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      Hey! Saw you stopped by the irc for a bit last night, just wanted to let you know it's great to see you around again ( ^_^)
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      Doing great! Missed you, it's good to see nice people like you return and be one of us again. I hope you stay for a while. Come and see us in a chat. Button is broken, but look for spellbee's post in Chat.
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      welcome back!
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      Love your signatures, very cool d(^_^)b
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      What's your name on goodreads? I just made an account on it, seems like a good thing to have.
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      "I currently have... 27 books on my "to read" list (summer vacation means reading!), so maybe I'll add it to it and try it again now that I'm older and wiser... well, older"

      What books do you have on the list? I'm currently out of stuff to read, I mostly do sci-fi, read the Harry Potter series though.
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      *Quote* I've started the first book back in 2008/2009, but, for whatever reason, I didn't get into it and never finished it... I don't remember reading anything about that elevator, but I knew a guy who was a huge fan of the books, so he might have mentioned it years ago and it stuck with me? *Quote*

      Could be that, you just had the idea floating around your subconscious and it got used by your dream.
      I love the series so that's why I picked up on it =) You should really try finishing it.
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      ermagedermagedermagedermagedermagedermagedermagede rmagedermagedermagedermagedermagedermagedermageder magedermagedermagedermagedermagedermagedermagederm agedermagedermagedermagedermagedermagedermagederma gedermagedermagedermagedermagedermagedermagedermag edermagedermagedermagedermagedermagedermagedermage dermagedermagedermagedermagedermagedermagedermaged ermagedermagedermagedermaged Harry Potter.
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      *Quote* There's only been one cool elevator dream that I can recall... after the end of the world, people had made a huge building, and I mean HUGE. Each floor was a town. The elevator could go up-down-left-right, and it was used to move from one town to another. I'm totally adding that to a story of mine in the future. *Quote*

      Since I have nothing to add to the topic, I thought it would be better to post it here. Did you ever read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? Since in one of the books they had elevators that could see into the future and could move in all directions.
      Also they predicted that the end of the world was coming.
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      Nothing wrong with that, I like your signatures a lot, so I'm not complaining
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    Hey, everyone! I'm Lucas and I'm 27. I've decided to try lucid dreaming... and I'll let you know how it goes! Feel free to talk to me, I'm a bit weird, but I can be nice every now and then.

    Sweet dreams! ;)
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    Hurricane At The Sea (1850) and Shipwreck (1854) by Ivan Aivazovsky

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    by LucasPotter on 09-28-2017 at 12:44 PM
    Sadly, I don't have much time to write this, so:

    I dreamt about a girl from work who I hooked up with a few months ago. She sent me some messages yesterday, obviously interested again. I'm not. So, in my dream, she was trying to kiss me and I kept trying to keep my distance. It wasn't easy.

    My other dream was about my boss. She's very sad because of something that happened, so, in the dream, I was trying to hug her. She was too upset, though, and she kept telling me to stay away. She's usually very sweet, so her being rude was very weird.

    That's all.


    by LucasPotter on 09-27-2017 at 03:18 PM
    Quite the long dream!

    So, at first, there was some sort of bombing or tsunami or whatever (probably because Iím reading a book with a plot like that). I was with some friends and I knew right away that we should gather as many supplies as possible.

    I convinced my friends that we should go to the supermarket and they started buying things. There were two girls with us that I work with, theyíre very fake and selfish, so I knew Iíd have to lose them somehow.

    When the time came to get into the car, I left one of them in the supermarket, but the other one followed me. So I simply stared at her and shouted ďYOU ARE NOT GOING WITH USĒ.

    Then I got in the car, which didnít exist, I was literally sitting on the floor and gliding around.

    I got to my friendís house and it finally dawned on me that I hadnít called my parents. I called my mother and, from the sound of it, she was part of a guerrilla to survive. I was mildly disappointed that I wasnít there.

    At my friendís house, I met my cousin and he was also wondering what we should do. He told me I should decide since Iím always reading apocalyptic stories.

    My car was outside, and I kept looking at it since my keys from my keyboard kept getting stolen.

    We finally went to another house and the door was open. I tried to shut it, but I was too late. We were attacked by a giant, slightly supernatural spider. Iím not sure why, Iím not afraid of spiders. It looked like Aragog.

    I tried to throw an explosive at it, but I woke up before I saw what happened.


    by LucasPotter on 02-18-2016 at 05:44 AM

    Then she laughingly told me to brush my teeth.

    Whatever, I still got to kiss her. AND WE WERE SO HAPPY TOGETHER.
    non-lucid , memorable


    by LucasPotter on 01-28-2016 at 11:44 PM
    Another scary dream last night... but it's almost 9PM, so I forgot most of it.

    Basically, I had a creepy stalker. He'd follow me around and act like I belonged to him. He was super tall and strong, while I'm a hobbit, so I kept trying to run away. He'd always find me, though.

    Simply awful.


    by LucasPotter on 01-27-2016 at 01:54 PM
    I had a pretty scary dream last night.

    I was living in a weird place. Kinda like a bunker city? Anyway, everything was connected through corridors and elevators and stairs and it was all indoors.

    So I was having lunch and this guy joined me. I had met him before and I had run away from him cause he was extremely religious and had tried to convert me. I played it cool, joking about the fact that he had freaked me out. He agreed that it had been funny, but then started saying things like "but now you've seen the light, right?" and soon he was going on and on about his weird religion.

    I had to agree, cause the whole thing had gotten quite popular and people who didn't believe in those things were getting arrested for weird, senseless crimes and then simply disappearing.

    So after lunch, I went to the classroom, cause? Anyway, I sat down and realised that the teacher wasn't there. There was a dude, he was between 40 and 50. He was tall and he carried himself with a lot of confidence. He was charismatic, not in a nice, friendly way. He was just very... everybody just had to look at him and listen to him.

    So he started talking about how our society works and the rules and it was all so stupid. We basically had no rights and we were supposed to be happy about it. And everybody was happy. Then, he looked at me and said that we had met before, but I always refused to play a game with him. I laughed it off and tried my best to be as dumb as everybody else.

    I had two friends close to me and they were both disgusted by the man. When the day was almost over, he said something to me and I decided that enough was enough. I used the opportunity to stand up and start shouting at everybody that the whole thing was a mess and that they couldn't be happy with all that crap. I told them we had to fight for our rights. The guy hit me, but I carried on.

    I think a few people really listened to me. Some of them weren't buying the crap anyway, but at least they now knew they could trust me.

    It was a mess, though. I woke up soon after this, but it was scary how people simply decided to act like everything was okay.

    I blame this to the fact that I read 1984 a few days ago.
    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable