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    I am a college student who has been interested in peoples' dreams since I was very little. I find them as a great way to escape everyday life since you never know what is going to happen in your dreams, and they tend to be highly imaginative and full of adventure. Unfortunately as I started getting older, all my dreams began turning into nightmares, so I gave up trying to pay attention to dreams for a while because I was so afraid even to go to sleep because I knew I would have another nightmare. However, less than a year ago I had a breakthrough - I accidentally gained awareness during a nightmare one night and became lucid, in which case I attacked my attacker back. Since then, I haven't had any more nightmares and have now revitalized my interest in dreams. They are a safe and fun place for me to explore again. :)
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    Dreaming, Japanese, Sewing, Drawing, Zumba
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    Twincest and Religious Molestation 8-26-2011

    by Lionlite463 on 08-28-2011 at 04:21 AM
    Not sure if these were separate dreams or all one...

    I remember sharing a dorm room with Nick, a friend of mine. We each had a pair of bunk beds in a room much like the dorm room I was in this last summer. At one point I was alone in the room, and decided to crawl up on Nick's bed to watch TV easier. Somebody asked me why I was on his bed instead of mine... Time lapsed, then friends came knocking on my door looking for me. They told me to stop being lazy and come hang out with them, so I did. I think it was Sean and Frankie...

    Time lapse

    Next thing I know I'm dating my twin sister Frankie and my old friend Marty at the same time. Everybody acted like it was perfectly normal relationship, including myself. I hated being in a relationship with Marty because he was very boring and not good-looking at all. But Frankie and I were madly in-love, although at the same time I kept thinking "What the Fudge-monkeyzz?!!?". I don't know whether I was a guy or a girl still or what. It was messed up. At the same time, though, i didn't think it was odd. I just kept asking myself "Why in the world am I dating Marty?" I remember complaining to some friends about it later on, telling them how much I dread being around Marty (we have a very complicated friendship in real life...). I don't remember who these friends were that I was venting to, but I know I didn't recognize their auras from real life. (I honestly don't have any friends that I vent to like that in real life).

    Time Lapse

    Mom came to me and started telling me she wanted to go to the State Fair, that we she go to church right now and then go to the State Fair right afterwards. I hesitated for a moment, thinking that this was a very spontaneous thing for Mom to suggest and that if we went to the State Fair right away I would probably forget to bring something very important, but I agreed anyway. So Frankie, Mom and I headed to church (Frankie and I were just sisters again, thank the dear lord...).
    The church turned out to be on top of a very large building - not tall, but very long and wide - at a place I don't recognize. Giant digital screens were hoisted up on the sides of neighboring buildings, on which the sermon would be broadcasted on. I didn't recognize any of the people there, either. Anyway, Frankie and I were anxious to get the sermon over with so we could leave, so we knelt down (there were no chairs) very close to the screen hanging closest to us, thinking that would give us the best view, while Mom socialized with other people from the church. Two men approached Frankie and I and greeted us, both younger men, probably in their late-twenties. One of them, however, knelt down behind me and gave me a tight hug from behind, nestling his chin into my neck much the way Sean does in Real Life. It felt very comfortable, especially since I loved the way Sean did it, but the fact that it was the youth pastor that did this to me made me very uncomfortable. It was wrong.
    "Hello (Lionlite), we missed you," he told me very sweetly, right in my ear. I hated the tone in his voice, but I tried to smile and play along. He continued talking about how they've noticed I haven't been in church much lately and how I really need to make God the centerfold of my life and that I should come to some sort of events they had planned for the month. i felt very uncomfortable because he was still hugging me, and I tried to give him vague answers. Frankie was the only one who noticed my discomfort, and gave me an empathetic look.
    The youth pastor finally let me go and we both stood up. He casually asked me about my trip to Japan, and then finally walked off to talk to other people, thank the dear lord again.
    At that point Mom suddenly changed her mind about going to the State Fair, so she came up and told us we weren't going because going today would be too early. I agreed, although I was a bit disappointed that we couldn't go. "Maybe we could go next Saturday," I suggested, which was a week from the date in the dream, but technically tomorrow. Either way, it was the day i was supposed to leave for Japan. We all agreed that would be the best time to go.

