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      It's nice to see you finally admit to your positive atheism but of course, the rest of us on YouTube knew that long ago. You were never a pantheist and just used the label to avoid defending your emotional anti-theistic beliefs. You say "I examined the natural world and concluded God could not exist" not realizing your own conclusions are based on faith. There is nothing in the natural world to positively affirm that a god doesn't exist. I asked you on YouTube to prove such for years and you could not, it seems even on here years later, you still maintained that evidenceless position without any proofs.

      Even as an emotional atheist you still have your burden of proof to bare especially when you go around making claims like "the universe arose from nothing" and "the laws assembled themselves by chance because of infinite monkey theorem" back these claims up with empirical or observational evidence. No atheist can because this atheist position is based on faith and emotion.
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      Based on your sig I assume you're a solipsist?
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      Okay, thanks. I'll beef them up a little bit.

      And it didn't have anything to do with what I posted - I really couldn't recall any dreams that night.
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      Hey man, sorry about that "0" DJ entry. What do you want me to put on days I don't have any recall?
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    Recent Entries

    No Shoes, and a Dog

    by kookyinc on 05-14-2011 at 05:36 PM
    "Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out."
    Iris Murdoch

    Yeah, I been lazy with my DJ's. I have a few written down but not uploaded. Oh well.

    I was all ready to walk to the bus stop so I could go to school. Usually my mother drives me to the stop, but this time my dad walked with me.
    The sky was a deep, morning pink. The chilly breeze was calming and the dewey grass was very green. The waking world was quite a beautiful thing to see. The geography of my neighborhood was quite different, but the beauty of the world distracted me from noticing.

    I walked down to a big round area of road, like a cul-de-sac but with 3 roads coming into it and I saw Mrs. Green [pseudonym], a teacher from when I was in first grade (not my teacher, but one that I knew). She greeted me and I said hello, and I noticed, I didn't have my bag. Or my shoes.

    I told my dad I'd be right back and I ran to my house. I moved very quickly. When I arrived, the garage door was open and a golden retriever was inside my garage.

    "Hey!" I shouted, "Beat it you dog!" And thus, the dog quickly ran away.

    And that's it. What a weird dream it was.

    No. Go away. Get out of my house.

    My Love, My China, My School, My Anüki

    by kookyinc on 01-26-2011 at 06:06 AM
    "If you had a million Shakespeares, could they write like a monkey?"
    Stephen Wright

    This journal is late. So are the next few I'll be making. I've been busy.

    First of all, start playing this. This was the tune in my dream.

    Yeah, I was in China! My girlfriend and I were on a big tall tower, with crossed pieces of wood. It was like this:

    only much, much higher. I estimated about 200, 300 feet high. It was high. A stereotypical little Chinese house was on top.
    I was up there with my lovely girlfriend, and there was a porch-like area above the ground, and a cannon on it. I peered in the cannon, unsure of its purpose. When I pulled my head away, it shot out a little cube on a stick. The stick was about a foot long, the cube the volume of one segment of my thumb. As it fell, a parachute came out and it wafted to the ground below.
    "What was that?" I asked.
    She giggled and bumped me. I lost balance for a moment, and when I became sturdy, I noted that there were no railings on the tower. I almost fell.
    "Hey, Tanya [name changed], be careful! I don't want to fall!"

    Time skip.

    I was in school. Tanya was late to her math class (the room we were going to was my science room during my freshman year of high school, and the teacher was her present Health teacher. I brought her there, and I also put a note on the door for the teacher. He had been bothered lately by kids skipping class and going to see him, so the note said: "I know you're important and stuff, but don't interrupt my goddamn class!"
    He laughed and told me that it was an excellent note.

    Time skip.

    I was checking my Facebook page at home, and everyone was messaging me about how the note was awesome. Some kid I didn't know posted, "Awesome note. Give me your student ID and next bonfire [an annual school event], you'll have alcohol privileges! Oh wait, you're underage..."
    It's true. I am.

    Time skip.

    I was back in China, on that same tower with Tanya. I looked over the edge. It was a long way down. Tanya bumped me again and grabbed me with a hug.
    "Really," I began, "don't do that-" but I was cut off as I fell over the edge.
    Time was not in slow motion, but the falling was. The feeling of weightlessness was euphoric. Down, down I went, but I panicked not and I worried not. A minor inconvenience, yes, but I knew this falling wouldn't kill me. I just kept falling down. I was light as air. I spun as I descended to the Earth and I saw the plaza below me. There were little red shops on the street corners and many happy people meandering about. It was so peaceful, and I felt removed from the world as I got closer to the ground.
    At last, we landed with a thud.
    I wasn't hurt, just really sore from the fall. "You ok?" Tanya asked.
    "Yeah, I'm fine," I replied.
    "Ok," and she got up and walked away.
    I remained on the ground. I was pretty sore. I finally stood up, but Tanya was long gone. I looked around, and there was the Anüki (pronounced "An'OO'key). The Anüki was a white monkey, about three feet tall. There is an image below, drawn by me.
    The Anüki looked at me with a stern glare, and then silently walked over and gave me a big, warm, soft hug. It was a powerful hug, with the ever-necessary pat on the back as well.
    This thing is so darn awesome. When I LD, I'm going to make sure he is in my dream again. I like the Anüki.

    Yeah, this angry thing gave me a hug. It smelled nice, too, and it looked clean. Just an overall nice fellow.
    non-lucid , memorable

    I am Not Helpful, Spider Scares Me

    by kookyinc on 01-13-2011 at 03:35 PM
    "Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing."

