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      Yeah I'm a weirdo, what can I say. Thanks for reading
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    The Darkness

    by L4xord on 02-08-2014 at 06:17 AM
    A fairly awesome LD.

    It is night time/early morning and I am awake with my younger brother. I see an orange feral cat in the dark looking for another cat. Suddenly, fear kicks in and I tell my brother to get on to the couch so then we both jump onto one of the couches and lie down. Strangely, my brother appears to not be on the couch but rather he is standing in front of me yet, I can feel him next to me.
    I realise that I must be dreaming. As a test, I try to jump and fly. I do not fly but I end up jumping abnormally high. I, then, quickly run to the stairs to go down them but I have an urge to look back. As I turn around to go back upstairs I think of Slenderman (at this point, Iím pretty certain that, by thinking of him, I had just turned my dream into a nightmare) but nothing visible is there except for an ominous, dark and evil presence (think the Necromancer/Sauron). I then run downstairs into the kitchen (where itís also very dark) to my dad (probably making some food). I feel that Iím being chased by the presence so I shout ďtempus of lightĒ (tempus meaning time in Latin) and suddenly there is a strong flash of light (maybe Gandalfís scene with Sauron got to me) repelling this darkness. My dad remarks that I made the room pretty bright. I get the feeling he wants me to shout it again. So I shout again and again each time repelling the darkness but not destroying it (I probably should have tried flicking a light switch at this point) so I try another plan. I try to create some sort of a ball to trap him with. So I attempt to create a pokeball-like object which takes a few tries but it works eventually but I donít recall doing anything with this ball. I then shout something like ďtempus of waterĒ (the presence in the darkness has become a more of a physical entity now) which floods the house with water which the entity doesnít like but soon, the water recedes. I then try different things like ďtempus ofÖĒ (substituting water with things like fire, earth and wind) which is quite effective. Eventually, the entity is destroyed somehow but my dad quickly points out that Iíve obliterated most of the house.

    There is some sort of a memory jump and I seem to have become inspired by my abilities so I decide to flood a desert. I find a door which is still standing and I open it with the intent of there being a desert on the other side. Nothing happens. I try again and it works this time. I walk through the door to find myself in a hot dry desert with a red sky (probably what Mars is like) but there appear to be a large group of (what looks like) 19th Century Egyptologists chatting together. I get ready to flood the desert by trying to materialise some sort of a switch but as I do, there is some sort of an amazing blast from either a volcano (though I saw none before) or and nuclear bomb right in front of us and the earth itself appeared to be shaking. The heat and bright light is extremely vivid. I run out.

    I know that I did other things but I can remember nothing specific.

    Updated 02-09-2014 at 04:40 AM by L4xord

    lucid , memorable

    Joffery the Kidnapper!

    by L4xord on 06-01-2013 at 05:01 AM
    Extremely faint recall from last night.

    I am some random guy talking to the father of a family who defended himself and his family from Joffery (from Game of Thrones) who was holding them hostage. As he talked I was kind of reliving his experience as an invisible bystander. I remember the family being in a pool at the time of the hostage. The father eventually out smarted Joffery and shot him. I felt rather sad for some reason.

    It's not much but it's the first thing I could actually recall in ages.

    Random lucid dream

    by L4xord on 03-09-2013 at 09:34 AM
    A very hazy lucid dream...

    I became lucid at the end of a nightmare before this.

    I find myself in the middle of a grassy plateau between a circle of mountains. Knowing that I'm dreaming, I begin to jump with the intend of jumping high! I think it works. I see two giant Mario-like hammers that are trying to hit me. One nearly hits me, but I put my hand in front and smash it away. I decide to FUS ROH DAH! Then I realise, a Skyrim-like dragon would be great. I put my hand over my eyes and expect a dragon to be in front. This works as well! I jump over the dragon, and hit him with my 'FUS ROH DAH' a couple of times.

