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    Flying practice

    by lemonDrops on 08-26-2012 at 10:30 AM
    I'm in a park, where several animals are kept. I note a really, really huge skunk. Oversized animals are a dream sign for me, I have no doubt I'm dreaming I try to get out of the szene I'm currently involved, as I would easily loose lucidity again. I jump over the gates to get out of here.

    Hmm, what to do now? I cannot remember my tasks. So I begin to stabilize the dream a bit. I can make out the perfectly drawn shadows from the gates, and the beautiful trees in this park. OK, so next I just want to fly. I start running and make a big jump. But I hit the ground really hard It doesn't hurt, and I give it another try, without running and jumping. I just start floating and try to swim midair. I float high into the air near a building.

    Weird big house

    by lemonDrops on 08-25-2012 at 10:33 AM
    I'm waking up, realise that quickly and stay calm to DEILD back.

    We are walking on a street, a friend of mine and me. He already talks weird things when I confirm my lucidity with a RC. Breathing through the nose really works! He tells me how he conquered his blashfulness, when he first tried a new clothing style. At first I thought that was completely nonsense. But then I realised it's not stupid at all. You can fix your own problems when dreaming more easily.

    So I left him and went into the next big House. There I met two girls and began talking with them. I wanted to talk about shyness and what I can do about it, but the dream went more instabler. At first I had problems with talking, but they gave me some advise I forgot later :/ The dream fell apart.

    Now awake, i stood still and chose to reenter the dream instead of writing everything down.

    After short but heavy HI I was back in the basement of what seemed like a big shopping mall. Here I eventually lost lucidity. I get into an elevator and go up to the next stage. Some people here seem to know me, I have to do something for them i do not remember.

    Then I continue my exploration of this building. In the next room I meet two very strange people. They seem to represent the opposite of each other. Now I have to choose which way to go, I think i took the left one.

    We are on the very highest floor. A theatre is playing there. We watch it until the end and talk a bit afterwards.

    I continue my explorations and come to a room with people doing fitness excercises.

    Later I decide to walk home. I meet a girl on my way. We come past a police man. He does a quick check of us and of our passports.

    Very fragmented lucid

    by lemonDrops on 04-06-2012 at 04:53 PM
    It's dark again in my room. Shit! it was never easy to bring light into my lucids. I switch the lights on and off but nothing happens. No hope, this dream is ending.

    I'm with my father jogging. We come to a bar, and I order apple juice. I'm still trying to get this dream properly stabilized. For one thing i notize my foggy sight, so i take off my glasses (Yes, that helps ) Next, i rub my hands. Just as I feel more grounded, this dream either ends.

    I jump-start in a tour bus. It's driving along a wonderful river, on the other side there are huge mountains. Two old women, a young girl and me are sitting on two seats.^^. Nobody has realy much place so i start getting out of it. I do so by gliding through the ceiling. As i just got out, the bus driver gets the bus hurling and we crash through guardrail into the river. The bus sinks, but all the people get out without problems. Everyone seems to be happy after such an accident, when the dream once again ends.

    I'm now sitting at a bar with two people. We are drinking shots, and they don't taste bad.

    I'm now at a table sitting with a friend. I seem to loose lucidity and want to RC but not in front of all the others. I get up to get my bag. It's in the locker.

    I turn lucid luckily again. I get out of this house. I repeat the sentence "I'm lucid" and it helps a little. I try to feel every muscle of my body when i walk around in that garden. It feels realistic, but not overwhelming. I see a jeep stopping on the street next to the garden. Just some trees are on the edge of the garden. As I walk there, a strange DC appears. Grass is growing on his entiry body and he wants to stop me. I can't go ahead, the harder i push, the more resistant he gets. Anyway, i manage to get past him and get into the jeep. I start the enginge and start driving. The sun is going down really fast, within seconds it's night. As the jeep goes really slow, i remember matte once saying flying a car is also possible. As i pull on the steering wheel, the front of the car gets up in the air. After several tries i manage to get the whole car flying. It's just a short flight, my dream seems to come to an end and i crash down into a building, inside is a theater.

    Getting help with teleporting

    by lemonDrops on 03-17-2012 at 08:59 AM
    After firstly getting lucid with DILD, i had to reenter the dream several times because they were so unstable.

    My sister and me are going for a walk. It's nearly midnight and only the street light is shining. Not far from home we meet our neighbor. He has mounted a pipe and puts his head inside it. We plague him a bit until mum approaches us. But she just uses a public toilet. So we walk back home. When we get inside, I remember this special darkness. I have seen it before, and yeah it was in a dream! Just as i get lucid, the dream ends.

    I need a moment to think through what just happened and DEILD right back.
    Everything's still dark. I can barely make out contours. As i get ouotside, i try some leafs of a plant. Everything gets more vivid and it seams really light outside for a night.

    Walking up the street to our neighbor, i see a merquee built up right next him. I join some people and speak with them. A young man, at first a bit disagreeable, but when i speak about dreaming with them, he seems to be the smartest DC here anyways. His names Tom and hes often on its way in dreams. He's waiting here for his father. So i just ask him if he could show me how to teleport in dreams, as i have problems with it. He disagrees at first but then he says he has been waiting so long for his father that he maybe won't come tonight. As we go, i just realize the other DCs have left our table.

    We stand there and he teleports us. My surroundings vanish and pop up somewhere on a street. It's now a sunny midday, we are on the countryside. I know the house next to us, here live my grandparents. The dream is very unstable first, a fat strange man runs by and drops to the ground. We don't care and go along the small street. Theres a mound of earth on the street and i just climb on it.

    Back in school and mirrors

    by lemonDrops on 03-13-2012 at 07:37 PM
    My dreams were a bit strange this morning and i didn't feel rested the whole day.

    I was at school, in a fictional presentation room. We had some drinks, but before i tried mine, i shrugged because it smelled terrible. I'm sure someone had put something in it. Back in class the next lesson starts. The air feels so hot, it's unbearable. The bell rings. i get out of my class. Next door i can make out a swimming pool. I use the showers to cool myself down. But it wouldn't be a bad idea to jump into the pool? And so i do. In the next lesson i have to present something in front of the class, but we end up that my teacher talks the whole time.

    As i walk past a mirror on the wardrobe, i examine my body. It's strangely deformed and my belly seems much bigger than in RL.