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      Im going to bed but ill talk with you later ima sleep prone tonight see if that does anything
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    Best Lucid Dream in a while! :)

    by LCS on 07-10-2016 at 08:26 PM
    I have not Lucid Dreamt or been able to dream control in a while not because I couldn't but because I have not put in the effort or time. So last night I finally did, its funny because for me the more tired I am or the later I got to bed the better chance I have of experiencing this or the better quality it is and the lengthier as well. So I remember first watching a tour of an old victorian mansion a gentlemen was giving the tour to Ciel and Sebastian from Black Butler and the home was amazing. A lot of wood no windows just open walls and the outdoors were green pastures and a cool breeze was around. The fabric and linens of the furniture were white and everything felt warm and cheerier the glow of the sun was subtle but inviting and made everything feel a bit like we were in heaven. The home was vastly large and felt like it had been transformed into a hotel, because I remember seeing people in the background going up the stairs and going outside. Now outside it was even more beautiful but on this large expanse of land there was only the mansion and across, walking distance was another hotel the Hyatt Regency actually. People were walking back and forth and I could hear the gentlemen talking details, now I was not present at first and I remember the moment I 'materialized' I could hear my heels clicking and all the attention turned to me. Its as though they are felt my presence and arrival. The gentlemen turned to me and Ciel disappeared I was now the master. I kept glancing at Sebastian but I did not really look at him until now, I turned to him and really gave him all my attention...

    ***Now keep in mind I have not watched BB in a really long time and its not something I think about often, nor is it even my favorite anime I don't even secretly fantasize about him but for some reason he is always in my Lucid Dreams, for years now I can never understand why...

    I looked at him and pushed him into a chair, because I am short I could not reach his face. I grabbed his face and took in every detail, fascinated that I my mind was able to create such perfection. He sat in silence while I towered over him and analyzed every detail and I said "I've missed you...where have you been all this time?" Not sure why but it seems that my dream self felt this terrible feeling of sadness and longing. I felt like I missed him for years and that now that he returned I was finally happy. This is the moment when I realized I was dreaming it all clicked and everything became crystal clear and more real than life. I looked down at myself and saw white heels and a white cocktail dress. Feeling 'his' presence at my side we then continued the tour walking all through the mansion.

    More happened after this but I can not remember however I know I felt like the time I spent dreaming and with him was months. Until I remember walking in a store I had forgot that it was only a dream and that it would soon end. I decided I wanted to know so I grabbed his face again and kissed him gently on each cheek I asked ''Why are you only here? Why do you not exist in my world the human world? Why are you only in my dream?" I thought he would never answer most DC don't...but he turned slow and looked at me for what felt like a long time then he responded "I can..." He pointed out the window of the store to a small run down house. I knew who was there a witch someone with dark powers able to easily release him from my dream. However tempted I turned to him and he disappeared from my arms and turned into an angel of death. Hovering over me with black eyes and black wings. It did not scare me I told him sadly, "You know I can not do that the consequences of this would be far worse than the rewards". Sebastian said "Whether you do this or not there will always be consequences".

    **Feeling sadness in a dream is so very real, it hits you hard and in this particular one I felt it even more

    I decided I was not going to waste this precious time with sadness but I was going to relish every moment and do anything. We ended in in the middle of a courtyard of some super crappy rundown apartments made of concrete. There were about 25 floors and people were standing around in each floor looking down in anticipation. As my eyes travelled downward I saw what they were all looking at.... even more people at the bottom. It was getting dark and faster and I realized that Sebastian and I were sitting in front of it all in our own concrete ''thrones''. I did not realize what was going on until I saw 3 young boys kneeling down with their hands tied behind their backs, at first I panicked thinking they were in trouble but they were laughing and egging everyone else on. I then saw from about the 5th floor people drop an iron and it hit him in the head. For sure I thought he was dead, no he got up and laughed and so did everyone else looking at Sebastian he was still, I felt uneasy but I could not move. The second heavy object was dropped and it hit the second boy this time he did not get up, I knew he was dead, people panicked and ran screaming. I started to feel sick, weak and unable to move or talk. I wanted to leave and have Sebastian take me away but he could not hear me I knew I was then losing control of the dream slowly I was awakening and I tried soon hard to gain it back but I could not. Some other gentlemen came and got me carrying me out of my chair. At this point I had no strength, but the last this I felt was the eyes of Sebastian on my back...

    ****Something I would like to know is does anyone else feel sick when coming out of a LD? The longer and stronger a dream is the more drained I feel coming out of it?