    Why do I keep having dreams in which my gender is so questionable? This entire dream just made me feel sick to my stomach when I woke up...
    non-lucid , memorable

    Japanese Military Ghost 8-25-2011

    by Lionlite463 on 08-27-2011 at 12:38 AM
    Almost caught up to my present dreams.

    I know I had many dreams this night, but I could hardly remember any of them, and I woke up feeling rather unsettled after each one.
    Here is the only part of a dream which I can recall.

    I was crouched down in a bright room, on top of some bunk bed similar to that which I had in my previous dorm room. Then it turns out I was in some museum, and the bunk bed was now a hard, white ledge. Suddenly a ghost fazed up through the ledge with a moan, and I was so startled that I kicked out at it (my feet went right through it) and screamed, but the only way to get away from it was to go through it. I didn't though; we just stared at each other. I could only see its torso, but it was the bloodied ghost of a Japanese man in a military suit. He had no eyes, but his eye sockets were larger than normal, and black, empty space. It seemed he stared at me for a long time with his eyeless gaze, and I got the feeling he simply wanted me to know his anger and his pain, his torture.

    Some time later I was with my twin sister Frankie and Sean; Sean was sort of off to the side, not really listening while I told Frankie about what I had seen.
    "You kicked it good, straight in the eyeballs!" she said, so loud and clear that I nearly woke up. "Yeah, that one has a pathetic moan," she said as if she had worked in that place for a long time and knew of all the ghosts there. I think she felt sorry for this particular one.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Always Running from Something... 8-24-2011

    by Lionlite463 on 08-26-2011 at 11:48 PM
    Sean and I were walking up the main road of the trailer court, dressed in some sort of light armor and carrying small weapons. We were levels 6 and 7, but I don't remember who was which level (I have the feeling he was higher than I, as he is in most games we play together...). We were wandering around, nonchalantly searching for something to do, a new quest or something. We passed by two other people at the front of the trailer court who were also dressed in armor.
    "Hey, more newbies! Maybe we could travel together!" one of them said. I think they were levels 3 or 4.
    "No, Sean said quickly, and kept walking. We already had other high-level characters on other accounts, like in WOW, so we knew what we were doing and didn't want to be held back by new people... I think we were also enjoying our time being alone together, even though all we were doing was wandering around...
    The other two decided to follow us anyway, so Sean and I started sprinting down the street, trying to get away from them . We turned onto the bike path and slowed down a bit, thinking we lost them. Somehow Sean was suddenly on a bike, riding slowly while I walked beside him. We were just casually talking again, but when we looked back we saw the other two had also turned onto the bike path to follow us, both on their bikes. We picked up our pace a little bit, but I could only go so fast in armor.
    "We could go faster if I could get on your bike with you," I told Sean. He was stubborn though, and kept swerving his bike so I couldn't climb on. I don't think he really cared whether the other two caught up or not. "Come on, please?" I begged. "They're going to catch up to us!" He still wouldn't let me on. He pedaled yet faster so I had to jog to keep up. I started to sweat. I looked back, and the other two were still really far behind us. I kept bugging
    Sean to let me on his bike, so finally he did. He had a basket somehow on the back of his bike, really low to the ground, into which I put the backpack I suddenly had; then I stood on the basket and held onto his shoulders as he pedaled. He continued riding very slowly, though.
    "Why are you riding so slowly?" I asked him annoyedly.
    "Because there's too much weigh ton the bike," he replied matter-of-factly. I frowned at the back of his head, huffed, and got off.