    I can't remember a thing after this. I might paint it as I have been recently thinking of painting my dreams like the famous surrealist painters like Dali!
    lucid , memorable , dream fragment

    School Shenanigans

    by L4xord on 12-31-2012 at 04:09 AM
    I am watching an film adaptation of a Dan Brown novel that doesn't exist yet in my English class. The end of school bell rings and me and students leave class. My memory jumps to being with two of my friends and a teacher from WL. I am sitting down and the teacher walks up to me and praises me for having the correct uniform except for my socks. I look down to my socks to see they are socks for running. I wonder how I came to be wearing them as I never forget to put on my socks. I have an Inception moment -I can't remember even getting changed for school and I suddenly recognize the socks as the socks I was wearing before I went to sleep in WL.
    I'M DREAMING!!!*
    Then my memory jumps to being at another part of my school. I am still lucid and practicing reality checks but only with semi-success. What happens here is very blurry though I remember the dream scene going orange and me nearly losing the dream but I manage to spin out of it.

    Another memory jump. I'm in a supermarket still trying to put my finger through my hand. I decided I'll summon a DC (a person I know in real life). I will and shout for him to appear. I look to the entrance of the supermarket to see him enter but along with him is...... A bunch of villains from a few horror movies. I realize I've accidentally turned a lucid dream into a nightmare... I try get out of the shop but I am caught by one of them. My subconscious tries to pull a joke as the knife turns into a piece of cardboard. As I realize they are no longer a threat I leave.

    I find myself in a warehouse probably under the shop. I am with a bunch of talking worms who are trying to escape a machine that'll squash them into jam. I save a few and then go o n my way to my school again.

    Then I see a few people playing a game. I think, if this is a dream is can't hurt to have some fun. After all it's therapeutic and a confidence booster. So I test out my dream control and will a weapon (gun) to appear. It works but the gun strangely has a huge number of 'options' like power levels, explosive yields and safety modes. They is also a teacher (from WL) who is pressuring me to make the right decisions and put the gun on the right settings and everything. I throw that gun away in annoyance from the teacher. But I am still content on finding a suitable firearm. I start to talk to a DC in attempt at passive dream control and ask him to give me a gun. To my delight he says "yes" but he opens up his lunchbox and hands me......a banana skin.... (Subconscious humor again...)
    In a last attempt I try using brute force again. It is successful but the gun barrel is extremely long and it has a suppressor which is twice as long. It feels a bit odd and a few people a looking at me.

    I decide to change my approach and I go up a DC and ask him for a magic staff, instantly I notice him holding a staff with beautiful jewels imbedded into it. I take it and ask him how to use it. He replies with the classic: "You will know how when the time comes." So I notice the two people who were playing before, and I decide to test out the staff on them. So I flail my staff at them, something happens but what comes next is purely the result of my subconscious's humor... One of the guys I am attacking turns around and pulls out his own staff and blocks whatever I did, next is extremely vivid. He pushes the staff into the area between my groin and stomach and and in one lever motion, flings me like a catapult into he air. I feel a crazy feeling of vertigo and fall and hit the ground. It doesn't hurt but my legs feel like rag dolls. I feel the dream fading and I reluctantly open my eyes.

    The Prisoner (31st July 2012)

    by L4xord on 07-31-2012 at 12:22 PM
    I am running down the hallway of a jail with two others. We are attempting to break out. We seem to be running away from the exit hiding behind what looks like carts on an aeroplane whenever a guard turns around. As I run to the next cart, I see a guard; I think he also sees me. I realise Iím caught. I tell the other guys he saw me. They do not listen to me. I run towards the entrance for a reason I donít know. I see the guards, but they have guns. There are about 20-30 guards. I get this nightmarish feeling of not wanting to be there. Suddenly I realise: IíM DREAMING! Iím standing in front of the jail entrance and the nose plug test, it works. It feels very strange to be able to breathe with your nose plugged. But as I look up, a female guard tries to tackle me to the ground. Because Iím lucid, I punch and try to emit fire. But Iím not very lucid so nothing happens but she gets knocked out. I run out of the jail as fast as I can. The guards start firing at me. I jump with the intent to fly. It works, but I only hover 1-2 metres off the ground and my flying is very turbulent. Iím going at about the speed of almost a freight train. But it is not fast enough, I feel the police is following me. I remember the superman technique. I put my arms out in front of me and will myself to fly faster. It works, though I only increase in speed by a bit. After flying for 2-3 minutes, I stop. I see a family of five, we donít interact. I hear a car engine; I turn to see a black car. A person who looks like the Men in Black gets out of the car. I assume he is a policeman. So I give myself up and I lie on the ground. I lose lucidity. My consciousness changes from being the escapee to a man. The police gives me two guns and tells me to deal with the criminal.