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    What am I Doing Wrong?

    by larryspiro on 09-28-2010 at 06:51 PM
    Title: What am I Doing Wrong? :( Date: 10/28/2010
    Category: Deep Relaxation Lucidity: Not Lucid

    Keywords: Relaxed, Heavy, Energized, Cold

    Description: I set an alarm to wake me up at 02:30. Instead of getting up and going into the other bedroom where I usually set my lucid dream timer, I stayed where I was. I used no timer. I did my relaxation exercises, putting my body into paralysis. My body felt like a ton of bricks. I was totally relaxed, felt like I was barely breathing. My body felt like it was going thru cycles, energized...cold, energized...cold. I did not see anything, I was in total darkness. I then opened my eyes slowly and did a reality check....not lucid. I then closed my eyes and tried to let my mind wander....Nothing. Disappointed, I rolled over and went to sleep.

    My Family Vacation

    by larryspiro on 09-20-2010 at 07:15 PM
    Title: My Family Vacation Date: 9/20/2010
    Category: Vision Lucidity: No Lucidity

    Keywords: Imagery, Lightness

    Description: Today I got up at 02:00. I did not go back to sleep, instead I did Silvia Mind Control for about 40 min. I learned about focusing on a screen that's 20 degrees above your eyes and a few inches above your eyelids. Almost immediately I was watching TV reruns (Giligans Island), in the theater of my mind, with full color and with amazing clarity. I was also taught to pinch together my thumb and first finger on both hands for focusing.
    I then did my relaxation exercises, but there was no heavy lead feeling, I felt extremely light. There was no buzzing in my ears, no vibrations. Although my feet and legs felt like they were falling asleep (pins and needles). My leg jerked a few times and I felt itchy on my nose, then a pain feeling on the arch of my left foot, then itchy on my right leg. I didn't budge, but relaxed thru it.
    I had imagery of a vacation I had taken with my family. My sister looked like she was 7 yrs old, which means I was 5. She had a white top with a flannel dress with red,yellow, green, scotch design. My grandmother was sitting between us in the back of the car making sandwiches. Even back then she had white hair. My mother looked young...around 30. My father looked like a geek, his eyeglasses were black with a little diamond design on either side, no real styling, maybe from the 60's. This vision lasted a few minutes.
    I then saw different vacations I had been on, they didn't last long just quick flashes.
    Although I am seeing things now....I still am not lucid. There is no dream state, just visions of places I have already been to. Then I woke up.

    Mental or Emotional State: Happy - I got to see my mother again. It's been 27 years since I last saw her.

    Interpretation or Meaning: My mom, sister and grandmother are communicating with me, through the vision. Letting me know everything is ok.
    non-lucid , memorable

    I Woke Up

    by larryspiro on 09-20-2010 at 07:12 PM
    Title: I Woke Up Date: 9/19/2010
    Category: N/A Lucidity: No Lucidity

    Keywords: N/A

    Description: Today I got up at 06:00. I did my relaxation exercises and put myself into waking sleep paralysis. I was extremely relaxed doing my visualizations (me walking thru the house from memory), when all of the sudden the timer went off. I accidentally turned the timer all the way up, so went it went off, I nearly jumped out of my skin. I tried to go back to sleep, but just couldn't seem to do it.

    Mental or Emotional State: N/A

    Interpretation or Meaning: N/A

    Wind Tunnel

    by larryspiro on 09-20-2010 at 07:10 PM
    Title: Wind Tunnel Date: 9/17/2010
    Category: Deep Relaxation Lucidity: Mild Lucidity

    Keywords: Windy, Cold, Lights, Tunnel, Flashing

    Description: Today I got up at 06:00. I did my relaxation exercises and put my body into waking sleep paralysis. I was deeply relaxed and breathing comfortably. I broke trance a few times either gasping for air or I had my mouth closed and I would blow out my cheeks. I also tried some visualizations of our house what it looked like from memory walking thru different rooms. I can visualize pretty well, I just have a hard time with the dreaming part.

    At one point I got cold and put on a blanket. It reminded me of that heavy lead feeling I had a few days ago. Almost immediately, my eyes began to flutter, and then the tunnel effect started with lights flashing all around me. A wave of coldness swept over my body. I then felt and heard wind blowing in my ears. I began to get excited, but tried to keep my energy low as to not collapse the feeling.... and then...NOTHING!!! I woke up.

    Mental or Emotional State: Excited

    Interpretation or Meaning: In dreams, air usually represents communication, freedom, or spirit. The sound of wind may represent communication or news. It may also represent a signal from the unconscious. Because wind represents movement, it may symbolize change, as in the phrase "the winds of change."

    It's Loud in Here

    by larryspiro on 09-20-2010 at 07:08 PM
    Title: It's Loud in Here Date: 9/17/2010
    Category: Heavy Vibration Lucidity: No Lucidity

    Keywords: Heavy Vibration, Tinnitus, Lightness, Relaxed

    Description: Today I got up at 02:00. I did my relaxation exercises and put my body into waking sleep paralysis. My breathing was slow rhythmic and steady. My Tinnitus was extremely loud. During the day it's low and annoying, but now I can't believe how loud it is. My head and shins seemed to be resonating at the same frequency as my tinnitus. I then opened my mouth and breathed deeply thereby effectively ruining my trance

    While in trace - I saw pictures of 2 little girls around the age of 4 - 6 yrs old, they had golden hair, and white dresses with pink ribbon. They were both dressed the same, like twins. I don't remember what their eye color was...I have no idea who they are. I also saw a pair of cartoon eyes staring at me.

    Later on I discussed my dream with my wife. She said she had a vision and saw 2 little girls. She said she spoke to me the night before while we were in bed. I don't remember her talking to me, I must have been asleep, or in a very receptive state.

    Mental or Emotional State: Disappointed

    Interpretation or Meaning: The eyes are frequently given spiritual significance. In some Eastern traditions, it is believed the eyes produce potent life energy. The eyes represent our sense of visual perception and, therefore, our perception on higher levels as well. They are often referred to as the "windows to the soul". In your dream, they may represent the soul looking outward, or may represent your desire or need to look inward. The eyes may symbolize insight. They may also represent the need to seek information or to see something for its true value.