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      Awwh don't give up!!! haha surprising you've managed to restrain yourself from the cookies xD I've been fine, just had my first decent length lucid a few days ago What have you been up to then?
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    From love to hospital

    by Lunary on 11-03-2011 at 08:55 PM

    My boyfriend was apparantly over at my place for the summer we were snuggling and making out a bit. XD After a bit we were apparantly outside and I was talking the ground and rubbing it against my skin(What the?). We went back inside and I was apparatnly clean or the groud made me more clean or w/e. We started making out a bit again and for some random reason I noticed he had nothing inbetween his legs cause my leg accidentally touched there, so I asked what happened to that. As soon as I did he got a blank stare like he was not there, I asked if he's ok but he didn't reply and I woke up.

    -Still in a dream, non-lucid

    I woke up in a old version of the kitchen lying in my dad's bed for some reason, as soon as I did I saw granpa and a few girls I think rant about some stuff about me, dissing me somehow, I got up and left with dad and my older sister to get some bread from a bakery. We got there, got bread and left, then they said they forgot something and sent me back, I went back. I got there and got the stuff I needed then as I was about to leave the person working there told me I failed some class on my college (Apparantly she was working there too). I was all "Why!?" then she said "They always wonder why....You never gave me any pressent or any attention and you expect me to pass you!?". I stood there in shock, I took the stuff I had and kinda ran out crying a few tears feeling guilty. As I ran I realised I was at the market where people were trying some free samples, I stopped and looked around, suddently the market is surrounded by walls, everything is the same cept the walls appeared and there was a exit door. I feel that I am in a hospital and I try to get out of the exit door but it's jammed shut. A person tells me where the exit is but the directions are way too complicated, I feel trapped. I wake up for real.

    Lucid again...Not loving it XD;

    by Lunary on 10-18-2011 at 12:12 AM
    -Waking life

    Resting in my bed I think I fell asleep, next thing I know my whole body is shaking, I wasn't even trying to WILD
    My soul get's out of my body and it spins rapidly, ending up into a wormhole or w/e switching me into a dream.

    -Lucid(I think only semi-lucid)

    I was instantly lucid I looked around to see where I was, I was in some random scenery again. I forgot about most what happened but it wasn't nice, the only thing I remember that I was running from a phychopatic pony from MLP that had a knife and wanted do disect me or w/e ending to chase me away into a closet where I hid curling up againt the wall of it. At that point my right eye vision was gone, I could only see with my left eye. After a while of saying "wake up wake up!" while cuddling a pillow TIGHTLY, the door opened and the pony said something then swung the knife at me, I think it missed but right as I panicked I "Woke up"

    -Still semi-lucid

    I woke up at bed at dad's I stood up and I saw someone standing there, I don't remember who it was but nobody familiar I think, apparanly in dream he was. I talked a bit to him and we jumped on some "Glowing platform" that moves from left to right and then repeats when it get's at end. Then we were standing in a room playing some sort of a game I don't remember. What I remember saying is "I loved the times in Primary school the most... back when we were all together, school wasn't such a pressure...maybe we could make a sort of a get together?" he replied "Hah, and what pay for it ourselves?" I said "No,no, everyone gives a bit and all that".

    It was obvious, I'm missing company of friends. I woke up after that.

