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    1. Oh what's up? Yeah Heavy Rain was great. I even made that origami figure as a decoration for my room. It's never too late to use it for your avatar
    2. I miss you so much! Btw I see the avatar and I love heavy rain. Wish I would have thought to use that. :3
    3. I'm good. A little busy myself with school. I hope to get my AA in Web Development in the Spring, then either transfer to state or work.
    4. I'm pretty good. I have been really busy! How about yourself?
    5. Heyyyy how are you?
    6. Hi Louie :3
    7. Hey maybe I should.

      You know, they say I teach them... but sometimes I think they teach me

    8. You should be a teacher.
    9. There are deffinitely pros and cons to both.
    10. Well I'm technically still the director, and am kind of glad all this happened. The registration was just really complicated and unnecessary IMO. Now it's if you want to learn, just walk on in and have a seat.
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