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    HIs Being a Blessing in Diguise

    by lumiina on 06-16-2016 at 04:14 AM
    I used to have very frightening hypnagogic images on a regular basis (along with hypnopompic hallucinations), but ever since minimizing my internet use last October, I've only had a few occurrences and it's not something I've really had to struggle with anymore.

    And now that I've overcome that, I've realized, like my sleep paralysis, my HIs could actually be a blessing in disguise: a key to both falling asleep easily (when normally it takes me hours to fall asleep) and lucid dreaming. On Tuesday night after seeing a beautiful HI of a humongous whale inside an aquarium [not that I condone whales in aquariums], I slipped into a false awakening WILD. I was in bed and could see my cat and husband in bed with me, but the room was lighter. I realized it was a false awakening when I noticed I could see despite my eyes being closed, and then woke up.

    If I work on this, I could turn seeing HIs and having lucid dreams as soon as I go to bed into a regular activity for me. At the very least, it could help me fall asleep more easily, even if they don't always lead to instant lucid dreams. Now that I no longer have to be afraid of my HIs, I can take full advantage of them.

    Updated 06-16-2016 at 04:22 AM by lumiina

    lucid , false awakening , side notes

    Non-Lucid Nightmare 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

    by lumiina on 07-08-2015 at 09:21 AM
    I was trying to trigger a lucid dream in which I'd re-encounter my dream guide, but instead I got a non-lucid nightmare.


    Dream Two non-lucid

    I had a dream I could see Mittens (my cat who passed away) every once and a while and Mom finally took a video of it and the girl from the ring was appeared in it, with this horrifying music, and eventually I couldn't shut it off...

    I liked the music. It was very beautiful. But in its context it was horrifying.

    The whole time I was thinking, could I edit out the part with Sadako, or will it just revert back to the normal video?

    The video started off with me petting Mittens. Then, she went behind the counter to chase a spider and Sadako's hair was under the dishwasher. Suddenly, you could see her face peer out *shudders*. Then, the video skipped to this scene in the sky? I don't remember. Then back to Sadako, with her getting closer and closer to the camera. Originally I refused to watch the entire video, but when I finally did I couldn't turn it off anymore.

    I felt bad because at the end of the dream, when I couldn't shut off the video, I handed it to my mom or brother for him or her to deal with whatever curse it brings. I was showing it to my brother, but I think at the last moment it was my mom holding the camera.

    Dream One non-lucid

    There was this online course, but it happened on a device like a Pokewalker. So all the text for the course was on this small device, one line at a time. I just thought it was the most ridiculous thing and complained.

    I wasn't enrolled in the course. I think my sister-in-law was looking at schools and saw the course.
    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable

    Met my dream guide; Flew hand in hand with my husband

    by lumiina on 07-06-2015 at 10:07 AM
    7/6/15 12:54 am

    Tonight I went to bed before my husband to try to fix my sleeping schedule by going to bed early. I had a dream, which I don't remember, then went right to bed to trigger a lucid dream through dream chaining. I told myself over and over again I wanted to dream of my husband. And I did.

    Lucid MILD, WBTB, Dream Chaining

    I dreamed we had a shared dream and I was showing him how to control his dream. We flew together hand in hand. Saw Conan live. Visited a herd of "Mittens" (my cat who passed away recently), one of them bit me. It hurt. I wasn't bothered by it, and found it quite funny. The herd of Mittens was in my mother's backyard.

    I woke up in my dream and my husband agreed we had a shared dream, but then proceeded to tell me I was Sailor Moon in his dream, which made me realize we didn't share dreams. He described his dream totally differently. Note: I'm still dreaming.

    Then, I see this white stuffed animal on a chair who's talking to me in a squeaky voice. I don't remember the conversation. At first, I didn't trust him. I told him to go away. But all of the sudden I realized what he was saying. I told him, in different words, but essentially this "You're my dream guide." And he said yes (I think, or something affirming what I said) and jumped in my arms to give me a hug. Then I woke up when my husband got in bed in waking life.

    I used a different word for dream guide in my dream, but don't remember what.

    He was definitely different than all my dream characters, with a sense of his own agency. Even different than my dream husband, who was just responding to what I did. I think I didn't trust him at first because he seemed to have his own agency.

    I almost feel like my dream guide and I were speaking on a different level, like in code. We knew what we meant, even though it wasn't in clear English.

