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    Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats, and Ischronic Tones

    by LikesToTrip on 04-10-2011 at 05:20 AM
    I decided I would post my Binaural Beats in a Dream Journal entry that way I can edit past the 24hour limit that threads have. This way I can add more without having them strewn across multiple posts. You can find the original thread with the original tracks here.

    It's generally accepted, and I agree, that Isochronics work better than Monaural work better than Binaural. However many find that Binaurals or Monaurals are easier to listen to than Isochronics. I have included all three so you can try them out and figure out what best suits you!


    Binaural Beats
    I decided to do things a little different than the original tracks I posted. I have split the clips into an intro clip and then 10minute clips designed to be looped. This way you can loop a particular frequency as long as you want. Whereas the others had 10minute intros that would need to be skipped if looping longer than the track length. I strongly recommend using the Intro clip, you can try without, but it is much easier to entrain your brain slowly rather than trying to jump right into it. You might not get the effects if you don't allow your brain to adjust slowly.

    Intro :: BinauralIntro.mp3
    15minutes total length. This track starts at 15hz and slowly descends to your desired frequency. There will be a beep at 10hz(a little after 6:00) and a beep at 5hz(around 12:30) and then it will finish at 3hz. If you wish to listen to the alpha track than you should stop at the first beep, theta the second beep, or delta listen to the whole track.

    Alpha :: AlphaLoop.mp3
    Oscillates between 11 and 9Hz. Great for meditation or relaxing during the middle of the day when you don't want to get too drowsy. My second favorite.

    Theta :: ThetaLoop.mp3
    Oscillates between 6 and 4hz. Great for deeper meditation, relaxing during the evening, or listening to before a WILD attempt. Most people prefer Theta, but for some reason it's my least favorite.

    Delta :: DeltaLoop.mp3
    Oscillates between 4 and 2hz. Great for extremely deep meditation, and great for putting you to sleep quickly. My favorite Binaural Beat. I listen to this every night before going to sleep. I normally get weird hypnagogic imagery during meditation. And if I'm listening to it to fall asleep I'll sometimes pass out before I get a chance to take my earbuds out.

    ThetaRain :: ThetaRain.mp3
    A 7hz beat with the sounds of rain and thunder. This track is really good for relaxing, either for meditation or for sleep.

    alphathetabeach :: alphathetabeach.mp3
    This is something new I'm trying out. There is a 9hz and a 6hz beat stacked on top of each other with sounds of the beach in the background. I really like this track, I feel it has more of an effect on me than any of the others. I'm definitely going to experiment more with stacking different frequencies.

    Monaural Beats
    Not quite as effective as Isochronics, but the are a little more pleasing to listen to. Delta is not included because the brain has difficulty entraining to Delta Monaurals.

    Intro :: MonoIntro.mp3
    10minutes in total length. This starts at 15hz and slowly descends to your desired frequency. There is a beep at 10hz(5:00) and it will finish at 5hz. If you wish to meditate to alpha stop at the first beep, or theta listen to the whole track. Same with the Binaurals, if you skip this track you might not get the full effects.

    Alpha :: MonoAlphaLoop.mp3
    Oscillates between 11 and 9hz for 10minutes.

    Theta :: MonoThetaLoop.mp3
    Oscillates between 6 and 4hz for 10minutes.

    Isochronic Tones
    By far my favorite method for Alpha/Theta entrainment. However like Monaural, Delta entrainment doesn't really work with Isochronics. Not to mention a slow beep is annoying to listen to.

    Intro :: IsoIntro.mp3
    10minutes in total length. This starts at 15hz and slowly descends to your desired frequency. There is a beep at 10hz(5:00) and it will finish at 5hz.

    Alpha :: IsoAlphaLoop.mp3
    Oscillates between 11 and 9hz for 10minutes.

    Theta :: IsoThetaLoop.mp3
    Oscillates between 6 and 4hz for 10minutes. This is my favorite way to listen to Theta beats; very relaxing.

    Gamma :: IsoGamma.mp3
    This starts at 13hz and slowly climbs to 40hz over 20minutes. This was an experiment to see if I liked Gamma entrainment and it turns out I do! I will probably make a Gamma intro and looping track in the near future.

    I'm looking for some good tracks that could be laid over these these binaural files to make them a little more pleasing to listen to. I've thought about using some classical music, but would prefer something a little more relaxing and meditative. If you know of any good tracks for this please share them with me!

    If you have any comments or suggestions please share them! I'm still working on some more, they will be posted as I finish them.

