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      Well, Im glad you're feeling a little better. If you ever wanna talk about anything don't hesitate to send me a PM if you'd like =)
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      Hey there , are you feeling any better??
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      I like the reality checks u posted, but noticed they were like... in dream checks, witch is cool. Thanks.
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      Same XD
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      How've you been, Lynn?
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      Ice, that made me laugh. I don't know why it just did. And TV is an excellent distraction, as long as no cookery shows I guess!
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      Anyone that can go for a week without food is a friend of mine. I wonder what other amazing feats you can get upto
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      Oh wow. That's funny. XD
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      Wow, that's really freaky. How old is he anyways? Mine is like, 40 I dunno. So weird.
    10. Hey! Welcome to my visitor page!
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    I was immature when I wrote this and signed up here. This website has my DJ entries which tells me how it was like, living with Mana & Papa who recently died May 7th and 26th of 2011.
    Thank you all. I have EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified) and am now struggling every day. I can't eat. Their deaths have screwed me up.
    Thank you all for being there.
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    Piano playing, Singing, dancing
    How you found us:
    I searched Dream Forums and wanted to sign up for one.


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    The Craziest Dream of my Life (+ SPACE TRAVEL!) :D

    by Lynn on 03-29-2017 at 05:58 PM
    So before I slept I had chewed nicotine gum (I've never smoked) so it does give me a buzz. So after that, and watching Yuri on Ice and then Rick and Morty... and Umaru Chan.... it's a recipe for some CRAZY dreams! Here we go, phew, it's gonna get crazy.

    18+ adult content warning

    This dream is a bit out of order, nonetheless, it started with quite a lot of anime school girls. Most of them pretty short, maybe 4 heads tall and some were tall. I was one of them, and they were my friends. and I had a crush on one of them lol. It was a really heavy crush... but now as I am awake I don't even remember who it was!

    I remember a blonde one, with an odd face (not matching the rest) I questioned it. "Why is her face different than the others? This is the same cartoon, right?" I had asked.

    So we all ate pizza, which was extremely weird because the slices were giant. We were all under a pier by the beach. Some school, huh?

    This school even had showers. There was an older lady there, giving me life advice. She wasn't a cartoon.

    So it was really fun. I had developed friendships with these girls and the crush I had grew stronger. I then thought about bombs. Then, the "school" got bombed. On the pier was one of the taller school girls, she had fallen and gotten hurt. We were all worried and stayed indoors for protection.

    We then see who the culprits were. Two Mexican looking guys. They had said "alright ladies, we're tired of it. Line up." I and the rest of the school lined up.
    "We only had you for sex, now take these!" They gave us X T C pills with skulls on them. I didn't take mine.

    Eventually the girls had ran away, and I was left alone with the two Mexicans. We then did some... gay stuff. I'd rather not say. Yuck.

    Then I became aware.

    As I became aware, I had left the school. I had observed the scene. It was interesting. A beach mixed with a school. A pretty pier. I had never seen something like it. I decided since I was lucid it was time to accomplish a dream goal of mine: to explore space. This was the fun part. I wasn't super-lucid knowing EVERYTHING but I was definitely aware. I had gotten in a space shuttle (my previous dream attempts to travel to space had failed. I had never used a shuttle, that's why. So I always ended up getting kicked out of space). I went up. I had seen the blueness of earth turn to the black cold emptiness of space. It felt so REAL. I feel like I actually went! It was beautiful. I had approached space, and made the shuttle go faster. I wanted to know if alien life existed. I had gone extremely fast (so fast that I can leave the galaxy in mere seconds -- a speed not possible because we cannot travel that fast according to Einstein.) I had approached a planet with supposed life. I don't really remember much, it was a lot of rocks and just aliens, living their lives like we do. So I had left the uninteresting planet to another. Eh, boring. I went back to the school. By the bleachers there was a grey stereotypical alien. It looked malicious, so I had decided to fight it. I had then left my "soul" or whatever, floating in abysmal darkness. It felt good (I guess the nicotine was still in my body?) I had felt like I wasn't "me" just a consciousness. Strange, perhaps it's because I'm starting an antidepressant which is an SSRI. I guess that + other stimulants = weird trippy dreams perhaps?

    Vividness: 4/5

    Very interesting/trippy dream. Odd how my mind had mimicked the "love" emotion with an imaginary character. I had truly felt like I loved her. And yet, upon waking I don't even remember her lol

    Sorry I don't post as much I just write down the CRAZY ones. Such a strange, half-aware dream. Well bye for now!

