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      Apple Juice gives you more vivid dreams
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      i forgot what WBTB means.... Fail
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      you know how it feels to have a meter long tongue? Lol this is why i love dreams
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      You have some cool dreams lol they sort of resemble mine when it comes to things like items that dont exist or the false awakenings i hate those. but that to the moon dream sounded awsome howd it feel?
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      Lol YEAH you won dude. and i so want a motorbike also not just to ride it but for dirt jumps they look sweet.
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      Lol you ever hade a fail where you could of hade a lucid dream? i hade one this week i told myself because my computer crashed i said if my computer works in my dream. its a dream. i hade a dream it worked yet i didnt go lucid.. try to top that Lol.
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      wow by accident? thats cool
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      hey juggalo how do you get into a WILD?
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      Oh. Lol! Who knows what the purpose behind that is.
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    4 lucids in one morning

    by LucidJuggalo on 05-06-2011 at 11:04 PM
    So like, I haven't written in my online dream journal for what feels like months. In truth, I've slacked off quite a bit with writing down my dreams.. Somebody slap me silly until I'm back into shape.

    But yeah, figured I might as well share this, as it sets my new personal record for lucids in one day. My recall ain't the best (if anything, it's rather poor) as I didn't write them down until the end; just fragments really:

    Lucid = orange

    I'm in my house with other people but there are things about it which are different. The girl who I encountered earlier in the dream has become quite attached to me, and hasn't left my side since. I ask her if she's my dream girl and she says yes.

    I'm in a room and there's 2 people with me. For some reason I kill them, and then when somebody comes to see what's happened I fake out that my legs are broken and that I can't move, so it couldn't have been me. I get away with it.

    Upon waking from this, I didn't bother writing it down, but instead laid completely motionless (not even opening/moving my eyes) and allowed myself to go back into the dream:

    I'm back in my house - upstairs. I race down the stairs and through the door, and it's night time. I fly off down my neighbourhood and down the road a little while. I then land myself and notice cars going past me. I decide to try spawning a lightsabre. Looking in front of me, I pull my left arm back, and then throw it underarm but to the side like how you draw one of those toy lightsabres. Sure enough, I spawn something in my hand, but it's not what I expected; I'm holding a blue whiteboard marker. I ignore this momentarily and try to summon the 'blade' bit of it, which comes up fine. I try to test my force powers so I throw it into the distance and then will it back to me, which works perfectly. I retract it and then try to change the appearance of the handle bit, in the same way that I summoned it to begin with, with a proper lightsabre in my mind's eye. After 2 or so attempts I succeed with a darth vader style one, however it's quite small.

    I then woke up again, this time moving a bit, then went back to sleep.

    Note: There was a bit of a dream which happened before this fragment, which involved something to do with me being tired at a friend's house and sort of crashing out, with my friend Martin trying to get me to play with fire (but that's all I can remember)

    I'm in town at the beach (the beach = grassy area next to the centre of town in front of a church) and Martin has got me in a lock so I can't move. He's calling me a pussy and setting my hood on fire in multiple places. I then spot Mr Waldron (my head of house back in school) and call for help. He rushes over but doesn't do anything. I eventually manage to break free and at this point is where I think I became lucid.
    2 girls are gobbing off at me from behind. I walk up to one of them and grab her by the necklace and chokeslam her, setting it as a warning to anybody else who wants to start sh*t. A guy runs up behind me and tries to jump me but I'm aware of him and do a roundhouse kick which almost hits him in the face, causing him to fall back. Then a nob I went to primary school with tries to start something. He comes up to me and says ''Sam, you couldn't knock anyone out.'' so I throw a punch and we both turn into paladins. I'm a retribution spec and he's protection, so it turns into a long battle which mainly consists of me dealing heavy damage but him healing through all of it constantly. I figure this isn't going to work so I try to look for my bike. It's located within a coffin right next to us, but will take me a while to open so I stun him and seize the opportunity. I succeed and mount up, riding off and leaving him in the dust. After I've got some distance, I convert my bike into a flying mount and soar into the air, getting higher ground so I can survey the beach from a safer position.

    Again, I wake up, and this time consider writing everything down so that I don't forget, as I've just had 3 lucids. I take too much time lounging around thinking about it though and end up falling asleep without knowing.