    Updated 07-10-2016 at 10:15 PM by LCS


    Please read?! Your thoughts?!?

    by LCS on 08-09-2015 at 02:54 AM
    Last night was the first time I have Lucid dreamed in a VERY long time. With work, school and life I haven't had the luxury to sleep in and that is the only way I can LD...

    It started out with random dreams and slowly evolved into a solid dream. I am standing in a clearing, beautiful green grass with hills in the distance and surrounded by what looked like a moat. The moat had fog above it and it was cold. In the middle of the clearing was a large house that looked more like a cottage. There was a dad, mom,older brother and younger sister I somehow knew they were not my family but they thought I was a part of theirs so I went along with it. During my time with them it felt like I had spent an eternity with them we played outside enjoyed some evenings in the warmth of the inside of the cottage and by the end I really believed that is where I belonged until....

    All of a sudden I knew I just knew that this was a dream and just like every other LD I get that excited feeling in the pit of my stomach. I realized if this is a dream I can do ANYTHING and I looked out the window. I figured I want to fly above the moat and beyond, so as I am standing before my family I say "I am going to go fly above the water". They all looked at me really weird, I figured what would they care this isn't real, if anything these people have no real personality its just me speaking for them.

    The dad just laughed and turns to me saying "That is silly, you can not fly are you sure you are okay". I explained that yes it was because this was just a dream none if it was real. STILL these people did not believe me they looked at me like if I were crazy. Frustrated I grabbed the brother by the shoulders and looked into his eyes I said "Right now I am sleeping in my bed at home this is NOT real you people are not real none if it is! In this place I can do anything how come you don't believe me!". The mom responds with "What if you are not the real one? How do you really know that we are not real?". Than it hit me "Like an alternate dimension?" They all nodded...I asked them how that were possible I mean I knew it was real but never did I think it were possible in my own home by being asleep. The father says "It is very much possible when you are asleep your consciousnesses is free therefore if you are capable you can travel to alternate dimensions and parallel universes it is what space and time is made of. The dream world is not random or non-existent it is very much real and yes anything is possible all of this is real. So in this world you are not real we are"

    Afterward I remember feeling overwhelmed and running outside where he moat was I was able to fly over it but this entire conversation kept haunting me. Like I said I have not LD in a while but this was very different this time the people had personalities they spoke about things that I was not even thinking of it felt different more concrete...who really knows all I know is I can not stop thinking about it.

    Pregnant Boss

    by LCS on 02-17-2015 at 06:21 AM
    Yup you read correctly!

    I don't always write down my dreams but this one was really weird and I had the itch to write it down...I came home from a short shift and I felt really tired I go and change into pjs and false asleep instantly....

    In the dream I hear my coworkers talking they are like yeah Judy's is having a baby and I was like yeah that's awesome when is she due? First off idk who Judy is but in the dream I was convinced that I knew her and her pregnancy (Seriously weird). Then I see my boss walk by in a rush and when she turns around I see a bump and instantly im like WTF I didn't know Jill was pregnant how is that even possible isn't she like oh idk 50-60....my face looked like this o-O

    All of a sudden I am in a restaurant having lunch with all my coworkers and I find it super weird that no on else is creeped out by this...I mean my boss is the type of women who ohh idk I just would not picture being maternal and with a baby bump. So I ask everyone "Umm so Jill is really pregnant how weird is that? huh? amI right?" They all look at me like I am crazy and laugh! I run out because once again I see her all 6 feet of her with her typical Ralph Lauren knee length dress and 6 inch heels and glasses. She keeps running from me and I say JILL HEY JILL WAIT STOPP! She stops and I look at her (I really don't know why this creep-ed me out honestly I could give two craps if this were to really happen but apparently my dream self seemed to care)

    She gives me this hateful look and I see her turn around and run again...then I am in a restroom and there are a bunch of other people in there as well....

    I wake up fully convinced Jill is pregnant until I come to my sense and realize it was just a dream.

    7/22/2014-Black Butler

    by LCS on 07-22-2014 at 08:55 PM
    So, I do not always write down my dreams (I'm really bad with that LOL). However, sometimes I just want a particular dream to always be remembered. I have also noticed a few changes now when I LD and Dream Control that I felt should be noted...

    I won't lie, ever since summer began and school is out I have been watching anime quite a bit. I re-watched BB a few weeks ago and that was that I never really thought much about it, but last nights dream was out of the blue.