    A little while later, the two behind us had disappeared, and then I had a bike of my own. Sean and I were slowly passing by a large blacked house that was hidden behind tall weeds and trees to our left. We could see through the foliage that there was a semi trailer parked next to the house, its open back facing us. There were a lot of men buzzing around te house and the trailer, many carrying heavy crates and boxes into the trailer and going back into the house, only to come back out with more heavy loads. There may have been people inside the crates... Sean and I wondered whether our missing friend was in one of those crates.
    We decided this was our next quest, to scope this house out and rescue anybody inside the crates. Sean jumped off his bike and let it slide into the weeds, then helped me hide my bike in the weeds nearer to the house. Then we snuck through the weeds and down the hill to get closer to the house. We were noticed by a few of the men almost immediately, and they began their pursuit of us. Instead of running away we ran closer to the house and to the right, away from the semi trailer. We tried to find an unlocked door, but the only ones that were unlocked were too dark to see inside. We chose to run into a dark room anyway; it was pitch black inside, and I almost immediately slammed into a tower of crates and boxes... I believe I was beginning to wake up at this point... the dream rewound a bit because I knew that crashing into the boxes would hurt too much, and I would not escape the men chasing us. So it rewound until we were back at the door and I was running in again - the light flashed on and suddenly it was bright as day in there. I avoided the crates and ran to the back wall where there was another closed door, with shovels and rakes propped up against the wall next to it. We ran back to try the door, but it was locked, so I grabbed the first weapon I could - a snow pusher...Sean and I had our backs to the wall as the men ran in after us. There were three of them - The skinny, young-looking Asian man in a grey hat ran towards me, in which case I shoved the snow pusher square at his chest. However, it was too soft, and I wasn't strong enough to do anything but pause his advance for a moment. He grabbed it by the handle, shoved it down, and lunged at me again. This time I kicked out at him, toe up, heel out, using the wall behind me to support myself and power my foot forward. That only sent him back a step, so I punched him in the face. Then I kicked again, and punched again, and kicked again... he tried to hit me once, put I slapped his arm away and punched again. Punch, kick, punch, kick... Everything was in slow motion. The man was a terrible fighter, I noticed. He hardly even tried. Next to me, Sean was halfway-wrestling a long-haired man who reminded me of Liam Nieson, and I couldn't see the third man but I heard him laugh. He sounded like my friend Cody.
    I was still stuck up against the wall, with the Asian man continuing his attempt to grab me while I punched and kicked him. We were at a standstill. I began to realize how odd this was, that these men were so slow. All I had to do was keep this up and he would not be able to get me, but I would not be able to get away either. I had to break the cycle and find a way out... I kicked my leg out again
    - and woke up with a start as my leg made contact with the mattress and caused my bed to shake. I was face-down in my pillow...

    I thought maybe if I don't move anymore and kept trying to imagine the dream scene again, the Asian man in front of me, his nifty hat, the long-haired man next to him... maybe I could fall back to sleep, maybe even have a lucid dream... But I could hardly picture the dream anymore. I knew it was already late morning and I was too awake from the jolt to fall back to sleep for a while. So I got up.

    I realize that I'm beginning to question the oddities in my dreams more often, but I have yet to have another lucid dream after the first accidental one.

