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    Recent Entries

    Time Warp Syndrome (Lucid)

    by LolaTheLoner on 10-01-2017 at 05:22 PM
    Time Warp Syndrome (DILD)


    Notes: Took some galantamine before bed, but I didn't sleep well because I was somewhat dehydrated and had a headache as a result. Still, my dreams were fairly cohesive.

    I'm camping out in a large, extravagent log cabin with a guy I'm friends with and an eccentric old man who owns the place. One of the rooms is furnished with equipment that either belongs in a torture chamber or a sex dungeon (or both). O_O

    At nightfall, I become suspicious that someone is going to try to break in through one of the screen doors that lead into the deck at the side of the cabin. I walk through the dimly lit cabin, past where my guy friend has already decided to lay down for the night, and
    suddenly become lucid when I open the inner door that leads out to the deck. I decide I need to float across the deck rather than walk so that whoever is going to break in doesn't hear my footsteps. I float over to the outer door and lock it. I realize how much I've missed floating like this in dreams! It's sort of a casual thing, floating with my feet just barely off the floor (kind of like how Marceline from Adventure Time floats). I wish I could move like this in real life. It's so much easier than walking.

    Trying to decide what to do, I'm about to head back into the cabin when I'm suddenly pursued by a man dressed in futuristic attire. I fly outside above the cabin to escape his reach, but he can fly as well! We have an epic swordfight in the air until the eccentric old man from before steps outside and sends the man back where he came from. The man tells me that we must now "timestamp" everything we do--- something about the time-space continuum being broken, so we now have to be constantly vigilant about "when" we are because things can start happening out of order.

    9/30/17 - My Dreams are Ready for Halloween

    by LolaTheLoner on 09-30-2017 at 07:01 PM
    A Hairy Situation (Non-lucid)


    I'm in a strange school where some of us are werewolves, though this fact is hidden from the non-werewolf students. One of my male classmates has gone through the Change for the first time, which is never fun. We have him locked in the Isolation Chamber for the time being. He should become rational enough to have a conversation with on the 2nd night of the Full Moon. For now, I go to check on him. He is a large biped type werewolf with dark fur. Completely feral, he smashes himself violently against the walls and doors in an attempt to escape. I'm thankful that the Chamber is reinforced so that he cannot get out and hurt someone. I'm also glad that I'm past being unable to control myself in wolf form...

    I end up visiting another school where things are run a bit differently. I don't believe the werewolves are as commonplace here. There is one girl who I can tell is a werewolf, and I know that she suspects me of being one as well. I take great amusement in watching her "secretly" investigate me (she is quite obvious about it). She does not want me there. She doesn't like me at all, but I find myself quite smitten with her.

    Mirroring Innocence (Non-lucid)


    I'm in a classroom with my coworkers when we are harassed by a little ghost boy who is an envoy of a much greater, invisible, malignant spirit. He chases us all through the school, and the spirit follows with its mighty wrath. I remember at one point I'm holding the door closed with my body, and the spirit slams it open with a blast of energy, knocking me clear across the room.

    9/29/17 - Swamp Witch

    by LolaTheLoner on 09-30-2017 at 06:58 PM
    Swamp Witch (Non-lucid)


    I've retrieved a mushroom-shaped piece of wood from the forgotten portion of my dream directly before this. It must go at the center of the Sleeping Pond. The pond is shallow right now; shallow enough to touch the bottom with my hands even at the deepest part. I sense it is not a good idea to touch the water for too long, however.

    I use a log to cross to the center of the pond, where I place the wooden mushroom and then quickly walk back to shore. I'm left feeling accomplished yet drained of energy.

    There is a witch/swamp creature here who tries to lure people into the pond to sleep before doing who knows what with them. She is disguised as a beautiful lady. I'm trying to warn people about her, but she convinces everyone that I'm wrong. Either way, I do enjoy talking to her...

    My little sister
    (who does not exist in waking life) walks out onto the log and lays down on it. The Swamp Witch walks on the water toward her. The pond is much deeper now, with large neon-green tentacles writhing up out of the water. The log my sister is on flips over, dumping her into the murky depths. I talk the witch into helping me fish her back out.

    Return from the Dead

    by LolaTheLoner on 09-25-2017 at 02:17 AM
    I really want to get back into actively practicing lucid dreaming. I miss being on here and discussing dreams with you people! What follows are a few of the most interesting dreams I've had lately.

    Lonliness (Non-lucid)


    Something has occurred that causes Cheyenne and Jake to forget about me. It's something like a spell or an alternate timeline where we never met and became friends. All I really recall is a rainy night, incomprehensible lonliness, and finally speaking to Cheyenne again even though she does not remember me.

    Foolishness (DILD)


    Note: This was basically expected. I took one 4mg tablet of Galantamine before bed and another during WBTB at 3 am. That is always a recipe for intense sleep paralysis, which was my goal. I'm trying to use it as a gateway for astral projection, or at least a good lucid.

    I'm lucid, walking down the street where I grew up at night. Still affected by my previous dream, I summon Cheyenne to keep me company. I call out her name--- my usual method of summoning. A voice calls back from the darkness, but it's distorted and wrong. "YOU'RE not Cheyenne," I accuse the voice.

