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    ~Time travel Trip~

    by linh on 06-22-2014 at 10:10 PM
    22. June 2014

    These days I donít get enough sleep because I had to do some important stuff so I always went to bed very late (at least 1~2 am).
    Today it was the same case because of my prom but since current room doesnít have any roll shutters so i woke up really early. I'm always already at 9 am normally awake..

    My Lucid and Recall Techniques

    *Intensive MILD routine
    * after waking up going through all my dream signs so i can get the chance to really recall any dreams (fragments)

    ( I had several dreams this night but i could only recall two dreams fully and the rest were only fragments and also not very interesting)

    [U]First dream/U]
    I entered a building what supposed to be my high school but it doesnít look like it and then I said hey in those moments I must do my RC's because maybe i'm dreaming.. I looked after other things what was maybe isn't in a right place or after DC's who always appear but don't exist or i actually can't meet anymore. But somehow I didn't realize that I was dreaming although I was sure I did! In my dream i was in 'my' high school but i didn't have any classes because i'm actually finished with school but i'm still waiting to get my school report. So in the mean i goofed around with other together. Then some teachers came to the hall where i was and said we were too loud and just disturb the other students. After his warning i went to my classroom and goofed there instead haha suddenly someone came from behind and tickled me so hard that I almost fell to the ground... and that person was and still is of course one on my best friends who i saw just yesterday at my prom and i was so happy to see her 'the next day' again because i somehow remembered to ask her if she's gonna go to school today but since school ends very soon she said to me that she had better stuffs to do. Nonetheless i was glad that she came anyways. Together we went to the hall again to just jump around and dance to the music we listened to. With her everything was more funny than doing it all alone After doing it for a while she became hungry and we decided to go eating. At the restaurant we ordered so much food to eat and i didn't mention yet but my (self-)awareness was abnormally high in comparison to my usual awareness is dreams. The result of it was that i could enjoy my food with every bite and the dessert was the best: an apple pie only for me damn words can't describe how delicious that was! Luckily i could eat my heavenly meal up because not long after that i woke up. That dream sounds very short but for me it

    After waking up i thought damn i was so close to have a lucid dream again... Then before going to sleep again I was doing my MILD routine again

    Second dream
    Somehow i was on my way home from school haha like i just dreamt the other dream on. But i was on my bicycle and that was a normal thing for me although my school is far away from my home.. Nevertheless at that moment i thought about a song and then jared leto came to my mind and guess what happened afterwards haha jared leto appeared while riding on a pink bicycle. That was such a funny view because he was pink from head to toe as well. Then i didn't waste any time and began to talk with him while we both riding on our bikes. Oh it was so nice spending time with one of my favorite people. I didn't even need to become lucid to see him in my dreams After spending so much time together it was time to also say goodbye to each other. I wasn't really sad because we spend intensively time with each other ^.^ In my mind i thought about how i must doing sport to be fit so why not taking another ride with the bicycle? After riding a while around where it was so hilly i got tired and wanted to take a break. Down the hill i saw a small antique building and it awakened my interest so i decided to go inside. In that moment i thought about the book the accidental time machine and how much i hate it and that was the reason i guess for the thing i found inside that bungalow. Like the title indicates i found a time machine inside and then i got into another person and saw his own perspective and that someone i really dislike and used the time machine before me and got into trouble. My first thought was serves him right... LOL. but i thought whatever he did in the past it is my responsible to help him and i also wanted to try it out how it would feel to travel through time and it was not as i expected it to be because as i pressed the bottom of that machine i was immediately somewhere else and additionally
    that thing only went forward. After my first attempt i saw where his troubles lies and try to handle it in that time but without success. So i used that time machine again and the situation got only worse for him because in that time nobody knew him because of his attitude towards a person that person just erased his identity. And i just thought what a pity that you can't go backwards in time because would be much easier. All in all i used the time machine once again and we finally fixed it and he just began a new life and we actually became good friends. After my tome travel I went out to go home and but never reached it haha because there where so nice things like a beautiful lake on the side walk and much more interesting stuff to adore not to forget i had the chance to attend a medieval festival! It felt like the dream lasted for over a week because of my time travel


    First dream: First it was very uncomfortable an das I did my RCís in my dreams quite often nowadays but somehow without success this time :c But because it wasnít a nightmare I brain wasnít numb enough so i couldnít think. Thatís why with my consciousness I changed my surroundings freely and as I got to see one of my best friend my mood went up and i was so happy to see her again in such a short time. And then we went eating and since I was pretty self- aware of everything and thatíS why I had the chance to taste that good food with all my senses and our dessert made me the happiest girl on earth! Haha these days i was so into apple pies that i even dreamt of it.

    Second dream: Seeing Jared Leto it was an overjoyed feeling and I was incredibly happy that words just canít describe it. Haha I had him only for myself not like in concert where everyone around you are just screaming and singing along with him and it sounds so shitty...

    All in all my dreams made me speechless in a positive way and Iím still happy whenever I think about seeing my best friend and eating with her my favorite dessert and it was so vivid that i thought it was real. Btw must think about new RC's methods!
    false awakening , memorable