    I'm on the computer on MSN, and I've just got a random multi-convo add from 2 girls. Something tells me it's the 2 girls from the beach so I ignore it and close the window. Dad then calls me into his study as he wants to show me something. While he's talking, I suddenly remember that just now I was going to sleep, so I must be dreaming.
    With this awareness, my surroundings and vision become a lot clearer and profound, reinforcing my knowledge. I let Dad continue with what he was talking to me about, but pay no attention to it. I'm more focused on the little details on his shirt, the study, my house, where it is I actually am.
    I then go out of his study and into the kitchen. I'm only wearing my underwear but I don't care since it's just a dream. I then spot a couple of hot girls getting tans in my garden; I figure this could be a goldmine. I walk outside in my bare feet and note how the grass feels - it feels like it should, yet it isn't real. I then feel the need to whip my cock out as it's getting rather uncomfortable, and it is only a dream so nobody will mind. I then walk closer to these girls and note that my eyes didn't deceive me. I turn my back for some reason and then turn back to them, to find they're gone. I remember reading up about dream characters requiring your attention to be present, so I walk round to the other side of the garden expecting to see them. Sure enough, I find them, next to the wall. 2 of which are sitting down, and I pick the one furthest away from me and get her to give me head. Things get heated and I get extremely horny, so I call the other 2 over and tell them to share it between them. However, one of them asks me what I mean and then things go a bit crazy for a second. When I come to I'm back in the house. One of the girls is next to me, one of them is in the kitchen, and the girl I picked is walking into the kitchen. I call her over but she doesn't respond, so I get up and walk over to her, pulling her back to where I was sitting. I then sit back down and pull her down with me, and start having sex. All the way through, I'm worried about waking up like I have every other time so I put more focus into other senses. Surprisingly, I get to the point where I can feel a climax coming on and continue with what I'm doing. It then comes and I find myself astonished at the fact I had just successfully had proper lucid sex for the first time. I then wake up shortly after.

    Longer lucid experience than usual

    by LucidJuggalo on 04-23-2011 at 04:19 PM
    I can't remember this whole dream very well; just from a certain point onwards:

    Lucid = orange

    I'm sitting on a couch with a couple of men, and we're watching something. I'm sitting next to a darker-skinned guy but he's getting a bit too close for my liking. I move away but he just gets closer again, making me feel rather uncomfortable in the process. I tell him to move away a bit but he doesn't really do anything, and laughs. I then have enough of it and get up, then another guy gets his dick out and starts wanking over me, so I try to instantly get out of the room, but the guy holds me down climaxes all over me before I can. I then break free and run out of the room and down a hallway, through another door (my clothes are kind of hanging off me) and into some posh dining place. I die of embarrassment and immediately vacate the area, running out of the building completely.
    The perverted rapists are behind me and for some reason the police as well.

    Next I'm running through a hospital-like area (can't remember how I got there) and the police are shooting at me, but I dodge all the bullets matrix style and break the line of sight, spotting a toilet ahead which I race into (I didn't pay attention to whether it was a men's or woman's toilet, but I think it was a woman's one. Quite frankly I was too occupied). There's a woman in there, and I dive into a cubicle before she spots me, in-case she's on their side.
    I then randomly realise I'm just dreaming, and that none of this is real, which gives me a surge in confidence, and just walk out of the cubicle not caring that I'm in the opposite gender's toilet or that there are people after me (constantly reminding myself that everything is just a dream, and not real). I get a proper look at the woman, and she's quite hot, but to avoid anything going down, I instantly start buttering her up with foreplay, knowing that she would comply. Things develop very quickly until the point where she hops onto my lap with her arms around my neck (if you get what I mean). I then notice 2 black men running towards the toilet (most likely after me) and shuffle over (with me and her still interlocked) and lock the door, so that they can't get in. I then take her back to where we were before and my vision starts fading, as per usual, but I'm determined to stay lucid this time, so I tell her ''Baby, I need your help. Help me stay lucid.'' and hold both of her hands, putting all my energy into how it feels. Eventually stability returns to me, and we're free to continue what we were doing. Things get more and more heated, and I remind myself now and then that it's not real. Then something shocking happens; this woman turns into a some kind of black demon, with multiple eyes, that are a vibrant red colour and hisses ''What if I'm a manifestation of everything negative within you!?'' (or something very similar to that) Although I know I'm dreaming, for some reason fear starts to take over and I race to the door to get out. I remember I locked it. I unlock it as fast as I can before this thing gets to me and run out.
    Next I find myself running down Lysander (the doorway must have acted as some kind of teleport since I wanted to get away). I knew I was away but still kind of worried that this Demon might be chasing me, so I jump up and start flying, soaring down the road. I'm paying a lot of attention to everything around me, and note how everything is extremely vivid, yet none of it is real. It fascinates me; how this lucid is very vivid, looking just like real life, yet it's merely a dream; something conjured up by my brain.
    The road then leads me into town, and I can see cars and people going by. For a laugh, I decide to land on one of the cars and see where it takes me. I spot my target, and then it speeds up quite a bit, racing off into the distance, but I'm determined to catch up to him, and will myself to speed up accordingly. I'm now flying at amazing speed, loving every second of it, and catch up to the car within a manner of seconds, landing on the roof. The driver honks his/her horn with disapproval, but I don't care as it's just a dream, so I can get away with anything I please.
    Eventually it takes me to the centre of town, and I hop off and go near the bus stop. Although there are a few people walking about, I figure I should call for some homies and start yelling ''Whoop Whoop! Where my Juggalo's at?!'' and similar things. Then I start seeing homies running up to me, some of which painted up, which I find awesome. Things still seem a bit bare though, so I call for some Juggalette's too, and sure enough some ladies enter the group (likewise, some painted up, some not). I take quite a fancy to one of them and pull her over to the wall and start making out. I hear cheers and applause from the group, obviously liking the fact I just pulled so easily, referring to me as some form of Legend.
    Then the dream randomly starts fading out and I feel wakefulness creeping up, but the image of the girl stays constant - frozen in time. I just focus on this image and try to go back to sleep, in the hope of reinstating lucidity.

