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      Good job !!!! That's so cool, just try to be aware anytime weird things like that start to happen
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      good night
      lucid dreams!
      and it's 10pm here ^^
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      thats good I think I will take an observatory walk this week
      and I hope you have a lucid too!
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      thank you are you?
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    Dragons, and wise words.

    by Ladendais on 02-24-2012 at 01:59 PM
    I do not particularly remember a lot of this dream, but I do remember bits and pieces that I would like to write down. My memory picks up standing outside of my old middle school, and I am standing next to a rather old individual that closely resembles some sort of elf. I am apparently a certain race that has been trained by this elf, and I am asking a few questions about various topics. When I asked "How long have you been training people?" he simply responded in a rather wise crack tone, "I've been training your people for billions of years". Just after he said that he cast some sort of magic on me and he flew away into the distance. I assume this magic was some sort of "Dragon speak" like the type on Skyrim. Shards of rocks began to sprout out of my body, and I started yelling as I circled up into the air. My voice was very loud, and with each shout a feeling of pure awe came over me and it was getting stronger by the second. I remember calling out for "Talos" and a huge dragon flew from the sky, bigger than anything I remember seeing within my dreams before.

    The feeling that I had was simply mind blowing, words cannot describe, but epic would be the best way to confer the feeling. I soon find myself inside of the school setting within the halls with this giant dragon, and I seem to be questioning him as I pet him. I cannot remember the conversation between myself and this dragon, but I do remember that his words were wise.This has to be one of the most memorable dreams I have ever had simply because the scale of this dragon was just unimaginable, and the feelings of power and overall excitement were overwhelming.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Prison Break, on the run.

    by Ladendais on 10-07-2011 at 06:52 AM

    My memory picks up standing at the back of some sort of police vehicle, similar to a mailman's vehicle. I am speaking to a male police officer who the is in the back of the vehicle sitting on the right side, with another person sitting on the opposite side of the vehicle. Somehow I know that I have just escaped some sort of prison. I have handcuffs on my hands in front of me, and I am hoping that the police officer does not notice them. As the vehicle with the officer inside slowly begins to drive off, the officer notices the handcuffs and begins to stand up yelling at me. I immediately begin to look for an escape route, so I run a few feet to my right and notice a man made rain run off path. As I start to run over to it, I notice that the handcuff on my right hand is loose enough for me to shake off, so I shake off the right cuff. By the time the cuff is off I am at the side of the road looking down into the shallow water running through the path below me. I was thinking that this jump was seriously going to hurt me but I did it any way and I threw myself off the side of the road into the shallow waters below.

    As I land I notice that the path is not cement, and there are large amounts of mud below my feet which makes it hard to run. I recover from my fall and I take off down the waterway, as I begin to run I can see the officer off to my left side standing in front of a field full of what appears to be wheat. The officer is pulling out his weapon, and I try my best to run faster. I look at my feet as I attempt to make a get away and I notice that I am wearing black uniform type pants with a nice crease running down them, and they are muddy of course. The police officer is now firing his weapon in my direction, and I can see bullets hitting the water ahead of me as I run. Three or four kids come out of nowhere, and they are running behind me. I think that the officer will now have to stop firing his weapon because of the children, and he stops firing his gun. I then notice that the path I am on branches off, and I tell the children behind me to take the right path, and I decide to take the left path alone.

    I venture a bit farther down the path and I notice a rather large city ahead of me. It appears to be very busy, so I think to myself that this is going to be a great place for me to slip away from the police. I climb up over a small cement wall and head for an alley way nearby, the alley is crowded and I notice an opening in the wall off to the left and I enter it. I now find myself in a sort of locker room scene with plenty of showers and people scattered about the entire room. I walk over to a bench, and I take a seat by a man that I apparently knew. I look over to the left and I notice a pair of swimming trunks, and a shirt folded up neatly sitting on the ground. No one near the clothing appears to be the owner, so I ask the man that was apparently my friend sitting next to me to go grab them for me. While my friend goes to grab the clothing, I look back to the right, directly at the entrance to the room I am now in because I was worried that the police were going to come in at any time. I see plenty of people walking by, but one white man with a black eye catches my interest I know him from the prison that I just escaped.

