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    Current goal: Learning pyrokinesis and FUS RO DAH


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    Car Accident Lucid

    by lawilahd on 02-10-2012 at 09:04 PM
    I was inside my house, and I became lucid but forgot how. I went into the washroom and drank some water out of the tap and did the nose pinch RC to make sure I was dreaming. I then proceeded to run up my stairs while wondering why I wasn't flying to the top. I got outside on my balcony and started swinging on something and singing a song about the night, and how I wish it was bright and sunny out.

    I then saw my car and a bunch of other cars in a parking lot, and went up to them. Before sitting in mine, I decided to check out the white truck far away from me, and I believed it would open despite being locked, and it did. I went inside and went for a drive, and purposely crashed into a car which lead to many other crashes and a wreck at some plaza. I then RC'ed again to make sure I was still dreaming

    Lucid Fragments

    by lawilahd on 02-05-2012 at 06:03 PM
    I remember becoming lucid but don't remember how or why. I started flying around as usual. Then I tried to be batman and use a batclaw which wasn't working, instead I started gliding around the city. I remember being able to make a laser pointer come out of my finger and I also went inside my house and my grandparents house.

    I started fighting random people dressed in DBZ uniforms and I started being attacked by someone. I kept trying to do a proper kamehameha but it wouldn't work but I learned some other wierd ki blast where I why swipe off green discs from my hand like cards, which worked cuz i saw the enemy do it to me. When I lazer pointed with my finger, my peripheral vision blurred so I stopped.

    My ufc title fight

    by lawilahd on 01-28-2012 at 08:56 PM
    I was watching myself fight on UFC live, I was fighting someone can't remember. My family saw me at the house and asked if im fighting right now and I tell them I am, but I wonder if UFC is live and im fighting, what am I doing at my house watching myself fight.

    I go walk around, I see my bro and use raidens thunder dash move but am still not completely lucid. I try stealing some glowing objects from this guy but he doesn't let me. Then I start to realy question whether I'm awake or asleep. I go over to my sliding door adn RC nose pinch and it works. I walk outside lucid, and start kicking my cars windows in. Then I start flying around and realize I have to practice my goals of fush ro dah shout and pyrokinesis. I try both which don't work, then I try kamehame ha and it comes out as a blue ball that hits my brother in the head while I'm flyihng in the air. I tried stabilizing by touching objects around me etc. And I start flying more. My cousin also joins in an is lucid.

    We fly to the top of a building but soon I wake up.

    Looking for a building, resetted, got bored so dry humped

    by lawilahd on 12-22-2011 at 07:22 PM
    I became lucid, and I remember failing to make a certain building appear. The dream resetted and I was sitting on a sidewalk, looking at a truck in front of me. I said "if im dreaming, anything is possible here, i can change the face of the man driving" And the people driving went off their own way. I started running down the street and turning right, and each time I would tell myself that the building i wanted would appear and be happy/confident in it. I got tired of waiting, and saw some bombshell walk out of a door, for some reason my instincts came about me, and since I was bored of looking for the building (which wasn't working) i mounted her, and "dry humped" her till I came and woke up soon after. Really wierd dream.

    Inception, many re-enteries and false awakenins

    by lawilahd on 12-19-2011 at 10:25 PM
    The dream seemed to start at a random location. I figured out that I was dreaming just because of the wierdness of the location. I Found a metal fence in the dream, and did a backflip off from it, which surprisingly felt exactly how mybackflips feel in real life. I tried getting my cousin to do it, and she failed. Then there were some kids and i tried proving to them that this was a dream. Now after this, there were many moments where the dream seemingly ended, and I came back and became lucid once again in a similar fashion.

    I remember another side chain of events where I was with some friends from church, and i tried proving that we were dreaming the whole time. I remember flying around and calling out to them, I also oddly remember smokin weed before going into one of their parents houses, which felt pretty awkward and I felt a little high. I was flying really fast around a parking lot that we went to afterwards.

    This cycle of falseawakenings into the same location over and over seemed to trigger lucidity really fast. Inception was one of the things I was thinking about before sleeping. I remember walking through a hallway, with my partner, some random kid from my school who i don't remember. We brought a few girls with us in this hallway, and we were all rolling shoppping carts. Apparently, the shopping carts were our transport into the dream, and on the front of them was written our status ( Hazard: Drowsy levels increasing, losing wakefullness) or something to that extent was written on them.

    As we walked through the hallways with more people appearing, my partner and i started telling the girls about dreams and the difference between reality and awakening. The girls seemed intrigued but my partner and I knew that that was about to increase tenfold. Once we passed the green line and got outside, the mark on the shopping carts said something along the lines of unconscious or something that indicated we were no longer awake, as we had passed the portal to a dream. We asked the girls if they felt any different right now, and they didnt notice, then we went on to tell them that we are all dreaming and started to prove it in really wierd ways.

    We were close to a burger king and my partner said, "look, if we want potato salad at burger king, we're gonna get it!" At this point I jumped onto one of the cars in the drivethrough, punched a hole throug the windshield and took the guys sandwich and started eating it. I looked at the girls and said "see?", then I jumped and flew onto a building and made it topple down as i fell along with it and the dream ended.