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    1. Happy Birthday Lunatide!
    2. You ruddy German bastard!
    3. Thanks you german faggot
    4. Happy Birthday you british bastard
    5. No Problem :-) I wrote it now, just for the case if I go Offline and they come back on, so they will see it definitely.
    6. Okay thanks derpington
    7. I will, but they are all AFK right now anyway.
    8. Hehe yeah it's annoying . I will keep trying to get on to chat though! If you're on. Can you tell everyone in penguin that I am having trouble getting on? It says "Can't connect to remote server."
    9. Thats not good : / Hope you get it fixed soon!
    10. Hai oceandwerp I can't seem to get on to chat at the moment D': I'll try and get it fixed soon. <4
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