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    Had my first Lucid Dream Winter of 2010 and have been hooked ever since.
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    Seattle, WA
    Sensory deprivation, writing, self discovery
    Float Guru at float | seattle
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    Searched for others with the same passion as myself.


    Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake


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    False Awakening, Sleep Paralysis, and Death

    by LUC1D on 09-21-2014 at 07:25 AM
    This was one of the most powerfully frightening and sleep episodes to date.

    I'm floating in a sensory deprivation tank. I chose to do an hour and a half session since it had been a long day. This experience happened in the later half of the float.

    I'm listening to music. It's sort of a slow, funky R&B beat with a man singing directly to me. He has a wonderful, deep voice that sent me deeper into my comfort zone. I realize quickly that this isn't the wake up music for my session, it is all in my head. I smile, or at least I think I do, and continue listening for a whole, beautiful minute. It's amazing what your mind can create in sensory deprivation.

    The music fades and a twitch brings me back to present. "That was wonderful," I thought. "That's more than enough to write about."

    Reflecting back on all this, I now know I experienced a false awakening, and a very convincing one at that. So, in my false awakening:

    I'm going to flip onto my stomach for the last 30 seconds of my float (sometimes when I know I'm about to get out of the tank, I lay face down for as long as I can hold my breath. It feels good on my back). My extremities feel numb, but I manage to flip over. I soon realize I'm paralyzed. I have no control over my legs or arms and worst of all, my face is under water. I begin to panic. A hot rush of survival fear rushes me through my situation. My mouth is muffled by water and my arms can't find their way to bang on the wall for help. I'm going to die. I hold my breath as long as I can until I realize there is no use fighting it anymore. I have to inhale. I choose not to have my life flash before my eyes, since I knew inhaling the super saturated salt water would burn out any sentiment I could gather, so I just decided to go for it. A moment of courage. With all my strength, I take a mighty breath. Farewell.

    Woosh. I'm back in my real body, frantically trying to catch my breath and calm my nerves. I knew exactly what had happened, having experienced false awakenings and sleep paralysis before. Never have both happened simultaneously. I was rattled, I still am.

    I accepted death. Rather than inhaling the salt water, I took the most refreshing gasp I've ever tasted. It was beautifully humbling experience.

    Lucid on Lucidimine

    by LUC1D on 08-13-2014 at 02:17 AM
    I've been on a bit of a lucid dry spell lately, so I decided to invest in a bottle of Lucidimine to see if it would have any affect on my dreams. Last night was the second night I took one capsule before bed, and I had success!

    So, Lucidimine is a nootropic that contains two ingredients that I have read are both huge in aiding with having vivid dreams: Galantamine and Choline. Not to say a newbie to lucid dreaming could pop a pill and become aware, but this kind of thing works best with a lucid practice that you already have in place for yourself.

    So... I met a girl. A girl with beauty that fully captured my attention. She was wearing summer clothes sitting in a knee-hugging position looking off into the distance. She looked at me with a warm smile and I locked eyes with her; a deep army green with shimmers of matte silver speckled in seamlessly. She gave me a laugh as if she has known me for along time, as I must have been looking at her with wide, awestruck eyes. I was content just looking at her, simply admiring her tranquil yet sharp beauty. Her ear lobes were abnormally large and circular with no earrings or holes.

    The most striking physical aspect of her was a blue hole in her neck located where her jugular would cross through. It was a blue hole that I interpreted to be as some sort of breathing gill apparatus. I then asked her to describe herself to me, and what she said caught me off guard... She said "I have fourin-parents," as if her means of coming into existence was not the traditional mother-father way.

    What the hell are "in-parents?" I still haven't decoded that part of it all, but I do believe I have found one of my spiritual guides.

    Decker Hotel

    by LUC1D on 04-17-2011 at 08:34 PM
    The dream started off with me, not lucid, in my college cafeteria causing trouble after hours. The staff was mopping the floor and I was running around trying to scuff the floor with my shoes for some reason. They weren't happy with me, and I then thought to myself, what could they do anyways? I'm dreaming!

    And WOOSH--> lucid.

    I had a small rush of clarity, as I call it, and my surrounding started to dissipate around me. I arrived at a glass door to a hotel and went in and started to walk down the halls. Nobody was there, so I decided to try and summon this Miss Connecticut, who I met earlier that night at a party and played beer pong with. I invisioned her in my head, and then saw a girl coming down the stairs. I saw her feet first, legs, hips, torso, (everything to this point looked like this girl), and then her head- brunette, not blonde. She wasn't the girl I envisioned. I went up to her anyways and said hello. Actually talking took some serious effort and sounded a bit strange. But I managed to get it out and she replied hello back. I really wish I kept talking to her, perhaps ask if she was my dream guide.. but nope, just those two words were spoken between the two of us. It was one of the more boring lucid dreams I've had, but a lucid dream is always a good experience for me, no matter what goes down.

    Finally got into double digits in the LD category. 10!

    How I could teleport

    by LUC1D on 04-16-2011 at 03:40 AM
    I had my first lucid dream in a while last night, and I was having some difficulty getting to where I wanted to go in the world. I tried closing my eyes and spinning, but that didn't seem to help me whatsoever. I tried something I've personally never heard of before, I'm sure its not just unique to me, but I went on a computer and looked up pictures (kind of like Google images). I kept scrolling through the pictures until I found one I liked. Then I just soaked myself into the picture, kind of like it was a portal to a new world, and it worked!

    I did it several times and ended up in multiple scenarios with people I didn't know and places I've never heard of. It was one of the more exciting lucid experiences I've ever had.
    lucid , memorable


    by LUC1D on 04-08-2011 at 07:29 PM
    I was at a spaghetti dinner with some kids I used to go to school with, (Maddie, kendra, alison, manuel, and others I can't remember). I remember my face was extremely messy and my napkin was covered with sauce to the point there weren't any white spots left to be found. I was eating like a slob, but couldn't help it, burping, grunting, slobbering ect. There was an arm wrestling competition going on in the tables that were near me. I felt good, strong, and willing to arm wrestle, but I didn't end up doing it in the end. I remember rylan and alison were sitting at my table, but moved for some reason. Kendra was wearing this green, strapless, uncomfortable looking dress and had a little bit of a nipple slip, but I was the only one that noticed. Somebody had a cup of coffee or tea, and set it down on a very wobbly table and I didn't want it to spill. I was talking about lacrosse with manuel down a long corridor.