    Zombie Dream with Interpretation (you're welcome to interpret it yourself)

    by Lynn on 08-01-2015 at 06:17 PM
    She turned into a green zombie/demon and everyone started screaming. She became like this because of the loss of her boyfriend who she had to leave. She tried to attack me and everyone evacuated. I took a video with my smartphone of the event. JosŤ drove me away as we had to evacuate. We stopped at a gas station/convienent store and I became a ghost once (and invisible) he told me he was leaving me and he has a new girlfriend. He asks if I want to see her and I say yes. She is a young black girl fairly attractive getting a drink. I become irritated and possess her trying to harm her physically with her own body... he says please stop. So I do not willingly but because I couldn't anymore. I become upset because I 'really loved JosŤ' and I hated to see him go. I talk with him later sitting on a bed... I soon realize it's a dream and ask him if he is my intuition. He says no then he says "well, yes" and I ask if he's going to cheat or leave me (I don't remember the specifics) he nods.
    She is chasing us and we drive away ending up stuck at this parking lot. The cars won't start. I become worried as everyone gets to escape before me. Finally a car starts working and I force myself in because the zombie is coming. What appeared to be Alfredo drove the car... irritated because I was there. The car works well (now I remember why it was there... someone drove it back for us to use since it worked so well.) but he kept driving very quickly on curved roads. I told him be careful and he replied with "yeah yeah." I was worried. The dream doesn't continue from that point.
    I'm stuck in a zombie game for what appears to be for the PS3. It was a zombie game with a clocktower featuring America's historical figures including Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. I am in the game and the zombies are chasing me. I'm losing. It gets beyond frightening and they keep running. There is a clocktower in this level and 2 staircases. One is spiral and one is regular. My friend (I really don't know who this girl is) tries to help me. She distracts the zombies and they go the other way and vegetables fall to the ground... weird. Then my step-daughter was there out of nowhere and said ew to the vegetables. So we try to escape but it's not working and the zombies get awfully close. So then we run and call the game creator for help. He jumps in the game. He had a beard. He helps us... and the zombies run the other way up the spiral staircase (After we attempted to). We try to get out but the zombies outsmart us again... coming back. There's just too many of them. Eventually we fail and the creator had to pull out the battery.
    Then I end up at a field (of war) with George Washington. I am a little girl again but I'm wearing an 18th century dress with a powdered wig.. my skin extra pale. George is preparing us for war and he yells at me for something.... which I can't remember. I told him he can punch me (for misbehaving) and he says he doesn't punch people... "well, not little girls" he laughs and looks at his war men like it's an inside joke.


