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    1. Ah yeah, I hope to make money as well. Maybe not $100 a day, but something. I was going to try to do that with my confession board website but my adsense was disabled due to some inappropriate content. But it's still fun to run it so whatever, and I can still use adsense on another website if I want to. But I need a new idea. I think if you wanted to make real money, I would provide some kind of service like downloading videos from Youtube, something that people will want to use.

      I use to practice some HTML/Javascript when I was a kid, but I never actually thought I would make a career out of it. I stopped practicing when I got in high school which I regret. I can't remember if I told you or not, but one day I was looking at the classes I could enroll in for college and I saw "Intro to Web Development" so I thought I would try it, and the rest is history.
    2. Well at first it was more of a hobby. Really though, it is just so much fun. I enjoy learning as much as I can. And since my job (I work at a fast food place) isn't mentally demanding I can cram a lot in. I would love to be able to create my websites I have in my mind and make a profit off of them. I do think I have some ideas that could make it pretty big. I mean really, if I could make $100 a day I could quit my job and just do web dev full time.

      I always told myself I wouldn't be a nerdy programmer/web designer, but it looks like my life is heading that way. It's quite a lot of fun so why not do it for a living.

      For me I like creating my own stuff. Of course there isn't anything wrong with using a script someone else wrote, if you can do it, why duplicate the work? I enjoy creating my own code, that's just how I am. And for my site it makes more sense to learn the gist of it and build it myself.
    3. I try to learn every single day too. Don't waste your weekends: youtube.com/watch?v=KK1_v1WDW48

      Anyway, I'd say I'm pretty knowledgeable in HTML and CSS. Maybe not quite up to date on the newest standards with HTML5 and CSS3, but I still try to code for it on my new sites. I've never really learned Javascript yet. I don't use it that much and when I do, I usually find a script that does the job for me, but I still plan on learning it.

      I only know a little big of PHP/MySQL. I can create a database, or I can create a very simple admin panel or contact form, etc. I don't know how to do anything crazy like eCommerce. I recently tried learning something different like Python, but I felt like I shouldn't bother. I would rather learn a language that was meant for web development. If I ever master PHP, then maybe.

      Would I be correct in assuming that you are serious about getting into web development? Or do you just do this as a hobby?
    4. Well it's sort of a secret but let me tell you it's quite a big project. I came up with the idea at the end of last year. Around that time I just had a basic understanding of xhtml and CSS. This year I've really buckled down and now I have a fairly ok understanding of HTMl5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP/mysql. I try to work on learning web dev every day and so far it's working out for me. Do you know any frameworks or languages??
    5. Copying me? Why would anyone copy me? lol
      Yeah anyway I recently decided to give the site a make over. It just looked too... boring. So I decided to use the background picture and added some cool CSS3 features.

      What are you working on, if you don't mind me asking?
    6. Ha it looks 1000 times better than the last time I saw it. Once I get my project finished I'll have to give it to you so you can take a look. It seems like I can't stop copying you.
    7. Well it's still a work in progress.
      But here: louieswebsite.com
      (I couldn't post a link)

      There's still a lot for me to learn.
    8. Ha it's ok. I'm mostly just working and trying to learn web development. Can you link me to your portfolio site? I forgot what the url was.
    9. Oh hey Zebrah.

      Everything with school and such has slowed down for me, so I recently decided to start putting my name out there so I can start freelancing. It has been tough the past couple of weeks to find a client but someone finally contacted me the other day for a site. He said if everything goes well, then he can refer me to some more clients.

      Anyway enough about me, how's the whole admin thing going?
    10. Nice class in your usertitle. How's the web design coming?
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