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    1. Ksero
      Ksero liked post by Mismagius On thread : DreamViews Tribute Video: Requesting Member's Help and Content!
      To celebrate DreamViews's 12th birthday we're putting together a video that will celebrate and pay tribute to the community and it's members. So anyone that's interested, please help out by...
      Liked On: 06-22-2015, 11:05 AM
    2. Ksero
      Ksero liked post by martakartus On thread : An over-looked lucidity principle: Personality Fragmentation and its strong applications
      I don't fully understand what you mean. When I am lucid, I usually can remember things from the day before. Sometimes I even become lucid thanks to something that I've done the day before. For...
      Liked On: 06-18-2015, 05:29 AM
    3. Ksero
      Ksero liked post by SAFLINT On thread : When you get improved dream recall/lucidity do you dreams feel more like memories instead of dreams?
      Ive had a couple lucid dreams so far. When you're in a lucid dream it feels completely real to you, but when you wake up it has that dreamy feeling to it. But i once had a lucid where i flying...
      Liked On: 06-18-2015, 02:32 AM
    4. Ksero
      Ksero liked post by Occipitalred On thread : Dream weapon of choice
      I liked that dream of yours, proctree. I liked imagining your awkwardness as you invent an explication to the court for his eyes melting! It reminds me of a lucid dream of my own when I came out of a...
      Liked On: 06-18-2015, 02:25 AM
    5. Ksero
      Ksero liked post by proctree On thread : Dream weapon of choice
      Oh god. Last time I tried to give someone eternal peace I burned their brains and eyes out. I was LD RPing a king in medieval England and some knight asked me for that as his reward for completing...
      Liked On: 06-18-2015, 02:24 AM
    6. Ksero
      Ksero liked post by Sageous On thread : Dream weapon of choice
      I think I'm from another planet. I read the OP and simply said "Why on earth would I ever need a weapon in a dream, much less have a favorite?" I think the understanding that nothing,...
      Liked On: 06-18-2015, 02:21 AM
    7. Ksero
      Ksero liked post by Patjunfa On thread : No DC's in the Dreamworld
      My experience is pretty similar. Much more often so in WILDs, which are most of my LD's. I've a busy enough social life. At times perhaps its as sageous suggests that the dream isn't fully formed....
      Liked On: 06-15-2015, 10:46 AM
    8. Ksero
      Ksero liked post by Ashikael On thread : Why does so few know about lucid dreaming
      It always boggles my mind how little most people care about their dreams. I've tried to tell people I know about lucid dreaming, and they just sort of act half-interested and have that look on their...
      Liked On: 06-15-2015, 10:31 AM
    9. Ksero
      Ksero liked post by Verre On thread : Fully lucid, but cannot change the dream scene
      Have you tried simply leaving the house? Like you, almost all of my WILDS/DEILDS begin in a dream version of wherever I went to sleep, and this environment remains quite stable as long as I stay...
      Liked On: 06-15-2015, 03:16 AM
    10. Ksero
      Ksero liked post by redx16 On thread : Hello!
      I used to be on this website, but left it because of life getting hard. But, I'm back and ready to learn how to lucid dream!
      Liked On: 06-15-2015, 02:57 AM
    11. Ksero
      Ksero liked post by NyxCC On thread : My 2nd return to Dreamviews
      Welcome back and congrats on the ld! :goodjob:
      Liked On: 06-15-2015, 02:57 AM
    12. Ksero
      Ksero liked post by Arwyyn On thread : Finally joined after 4 years!
      Hi there! I've been lurking on DreamViews for about four years now, and finally decided to join! I'm a pretty shy individual when it comes to forums, but I hope to settle in, make some friends,...
      Liked On: 06-15-2015, 02:56 AM
    13. Ksero
      Ksero liked post by Alyzarin On thread : Why is "everything", but dialating time possible in a lucid dream
      Thanks again for the input. :) 2C-I is something I happen to have experience with as well, and it is indeed, through relation to mescaline, quite similar in structure to dopamine. It is remarkably...
      Liked On: 07-01-2013, 07:02 AM
    14. Ksero
      Ksero liked post by Alyzarin On thread : Why is "everything", but dialating time possible in a lucid dream
      This is what I LOVE to hear. :armflap: Of course it doesn't prove anything pharmacologically, but it sure links to two concepts I've put forward already! The most time dilation, the most lucid...
      Liked On: 06-30-2013, 05:14 PM
    15. Ksero
      Ksero liked post by Alyzarin On thread : Why is "everything", but dialating time possible in a lucid dream
      I totally just realized another possible GABA connection that I didn't even think of before. This just makes me even more convinced that this theory could hold up. The four main psychedelics that...
      Liked On: 06-29-2013, 02:04 AM
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    Nightmare to Lucidity

    by Ksero on 06-26-2013 at 12:34 PM
    As a forward, this happened after 29 hours of being awake, so it was most likely during a rem rebound, it was my 3rd dream of the night (I woke up after the first 2).

