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    Dream journal #4 - more dream fragments.

    by kylethenewbie on 01-07-2015 at 01:33 AM
    Not sure where I was but I vs'ed my two friends in jujitsu matches and I won both.
    The second match was against my old friend from school and I ended up accidentally making his nose bleed and I kept saying sorry and shaking his hand. lol

    Quick edit - another dream i just remembered.

    I was at my mates house for Christmas, and my friend, his dad and I went to go get his concrete truck from around the corner. When we got to the concrete truck his dad wanted me to drive, because I'm on my learners. he was showing me how there was no brakes only a hand brake. It was a really tall concrete truck. When I left where we were parked it was all good for a second until I went around the first bend, the truck drove off this mini drop-cliff. When the truck started rolling I remember I smashed through the front windscreen. We were all okay, and his dad was so angry at me. He was saying I shouldn't of dropped the clutch where I was or something. Then we went back to his house, and didn't tell anyone about it. The end.

    Updated 01-07-2015 at 02:03 AM by kylethenewbie


    Non-lucid dream - #3

    by kylethenewbie on 01-06-2015 at 02:25 AM
    I was with one of my friends at my neighbours front door at the end of my street, my friend was knocking on the door and while I was waiting out around the corner. When he got let inside I stayed outside, and he was telling me to stop hiding and telling me to come in, once I got inside I said hi to the lady. Then my other friend came outside and we were walking down the street towards my house talking about a video game lol.

    That's all I remember, writing down something is better then nothing thought, right?

    1/3/2015 Two dreams I can remember.

    by kylethenewbie on 01-03-2015 at 02:54 AM
    Dream one -

    I remember some parts really well but its abit of a blur
    I was at my local shops with my one of my friends, it felt like we were there for a while before this happened; my friend got into a fight with a girl, and he was hitting this shit out of her, with nice clean upper cuts, and hooks - I remember them so clearly. Once I realised that he was doing this myself and other people were telling him to stop. Then I think he wanted to fight him and I just put him in a wrist lock and threw him on the ground and elbowed him to the face, must admit was pretty cool. Then I was showing someone else all of these combat locks.

    Dream two -

    This dream happened about 30 minutes ago. I know it went for much longer but I only remember fragments and it was VIVID as hell. I was on this snowy/icy canyon, up pretty high. I was with my PE teacher, so it felt like he knew everything when we were there. Any ways I was with my PE teacher and some other man, and I forgot how we did this but it was a mission to kill these 3 guys, I remember that all three of them were in this small area and one of the guys were AFK lol, like he was standing still away from keyboard type of thing. I remember that I killed him somehow :/
    So it must defiantly be related to a video game, because my teacher was looting of there bodies and found this massive rug that had a tail and I remember him putting it on so well.

    Next thing that happened is that we got out of there and were sliding down this huge icy mountain but it was solid ice so now I'm thinking it was an ice berg, It looked so real it was insane, there were little ponds on the face of the iceberg, we went over them on the way down. They had tropical water in the ponds and fish it was so real.

    My first Dream Journal/LD

    by kylethenewbie on 01-02-2015 at 03:34 AM
    Fri, 26 Dec 2014:

    It was 6 am and I had been thinking of doing fild, after I tried and it didn't work I went to bed normally. I was in some random room and my friend was there, he was showing me how to do the fild method successfully, he did this by telling me that I need to put my hands out further away from my hips and tap my fingers slower. Once he told me to start trying I remember I kept thinking and saying to my self get ready and I'm about to lucid dream, once trying to make beats in my head to my fingers moving. Within 10 seconds of tapping my fingers doing FILD. I remember something just hitting me not physically but it felt like my whole body fell asleep and then I kept moving my fingers for a bit longer concentrating really hard because it was really weird and difficult to stay conscious. When I went to perform a reality check (block my nose) I was frozen, I couldn't pick my hand up to block my nose but I'm not sure if I tried blocking my gland at the back of my throat and tried breathing through it, I think I did, either way I knew I was dreaming. I kept trying to move and think of a different dream land and stuff like that. Then I had thought hard and said to my self what have I read about people getting stuck or having no control in there dreams and for some reason I thought that I read a post that you spin around but obviously that was impossible because I was lying down and stuck probably in sleep paralysis some how in my dream. Either way I knew I was dreaming to some extent, because I was thinking like i was conscious, like I am now in waking life, I just had no control at all. But now when I think about it my eyes were closed that whole time and I don't remember seeing anything at all except when i was frozen I tried imagining a big green grass field and said to my self when i open my eyes i will be there but once i opened my eyes i was in a random room?

    Updated 01-02-2015 at 03:36 AM by kylethenewbie