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    21032018: First nightmare in many years

    by m4ra on 03-21-2018 at 05:37 AM
    IN a school I find old piles of video game cartridges. I see Tetris and I'm excited, I show it to someone. Studying it further I notice
    it's not original, it's a newer one, I can tell by the color of the pieces. I secretly try to take them with me.

    In a large grocery store I hide them in the shelves. I see Gandolf is hunting me down, knows my plan and try to take the cartidges away
    from me by taking them from the shelves.

    I enter a narrow hall and get chased to the end by two large knight pieces, it's like a video game. At the end there is a final challenge,
    a young teenage girl needs to arm wrestle the last female boss, they argue over the rules, who goes first? She tricks her way to getting
    the rules to be in her favor.

    A narrow tunnel like place again, like a children's playground thing they had in McD's. As I crawl Jussi Jahkola comes up behind me, I
    make a Zen comment/joke. His skin is cold and clamy. I see a woman ahead of me. As I approach her she morphs into a weird swirl of flesh,
    it excites and arouses me but fills my mind with wonder. I can barely comprehend her form, it is something I can't understand, some
    alien sex god.

    I enter a military base. The enterance is wooden and makeshift. I see a general enters, I suddenly become the guard? I write "WAR GENERAL"
    on a scrap of paper and give it to him as if it's his clearance pass.

    In the base it's like a grocery store and I swing on vines made of food like lemons, limes, canned goods. It's like Willy Wonka's
    factory except it's everyday food items. I see a girl and her mother are there. She is trying to get her to go somewhere. There are
    fantasy-like creatures all around.

    A female researcher is transporting a nerve agent with her family. I'm outside in the morning, the sun is rising, I'm by some cliffs like
    the ones in Tempeliaukiokirkko. As she makes it to the end of the rocks I senses something is wrong.

    Inside the compound again. It is like a store and a library, rooms are seperated by plexiglass walls. There is an alarm, a nerve agent is
    released in the air. I panic and try to get out. I try to hold my breath in a futile effort to save myself. I have to breathe in and I
    feel all the nerves in my body burning like they are on fire. People are panicking and trying to escape but get stuck by a door that is
    locked. A woman next to me, in her 40's, with short grey hair and glasses turns to me, she has brown eyes. She is going mad with fear,
    wonders why the nerve agent isn't killing me. She attacks me with another woman and tries to bite me, as if eating me will make her immune
    to the gas. I am swallowed by the churning ocean of people and I feel myseld getting ground up by some large mechanical and unhuman thing,
    like a machine-god eating up the mass. As I'm consumed by it my final thought is "there is nothing special about a single human life."

    I wake up shocked and terrified, it takes about half an hour to go back to sleep, I imagine horrible things happening during the trade
    fair I'm going to the next day.

    110116: Semi-lucid, Friend Breaks Into House

    by m4ra on 01-11-2016 at 05:34 AM
    I'm in the kitchen at night. My laptop is on the kitchen table, I look outside through the window, I want privacy, is anyone out there? I close the blinds and head off to bed. I feel an odd stirring. Am I sleeping? I feel as if I'm leaving my body. I try to scramble to my bed, if I can get there I can keep this up and enter lucidity. (???)

    I hear a crash. I get up from my bed and now I'm in my childhood home. I see my old friend from school has somehow gotten in and he has two younger friends with him. They are all drunk. I ask him what does he think he's doing?!? My mom is going to call the cops immediately if she wakes up to this! He doesn't care, too drunk to really know what's going on. I think he is so drunk he has come here by mistake, he lives a floor lower. (he didn't in real life)

    I try to shoo them out but the enter the living room, my friend is in the process of passing out on the bed there. I get angry and frustrated at this whole thing, I try to put my foot down and get them to go. Right when I get my friend and the other young guy out, one of them has made his way to the balcony and is lighting a cigarette. I tell him to really leave now, this is absolutely unbelievable. He stares at me with drunk apathy trying to light his cigarette. He's pretty big and I know I can't force him to go physically. I leave, just muttering "unbelievable" under my breath.

    The other guy leaves and finally with all of them out I close the door and make sure it is locked. I pull on the door a few times to make sure. I see a whole crew of people are there sitting in the stairwell. I really don't want them there making noise but at least they are not inside the apartment. There is a window along the left of the door and I can see out of it (there wasn't one in real life) and as I look out I see they are all showing me the finger and laughing. I try to just make my way to bed.

