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    A Visitation

    by LDyogi on 04-02-2019 at 06:08 PM
    This LD happened a few weeks ago and I'm mad at myself for not having a DJ on my table when I woke up to write it down - but it was very lucid so I can recall most of it.
    I was in total deep sleep and really enjoying the rest when all of a sudden, some human looking beings appeared in my room. Their number shifted between 5 and 7 because they were not physically present. They looked more like holograms that were having difficulty staying in focus - shifting and colorizing. They were also doll sized and all were smiling at me. Different sexes too and fairly well dressed. The only communication I could make out from them was to not be afraid. I asked them if I was seeing them correctly, if they were really that small. They looked at each other then grew to normal size for a moment, then returned to their doll size saying they can stay in my focus easier this way. I wanted to know what this was all about but that knowledge is still pending. They faded out with smiles as I woke up to write this down - realizing this was not a dream. I have come to know what a vision looks like when I have one. I'm thinking someone here at DV was trying to enter my dream? Sorry 'bout the late posting - been preoccupied getting a new PC set up and working right.
    lucid , memorable

    My Goal

    by LDyogi on 10-27-2018 at 06:37 AM
    I hope to connect with people who have had similar experiences here. I do not see the benefit of toying with ones dreams as it is being promoted on this forum. I believe lucid dreams are a window/doorway into an alternate reality that is connected to this reality.
    side notes

    Third One - Total Telepathy

    by LDyogi on 10-27-2018 at 06:28 AM
    The third lucid dream that cannot leave my memory happened very early in the morning of July 20, 1993. All of a sudden, I find myself standing in what appears to be a kitchen looking at a very large table with a man seated at it who is reading a bunch of papers strewn on it. Iím looking at this man straight on from the other side of the table but Iím standing a few steps back. Suddenly, an attractive woman with very long dark hair walks up to this man from his right, which he does not see, and raises a gun to his head then blows his brains out. I distinctly felt the emotion of horror when that happened then everything went gray. I opened my eyes to look at the clock and note the time, then went back to sleep. Later that day, it was all over the news that Vince Foster had committed suicide. As the reports came in about the time of his death, it was clear that I had witnessed his murder telepathically through the eyes of the woman who was there and saw the whole thing. I have told this to many people, but because everyone I told has a serious block in their conscious to suppress any notion that experiencing something like this is possible, it was like casting pearls before swine. Iíve also come to suspect that my first lucid dream of flying was experienced telepathically as well.

    Second One - WILD

    by LDyogi on 10-27-2018 at 06:19 AM
    The second lucid dream I experienced that is forever with me happened in broad daylight while I was fully awake on Saturday afternoon, October 14, 1989. I was walking through the open lot of my work place when three of my co-workers approached me and asked me who I thought was going to win the baseball game on Tuesday. I was puzzled that they would ask this of me as I am not know to be a sports fan since it became an entertainment industry in the early ‘70s. Nonetheless, I pondered the question for a moment then replied “There is no game on Tuesday.” They of course looked at me like I was out of touch and insisted that there was indeed a game on Tuesday. So I looked deeper in my mind and I could see people in the infield and in the stands but the stadium was crumbling so they had to close it and there would be no game that day. This was so bizarre for me to grasp that I could only respond by saying “NO! There is no game on Tuesday!” And then we broke up and went about our jobs. For those of you who can recollect, that was the day of the devastating earthquake when the Giants were to play the Oakland A’s in game 3 of the World Series. That Wednesday, the guys at work looked at me in total disbelief! - Sure, this is the internet where anyone can spew anything they like, right?

    Updated 10-27-2018 at 07:15 AM by LDyogi


    First One - Flying

    by LDyogi on 10-27-2018 at 06:11 AM
    The first begins with a dream of flying when I was young, around 7 years of age, but I canít recall for sure. Iím pretty sure it was on a Saturday night but it could have been a Tuesday night. Whatever. Iíve lost that recollection. Anyway, I was suddenly flying, through no effort of my own, in a dream and I didnít know how I was doing it. It was daytime and the colors were very real in every thing I was seeing. I then glanced up to my right and then to my left and saw I had wings similar to a hang glider but this was long before hang gliders were ever known about. It was a totally awesome feeling but I wasnít in control of where I wanted to fly to. I was just along for the ride! I then experienced a sudden decent that I simply could not control and went head first into the trunk of a tree and at that moment, everything went black. I woke up in sheer wonder and fear. Iíve never had a dream that vivid ever! I do remember that it was two days later at school that out of nowhere, my teacher asked the class if anyone had a dream of flying! My dream was so beyond anything I had ever experienced so I did not respond to her question. As soon as she asked about it I knew something was very odd but I just didnít know what it could be. Nothing was ever mentioned about dreaming of flying until my teen years from psychologists looking to tag and manipulate people with their concepts of reality. I have also never revealed this dream until this posting. Nor can I recollect ever having another dream of flying that vivid to this day.