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    1. Merry Christmas KristaNicole07.
    2. Hi Krista. I've been away for a while--sorry.
      The game is coming along well for the type of game we are working towards.
      Thanks for asking.
    3. Hey! How's your game coming along?
    4. Don't worry, I'm not mad at all. I have no reason to be. It would be silly for me to get angry about that, and I know now that you didn't mean it that way anways.
    5. I hope you aren't mad at me. If I were to ever offer constructive criticism, it would be in a PM. When I read how you were one place and then, Boom! You are somewhere else, I just got a kick out of it. I mean, it happens to me in my dreams all the time, and we record that by saying, "Then I was here."

      Oh well. You're one of my favorite friends. I hope you understand.
    6. Very cool. I read about your nightmare in one of your comments...that sounds intense.
    7. Check out my new profile pic. It is an attempt at recreating my worst childhood nightmare which I am trying to revisit as a personal dream goal.
    8. By the way, if you like DropBox, let me invite you. I'll get some extra free space if you accept my invitation.
    9. Krista,

      You owe it to yourself to look into the California Poppy

      and Primrose

      The CA Poppy's may be annuals or biennials, but the Primrose are a spreading perineal. I would let them spread over my entire yard if they would. I can't say enough about them.

      If the CA Poppies are annuals, well that is just a pain...but well worth sewing. As for the Primrose, put some in a pot. By the time next year comes around I promise you'll be putting the plants in your yard to spread.
    10. Krista,

      I tried to reply to your last message, but it doesn't seem to have sent. You saw my recent entries though, so we are up to speed. Thanks for keeping up with me.
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