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      Heh, your occupation ( in About Me ) can be funnily misinterpreted
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      My skype: pieceofreality
    3. Everyone had a spark in them. It is given at birth. Only problem is that people lose that spark. It can be because you lost your dream, bullying or just because luck was not in your hand. Remember though, there is always a match to spark you up again. Happiness.
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    This is harder than I thought. I'm supposed to write a few details about myself, but what can I write without twisting the truth? Without making me look like some kind of savior. I believe it is nearly impossible To truly talk about yourself because it can be emotionally hard to decipher which YOU you're referring too: Whether it's the true YOU, Or the YOU you think you are and want to be.
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    Hello everyone. Welcome to my world we call earth. Enjoy your stay


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    lonely death

    by lonewolf101 on 01-23-2013 at 03:43 PM
    I'm walking. I'm not sure if it's me or someone else but I am in 1st person poing of view, and i'm walking down this road. It's daytime. I go inside this house through the front door. I can hear to people talking. I think this lady was a neighbor around my neighborhood, and for some reason I wanted to talk to her. She might also just be a stranger. I go inside someones house and I see her talking to someone outside. The woman inside is about 30- 40 years old. I can't see the person she's talking to outside, but I know it's a male by his voice. after a few short moments, she turns around and i'm right in her sights. I quickly try to think of something. I forgot why I came (i forgot in the dream why I came in the house) so I just started babbling things, and I swear it looked like she didn't hear a thing I said. My 1st thought was that she was deaf and blind. From my thought in the dream, I can assume that she wasn't my neighbor, or atleast that I wasn't acquainted with her. I try talking to her again, but she still couldn't hear me. I realized something. When I 1st came in there, she was talking to a man, so she can't be deaf atleast. I'm sure she isn't blind either. I also try to to move tings around but she doesnt even notice. I figured out that she can't see me. One of the worst feeling caught tover me. the feeling of loneliness. No, not even that. the feeling of non existence. I think I figured that I died. I felt so claustrophobic in that room. I sped out the house through the front door. While I was out, I was thinking if it was even possible to assume that I died. I don't remember dying. That being said I don't remember where I was before while ago. I walk down the road a little more. ~my alarm in real rings and I wake up in my bed~.

    Microwave time travel

    by lonewolf101 on 12-16-2012 at 03:04 PM
    The main people in this dream is me and franklyn (my brother). we have acquired this machine that allows time travel. It's like a microwave, but like big enough to fit a person. the buttons and everything are pretty much just like a microwave. Franklyn, pretty much knows everything about how this time traveling machine works. One of the things he told was to always put the buttons for 30 seconds. thats like the ideal amount. One day, we are planning on going to the past. We get dressed appropriately. As in we know that the past we're going to is gonna kind of chilly, so we wear warm clothes and a sweater. Franklyn time travels first. I guess you can only do it 1 at a time. He does it for 30 seconds and then go in. After a while he's gone. I realized something after he left. I dont know what i'm doing. he said to put it on for 30 seconds, but surely theres more to do than that. I contemplate if i should just stay here and wait for him or if i should just go. i decide to go. I do the 30 seconds thing and somehow i successfully made it to the past. I know because I see Franklyn there. Maybe set it up to automatically take us to this time.


    by lonewolf101 on 12-08-2012 at 03:32 PM
    This is during the end of the dream. My name in there was "GG". They were my initial for my dream name. Anyways, I'm in this room with christina i think. We're worrying about this girl (who's about my age btw). Theres this other girl who is after us because we wont her have the girl my age. So christina and i are talking about her ability. It's the piwer to fit inside any form of space. It can be a box, a drawer, any form of space. This was a really serious matter because the evil girl was really out to get me. She has this grudge against me for taking the girl my age away from her. While me and christina are talking, my phone rings. It's the girl around my age. The 1st thing she says is "when you get home, we're gonna have mad sex...." (she said alot more specifying that one topic) i started to chuckle a little and told christina to listen to what she's saying. Christina actually says something to her. I take my phone from christina and then i try to make an excuse. No need though, she made one for me. She gigles a littlesaid "that must be your mom, right?" I just went along with it even though i know it was christina. The dream ends from fades away.

    Something freaky happened though. I woke up (in real life) to my phone ringing. I wasnt going to answer it but decided last second to answer it. It stopped ringing the moment i got my hands on it. I checked and saw who called me. It was my mom. O_O. I didnt realize the connection until i started writing this dream.

    Cars: Bad Timing

    by lonewolf101 on 11-24-2012 at 03:05 PM
    Me and Franklyn parked this car at this house which is like or 10 minutes away from this shopping center we want to go to, to pick something up. The sun is still up but it is almost sunset. We are at the store, and franklyn goes to one of the staff there. He hands franklyn something (something that i can remember for jack shit) and then we head out. By the time were outside and walking again, it is dusk. we can barely see in front of us. We get to the car, and drive back to the house which is like 5 minutes away if you drive. everything is good until we realize the breaks isn't working, we crash a few times into things like the curb and what not. I remember when we were reaching the cul de sac, i jumped out of the car and stopped the car myself because i didnt want it to crash into a house or something. i tied a cloth to it and used it as something to pull the car with. It actually worked. after a while i told franklyn to pull the car while i go and try to fix the problem. I go back in the car and try to start the ignition, but it keeps making this "ke ke ke ke ke" sound. i think the battery's dead. Mom is back from work and sees us. she screams at us saying that she wants us to take the car back home. which we cant because it wont break. I go to a neighbor's house. his garage is open and i can see him through a door. I ask him if he can jump start the car. she ignores me, then shuts the door. I reply in saying " fucking ass hole". I half expected him to come out through the front door while i was walking away, and he did. he came out with a assault Rifle. He started saying things like how they were made of diamonds and stuff. then he says he's missing some pieces. This random neighbor comes and says that he stole some of the pieces to that gun. they quarrel for a while. the dream fades away.

    Queen Of All Fish

    by lonewolf101 on 11-24-2012 at 02:50 PM
    Same as always, Bold is when the actual adventure start.

    It's Me, my mom, and my twin brother outside. It is night time ( around 8) and weither just going for a walk, or we're going over someones house. Franklyn goes this one way to get there, while me and mom takes another way. there is barely any street lamps, and mostly we're just in darkness. We make it to this cul de sac and is apparently the destination. Franklyn isn't here though. I get a little annoyed because he claims that the way he went through was shorter. I call his name, nothing. I call his name again, this time i hear a reply. It kind of sounds like franklyn but kind of doesnt. i call his name again, and this time it sounds like franklyn. I ask him where he is and stuff and i get no reply. Now i think that he might be hurt or in danger. Around that time franklyn Screams "Frank, Im right here" and his voice was really close, like a good 6 meters away.

    I look around and I see him. He is not alone. He is with this girl who looks younger than us. like 4 years younger. In my dream, I assumed she was 12. Well when me and mom walks over to him, he claims that she is the quueen of the water. In other words, queen of all Fish (as told by her). She is coming home with us. I don't know how mom agreed to this but she is. We are home, and grandma is there. The queen (lets just call her that since we do not know her name yet) says she wants meat. Thats like the 1st thing she says when she comes in. We gave her this beef that my grandma made. I don't know if she ate. Now were all settle down and used to the queen girl, who is always with franklyn i think. I remember one day she comes up to me what wish franklyn would like to be granted. I Tell him he wants to be in the NBA. Then she asks me. I am about to tell her, but then pause. I wonder if i should really be telling her or not. I tell her anyways, " I wish to have an adventure". I don't remember much after that.