    Cursed Killer

    by Lunary on 10-16-2011 at 10:33 AM
    -All non lucid

    I was somewhere in some house, idk where exactly it was but it was a rather public place and all I was there with....idk who I don't remember, might have been Moonlight and Lilly but I don't remember. Someone ringed on the door and I was told to look at who it was, so I went to the door and opened it and there were 3 people. I was like "Hello?" and then one of them stepped foward and stabbed me into my chest, pulled it out and slashed my fingers and I fell on the ground, pretty much dead but not dead, I could feel my body and my eyes were closed I couldn't do anything but wait. After some time I woke up, seeing Moonlight and Lilly standing over me, they were kinda cold and just helped me get up. We realised some random stuff got stolen but nothing really important. I went outside a bit and I saw those guys again, I hid from them. I don't remember what happened next but I was running to catch a train in the middle of the dessert. I didn't make it so I jumped and grabbed the door handles, holding on as it was driving fast but after some time both doors broke and fell off, making me fly back from the train and smash into the ground. Some old guy approached me and asked me if I was ok, I stood up, told him I was and gave him both train doors and went back into my house (Apparantly I fell off there). I was at some pool inside that big house thingy and after a bit I noticed one of those guys(The one that stabbed me) come in, I instantly screamed "GO AWAY!" as he saw me but he didn't want to he was going towards me, I took a small water gun and shooted it at him but he didn't care, he got to me and was about to hurt me again but I asked "Why are you doing this?" he told me that it's better that I don't know but I managed to convince him to tell me. He took me to some calendar and told me that he is cursed to be a monster and hurt people untill a set date which I don't remember.

    And then I woke up, feeling extremelly depressed but not over the dream, just feeling depressed for no reason.
    non-lucid , nightmare


    by Lunary on 10-10-2011 at 05:39 AM
    -All Non-Lucid-

    I was sitting in my bedroom that Is actually a living room, my dad and sis were wathching the news and there they said that Croatia has fallen into anarchy, that it was divided into 12 segments, 11 of them belonging to random countries that were mentioned and last one still being Croatia. We went outside to walk a bit around, the surroundings were different, like we were in some castle, alot of people were fighting over territory we were just walking past them. We went back home after a while and it was decided that tomorrow we are packing the stuff into the car and then deciding what country to move to. I instantly knew where I wanted to be, hoping they would accept, I was shy to say it but we had to do it tomorrow so I had time to prepare and also that tomorrow we'd go to mine and my sister's college and get our documents. I went on my phone to tell Moonlights what's going on, but I closed it accidentally as I was about to tell him what's going on, then I woke up. Even thoo it was anarchy and all, I wished the dream was true so I could move into that country I wanted to. I was dissapointed when I woke up, wishing the dream was real. XD

    -But then again I don't want my selfish desires to hurt others, was just a nice thought thoo...

    The comforting stranger?

    by Lunary on 10-08-2011 at 08:30 AM
    -All non-lucid-
    -I don't remember the dream fully but I do remember some stuff-

    I was driving in one of those public transport thingies (Rails on the road and it drives on them). I was going to somewhere specific I don't remember where but the transport thingy got there but it didn't stop but turned on a crossing and kept going where I was going "Darn...Stopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstop!" and kept repeating stop fast to myself and it did stop after 100 meters or a bit more to which I thought "Ya, now you stop so I gotta walk alot back >_>". Next thing I remember was walking into a store (From the dream I remember walking into it 3-4 times and never actually buying anything but I don't remember when they all were but this time that was "Special") and was looking at what they have, they had bread, pizza thingies and alot of stuff made with bread+yoghurt and stuff. There were some kids infront of me in the line and they all took something while I was browsing and couldn't decide, then I shyly said to the girl that was at the register that I can't decide and that I will leave now and come back another time (I felt my ears lowered). She said it's ok and asked me something along the lines "Is your boyfriend giving you a hard time?", I instantly stoped and shyly and quietly said "Yes..." then she asked me if he does some stuff that's not nice, listed them and all but I don't remember all she listed, but mostly that he's lazy and doesn't seem to care much, yet when I'm extremely sad he'd promise anything and do small things for me and blahblah. I then asked how she knew that but she just handed me over a paper and smiled at me, on the paper there was a poem, I don't remember how it went(Thoo I'd like if I managed to remember it but meh XD) and after I read it I was all "Aww...that's so sweet" (She didn't express love to me but it was stuff written about my boyfriend in a way that would make me feel better). And then I think she smiled cause I seemed to feel better and that's all I remember.

    I don't know if it means anything but for one I am atleast happy to get a dream that is a normal one because I hate constant nightmares. I just hope the dream doesn't suggest I got a bad boyfriend that I should ditch and stuff(Since I remember him being killed infront of my eyes in dreams, ignoring me sometimes completely, getting a mail by some stranger that he's dead and such...). Because even if he is somewhat lazy and all that makes me sad, he can be really sweet and everything and I love him very much.