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    Lucid fail.

    by Laughingbox on 01-29-2012 at 05:11 AM
    The funny thing was, I knew I was in a dream within by dream. I was kinda awake in the dream, but.. it wasn't that vivid. Anyway, I was in a rather large spacecraft that was headed straight for the sun. It felt more like a very wide corridor. I knew there was another person or two, but it was a background character that I didn't really look at. The actual craft looked... raw. It looked like one of those abandoned space ships. Dark, somewhat rusty on some parts, and very wide. I could barely move, and I failed at flying. The camera switched to a third person perspective when we actually hit the sun.

    The end.


    by Laughingbox on 01-18-2012 at 06:43 AM
    I'm just another person. Hello world!
    Try not to look for anything interesting here.

    So I went to my 3rd period Spanish class. Instead of an actual classroom, it was more of an open "clay" house that was more or less roofless, but compensated with high walls. Beautiful nature surrounded the house. There were trees about twice or three times as large as the walls. There wasn't much furniture and the floor was half mud, half... tile, I guess. There were desks and electrical outlets. My teacher greeted me. One on my friends dropped by for some reason.
    The story was kids apparently ditched (It was only me, the teacher and two other background kids) and supervisors were looking for them. One of the custodians rang the bell (the actual building was connected to the rest of the school via a single door and a connecting corridor) and my teacher opened it. Custodian said "Sir, we rang the bell ten minutes ago. We suspect that there may be a bomb in the school." He wanted us to search, and so the teacher and I did. I couldn't find anything though. The custodian said "Alright..." and walked off. I don't know where the other guys went...


    I was heading to my first period. It turned out that the class was at the school's theater area, so I arrived a bit late. There were guest speakers that were giving me an... inquisitive look, but the teacher pardoned me, so it was all good. Funny thing is, the teacher said to the speakers "He's a good kid. He's definitely worth the trouble".
    Later, I ask permission to use the bathroom. For some reason, I ended up straying off campus and with my family... at Taco Bell. Afterwards, I finally end up back on campus. I'm way too nervous to just go back in, since I knew that I was away for far more than a few minutes. I look through a window and see that the speakers were almost done. For some reason I had on one of the speakers' fire jackets. It was pretty cool. I went to 3rd period, Spanish (apparently I visited there before school started) and felt really crummy about ditching first period. I then started speaking in Spanish to my Spanish teacher (I've never spoken non-English in a dream before) and we had a discussion in Spanish about... something I forget.

    Two dreams that I started remembering, and they both revolve around kids leaving class and Spanish...