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    REM Rebound: Strangeness Abounds

    by krikkitbot on 10-14-2020 at 06:24 PM
    My sleep schedule has been totally out of wack lately. It’s beginning to show in my dreams.

    In my first dream (out of five!), my roommate was moving out and packing up his things (never mind that I don’t have a male roommate IRL). I was in my room, but he called me out, asking if I wanted his XBox since he didn’t want to bring it with him. Interested, I left my room, and immediately when I opened the door, I saw him standing half-naked (from the waist down! ). I quickly covered my eyes and apologized.

    Next, I was naked in the lobby of my school where I work. (What’s with all the naked dreams?) I had a towel to cover myself with, but it was long and thin, and I couldn’t wrap it around myself like a normal towel. I was afraid I would be stuck at school because I couldn’t cover myself decently enough to go out. Somehow, it didn’t occur to me that being naked at school is arguably worse than walking through the streets naked.

    Then I dreamt that I was in the bathroom of my apartment. Water started dripping from the ceiling, and soon it was pouring like rain. I left the bathroom, but it was the same in the hall. I entered my bedroom, which was dark. It wasn’t “raining” in there, but I was suffocating on the water I’d breathed in already and was afraid I was going to die. I’m glad real life doesn’t follow dream logic—otherwise, going out in the rain would be deadly!

    I woke up after that and checked the time. I was frustrated to see I’d only slept a half hour and feared the rest of the night would be filled with dreams like these. Thankfully, my brain quit with the nightmares and switched to weird surrealism instead.

    In my longest and most memorable dream of the night, I was in a bus terminal waiting for a bus with a group of people. There was a screen displaying the bus info, and ours was at the top. We were waiting for the number 7 bus, though the screen was missing the number and only displayed the destination, followed by my name. Then, the info changed. Below it was the number 5 bus, which we now had to take when it arrived.

    The person in charge of our group said that they only speak Spanish on the number 5 bus, and that after that bus we would have to take after that belonged to Podemos (Spain’s far-left political party), so we should just go by car. I asked if there was enough room in the car for all of us, and he said yes.

    We all got into a van together. I was the last one in and didn’t see anywhere to sit, but then I climbed into the back, where there was an empty seat. There was hardly any room for me when I sat down (despite the seat having been empty), but then the driver (I think it was the driver) told me I could move the stuffed animals… turns out there was a whole pile of them hogging the seat. Then he told me I should marry the girl sitting next to me (who was wearing a wedding dress) because we’d make a good couple if she wasn’t engaged (to the girl sitting to her other side).

    We drove to an “alien abduction store”, which had nothing to do with aliens whatsoever. Outside, there was a large board showing what the store sold, kind of like a drive-thru menu. We slowed down as we passed the sign, and looked at what was for sale. I don’t remember everything, but there were some magnets with weird memes on them. I've recreated the one I remember:

    non-lucid , memorable

    Speaking German (kind of)

    by krikkitbot on 07-10-2020 at 12:27 PM
    I’d just woken up, and I began to record myself explaining my dreams while they were still fresh in my mind. Never mind that it was on an app that doesn’t exist, I didn’t pick up on that, but while telling my dreams I had the idea to do a reality check. I counted six fingers and realized this was a dream!

    I put my phone down, walked toward my bedroom door, and told myself out loud, “I am in my house in [town I used to live in].” (I opened the door.) “The dream is clear and stable.”

    I chose to go to that house so I could find my parents, because I live alone but had to find a DC so I could complete the TOTM, but why I picked that house specifically, I’m not sure. We moved out of that house in 2013; I didn’t leave home until 2019.

    Immediately, my vision became more vivid (I hadn’t realized it before but it was kind of dull color-wise). I was still in my apartment, but standing in front of me was a man.

    “Guten Nacht,” I said. (Yes, I meant Guten Tag, but close enough? Autocorrect tried to change this to Gluten Nacho.)

    “Guten Nacht,” he replied. He said something else I didn’t understand. The only word I recognized was verstehen (understand), so I assumed he was asking if I understood German. We were entering the dining room now. (I looked up verstehen while typing this; it’s conjugated wrong for second person, but it DOES mean understand. Yay for recognizing one of the handful of German words I know!)

    I tried to recall how to tell him I don’t speak German. “No spreche… German. Alemán?” (Alemán means “German” in Spanish.)

    “Alemannisch,” he corrected me.

    “Deutsch,” I corrected myself. We were in the kitchen now, and I doubted I could carry this conversation further, so I decided to wake up so I could write it down right away.

    By the way, it turns out Alemannisch actually refers to a group of Upper German dialects spoken in Switzerland and parts of Germany and Austria—but I didn’t know that, so I’m going to assume my brain just tacked a German suffix onto a Spanish word in an attempt to make it German. Whatever works, right?

    Short LD

    by krikkitbot on 06-30-2020 at 11:39 AM
    I’m gonna skip the first part; it was a boring non-lucid about checking my reddit messages.

    Then I woke up and decided to check my reddit messages for real. I logged on and didn’t question why I wsn’t logged in already, or why it said “pepper” instead of “password”, but I did question why the site switched to French when I logged in. I fully believed I was awake and this was just a silly website glitch, but I did a reality check anyway. I struggled to count my fingers (I blamed sleep deprivation for my sudden inability to focus), but I thought I counted six. This didn’t seem right, so I repeated my RC: six fingers. I was dreaming.

    I didn’t get my usual rush of excitement, maybe because of the confusion and difficulty surrounding the RC, but that was a good thing, because it actually allowed me to stop and think instead of running around and acting on impulse.

    I asked myself what my goals were for this dream (first time I remembered) and recalled that one of the DV beginner goals was to look around and describe my surroundings. I began with my pillowcase (which looked almost like in real life except the circles on it were brown and only one shade of blue) and described it out loud as being “black and tan”. Then I realized I’d got the colors wrong and tried again, though I don’t remember what I said the second time.

    Suddenly, my vision went black. I was afraid I was waking up but reminded myself to keep calm. I could still feel my dream body, so I walked across the room, hoping to anchor myself in the dream world. It worked, and my vision returned briefly. I don’t remember what happened next, but shortly after, my vision turned black again and I could feel my body in bed. I knew on some level I was still asleep, but I also knew I was waking up. I could hear birds chirping outside, so I figured I’d reached the “point of no return” of waking up and opened my eyes.

    Funny enough, the birds turned out to be part of the dream. When I woke up, I couldn’t hear any birds, just the neighbors talking.