    Updated 05-13-2011 at 07:49 PM by LikesToTrip



    by LikesToTrip on 03-03-2011 at 07:07 PM
    I WILDed and found myself in some sort of hotel room. I could see a counter top with some lights above it and slid my hand along the edge as I walked past. Looking down at the ground I saw a couple odd globs of green and blue on the carpet. I decided to step on one and squished it. I could tell the dream wasn't very stable so I walked over to a wall and started rubbing my hands on it to try to increase the vividness and keep the dream going, but it collapsed around me anyway.
    I DEILDed out of my bed, but instead of crawling out of my body like I normally do. My butt floated out while the rest of me continued to lay in bed. I was able to move my butt and pull my face along the sheets. I slid myself off the bed and started spinning in circles to try to get a dream going. I started seeing my Dad's backyard, but it was extremely blurry so I continued spinning until BAM it was perfectly vivid as real as real life. I could see each individual blade of grass and I was really excited I was able to get the dream so vivid just by spinning. I put my face into the grass and smelled it and then grabbed up a handful and threw it into the wind and watched the blades float away. I remembered two of the things I wanted to do in a lucid dream, smoke a blunt, and eat a piece of fruit for the TOTM. I reached into my pocket and found a blunt. However it was poorly rolled and falling apart, so I sat down on the grass with my back to the wind and thought about trying to stop the wind, but decided it would be too difficult and it would probably just collapse the dream. I started rerolling the blunt licking and tasting the tobacco paper. But as I was doing this the dream collapsed and I found myself back in bed.
    I DEILD again this time also by spinning. I found my self about where I had left off, but I forgot about the blunt. I was thinking about my breathing for some reason, it felt like it was hard to breathe. So instead of only breathing out my nose I started breathing out my mouth as well, and it seemed to increase the vividness, so I was excited. As soon as I started walking around the dream started to become unstable again though. My visuals were almost gone so I ran to a tree and bear hugged it with my arms and legs. I started pulling the bark off with my hands and feeling each piece of bark get torn off the tree. I started slowly climbing the tree as I ripped off the bark. I guess I was kind of humping the tree so I started to get horny and thinking about how I would go about finding a girl, but then I remembered I still needed to eat a piece of fruit! I got off the tree and walked towards my Dad's back door. I noticed that the door was covered in spiders webs with multiple spiders on it. I couldn't decide if I wanted to grab it or find another way inside. I decided since it was just a dream I should just ignore them and open the door. But at that moment I felt something on my back and realized I wasn't wearing a shirt. I started trying to reach around and brush off whatever was on my back, and the dream collapsed in my over excitement.
    I DEILDed again and found my self standing in front of the back door, but the door was open and a girl I used to go to school with was walking inside. I thought it was weird that a girl was able to open a spider infested door when I wasn't, but ignored it and followed her inside. My Dad was there and he noticed I was going straight for the fridge. He started listing off all the different things he had for me to eat, but I told him all I wanted was a piece of fruit. He explained that they were kind of old and after I pulled one out for my self, he pulled out a couple and started cutting of brown spots to give one to the girl that was with me. I looked at the fruit and it looked like a deformed pear/apple combination. I took a bite and chewed it, it tasted like a combination between a pear and apple which I expected. My Dad started explaining that he needed to leave and as he was droning on and on that I should watch after the house while he was gone the dream collapsed again!
    I DEILDed and found myself back in the kitchen where I left off. I picked up the fruit that was wrapped in paper towel to soak up any juice that leaked out. I continued eating the fruit and the paper towel together, I was too lazy to move the paper out of the way, and it was an interesting texture. I noticed my Dad continuing to talk about things I might need to know while he was gone. He mentioned something about how the truck didn't have a license plate so I shouldn't drive it unless I had a really good reason too. This dream collapsed really quickly as he was explaining random things.
    I tried to DEILD again, but I just couldn't I guess I wasn't tired enough to sleep any more and just woke up.


    by LikesToTrip on 02-28-2011 at 05:48 AM
    I found myself laying on my bed looking at my phone downloading some random application. I was thinking about a girl from the dream right before this. I then walked into my bathroom and looked in the mirror and noticed my teeth were all crooked. Specifically my right incisor was pushed out and to the left. I thought this was weird, but then I also noticed some greyish plaque on that right incisor. I started scrapping it off with my fingernail when the tooth broke in half. I immediately started freaking out, looking in the mirror I could see the roots still in my gums dripping blood. I picked up the tooth and started thinking about how awful an experience was and that I must be dreaming because it was so bad. However, since I was freaking out so much I wasn't able to properly identify the dream. (This is the only time I have ever questioned reality in a dream and not immediately become lucid). I started yelling and freaking out not knowing what to do. I grabbed my tooth and walked out of my bathroom still screaming. I walked into the kitchen and collapsed to my knees and then looked out the window. I noticed that there was some guy working on his truck out in front of my house. I noticed that the front lawn didn't look like it should, I was confused but had already decided that it wasn't a dream so I knew that it was real. I looked down at the broken tooth in my hand and then back out the window. This time I was really convinced that it didn't look like it should. I stared down at the ground and thought how this HAS to be a dream and then forced my self awake.