    The man with the black eye walks right by the door, he then turns back around and walks into the room that I am currently sitting in. He looks rather happy to see me, and he comes right over to me and sits beside me. I shake hands with him, and then my friend comes over with the clothes so I introduce him to the man with the black eye and I explain to my friend that I know this man from prison. The two begin to talk, and I look down at the swimming trunks and shirt that my friend brought over to me. The swimming trunks are bright orange and they look as if they would be too small for me but I take off my muddy pants and put them on anyway. The trunks seem to fit, and I put on the shirt as well. I tell the man with the black eye that I just escaped prison, and he asks me what I was in for and at that point in time I did not know why I had been put in prison so I asked my friend sitting beside us why I had been taken to prison. My friend tells me that I had gotten caught stealing an Eminem CD from a store, and the man with the black eye laughs at me. The black eyed man then asks me what prison I was in and I tell him that I had no idea what the name was. I then look toward the door worried that the owner of the swimming trunks and shirt will come back looking for his clothes, and I see many people walk past the door but no one decides to come in.

    I see a man that resembled an officer, so I asked my friend if he knew if the police were still chasing me. He casually says "No, they stopped chasing you and they said that they were going to get you next time, like they always do." I then notice that a women walks through the door to the locker room without a top on, and I think that this is quite odd. She then walks over to what seemed to be her husband and she seems as if she is quite angry with him as he is packing some clothes into a backpack. I then look to my right, and tell the man with the black eye, who I knew from prison, that I might need some help now that I have escaped. He tells me that him, and his mother, who he points to across the room, would be able to help me with whatever I need. I say alright, and I then tell him that I might need a gun sometime soon. He looks as if he is a bit worried by this, and he tells me that it wouldn't be a problem. He also lets me know that he usually hangs out around the locker room area.

    I then awake from my dream.

    Updated 10-07-2011 at 06:55 AM by Ladendais

    non-lucid , memorable

    Highway Driving

    by Ladendais on 08-26-2011 at 04:15 PM

    My memory picks up whilst I am driving in an odd area, not familiar to me. The streets are fairly crowded and it appears that I am in a large city, simply without the big buildings. I find myself driving behind an older lady while going down the on ramp that allows you to enter the highway. For no reason, I decided to do a nose plug reality check and it had worked. I was now on the highway, and I was aware that I was in a dream. I then jumped through the back of my car and landed on the highway. I see multiple cars coming toward me, and I simply walk right through them and they continue on down the road. I look up and to my left and I see a bunch of large advertisement signs scattered across the view of the city that I am able to see at the time. For whatever reason, I decide not to go into the city, and I then attempt to jump inside of passing cars as they are heading toward me. I soon find that this is not working, so I turn and run behind a car at an amazing speed. I just jump right through the back of a car, and I am now sitting in the back while the driver and the passenger are starring at me with a confused look on their faces. I don't notice who the driver of the vehicle is, but the passenger is a girl and we do a few things, then I awake from my dream.

    Speaking Dog, and a False awakening

    by Ladendais on 08-26-2011 at 04:02 PM

    My memory picks up walking down past an old friends house which lies close to the railroad. I eventually make it down to the house that sits on the corner not far from my own, and I am leaning up against a white car speaking to a man that was out walking his dog. All of the sudden the dog begins to speak, but in English, of course this startles me and I then ask the owner of the dog if he just heard what his dog said. He says no, and then we casually carry on with our conversation, at this point most of my focus is directed toward the dog while I am speaking to the man. The dog then says something else in English, and I try my best to ignore it. The dog then says another thing and this time there is no doubt in my mind that I am either crazy, or in the presence of a dog that can speak actual words. I begin to worry and I start to walk toward my house which is close by. Once I enter my house I then find myself sitting with two of my friends and my cat in my living room.

    While we are talking, I am still thinking about the dog and the whole ordeal so going through various explanations I find that the only logical one is that I am in a dream. I then do the nose plug reality check and quickly find that I am in fact dreaming. I levitate my friend up to the corner of the room and I then set him down, then I levitate my cat around the room and set her back down on the couch next to my friends. For some reason I then get the thought in my head that I never went to bed, therefore how am I dreaming? I begin to question what happen to me in my waking life to induce a dream.

