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    President Trump dream

    by Kryslove on 04-05-2017 at 03:09 AM
    A short dream

    President Trump was in his oval office with people around him.
    He was angry that people weren't cooperating with his hopes/wants.
    He then said "I resign" with his hands flying up in the air.

    This was a dream I had about a week ago, I don't write many dreams I have in my dream journal yet. But I figure I can write this short one.

    Also I find myself knowing more of my dreams but not being happy with what I dream about- it sucks!
    non-lucid , side notes

    Dream that got me interested in dream things

    by Kryslove on 03-23-2017 at 01:38 AM
    This dream is posted in the dream interpretations area for fun of interpretations. I'm posting it here for myself as it's one of those dreams you don't forget.

    I had this dream months ago:

    I was in land that felt like a real place, very beautiful. Very green and lively. I felt like it was some part of heaven. I was in awe!
    It was grassy and I was by a willow tree with the green leaves hanging down. I looked towards the tree and I saw quite a bit of humming birds. Blue and purple. They were unique because they had rabbit ears, 2 on each side of their head- the one closest to the eye was smaller and the one farthest away was bigger. It didn't look funny on them, it looked like they belonged on them- natural looking. They also didn't go above the head. They were flying close to me and the tree, I wasn't far from the tree at all. It's trunk was dark brown. The tree was big. My pet bird- a cockatiel named Specks- was flying right beside my head the whole time in this dream. I felt like we were communicating. All of a sudden a bee came our way. I am scared of bees in real life. So I felt afraid in the dream but I remember trying to control the fear away so the bee would leave me and my bird alone. It didn't work, then the bee came in-between me and my bird- but I tried to get my bird closer to me so he would be safe. Instead it was as if my bird was ushering the bee towards me and in-between us and the bee flew in my ear- the buzzing got really loud and I woke up as the buzzing went away. It also felt as if the bee was physically in my ear Caz I could feel him go in before I woke up. And I knew my bird had the bee go in my ear on purpose.

    I woke up scared that a bee was really in my ear. I felt my ear and was just freaked out.

    I'm pretty sure I have exploding head syndrome- I have had other sounds that woke me up. Things that sound like they come from inside my head and even outside of my head. It happens at least once a month.

    My birds wings are clipped so he normally wouldn't be able to fly like he did in my dream.
    I wondered if he was really in the dream with me Caz I just felt like he was. It all was so vivid and real like.

    I don't really recall what was on my mind or what I was dealing with in particular when I had the dream.
    I do know Ive been obsesing over a few things and feel overwhelmed a lot. Other than that I can't say what was going on in my life.

    Also after I had the dream I felt like I needed that dream due to being in a magical land it was just nice.
    I didn't like the bee being there but everything else was great.

    I've had a lot of dreams with animals in them lately, also I saw the bee again in another dream after this one.

    Dentist much?

    by Kryslove on 03-22-2017 at 08:25 PM
    I had this dream that I was racing to the dentist office to get there on time. 9 or 10 am.
    When I got there, there was a whole bunch of people waiting as well. I was shocked at how many.

    My mom and son were in the dream somewhere doing something- like maybe my mom was watching him? I can't remember.

    I sat down and when the dentist came in he called a lot of people to the back. I was curious as to why so many were called back all at once. Like maybe 10 mins later I was called back and there was all the people he called sitting in dentist chairs in 2 rows facing each other.

    I sat in the first chair on the left.
    The dentist was working on the lady next to me.
    When he was done he asked everyone "who's next?"
    Then He turned to me and said that I was right next to him so he's going to work on me, I said the other ladies were sitting before me and he said something like it doesn't matter. So I assumed we all had the same appoinment time.

    He was going to clean my teeth but I told him I was only there for cavities. Then I thought it was weird I'd have him work on uncleaned teeth but I only had a cavity appointment. Everyone else was there for a cleaning, I don't know how I knew that but I did.
    I told him I havent been to the dentist in a long time, I said that I bet I had like 10 cavities since I didn't go to the dentist regularly.

    He looked at my teeth, counted my cavities . There was 7 or 8 on bottom and 3 or 4 on top. He laughed and he said I was right there was 10.

    He then went to fill them. There was a blue light he used to have the cavities dry, he pointed it in my mouth. He then used a brush and got the white cavity fillers ( like if you were putting on acrylic nails ).
    He placed the fillers on the cavities and a lot of them were in the middle of my teeth, in front, behind my teeth.

    It was a quick thing- filling 10 cavities and I remember thinking that.

    I was done, he told me to go to the front.
    I paid and then left.

    Then I woke up.

    Kansas city talk

    by Kryslove on 03-18-2017 at 11:58 PM
    I was in a salon either doing hair or hanging out- pretty sure I was doing hair.
    There was a small group of women. I was talking to one about the Chiefs. For some reason The Chiefs and college football was both playing on Saturday. The woman started talking about college football and how she lives in Kansas so people assume she's for their team they have there but really she likes Missouri's she said to me "people will see me and say: how about the KU... But they don't know I'm a MU fan, I need to move back in Missouri"

    Later in the dream my son was there and he was older but I can't remember anything about the dream after that.

    Kinda funny.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Big sticky ant! ... And other things.

    by Kryslove on 03-17-2017 at 08:55 PM
    A few thoughts before I tell this crazy dream.
    I had a lot of dreaming going on and so I found this forum, love it! Then I stopped remembering my dreams, I read about makrame and I did that before I feel asleep I said "I will remember my dreams" it worked and I remembered but then I forgot in the same night so before sleeping I said "I will remember my dreams when I wake up" and so I had 2 dreams in one sleep I remembered.
    The thing that sucked is this ant dream I had to sort out and make it mentally in my head and by the time I remeberd everything in the right order I couldn't go back to sleep Caz I woke up enough to not drifT off.

    Heres my dream:

    I was at my elementary school in the appropriate age of being in elementary school. I was 10 years old or younger. My brother was there too and he looked young as well.
    Everybody in the school was outside in the front. It seemed as if something was wrong which is why we were all outside.

    Me and my brother decided to walk home since we weren't going back to class.
    All of a sudden my step dad, Mike, came up to the side of the school and parked
    He is a doctor, he was driving the current white sports car he has now. He mentioned to us that he needed to be there but didn't give a reason.
    For some reason I had some cleaning products with me- I decided to put them in Mike's car. Windex and something else. My brother and I continued to walk home.

    As we got on our street we saw in the driveway 3 cars- a cop looking small suv- white, not 100% sure it was a cop car. Then in the middle my mom's white van she had when we were little, to the other side another small white suv- car but this one was a cop car, it had the lights on top and that's how I knew.
    I remember thinking it was odd to see all the big cars in the driveway and it kind of freaked me out Caz I again felt like something was wrong but Now at my child hood house.

    We got inside. My mom was talking to the cop in the kitchen but he wasn't wearing a cop uniform he was wearing a grey suit. And my mom told us she needed us to start cleaning. I told her I put my cleaning supplies in Mike's car. She got kind of annoyed.
    I thought to myself I can just clean the counter tops with water instead. I wanted to get to it to be helpful.
    My brother went to his room to clean.
    At about that time another guy came from out the hallway and he was a repair man so now I knew who the other car was from.
    He had a ladder and said something to me about being there. I didn't know what he was repairing however.
    I think he said hello and that he was repaiR a few things.
    Anyways Got a white hand towel , got it wet under the sink water. And cleaned the counter. I saw that it wasn't getting clean with water so as I went back to the sink and the hand towel turned into a paper towel,
    I wadded it and threw it in the sink that now had water in it. I looked at the hand towel unravel in the water.
    I went and got another white hand towel and this time I got it wet and put orange dish soap on it. I went to the table that had a dark green table cloth on it- a small square one so some of the table was visible. I cleaned the parts of the table that was visible. My mom got kind of annoyed again and came and took off the table cloth. She told me the table cloth can come off so I can clean the whole table.
    So I was washing the table and there was a lot of soap on the table and I kept scrubbing to try o get the soap to go away but it only created more soap on the table.
    I was going to go get a dry hand towel (all these hand towels are kitchen towels btw).
    And as I was leaving the table I saw a huge ant about the size of 2 manly fists. It body was dark read and swollen, it's head brown. I freaked out. It was so big I was afraid to kill it.
    I swapped it with the towel and found out it was a sticky ant Caz as the towel came off the body , the body slowly parted from the towel and his body stretched a little.
    I started yelling for someone to help me get rid of it.
    It started to follow me, my voice was raised a bit more and I screamed a little, I ran to the middle of the family room.

    The people that were there (the cop and I guess there was a few more people in the house now) started laughing and I was upset Caz no one helped and now the ant was chasing me.
    I remember I was afraid it would get on me, and then all of a sudden it was on my back.
    The people laughed more, my mom was mad and told me to be quite Caz I was screaming and really freaking out.
    She might have said someone needs to help.
    The ant was on my back and made its way to my sholder, people were still laughing and I was still freaking out.

    Then after a while the repair man came and took the ant off me. I remember as he helped me he felt familar- his energy- like I knew him from somewhere, one of my friends. But in the dream he wasn't. Around that time my brother came back in the room and watched everything.
    The repair man took the ant and didn't kill it or put it outside.
    Instead he went back in the kitchen and put it down where I found it.

    I was kind of upset he did that Caz I thought he should kill it or get rid of it. I didn't ask why he did that.

    Then I went back to the table and looked at the soapy table. I went by the ant that was now just staying in the one spot.
    I was going to step on him to kill him, as I got ready to kill him I realized he was too big and my foot would just make the guts come out or something, I didn't want that so I decided not to kill it.

    I then asked my mom when Mike would be back and she said she didn't know. I told her I wanted to get the cleaning supplies and I didn't want to wait around for him.

    So I decided to leave back for the school to his car.

    As I was a few houses down. Looked back at my house and thought about how weird it was to see the 3 cars- in the driveway and remembering I still didn't know what was going on.
    I turned back around and woke up.

    Sometime in the night before this dream I had a dream I was falling asleep and my body felt heavy and I I did a RC - plugged my nose and breathed in. It worked (my arm had a hard time getting to my nose though). I was excited and decided to leave my body, I got up and from where I was laying I saw my spirit. I then woke up- either in my dream or for real I can't remember. I then wanted to do that again so I relaxed and felt the heaviness and proceeded to get up and I woke up. Once again-a second time- I either woke up in my dream or in real life, I can't remember. Then I just went to sleep.

    It was weird, I know it had to have been a dream though, not really happening.

    I've AP once so I know what it feels like kind of, plus, seeing my spirit from my bodies eyes- it was a dream. I read a lot on this website the day before so that might have been why I had a dream like that.

    And now I've been on my DJ for like 2 hours (darn typing, but it's better than hand writing Caz I get bad writers cramp and have to stop to rest lol)

    All for now!