    I was at my school, and I was carrying my baby cousin. She was having a fit and completely freaking out, so I put her in her stroller.
    Time skip.
    I was in a hallway at the school, and my mother was there. She told me to go outside to the car to assist my father with carrying some things. I had my sweater on, so I knew I'd be warm enough. I walked over to the doors and was about to go outside to the parking lot, when I realized that I didn't have my shoes. I went back to where my mother was to get them, but she began to scold me for not helping, claiming that everything had been brought inside already. I angrily put on my shoes and went outside. I jumped on the ground and slid on the ice on my belly. It was jolly good fun, but I stopped because I didn't want to dirty my sweater.
    I walked over to the car where my father was working on his computer. I began talking to him though the window.
    "Can I help carry anything?" I asked. I noticed some gross-looking bugs on the outside of the car.
    "Everything has been brought in except a couple things that Ill get."
    "I'll carry them."
    "Well, because I didn't help out earlier and I desired to make reparations for my lack of assistance, and THAT BUG IS CREEPING ME OUT!"
    On the car was an ant and a "tomato spider," as I called it (see image below). They both had a bunch of little white grub-like things attached to them, parasites I expected. The ant was big, but worse was the tomato spider. It had a gross red body and long legs, and a fuzzy tail. It fell off the car and I jumped back. I began to stomp on it, but every time I tried to kill it, it didn't die. I stomped again and again, but it still lived.
    I went into panic mode. I was freaking out. I hate bugs, and they are one of my biggest fears. I began to flail, and I almost hit a nice young lady in my panic. My father kept telling me to calm down, but I just couldn't. Now while that damn spider still lived. I stomped again, and again, and again. Finally, I threw a napkin on it and stomped again
    . Finally, I woke up.
    This one scared the feces out of me. I am so afraid of bugs, for no reason. I think this one counted as more of a nightmare than the last one, because while roaches are just gross, big red spiders are frightening.

    This thing is awful. Actual size.

    Updated 01-13-2011 at 03:47 PM by kookyinc

    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable

    Projects, Toilets, and a Cockroach

    by kookyinc on 01-12-2011 at 05:40 PM
    "How little it takes to make life unbearable: a pebble in the shoe, a cockroach in the spaghetti, a woman's laugh"
    Henry Louis Mencken

    I have an important project that I will be presenting at my school, and it's not done yet, even though it's due relatively soon. It's a Powerpoint presentation. I think that this is enough background information.
    I was in the south-east wing of my school, almost ready to do my project, when I noticed that I didn't even finish it. I'm so silly sometimes.
    I went to the east wing to go to the computer room and finish the project. Time skip and I finish.
    I didn't notice the skip. I need to take not of when this happens in real life. Wait... I headed back to the south-east wing, almost went into the classroom to present, when I walked away because I had to urinate.
    I was walking back towards the east wing when that loathsome female gym teacher stopped me and asked for my pass. So I took my universal hall pass out of my wallet
    (the good kids like me get those sort of things) and showed it to her. She asked if I had a normal one, and I said no. So she just met me on my way. Whatever.
    I went to the bathroom and was appalled to see how filthy it was! Just kidding, it's like that in real life. Fine, it was a little bit more dirty in my dream, but whatever. All the urinals were taken, but thankfully there was an open stall. I dropped my messenger bag
    (IRL, my messenger bag was broken and I had been using a backpack. I should have noticed this) and peed, but kept seeing a cockroach out of the corner of my eye. When I finished, I found the roach under my bag, so I kicked it away. I began frantically trying to stomp it to death, but it kept slipping from under my shoe.
    Eventually I went into my fear-of-bugs panic mode, so I put my hood over my head and packed up my bag.
    Then I awoke.


    Zombies, and I Prove I'm Mean

    by kookyinc on 01-09-2011 at 04:54 AM
    "The first rule of Zombieland: Cardio. When the zombie outbreak first hit, the first to go, for obvious reasons... were the fatties."
    Columbus, from Zombieland

    Zombies were everywhere! Actually, no. The zombie apocalypse was actually kind of sad. There were only like, what, 7 or 8 that I saw? Total? What a gyp. Nonetheless, there were zombies.
    I walked (of course I didn't run. Can zombies run? I think not!) to my grandfather's house from slightly down the street. I tried to enter the front door, but it was locked. Figures. So I went to the back and broke in through an unlocked window. Then I locked the window.
    I went to my grandfather's living room to spy my brother and my Gramps.
    "What?" Gramps yelled. "When did you get here?"
    "I snuck in through the back. The front door was locked," I said.
    "You should have knocked!" he shouted.
    He had a point. I went to the front door to keep watch. A couple zombies walked by, and one bumped against the door, but then continued on its way.
    I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and returned to see my classmate Carolyn outside.
    "Hey! Let me in!" she asked.
    I don't really like her, so I said, "No," and made sure that the door was locked tight.
    I went back to the kitchen to get some more food, then returned to the door. A zombie walked up to it and pushed it open. I began to shove on the door to try and close the zombie out. I wasn't scared, just more annoyed at the entire thing.
    Then I woke up.This dream was dull. I don't even like zombies. And these zombies weren't even the exciting type, they just strolled along like a bunch of idiots. Only one opened the door, and I was able to shove it out and make it go away. Idiot zombies.

    These zombies are so darn annoying.