    I remember exactly when the dream began it was as if I had been transported there all of a sudden. I was in a study very fancy with a royal sort of look there was a large window to my left and outside I could see trees and the other part of the mansion/castle. I looked around the room and I knew I would like this dream (a gut feeling), everything was just a tiny bit fuzzy and I focused and the dream became as real as life. I looked down at myself I was wearing black leggings with a black tight fitted turtle neck, black boots and a black coat on top (super cute outfit ). Now this is where the changes come in, in all my lucid dreams lately I have not been rushing and now I am not crazy to control every aspect only what I want. I go along with everything but I change what I do not like its less exhausting and fantastic to see what your brain throws at you. Also, I no longer have that "OMG IM DREAMING" moment if anything I don't even have to say it its just an instinct like I know but I do not wish to ruin the moment with my outburst.

    Okay....back to the dream, I looked around and everything was so perfect the desk and books there were papers on the desk I had no idea at this point that it had anything to do with BB because the study was SO different to Ciel's study in the anime. I had this feeling to look outside I walked to the window and the glass disappeared to the right was the other wing of the mansion and to the left was a large lake but straight ahead below there was like a well but shaped like a rectangle and not very deep maybe 4 ft. I had this urgent feeling come over me and I jumped down from the house and ran to it. Lying next to it was Claude (I ignored him) and looked in the well seated upright in about a foot of dirty water was Sebastian. I climbed down and looked at him. He was so perfect and EXACTLY if not better looking than in the anime but something was wrong his eyes were glazed over its like mentally he was not there. I tapped his cheek and said "Hey Sebastian? Are you okay?".....Nothing I wanted to cry I didn't know what to do so I straddled him (not in a perverse way) and I simply hugged him. He felt so nice! he was strong and clean he smelled like fresh linen and his skin was perfection so soft (I'm not fangirling it was just incredible the detail that my brain was able to conjour) I hugged him but nothing so I hugged him again and took deep breathes taking moments to look at his eyes to see if something ANYTHING would happen and then.....

    I felt my heart thumping, faster and faster and I thought "OMG whats going on? I've never felt that in a dream!" and then I realized no its not my heart its SEBASTIAN'S'! I hugged him even tighter and his heartbeat was so loud the feeling vibrated through my body. He finally woke up and looked at me and said "Thank you madame...but you should not have done that"....For a second I thought "Huh? I just saved your life!" But it hit me I started to hyperventilate and feel dizzy. nausea was setting in and I could not see clearly. I got off of him and tried to stand or find a spot to lie down but it was useless. I could see the worry in his eyes and he explained that I gave him life with my hug and that doing that for a demon was going to cost me. He carried me out of the well square thing and out of no where 3 children ran up to us they said we needed to run and FAST because they were coming! Sebastian was instantly on alert and ran still carrying me with the children to a light blue car. We all got in with him at the wheel and I remember thinking "Well this sucks who ever heard of feeling ill in a dream" My phone rang all of a sudden and it was a text a series of random numbers and letters I told Sebastian and he said "He knows where we are young Mistress please do not respond!" I turned my phone off but still kept receiving more messages with different numbers and letters I could not understand it but I was really scared because if Sebastian was worried than so should I. Eventually we stopped and got out, I could finally stand on my own two feet. Outside we were in a field there were two giant men waiting for us and that was it......

    I continued to dream throughout the night but not matter how bad I wanted too I could not continue it As much as I love the anime and Sebastian I never thought of him as MY butler I LIKE IT! LOL

    6/29/2014-A little bit of heaven

    by LCS on 06-30-2014 at 04:40 AM
    So I haven't been on for awhile, not to say I have not LD. Actually now that I am on summer vacation and totally relaxed I have LD every night this week. For example, last night I was in a place that look like ancient Greece but in the woods. Everyone there was wearing white robes and they were all just chatting and enjoying the great scenery. We were all around a beautiful lake and I felt that feeling overcome me and then I knew...."I'm dreaming...time to get started". Things were a bit fuzzy before but the moment that I became lucid everything just became SO clear! I decided I wanted to mess with people yes in my dreams I tend to be very mischievous even though in real life I'm not but its FUN! I walked to the edge of the lake and I turned around slowly I felt and noticed that everyone's eyes were around me I felt myself smirking. I took a step backward and I felt my foot sink into the water and I willed myself to walk on the water immediately my dream responded and I was on a firm surface I slowly started walking back while watching everyone and a gentleman came up to the edge of the water and said "HEY NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!". Still smirking I said "Do you know that you are dreaming? This is all a dream therefore I can do whatever I want." He simply stared and when I looked down I was in the middle of the lake and I could see the clear blue water underneath me,there were fish and alligators and sharks even a white tiger swimming. I sighed and I noticed that around the lake were large white columns and palaces on top of hills and people were just staring at me.

    *Out of all my LD this week I really enjoyed this one so I wanted to always rmr it*