    I go upstairs and I find my dad sitting at his computer desk within his room, I go over to him and ask him if he could attempt to wake me up. He says sure, and he goes over to my room which is across the hall and he looks as if he is moving something around in my bed, possibly me. He says that I am apparently not moving so I tell him to call an ambulance and I close my eyes and try my best to awake myself. It appears that it has worked, and I am within the confines of my own room. I then think that it could possibly be a false awakening and I then attempt to do another nose plug reality check. The reality check works, and I am once again aware within my dream.

    I look at my dream room, and wander around a bit in awe. The room within my dream looks just like my room in my waking life, it was amazing. I looked out of my window, and then plunged myself through my window and into the air flying toward town within my city. Not long after I took flight, I awoke from my dream.

    Updated 08-26-2011 at 04:06 PM by Ladendais

    false awakening , lucid , non-lucid

    An Accident, and Bears

    by Ladendais on 08-19-2011 at 05:56 AM
    My memory picks up whilst I am in a car with someone I know, but I cannot specifically remember who it was. We are driving down a road that I usually drive on when I head out to a town that is close to my own. I then notice a women running across the road, and a pick up truck headed straight for her, and I immediately know that she is going to be hit by the car. The truck collides with the women, but I cannot actually see the actual impact because I am driving behind the pick up truck. After I notice she was hit, I speed up and get directly behind the truck before I stop and get out of my vehicle. As I get out of my car, I notice that the women is somehow standing back up after she was hit by the truck so I quickly run over to her to ask if she is okay. When I come closer to her, I notice that she is of Chinese descent and she has long black hair that goes down to around her shoulders. She is panicked, and she seems like she doesn't want to hang around for much longer.

    She turns and begins to walk away from me in a rather fast fashion, toward a small line of trees. I follow her through the small area of trees, and I then notice that we are on one of the bike paths that runs through my city. I once again ask her if she is alright, and she quickly tells me the reason why she was running across the road in the first place. Apparently she was running away from some bears that had been chasing her for a little while. After she tells me this, I take a look into the woods that I just passed through and I see about three bears that were following me, and her at this point. One looked as if it was a mother bear, and the other two were a bit smaller so I figure they were her cubs. I then turn to the women, and tell her to follow me as I quickly ran the opposite direction down the bike path. I didn't have to run too far to notice a small corn field in front of me, and a white house to my right sitting next to the road. As I ran up to the small country home, I noticed that some of the members of my explorer post were standing out back speaking to each other.

    I come up to the group, with the women still behind me and I tell them that we are being followed by about three bears and we need some help. They seem as if they are willing to help us out, and one of them runs into the house and comes out a few seconds later with a rifle in his hands. At this point he raises the rifle up toward the bike path, where the bears are now walking, and shoots off three rounds, all of which make their mark. The three bears drop down dead and I feel a sense of relief wash over me. The Chinese women disappears, and I simply forget about her as a whole. I then somehow make it to the front of the home, and I am looking to my left at the small corn field. I suddenly notice some small cubs running through the corn, and I specifically remember counting them one by one all the way to six. I explain to the man standing next to me that I see six of the cubs, and I seem generally worried about the rise of the bear population in the area. We stand and watch as the small bears begin to hop out of the corn, and begin to casually cross the road.

    Somehow I find out that someone wishes to see me over at some area that is down the road from the white house that I was standing in front of. I then see one of the advisers of my explorer post ride up on a four wheeler and I ask him if he can do me a favor. He looks as if he is annoyed by my request, and asks me what it is that I need. I then tell him that I need him to let me catch a ride on the back of his four wheeler and he tells me to hop on. We ride down the road and I remember seeing how beautiful the sky was, and I remember feeling the sun shining down onto my face. Soon enough we take a right off the road, and onto a gravel road into what looks like some sort of plant nursery with green houses all around. I see one of my friends walking around as I hop off of the four wheeler and I go to walk toward them and I wake up from my dream.