    Then a new scene appears before me. I'm sitting down with a group that's circled around a fire, looking down at a guy's crotch area. I'm not fully in the dream at this point, but I seize this opportunity. (I'm not sure why I did what I did next, but I guess it makes sense since I wanted to ground myself into the dream with any means necessary, and touched on 3 senses with 1 action) I then grab this guys crotch area, noting how it feels (I'm a straight guy, so this is quite strange) and then proceed to whip it out and start giving him head. My eyes are open while I'm doing this, and although I'm surprised at myself, I can feel the dream becoming stronger around me. Then I get up and start walking around, and am immediately greeted by a false awakening.

    I'm in bed (in my old room) unaware that I'm still dreaming, and proceed to record my lucid experience. While I'm doing this, however, I can feel 'sleep' overcoming me against my will, and then I find myself back in the same scene as I was in before.

    I realise I'm back in the dream and become lucid. I'm now on a higher level of ground, looking down at where I just was. There's a guy to the right of me and he says something which I don't remember now, but it had some usefulness. I asked him if he was a dream guide, and he said ''Of sorts, yes.''. I then proceeded to ask him about why my dream guides are always different, and whether the guy from a previous lucid was a guide or not. He was confused as to who I meant, so I reminded him, and told him about the guy who murdered that girl. He then knew who I meant, and told me not to worry about it, as it was in the past. I accepted his response and noticed there was another of him standing behind him. I ignored this and followed him into a house.

    I was then sitting with him and a rather different looking Niall around a table, asking him a lot of questions. I don't recall what they were, or the answers, but I do remember thinking that he talked about a lot of things that reminded me of myself; reinforcing the fact that he was actually manifestation of a part of my mind. Both him and Niall were making things. Although, there was something about Niall which scared me. I removed something off of his face (a mask or layer of his face or something) twice, changing his appearance both times to his 'true' form. He looked like some type of baby, although he was still the same size as in real life. I was worried he was going to attack me and picked up some scissors for self-defence. My 'guide' gave me a ''wtf are you doing?'' look and for a moment I was worried he might read my thoughts and get on the offensive, so I dismissed my worry and changed my motives and said ''Well, these are less likely to hurt him, so I think he should use these.''
    Note: 'Niall' was cutting things out and stuff with a pair of normal scissors, but these were considerably different.
    My 'guide' then responded with ''Good thinking!''. Then the both of them finished what they were making. I can't remember what the 'guide' did but Niall made some tower with loads of edible animals on it. I get up and walk around the table, inspecting their work, and ask the 'guide' if I could reinstate lucidity for me, as I needed to wake up soon and write everything down so that I don't forget. He told he it was fine and that he would. I then inquired about their work; that if they were parts of me, I should be able to produce similar results. The 'guide' concurred, and then a few moments later I awoke.

    Updated 04-23-2011 at 04:23 PM by LucidJuggalo

    lucid , non-lucid , false awakening , memorable , dream fragment , side notes

    1st night time lucid. + frags

    by LucidJuggalo on 04-15-2011 at 12:07 PM
    Well they say there's a first for everything, and last night I actually achieved lucidity before 4AM (which is unheard of in my case). My memory was rather vague upon waking. I recall it being longer than my average lucid, but I only remember it from a certain point onwards.


