49 AM by Komisoft


    #8 - Runescape Quest - 30/04/2020

    by Komisoft on 05-01-2020 at 09:15 PM
    Forgot to post yesterday, was too busy trying to develop a reality check habit on Skyrim so I could get potential lucids on 90% of my dreams


    This dream starts with me playing a weird version of Final Fantasy, seems to be mostly close to V, but with random, nonsensical characters. I'm taking the party through a stone fortress in a black void, then not much is clear after that. Eventually, after things I can't recall, I find myself in a Runescape graveyard, talking to some people about a quest which involves using a flame gauntlet. I spend some time in the graveyard and surrounding areas fighting monsters in hopes to get some required gear drops for the quest. I then go into a mine, and it becomes a Spelunky-style gameplay. I drop down a few levels until I see a blue disc hidden behind a wall, which then becomes real-life visuals again. I pick the disc up and identify it as one of four discs I need for some Goddess quest.

    I move further along and end up in my bedroom, with a very old furniture layout from many years ago. I search my old wardrobe for quest items relating to the disc and the previous gear situation, but get distracted by something. I have a false awakening, and wake up with a friend of mine in my bed. He keeps making fun of English accents an I join him in doing so, then he squeezes my stomach extremely hard to make the sound funnier. He vanishes when I am yet again distracted, this time by a facebook post from 2 week ago. I see someone insulting my girlfriend on it, so I tell them to "die in Bravil".

    The people then argue amongst themselves and I continue searching my wardrobe for items.

    Possible dream elements:
    -Local area

    -My own house for local areas this time, though nothing much else
    -I've been playing Spelunky lately, might want to keep an eye on this