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    Ghost Boy/Dr.Quantum

    by LearnToSee on 06-26-2011 at 08:54 PM
    Dream #1 of the Night:
    I am up in bed reading at around 1:00AM. Suddenly I hear the front door in my house open and slam shut. I am terrified and begin to scan my room for a weapon but I can't find one and settle on using a sharp pencil on my bedside table. I open my bedroom door and see a young boy sitting Indian style in the hallway. I am taken aback and attempt to stab the palm of his hand. This doesn't hurt him. I notice he is fiddling with a pencil himself. I realize that he is glowing slightly blue and I now understand that he is a ghost and become frightened again. I quickly start asking hi)m questions without giving him time to answer until I come to my last question, "are you a good guy or a bad guy?" He looks at me, reluctant to answer. I am uneasy knowing that he looks so reluctant, so I shout to my parents to help me yell and him to get out of the house and never return. I look back and he is gone.
    (I woke up after this, I consider this dream a nightmare as I am frightened of ghosts, especially ghosts of children.)

    Dream #2 of the Night:
    I go to my ex's house, "N," to collect some of my things. I have so many things there that it is taking me a long time to get them all together. Without notice, people start to show up and Nate whispers to me to hurry up before I embarrass him. People keep showing up and we start to have a party with a lot of smoking. I try to play a game of cards with N and a few others but the game never starts. Later, I go outside and see little boys all around my car. The were out to get me and had placed a bunch of empty juice containers on my car to somehow "get to me." I shoo them away. Even later, the party is over and I am still at N's, kneeling over a dying man. He doesn't want my help so I do the best I can to help anyway and call "Dr. Quantum" to come to the house and tend to the man. When the Dr. shows up and the dying man realizes it is Dr. Quantum, he is suddenly better and stands up. He proceeds to rant to Dr. Quantum about how the doctor owes him money.
    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable

    Sick Nightmare/Telepathic

    by LearnToSee on 06-22-2011 at 06:54 PM
    I go to my recent ex's ("N") house for something important. When I get there, a lot of people are there, which is unusual in waking life. I see a blunt on the ground, partially ruined. I also see a glimpse of a girl, "D," on the couch with N and a few other people. This upsets me and I feel awkward so I run out of the house, grabbing the blunt as I leave. When I get to my car, a bunch of "white-trash" people in their crappy cars pull in and start driving all around me so I can't get out of the driveway. I have a feeling that they are D's family members in the car. I honk my car horn in an effort to get them to let me out. At the point a car hits me and a huge, bald man gets out and tries to burn me with a cigarette and hit me. I try to call the cops but for some reason I am unable to.

    Later, I am camping and we are on a back road riding in the flat bed of a truck. The road is very bumpy. One of my friends/ex-coworker, "J," is there and talks to me telepathically. I am taken aback and interested. Just then, we hit a bump and another friend/ex-coworker of mine (from he same job as J) falls on me and I am torn from the internal conversation.

    Biting Gnomes/Topless

    by LearnToSee on 06-22-2011 at 06:44 PM
    The house is infested with biting gnomes. The run around frantically and chomp down, HARD, on your legs. I go to school and we are forced to write out dreams in a journal there. My ex boyfriend, "N," doesn't to the assignment out of laziness. At home, my mom tells me I have half a soul, one half I got from her and the other is potential soul from my dad. (The situation between my dad and I never really bothers me, my parents split what I was about 7 and I still see my dad.)

    I am at work topless (I'm a female). I am drinking a ton of soda, juice, and water.

    Caring for Baby Mice

    by LearnToSee on 06-22-2011 at 06:32 PM
    How adorable. I'm caring for a BUNCH of baby white mice. My friend, "LL" gave me the mice in our art class we are taking together in my dream (we never actually attended the same school, let alone took any classes together). The mice are on the counter while I clean their cage. One of them runs away and falls into the garbage disposal and my mom does nothing to save it except turn on the disposal and kill it. I SCREAM at her and am mortified (this is exactly how I would respond in real life too, I love animals)! During all of this I am living in a creepy apartment with a few "typical teenage" guys who always eat all my food.

    Later I am at class in my college. We are doing this weird bathroom project and we are all crammed in the restrooms. I start to feel like I will faint in the bathroom and I have to lie down on the floor in the college hallway.

    Later, LL draws me a picture of Taylor Lautner (the "warewolf" from Twilight, mid you I have no interest in this) for me to turn in as a project for our class since I slept in. He has a really long pointer finger in the picture. LL and I are doing some photography for the class after this and I touch a pot of flowers and they turn frosty and die. Then I revive them by kissing them.

    Later, my mom gives me a folder with something in it and a lady comes by and staples a CD ROM to the folder.

    Weird Shower Party

    by LearnToSee on 06-22-2011 at 06:22 PM
    I'm at a strange party with my friend, "M." It is outside around a MASSIVE jungle-gym/play-set/swing-set type thing. There are secret rooms in the play-set and most of the people at the party are fat black ladies. M takes a shower she finds in a secret room and I want to take one too but I can't find the same shower she used and she won't show me where it is. The only shower I find is behind a broken water bed you have to walk through to get to the shower which I do not want to do. I end up not taking any showers and am sober at the end of the night due to my extensive shower search and no alcohol consumption.
    non-lucid , memorable