    Clock Tower
    To dream of a clock tower represents a situation that is momentous. Taking the time to notice or draw attention to the importance of something.
    Video Games
    To dream of a video game represents a challenging experience you are having. A win or lose situation. You also may be experiencing a situation where you need to do everything right in order to achieve a goal. The type of video game adds additional symbolism into what kind experience you are having.
    Alternatively, a video game symbolizes an escape from your problems, instead of confronting them.
    Abe Lincoln
    To dream of Abe Lincoln may represent an aspect of your personality that leads others by being a role model or mentor. An ability to guide others with good advice and valuable experience.
    To dream of wigs represents thoughts that aren't your own. Wigs point to thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and opinions you have that are someone else's gained through influence, or your desire to take credit for them. A sign that you are not thinking for yourself, or that your decisions are influenced.
    To dream of stairs represents slow or incremental progress in a situation. It may also reflect an increase or decrease if your confidence, awareness, or intelligence. Making progress in some way.
    Negatively, stairs in a dream may reflect unpleasant feelings about the need for responsible growth or having to wait to grow up before you can do something more serious or adult, or a slow hard learning process.
    Going up stairs often represents improvement, achievement, or reaching higher levels of awareness and understanding. You are making progress emotionally, spiritually, or materially. If you have problems going up stairs it may symbolize trouble being unable to make progress in your life. Going up stairs may also symbolize a struggle or challenge you must endure to reach a higher level of understanding, success, or power. Improving "one step at a time. Slow learning process.
    To dream of a spiral represents some sort of repetitive or ongoing situation in your life. A situation that never seems to end. It may also reflect a circular mindset or going in circles emotionally.
    Negatively, a spiral may represent psychological or emotional exhaustion. Doing something until you don't care any more or until you can't stand it any more.
    Positively, broccoli may reflect unpleasant choices to improve yourself. Difficult honesty. Telling on people that are misbehaving or risking telling on a dangerous person who is misbehaving.
    To dream of a beard represents you or some aspect of your personality that is assertive, experienced, confident, or powerful. It also represents maturity and higher standards of thinking. A masculine role. Feelings about serious or adult decisions. A wish to avoid looking childish or stupid.
    To dream of wearing a dress represents compliance, willingness, or obedience. Wearing a dress may also reflect subordination or serving the needs of others. A lack of assertive power or control. You are agreeable to others needs or not able to do what you want. It may also reflect mourning a loss.
    Positively, dreaming of dress may be a sign that you are getting over serious problems and learning to accept a difficult change. Often a dream symbol for people recovering from serious injuries or major surgery that leaves scars. A positive attitude about accepting a loss.
    Negatively, wearing a dress is a sign that you lack power or control over your life. You can't dictate the terms of a situation or it appears that someone else is in control.
    Alternatively, a dress reflect a giving nature or a powerful outward expression of selflessness.
    To dream of being on a battlefield represents a major conflict occurring in your waking life. A battle of will. It may reflect a new situation, new problem, or new relationship which you are trying to solve and conquer.
    To dream of a zombie represented automatic or blind thinking. A sign that you are too concerned with what other people think or that you are not thinking for yourself. It may also reflect jealousy of not pleasing others. Desperately following others or trying to impress others. It may also reflect feelings about people who don't think for themselves.
    Zombies in dreams are a sign that you are not thinking independently or objectively. It also suggests that you are giving up your ability to make independent choices because a person or situation has you in a "trance." Someone or something else is influencing your decision making. A zombie is a common symbol for someone experiencing strong peer pressure.
    Example situations that may conjure up a zombie dream may be sexual attraction that drives you to do things for someone because you want them to like you or taking unusual measure to impress someone whose opinion you really care about.
    Negatively, dreaming about zombies may reflect powerful feelings of jealousy that you are experiencing from other people that are desperate to pull you down. Blind unthinking jealousy. A fear of someone else's need to be socially acceptable or fit in interfering with your happiness. Alternatively, zombies may reflect your feelings about people who are jealous of something you have or will stop at nothing to get access to something good you have.
    To dream of running away from zombies represents your wish to avoid a person or situation that you feel is jealous of what you have. Avoiding an annoying follower. You may fear losing what you have to someone else's jealousy. You may also fear losing something special because someone jealous is desperate to pull you down with them.
    To dream of your mother being infected by zombies may represent your feelings that bad luck or coincidences are always leading you to jealousy of others or fearing what other people think. Feeling unable to escape peer pressure situations.
    The color light green in a dream represents healing. When you see it in a dream it reflects the removal of obstacles, or positive change.
    Progress or moving forward with a problem. It may also represent psychological or emotional issues that you are overcoming. Light green may also be a sign that you are experiencing physical healing.
    Alternatively, lighter shades of green may also reflect jealousy, greed, or selfishness.
    Dark green points to jealousy, greed, materialism, cheating, and not wanting to share with other people. Dark green can also point to powerful fears of losing, or thoughts of suicide.
    Dark green can also reflect growth that you feel is happening in the wrong direction, slow progress, feeling prevented from finding a healthy outlet.
    Convenience Store
    To dream of a convenience store represents your attempt to find easy solutions to a problem. A resource, person, or habit that makes problem solving easier. Spontaneous ideas, decisions, or interests.
    Negatively, a convenience store may symbolize an unwillingness to try anything new or difficult. Always reaching for the easiest solution. Spontaneous interests that are not well thought out before hand.
    Black People
    To dream of a black person represents an aspect of your personality that prefers to feel good before all else. Placing a priority on keeping your happiness or avoiding jealousy before all else. Often a reflection of a desirous mindset or a state of want.
    To dream of a car that won't start represents feelings of being unable to make a situation work to your advantage. Feeling unable to start making decisions because of problems, delays, or frustrations.
    To dream of the color white represents feelings about something in your life being perfect, pure, or genuine.
    Positively, white may reflect feelings about perfect ideas, cleansing, good intentions, or the purification of negativity in your life. Feelings about people or situations being perfectly honest. Feeling a total lack of jealousy. It may also reflect your feelings about being spiritually pure. Self-improvement, positive change, or discontinuing bad habits. Bad people or bad situations being completely changed. Negative thinking patterns or negative situations are being cleansed from your life.
    To dream of being a ghost represents your feelings of being unable to do what you wanted. Something sacrificed your spirits, hopes, and wishes and left you feeling incomplete or unsatisfied. Feelings of being completely overlooked and ignored in life.
    To dream of being invisible represents feelings of not being noticed, recognized, or acknowledged. Being purposely overlooked. Problems you prefer to "not look at." Residual bitterness over people that are out of your life.
    Alternatively, being invisible may represent feelings of impunity to get away with something without being noticed. It may also reflect your feelings of being an unseen observer or not wanting to be involved with something. Trying to withdraw from a situation or the realities of life.
    To dream of a breakup represents a loss or discontinuation of feelings. A situation that felt good or that was helpful to you is no longer possible. A thinking pattern, habit, or type of experience is no longer beneficial to you. Something may have happened in waking life that permanently prevents you from doing what you like or prefer to do. Something may have happened that has removed your confidence.
    Alternatively, a breakup may reflect your fear of losing your partner.

