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    LD'ing, Rhythm Games, and Drawing.
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    World of Lucod dreaming fourm and lucid dreaming reddit.


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    A floating island in Italy/Rome.

    by LucidCamostar34 on 05-03-2017 at 02:49 PM
    I am on a vacation with my family. We are climbing up elevator like stairs to a floating island in the middle of the place. Now on top, I see the place more clearly. There are famous monuments from around the world, I see the Lincoln Monument, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Champion's Arch. The sky is a clear blue. I have a button on my shirt that allows me to float in case I fall. I'm slighty lucid, so I think it might come in handy. I somehow find myself in my school. I quickly leave the school through a open door in the hallway. I hear someone yell. I get kinda scared, and my dream reacts by slowing me down. Luckily I am able to get to the edge. I press the button to slow down, but instead of falling hundreds of thousands of feet, I only fall about 5 feet. I hit the wet grass below me. I turn around and see my teacher looking furious. He jumps down, unphased and comes really, really close to me. I call that my dream is way too unstable. I quietly whisper, "dream, reboot;" And the dream turns black. I am now in another school, I go inside a class and a man with a bunny mask is the teacher. I sit down, but acidently break a bottle with white pebbles in it. The teacher is mad, but doesn't really show it. The dream becomes unstable and I wake up.
    lucid , non-lucid

    Exploring dream world and aliens.

    by LucidCamostar34 on 04-24-2017 at 05:44 PM
    I am in the dream, fully lucid. I see buildings that remind me of 18th century England. There are people around me also. I am on a brick path, they are a black-ish color. The sky is gray, and it's about to rain. I am walking around my dream world. I am by a lake when holes opens up in the giant stratus cloud. Out comes UFOs. I teleport inside one of them to infiltrate it. I now have an arm cannon on me. I am hearing ear rape as a physical representation of it flies towards my gun. I can now shoot ear rape at the aliens(?). An alien comes out of nowhere. It is shades of blue. I shoot at it and it explodes. I am now in a central room of the UFO. Aliens gang up on me and I am unable to shoot them. The dream is too unstable, I see a power button and press it. Everything around me is black. I am now in a ROBLOX like house. I try to summon a dream character, but it takes me a few times for my dream to get it right. I wake up soon after.

    A LD

    by LucidCamostar34 on 04-03-2017 at 02:23 AM
    I am in my room, I am using a machine that can do my dream challenges. I am still not lucid. I am in my bed while doing this. I feel like I am in a deep state of sleep. When the machine activates, I feel like I'm moving, then I am my desired result.When transporting, I smelled what the place felt like. I could smell the peanut butter desserts when I said "take me to a world of peanut butter!" Then I move again and I'm back in "reality". I wake up but I relize I can't fall asleep. I remember that before I went to sleep, it was almost sunrise.It is midnight in the dream. I am lucid. I go downstairs to find Richard from TAWOG doesn't want me to fulfil my dream destiny. I run to the kitchen, to think of a plan. I think about using a syringe to numb him. I pull it out my pocket and inject with it. He cries. I wake up for real.