    I was in a house I did not recognize, but my aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins were there. There was an extremely large front window overlooking a jungle and a large river, I could see 2 crocodiles, and my family seemed to be having a discussion on whether they were crocodiles or alligators. After a few minutes I noticed that everything outside the house seemed to be frozen in time (birds were stuck midair, the crocodiles mouths were perpetually open), the only thing that was moving was the sun, which had almost set by this point. I decided to go to bed (in the dream house), and my aunt showed me to my room, it had a large 4 post bed and a large chandelier in the middle.

    As I laid down, I heard some sort of noise from the far corner of the room, but i thought nothing of it at the time. As was falling asleep (still in the dream) i could hear some guitar playing and thought it might be my alarm clock going off, then out of nowhere this ear piercing scream fills my head, one of the posts snaps off the bed and the chandelier comes crashing to the floor, send glass all over the place. I hear running down the hallway and my aunt comes into my room to ask if I am ok, I tell her that I wasn't hurt, just freaked out.

    As I stepped out of bed, my foot came down on a piece of glass, cutting fairly deeply. I decided to go to the bathroom to bandage it, when I opened the bathroom door there was a woman standing there in a navy blue dress, that was flowing even though there was no wind. All of a sudden some force pulls me into the bathroom and a second door opens. There was a massive staircase, filled with decomposed bodies, they were all covered in this sort of grey-green slime, I looked behind me and all I could see was darkness, and the woman in the navy dress floating a few feet back, I had no option but to descend the staircase.

    As I walked down, the bodies started moving, not in a particularly creepy way, just sort of falling over and stuff, but I checked each face to make sure it wasn't someone i knew. After a few minutes of walking/being pulled down the stairs I reached a door, I was really hesitant to open it, I could only imagine how bad it would be, to my surprise it was an early 20th century home, lit by candles and a fireplace, it was a stark contrast from the cold death feeling of the stairway. I could see 3 beds facing me, each had a man and a woman around my age on them, 2 of the couples were awake, but seemed to pay no attention to me, they were completely focused on each other. I walked past the fireplace to the other side of the room, there were 2 couples asleep, and one woman sitting by herself on the bed, looking scared, but happy to see me. I sat down on the bed beside her, and she embraced me, we lied down on the bed and I fell asleep.

    I wake up in the room where the chandelier has broken, there is blood on the floor from where I cut my foot, and glass still all over the place, I get out of bed making sure not to cut myself this time. I flick the light-switch, nothing happens. Walk into the hall, try those switches as well, still nothing, I mention my problem with the switches to someone who I cant really see, and all I get is a laugh in response, so I go back to my room and surprisingly, it was completely empty, and the floor had changed from white carpet to hardwood. At this point I do a nose pinch RC and instantly become lucid, I took several deep breaths while holding my nose closed, just to make sure.

    My first thought was to get the hell out of the house, so I plunged my hand through the floor, and pulled myself face first into it. Once my whole body was through the floor, all I could see was complete darkness, with the occasional swirl of color, I must have been pulling myself through this state for a good minute and a half. Because my relative position in the house I was worried I might fall through into the staircase of bodies, but thankfully when I finally popped out of the darkness, I was in some sort of large drainage pipe, I was instantly swept away by the current, but thinking quickly I tried to fly up into the air. At first the current was too much to overcome, but I eventually managed to get myself out of it, I flew to the end of the pipe and was in the jungle I had seen previously, I could see the house a few hundred feet away, and flew in the opposite direction. I cant really describe what I saw on the sides of river, all the animals looked like 3d representations of impressionist art, I landed beside something that I can best describe as a tiger, but its fur had a soft white glow that seemed to be changing the tigers internal structure, almost as if it was made of liquid. I thought I would try and ride it, but the second I got close to it, it swiped my with its claws and I woke up (for real this time).