    Putting the pieces together:
    Zombies represent jealousy (I have) and my mother-in-law being a zombie means I feel she is jealous or trying to ruin my hopes and happiness. My efforts to fix myself. I also am too concerned with other's opinions. I choose what I eat but someone (my boyfriend, others) tempt me to choose to eat something else... hence the zombies. The sexual attraction to drive me to do something for others (Happened twice yesterday) so they'd like me.
    The broccoli may represent how I want to be honest with how much of a bitch my mother-in-law is.
    To run from the zombies in a spiral staircase means I am emotionally exhausted by caring what others think. The wig was another symbol of me being influenced by eating from others... not thinking for myself. The battlefield represents my 'war' in overcoming the zombies (caring what people think). The dress means I accept the problem of me being easily influenced and am ready to fight that. Accepting the challenge of being more assertive. Noticing me being a pushover.
    First Part:
    The store and black person represent my want to get everything easily. Not wanting to put in effort on my part to change the unpleasant situation I'm in. I think the breakup part is both the fear of losing my partner and that he isn't beneficial to me anymore... because we're stuck in a similar situation I would've been at home anyway. Me being a ghost means that I can't do what I want anymore (probably be progressive with my Youtube channel) because of where I live. I'm ignored (nobody supports me really here...) a lot where I live. Other people's needs are alwyas above mine so it's up to me to fix myself. The same with being invisible. The car that won't start means I feel delayed in fixing my problems and doing things like learning to drive, getting my education... etc. because my situation is very unsupportive and hard for me.

    So bottom line: The dream had a massive collection of similar dream symbols. Mostly pointing to the fact I care too much what others think, I'm a mess with my mother-in-law and I'm afraid of losing my boyfriend. Didn't I already know that? Oh well.

    My Lucid the Other Day

    by Lynn on 09-30-2011 at 07:35 PM
    So I now have signature white and red rocket boots. They have been appearing in every lucid dream the past few months. My cousin likes me. Don't get me started on how grossed out I am. He was sitting in the living room of my new house (I moved) and I walked up to his mother. "This is a dream, isn't it?" She said no, as if suspicious. I looked at the TV area. "Then explain to me why there is a dolphin in a bathtub inside of the living room?!" She said it's always been there. "No it hasn't. I'd know if there was a dolphin living in my house. That's it, no dream, no consequences." I grabbed him and kissed him. I don't know, my dream mind is a perv.
    I walked outside and flew the endless skies. Vividness: 4/5
    Update: My grandparents died since I left DV. They died within a 19 day period so you bet I have had dreams of them.

    Lady Gaga, Demons and More

    by Lynn on 09-30-2011 at 07:15 PM
    I have not been on in soo long!
    I met Lady Gaga and she cried when I told her I liked her music. I went into the closet with her and we picked out some cool clothes. Then, me and her hung out. Then I had another dream where demons dragged me. Zim from Invader Zim stood there laughing. O_0

    UFOs and Lucids

    by Lynn on 02-20-2011 at 03:03 AM
    No, it wasn't scary but I do remember seeing a yellow spacecraft. It had magnets to get cars with. I was confused because I wondered why every car that it passed didn't go up there with it. It was pretty much a dark dream.
    I then dreamed of flying and having se...a wonderful time with some cute guys, and girls!? I know that's weird.
    I flew with rocket boots, that were white and blue. I flew so far that I "escaped from the dream" and went to an all dark place, and I expierenced the sensation of flying, with endless possiblilties. I asked for my dream guide, because I recalled my dream goals. "Dream guide!" I sort of commanded, but I saw a man with a coat covering his face, well imagined him from another dream. I thought Allison was my dream guide, but I guess this one was. He didn't come meet me yet, I guess I am not ready to meet him, or that wasn't really my dream guide. I noticed, two DCs tried to stop me from having a certian "thing" with these other cute dudes, but I told them to backoff, because it was a dream and I didn't care about them. I have been more violent with my DCs lately because they annoy me with their concerns over the fake world. In a pervious lucid, a dumb Monkey/sheep thing was driving a car and used its powers to become bigger and defeat me. "I don't think so! You can't beat ME in dreamworld!" I said as I increased in size, so huged that I broke out of my dream and entered SP. (I must've been REALLY angry.) It was the weirded SP ever. Back to the weird dream, I was so used to being lucid, I just did "whatever."
    I had another lucid when I slept with a guy in a weird stall. It was fun lol! idk why my dreams have been about that, lately, it's not like it's even my Dream Goal!!
    So I have had alot of lucids in the past few days, and they're all weird. It might be the fruit I'm eating? Also, the Lion King song "I Just Can't Wait to be King" was stuck in my head, so that might've come up in the dream. And in my lucid dream, I dreamt I was having a lucid dream, but I went in the dream and knew I was dreaming. It was like a false awakening, I was highly aware.