    Lucid = orange

    It's day time, and I'm walking past the Westlands Airfield bit (it would be classed as an alley-way if there were buildings either side of me, instead of fencing). When I emerge, there's no cars. I'm standing on the road with the intentions of fulfilling one of my goals, which is to find a computer and use it to tap into my memories, and I knew there would be one at my house, which I wasn't too far from. (I read somewhere here that somebody had been able to do that via google in a lucid).
    To get there quicker/more chance of staying lucid, I call for my dream guide. I then see a heavily armoured DC with a single horn on his head, coming towards me in the distance. Again, it was a completely different person, and the fact he looked awesome was almost too good to be true. I approached him and asked if he was my dream guide. He nodded, and then corresponded to my wishes before, turning himself into an armoured rhino with me riding on top, taking me to my house.
    I don't remember how long I had been lucid at this point, but I do remember thinking before/after calling for my guide that this lucid had lasted considerably longer than usual, and I was having absolutely no difficulty seeing, talking, or anything, like I sometimes do - everything was perfectly clear.
    When we arrive at my home I thank him, and then ask if there's any way he could bestow better memory upon me, so that I could record all of my lucid upon waking. He said he couldn't do this, and instead left me a parting gift: A duplicate of my bike with a few extra lights on the front, which were extremely powerful. I can't remember the reason why he did this, but it obviously had some use to me.
    He then dissipated before my eyes, leaving me standing on my own with 2 bikes.

    I thought I had woken up at this point, somehow going into a dream state on my way home (and sleepwalking). It seemed kind of strange, that concept I mean, and I decided to do a reality check just to make sure. I held my nose shut, and found I could still breathe through it. For some annoying reason, I took this as a sign that I was awake and didn't register the fact I had just succeeded with a reality check. I also thought that this extra bike was some miracle, as a dream remnant had stayed with me, even upon 'waking', although I was worried about how I would explain this phenomenon to my parents, and that they would think I had stolen it or something.
    I then proceeded to put both in the garage. For a second I hesitated and figured I should dump the other bike off somewhere else to avoid suspicion, but then I dismissed that and just put them both in. I then hear motorbikes and see Mike & Wilson coming down the drive. It's night time now and I want to get some work done before I go to bed, so I have to tell them to come back another day.

    Note: The next bits are fragments from before I was lucid, still in the same dream, I think.

    I'm at school in the upper school hall and some guy is starting on me for no reason. I confront him fully, but he just hits me a few times. I don't give a damn as it doesn't hurt and continue to tell him how pathetic he is for doing this, since I've done NOTHING to him.

    I'm running out of the upper school hall, not out of fear, but because I want to do something elsewhere. I'm kind of paranoid that people will mistake that for me running away from him, however.

    I've got some long nose thing which I'm gonna use to take the piss outta this guy who started on me. Then some of his cronies (they're quite big) are about to come out the door, so I need to find a place to hide. My friend Niall is just about to go into the toilet at this point, so I figure that's the best place to go. However, the cronies try to get in (unaware that I'm there) so I quickly lock the door and hide in the disabled bit at the back of the room, hoping that Niall will then make an exit and they won't know the difference.

    I'm on my bike about to leave the premises and go home. I need to go uphill though some people. They're kicking a ball around and it flies past me. I stop and try to kick it back but it goes the wrong way.

    This next bit is from my last dream, some hours later:

    I'm in some random place with a large group of people. We're hunting a type of something (I think), or just trying to defend ourselves from an attack. We all have guns. People in the group keep getting attacked by ravenous wolves, losing limbs as a result. It almost happens to me at one point; I'm out of ammo and one is charging towards me, about to strike. Somebody yells ''Kick it in the face as hard as you can, you've got nothing to lose!'' so I try. I can't move, I think I'm done for. Then somebody jumps in front of me and takes the hit, losing his leg.

    Later on the group gather up. I ask if anybody has any ammo, and somebody hands me more than 2 times the amount I need. I'm seriously grateful and load my gun, putting the rest of it into the bag. My friend Ash then says ''Well, I'm gonna stick with you then!''

    A very strange lucid experience.

    by LucidJuggalo on 04-14-2011 at 02:39 PM
    Lucid = orange

    I'm with my friend Sam Harris and one of his friends. His friend wants to take a bus into town but doesn't know how much it costs, so I explain it to him. I then go with Sam to the ticket booth, and the other guy mishes off as he wants to do something before he goes, entrusting getting the ticket with us. Once that's done, we go our separate ways.

