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    Dream Fragment

    by ldreamer77 on 02-26-2014 at 10:47 PM
    One of my close friends is dying in the hospital but instead of seeing them, I knit a scarf at home.
    *this dream has probably resulted from me knitting while watching Grey's Anatomy *
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    February TOTM basic task 2

    by ldreamer77 on 02-13-2014 at 11:09 PM
    10:30 pm
    Last night I listened to this to try out dream yoga. I knew it would be better if I tried to do it in the middle of the night, but I couldn't sleep and I wanted to try it out. It was super relaxing and I fell asleep probably less than half way into it.

    2:15 am
    I woke up to find that the video was still up on my ipad because I didn't turn it off. This got me thinking about LDing again and I had a DILD.

    The dream began with me and a girl walking down a hallway of a school. She asked me if I was pregnant (this is one of my dream signs because I always have really strange dreams where I am pregnant) so I knew that I was dreaming right away!

    I was excited to explore the dream environment so I ran down the hallway with the girl. My vision was clear at first, but it began to become very blurry. I stopped to look at my hands and I asked the girl to wait for me. She turned around and said, "not a chance." Anyways, I looked at my hands and that improved my vision. I went on exploring the school looking for a DC because I wanted to complete a TOTM. I came across a room full of people and I nicely asked a girl who my soul mate was. She was furious. She got in my face and said, "YOU THINK THAT I WOULD KNOW WHO YOU'RE SOUL MATE IS? NO. I DON'T. ALL I KNOW IS THAT YOU SLEPT WITH MY BOYFRIEND." This was not the response I was looking for haha so I walked away. (These DCs really weren't fond of me ) I left the school and outside of it there was a neighborhood. I wanted to change my surroundings so I laying down on the ground, closed my eyes, and expected to wake up on a beach.

    Instead, I woke up the lawn of my own house. Sometime after this I lost lucidity because I actually thought that I had woken up on my lawn.
    lucid , task of the month

    Attempt at WILD

    by ldreamer77 on 02-03-2014 at 03:56 AM
    Went to bed at 1:45 am, woke up around 10:40

    I've been trying to DILD for a while but I haven't had much success. However, my phone went off this morning and woke me up so I decided that it would be a good opportunity to try a WILD. I began by focusing on my breathing to relax my body; I counted each breath and imagined myself swaying back and fourth. I was so tired that after about three minutes of this, I fell asleep. Since I fell asleep so quickly I didn't reach lucidity, but I did recognize that I was dreaming.

    My dream began with my friend Mary and I running around in her basement trying to avoid a gorilla that was chasing us. We ran upstairs and left her house. Somehow, we ended up outside of Tim Horton's. We went inside and Mary ordered a cinnamon bun. After this, we went to a restaurant. I recognized the waiter as someone that I know in real life. It was my friend's older brother; I never talk to him so this was a dream sign. I instantaneously knew that I was dreaming. I told Mary that I was dreaming and I told other people around me. I didn't think to do any reality checks or anything..for some reason I never think to do them when I am dreaming. I started to get frustrated because I knew that I was dreaming but I wasn't lucid. I started saying to the waiter, "We don't talk in real life. You don't work here. I've never even seen this restaurant before. I'm dreaming." He agreed with me that I was dreaming and we laughed about it. But I still didn't think to do any RC's. After this I guess I just got so mad that I woke up.

    For my first attempt, I'm glad that I at least knew that I was dreaming. I'm mad that I didn't think to do any reality checks or look at my hands etc.

    Thanks for reading! I'm off to bed now

    So I was reading through my old dream journal...

    by ldreamer77 on 01-28-2014 at 10:25 PM
    I was reading through old dreams and I thought this one was kind of funny.
    If you're familiar with the movie The Purge, that's whats going on in my dream..if you haven't seen this movie then this probably won't make very much sense to you. During the Purge, all crime is legal for twelve hours and typically people kill others to "cleanse" their souls and get rid of their anger.

    June 20th, 2013
    It is six thirty and at seven o'clock The Purge begins. My family doesn't have a security system so we are worried that people will break in and murder us. However, if you fill your house will popcorn then no one will be able to come in. (Excuse the absence of logic here..this is not how it works in the movie ) My mom and I get in the car and speed to the closest store in hopes of buying enough popcorn to fill the house. We grab as many bags as we can and stuff them into our car. By the time we are done, it is already seven o'clock and people are out in the streets wearing creepy masks with guns in their hands. My mom drives as fast as she possibly can but people keep shooting at our car and chasing us. We make it home safely only to discover that my dad and sister are no where to be found. My mom and open up all of the bags of popcorn but we have a rather large house and only a few bags. My mom and I accept that we're going to die because we failed to fill the house with popcorn. After this I wake up.