    Updated 08-26-2011 at 11:50 PM by Lionlite463

    non-lucid , memorable

    The Luggage Furnace 8-23-2011

    by Lionlite463 on 08-26-2011 at 09:04 PM
    Sean and I were all packed for something and were travelling somewhere (probably a mixture of me helping Sean pack for college, and packing myself for Japan in RL). We each had two large suitcases (which I really do have for Japan...) and we were heading into this really rickety old train station/tunnel. The train was already waiting for us, and it turned out to be only a little rollercoaster-like car on an open track. The seats of each sections were wide enough to fit about three people, so Sean and I squeezed in the middle and put one suitcase each next to us, and one suitcase each under the seat in front of us. A girl with long blonde hair in a ponytail sat there. She greeted us, but I don't think she said much else. Somehow we found out (maybe the girl told us) that this train was headed for a furnace at the end of the line. People supposedly put their luggage and garbage on this train, some to be incinerated and some to be magically transported to wherever it needed to go. However, Sean and I didn't know how the magical process worked and we didn't want our stuff incinerated...The train began to move slowly, and I could see that it looped back and into a furnace not too far away... One seat moved into the incinerator at a time, and the train stopped each time. However, Sean and I couldn't get off the train yet, even though it would have been very easy to hop off at any moment as it was moving slow enough and there wasn't anything but dirt below; but we were waiting for something...
    Finally, the ride we were apparently waiting for showed up, in the form of the mother of one of Sean's wrestling buddies. We saw her drive her blueish SUV up right outside the tunnel and park, waiting for us. The blonde girl had disappeared by now as we sprang into action. Sean had to hop off and run outside to make sure it was okay with this lady that we put all of our stuff in her car, but by the time he got back there was a small baby-gate blocking the entrance to the train tunnel. He could have jumped over it easily, but it would have severely slowed our progress. Instead, I agreed to grab our luggage and toss it to him over the gate, where he would put it in the SUV. Our car was already nearing the furnace and I started to panic. I quickly grabbed a suitcase, ran over to the gate, and tossed it to Sean, but when I returned to our car the luggage had multiplied. I didn't take time to question it, I just knew I had to save it, so I grabbed as many random things from our car as I could and brought it to Sean. I kept going back and forth, and each time I returned there was more and more stuff on the seats, now mostly toys and junk from when i was a kid... it seemed to be taking forever for me to grab this all by myself, and I was becoming frustrated. Finally, as the furnace was getting very close and I could feel the heat now, i was nearing the end of our stash. The seat two ahead of us jerked into the furnace as I scrambled to grab the last large suitcase we had. I ran it to Sean, feeling relieved that I had gotten everything, but as I glanced back I noticed still one last suitcase, still under the seat in front of ours. I raced to grab it - it was heavy and nearly to big to fit under there - but I yanked it out just before that seat moved into the furnace... I dragged this last suitcase over to the gate, my arm hairs singed; On the other side of the gate Sean was in much less of a rush than I had been, so there were still suitcases piled on the ground on his side. I hopped over the gate and proceeded to help him pick it up. This is where Mom woke me up.
    non-lucid , memorable

    I'm a Braggart 8-22-2011

    by Lionlite463 on 08-26-2011 at 08:29 PM
    This dream was during a period of a few days that I didn't pay much attention to my dreams due to a little bit of real-world stress, so here is a fragment...

    I remember going mini-golfing by myself in a place where there were lots of other people already there, in groups, in couples, with their kids... I felt sort of out-of-place but perfectly fit-in at the same time. Anyway, I started talking to some other guy there a couple years younger than me, who had come there with friends but split up with them for some reason. We were in the middle of a casual conversation when my friend Adam (my usual DM in RL) came up to me to tell me about a new DnD mission he had for me in the DnD world, a different dimension, but that i had to keep it under wraps. He left really quickly. Apparently I didn't keep this new mission thing serious, because I started bragging to this other guy about how I play DnD and about how much I loved it. I knew I shouldn't be bragging, but I couldn't stop my dream self from doing so...This other guy told me that he played DnD, too, but not as long as I had, so we had a conversation about DnD.... I think later on we both had to work on the mission together, and the other guy ended up being smarter and stronger than me. I don't remember any of what the mission was, but I distinctly remember waking up feeling incredibly ashamed that I had opened up my big mouth in the first place.

    This dream made me wish I could go back to the days where I was quiet, too shy to talk to anyone. Everybody assumed I was smart because I did my homework and got all A's, but I never had to say something and have it proved wrong... Whereas now I'm a little more open, but don't know how to say what I really mean a lot of the time, so I end up sounding like an ass or trying to make myself look a little better than I really am, and turn out to be an idiot. I habitually open my mouth even when I shouldn't.
    non-lucid , dream fragment