    Next I'm in a building nearby (I think) with somebody else, in a place which reminds me of a part of college. This guy takes a small girl and drowns her head-first in a sink full of water or something. He's laughing while he does this. Then we hear a loud bellow and somebody is chasing after us (probably her father). The guy disappears and I'm left with the blame, even thinking I had some part in it, racing down the staircase and out of the building as fast as I can, with this frenzied man chasing after me. As soon as I get out, I spot a car, and figure that's the ideal place to hide. I go round the back of it and squeeze underneath, bringing in all my limbs so that he won't see me. It's a success, and he goes past.
    Note: I never actually saw this guy, only heard.
    The next thing that happened I don't really understand. I became lucid, but at the same time I didn't, I just became in control. I underwent some sort of transition in which the dream became clearer and colours were more vibrant, like something being wiped across my vision, but I already knew I was dreaming before that to an extent, just not fully.
    At this point I almost woke up, but managed to keep myself within the dream. I'm now in lying on my back in the car, on my own, being transported somewhere. The scenery outside of the car was strange, similar to what you'd expect to see while travelling through some kind of wormhole (or something of that nature).
    Because of what had just happened, I remembered I needed to deepen my state if I was to get anywhere, and proceeded to rub my hands together and note how it felt. Then the dream faded out to black, leaving only a small part of what I had just been seeing, and I could feel myself back in bed. I could still feel my dream hands rubbing together though, so I concentrated on that entirely and managed to bring the scene back to life in its fullness.
    The scene then changes to a vastly populated area that looked like some kind of city square.
    Note: This is the first time I've seen SO MANY people in a lucid. Usually I see none/a few.
    I'm in the 3rd person, with no control over what's happening, being told that I've been sent as a detective to solve the murder of this girl and bring the criminal(s) to justice. Then it zooms back into my body and control is restored. I think to myself ''Well, that's not going to work, since it was me and that other guy.'' and dismiss it entirely, eager to get on with my lucid goals. The first thing I do is recognise that I'm having trouble staying lucid this time, and call for my dream guide. I then waste no time in exploring what's around me. There's a guy in front of me. I ask him if he knows anyone, but he just gives me the 'wtf' look, so I turn around and spot a bench. I bend down and look at it closely, examining fine details, all the while rubbing my hands together and noting how it feels. I also take some time to touch up the bench a bit.
    I then hear somebody crying out trying to get my attention. It's a half laugh-half yell kind of thing and then from the right side of me somebody jumps on my shoulders, nearly throwing me back into wakefulness. I manage to hold on, however, and bring myself to, (AGAIN ) and this guy is sitting in front of me on the bench, and sounds very proud of me. I assumed this was my dream guide, although he looked completely different to who I saw last time. I ignored this change and asked him how to get more lucid, since I was experiencing quite a bit of difficulty this time round. He told me ''Right now, you're gonna eat something.'' I turned to the left and spotted an ice-cream stand and ask him if that'll work. He dismissed that idea and told me to find a ''potato chip'' instead, then ran off. Leaving me clueless of where to find one.

    After analysing this after waking, I'm now sure this guy wasn't a dream guide. It's quite possible it was the guy who murdered that girl, hence his initial attitude (the loud and proud type. Since we had evaded any form of justice, that makes sense.) and why everything he did only threw me off course.

    Fragments from some dreams this morning

    by LucidJuggalo on 04-14-2011 at 02:01 PM
    I'm in school and a fire drill occurs. We're not meant to take our bags but just leave everything but I take my bag anyway.

    I'm on my bike going home. It's night time. For some reason I throw my top layers off and they land in the distance on the road. I then stop to pick them up again.

    I'm in school standing outside the lower school building. I'm with somebody. It's like the first day back or something. There's a long line of older students at the top of the playground and they're slagging off some girl. Then the bell goes and classes begin. Me and the person I'm with head off to Maths, but for some reason I'm held up and end up arriving 5-10 mins late. Mr Gillingham is my teacher again (he left in like year 9 or something). I walk in and ask him where I should sit and he indicates to an empty space a few steps away at the front. However, there isn't a chair there, so I have to go elsewhere. When I find one, I'm sitting between 2 girls, one of which being Holly; somebody who I haven't seen since I left Gillingham in year 5. We're assigned to do some questions in our books. It gets too hot after a while so I strip off my trousers. The chair has disappeared, too, so I'm now sitting on the floor half naked. I don't really mind, strangely. I just block out the fact other people can see me and continue doing what I was doing. I then realise my book only has 2 pages left.
    non-lucid , dream fragment