    "Yes I am." The voice is normal now. Cheyenne approaches me from a dark path out of the trees by the edge of the road. Foolishly, I assume the original distortion must have been an effect of the sound bouncing off the almost tunnel like grove of trees. I am too desperate for companionship after my previous dream to question it further. I figure, this is a dream, so it's not REALLY her anyway.

    Cheyenne walks with me back to my childhood home, where I lay down on a hammock around the side of the house. I am laying with my back to her, but it seems for a moment as though she has disappeared, much to my disappointment. If only that were the case...

    Because suddenly I hear a demonic voice shriek from behind me, "FOOLED YOU!!!!" as a creature latches onto my back, cackling madly, its arm coming around to dig its long claws painfully into my chest. It falls with me into the dark void of sleep paralysis, mocking me with its shrill, shrieking laughter all the while.

    My first thought is that I definitely had this coming to me. Despite my fear and pain, I remember telling myself NOT to try to wake up if I have SP tonight. I hold out for as long as I can, but eventually I give in to the fear and force myself awake.

    Final Destination (Non-lucid)


    The early part of the dream is a bit vague. I'm helping someone with computer stuff. There's also a girl I like with pretty blonde hair.

    It's as I'm leaving this place that things start to go downhill. My boss has gotten himself mixed up in some Deep Web murder club with an invamous serial killer/hacker named "Sabine." He's going to one of their meetings right now (apparently they meet in a physical place?) and I make the mistake of walking with him to his truck, which is parked outside the convention hall. He asks if I want to come with him and I almost do, but change my mind.

    Unfortunately, during this brief span of time, I've drawn the interest of Sabine. I have the option to join or die, and I refuse to do either. But Sabine is seemingly everywhere, with eyes in all forms of technology. I have no idea how to stay constantly vigilant agains a club of murderers who are determined to stalk and kill me. There is also a paranormal aspect to what is happening, but I fear the Murder Club humans much more.

    There is a person I'm trying to protect who is also being targeted. I think it's the pretty blonde girl from before. I remember holding her hand, and we might have kissed. Can't really remember this part too clearly. She is involved with the paranormal part of this--- she is a Star who has fallen to earth and needs to find her way home. She is missing a lot of her memory, though. In turn, I have "memories" of these events happening before, in alternate timelines.

    I have a conversation with who I think is one of the murderers about what's going on as he mocks me and prepares to kill me. I realize that he's not actually one of the human members of the club; instead, he is a Reaper. I laugh at him, saying I'm not afraid to die at the hands of a Reaper and that he can just go ahead and kill me. He swings his scythe at me mut it hits an invisible barrier. I laugh again. "Looks like you can't do it." I know I am protected against the likes of him, because I know how to use my spiritual energy to defend myself. He wonders out loud what could have caused this. To throw him off his game, I say something about "the Frenchman," apparently referring to the fallen angel Asher.
    (Asher was a character of mine back in high school. An annoying French angel. In the dream, however, we knew each other from one of the alternate timelines.)

    I end up in a bar with my Star friend. Asher bursts in the door, but he looks different than how I remember him. His famous blonde hair is dyed black. He also does not yet remember me from the other timelines, but I know that he will.

    I'm now with Asher outside my current residence. Evil vines come from the woods and try to strangle him, but I set them on fire. They scream like banshees as they burn.
    lucid , non-lucid , nightmare , memorable

    The End Cave

    by LolaTheLoner on 06-02-2015 at 04:21 PM
    I didn't meant to be gone for so long, but life hit me really hard toward the end of last summer and I was therefore already behind when school had started back up. I think things are finally at a point now where I can focus on dreaming again.

    The End Cave (Non-lucid)


    I'm in an incredibly large cave, though it does not look like one, camping with my mom, brother, and Cheyenne. There is a wide, rushing river cutting through the middle, with a forest on the side opposite from us. Near the forest is another family of campers. There is something terribly, terribly wrong with this cave.

    Cheyenne wakes up frantic in the middle of the night from a bad dream. In the dream, she saw Jesus standing on the other side of the river. He had no eyeballs and he was drowning little children in the river, one by one, like some perverse baptism.

    I decide that we need to leave this cave immediately. There is a terrible, heavy feeling in the air, practically suffocating in its intensity. We should not be here. We all run back outside through the small entrance. It feels so good to breathe outside air again! Outside, everything feels normal and calm once more. Unfortunately we've left all our belongings inside and my mom insists that we go back to get them.

    The sickening feeling returns at once upon our entrance. I feel physically ill, with an almost unbearable dread of some great unknown. I'm having to support Cheyenne to keep her from falling; she's barely conscious and not responsive. Just as we gather our things, a great howling comes to us from the other side of the river. A pack of coyotes emerge from the forest, though they appear as large as wolves.

    Half the pack surrounds the family on the other side of the river, the other half crosses over to us. We run, and despite my assurance that coyotes don't harm people, they begin to attack. I am bitten numerous times as I fight them back from the entrance while the others do everything they can to block it off. The entire time we can hear the other family's screams of agony as they are eaten alive by the pack.