    This was definitely the best dream I've had with my husband. We were flying hand in hand! And that was amazing. I've flown hand in hand with one other dream character before, in my first successful flying dream. I asked him what my middle name was and he said Windy, then took my hand, proceeding to fly with me in the air. I've been able to fly in my dreams ever since, and this moment flying with my husband was definitely reminiscent on my first flying dream. I was rusty flying, since I haven't triggered a lucid dream in a while (only accidental ones) and had to relearn how to fly, only this time it was me who took my husband's hand to show him, rather than a dream character showing me.

    When I was trying to fly, at first it wasn't successful. I'd keep trying to jump from higher levels of ground to lower levels, on a hilly area with grass and patches of dirt. The area is around my mother's house, down the road near a foresty area.

    There was a point in the dream we were on a train, before the flying scene, taking to other dream characters.

    Connected to my mom's backyard is an acquaintance's house. It's supposed to be my mom's, and I felt like it was my mom's, but at the same time this person's house. We went into his room and saw an anime poster. There was a "mom figure" there that was supposed to be my mom, but wasn't my mom in waking life. She was worried about me, but I told her this is all just a dream so not to worry. I showed my husband how to control the dream further by saying "clearer" and "brighter", controlling my dream world to become clearer and brighter.

    In a sense, the dream started off with me being the dream guide for my dream husband, then finding my own dream guide. I really hope to see him again! I haven't been searching for a dream guide, but have been hoping to have a repeated dream character that has a sense of self and grows with each lucid dream. So perhaps this is a manifestation of that desire. Certainly not what I expected! A stuffed animal as my dream guide. I'm so excited by this.

    This dream started off, I believe, as non-lucid. Though I don't remember the point exactly I became lucid. My husband and I were watching Roku together, and then went to see Conan live. When we watched Conan on Roku, he had his typical blue background, but live everything was white and the show was supposed to be a new Conan show, called Live with Conan. There was this mean producer lady, who was playing tricks on me. I think that was the point I became lucid, because something about her just gave off that she was a dream character. Conan later sat with me and my husband in the audience and apologized for her actions.

    Updated 07-06-2015 at 03:54 PM by lumiina

    lucid , memorable

    DILD: A New Cat in the House

    by lumiina on 10-17-2014 at 02:29 PM

    9am DILD

    After a series of normal dreams, I fell asleep after my alarm waking me up again (maybe pressing snooze is a good technique for lucid dreaming?! always seems to trigger one) and entered a lucid dream.

    I was in my living room and really thought I had woken up, but for some reason, it entered my mind that I should check if this is a dream, even if I thought it was silly because I was awake, and to my surprise, it was a dream! I forget how I checked it was a dream. Maybe levitation, but I don't think it worked when I tried to jump up. Even though my RC didn't work, I think just the process made me realize it was a dream by the tunnel vision I had looking at the floor.

    From there, my mind sent me back to my room and I was standing by my bed and looking at my lamp. I knew lights didn't work in dreams, so instead I said "bright" and after a few tries with variations of the word, it works and the room was slightly brighter.

    I went back into the living room and tried to turn on the light knowing it wouldn't work (and now that I think about it, I actually don't have a light switch where I tried) and it didn't.

    My mind sent me from room to room and from a standing position to my bed quite a few times as I struggled to wake up.

    I went out to the kitchen and saw my two cats, one grey and one black, and then noticed a third, white cat. We only have the grey and black cat in waking life. I knew all the while that this was just a dream and took the opportunity to bend down and pet the third cat.

    Finally, in bed, my alarm goes off and I wake up. Probably should've explored more instead of trying to wake myself up and just let my alarm do the job! The whole dream I was very aware that I was dreaming, more so than the usual FA lucid dream. I had fun looking at my environment as I was trying to wake up, instead of the usual panic of feeling like I'm half dreaming.

    Updated 10-17-2014 at 02:31 PM by lumiina

    lucid , false awakening

    DILD Flying Into the Trees

    by lumiina on 10-05-2014 at 07:50 PM

    Hard time sleeping all night. Woke up various times, feeling like I was in a constant stream of thought, but would forget the thoughts after a few seconds.

    Finally, at 9am, I go back to sleep, and enter a deep sleep.

    11am DILD and non-lucid

    I'm on the highway, it seems, and walking on the side of the road when I notice I'm dreaming, so immediately I attempt to fly. I jump high up into the air and can see tree branches going past me.

    That's all I remember from my lucid dream. I lose lucidity at some point, and continue dreaming.

    Updated 10-05-2014 at 07:59 PM by lumiina

    lucid , dream fragment