    My mom didn't wake up and I suddenly see my sister there. She must have sneaked in. She isn't too drunk or anything. I tell her about Ale and stuff, I say his parents are so rich they rented the place under ours for him and he must have made a mistake. Our old cat is on my sister and she get up. I pet her and watch her walk around the mattress, I try to be gentle with her. I pet her and she walks towards my mom's bed.
    non-lucid , false awakening

    100116:Confusion at Lidl, Cat has Worms, Getting Taunted

    by m4ra on 01-10-2016 at 10:31 PM
    A vague memory of a dream where I leave my mom's laptop at a friend's place, how will I get it back?

    Mess at Lidl
    I go to a Lidl. It looks different than usual, the cashiers are on a different level. As I approach it I see it is almost empty, no customers, and police are everywhere. I peek in and say are the registers open, I have things I want to pay for. They say yes and I go and pay. I have groceries that will cost about 10 bucks, I don't have any more money. She is checking out a lot of stuff and the total is going over 40. Did I take too much? I'm going to have to remove a lot of items. I realize that the cashier has rung up stuff from other people behind me into my tab. They are miserable, middle-aged men there who bought lots of fancy food items and are aggravated at the inconvenience. I try to be very happy and relaxed so the checkout woman doesn't feel too stressed.

    The Cat's Voluntary Fast to Kill the Worms
    I'm in an apartment I don't recognize, my mom lives there? I see a cat in front of me, there is a bathroom to my left. I'm told the cat is on a voluntary fast it won't eat, to kill some worms it has in its intestines. It's like I can see into the cat with x-ray vision. I see two massive worms in white in its intestines. I'm told they are so large that if they got out they could fight a mouse and win. I smell that the cat has some poop stuck on its butt fur. I should remove it but I'm afraid of getting the poop on my fingers and getting worms too.

    Outside getting Taunted
    It's night time I'm by my mom's place on a forested walking path by a bench. I'm walking to a female friends place. I see a group of hooded guys, I pull my hood up so they wouldn't bother me. I try to walk by but they taunt me, one kicks me in the ass. I yell out and tell him to watch it and the whole group laughs at me. I turn, getting real angry and I wake up. In the blurriness of waking up I see one of the guys, his back turned to me, as if he's looking at the book shelf. I focus and see nothing.

    091016: Being Converted to Gun Religion, Swatting Giant Mosquitoes?!?!

    by m4ra on 01-10-2016 at 10:13 PM
    Gun Religion
    I'm inside a central bus station, a little kid asks for cigarettes, he says I look like the type of guy that would have counterfeit Malrboros. (?!?) I have a leather jacket on. I tell him not to even start, it's going to be a thing he'll regret for life. I walk into the bus.

    It's morning, sun is rising like the summer, I'm out to the east of the city. I'm walking on the sidewalk by the highway. It's so early there is no one around. I walk and I'm approached by two people, they have darker skin, they look Indian, and have good clothes on, like Mormons. They approach me and I decide to be polite and listen. They tell me to go and watch a movie at their place that will change my life. I'm about to tell them I know enough about Jesus but being too polite I go with them.

    I'm in their place, it's like a basement with windows by the edge of the wall and the ceiling. It is well furnished. I watch a movie that starts with a map of the world when all the continents were still together, and shows how people first emerged in the center of the landmass and as the continents were torn apart people were sent around the world. That can't be right, I think, the two things happened in way different times.

    The video shows how different cultures emerged in different places, the first cultures. What is the point of this video? Is this even Christianity?!? I look around and see cardboard cutouts and posters of people with guns in weird outfits, are these pro-gun religious people?

    In the kitchen a hippie woman has made homemade ginger ale, it isn't too sweet and has lots of fibrous strands in it. I like it and compliment it to her.

    Giant Bugs
    I'm in my friends old place, the summer morning sun is coming through the windows. The place is mixed with a summer cabin, I see a wooden wall. There are giant mosquitoes flying around. I have to kill them for him. I have a giant ax and I try to kill them. Right as I swing at one I stop, this is going to cause holes in the walls. I look at the ax and the blade is actualyl flat, it's like a hammer with a really small face. I can use it without wrecking the walls.

    I see some taxidermy-ed mosquitoes around, proud trophies.

    Goofy and Pluto are kicked off the spaceship that has the rest of humanity escaping the end of the world. (who are all characters from Donkey Kong Country). It looks like an old-school sci-fi craft. As Goofy pleads to be taken in, they take Pluto in but then kick the dog out so Goofy doesn't have to die alone. They give him four cigarettes as sympathy. The spaceship launches away, Goofy and Pluto with four cigarettes sitting on the sofa of my childhood home.

    Vague image of huts in the Pacific during World War II where each hut has a secret marijuana bush that then causes the hut to burst in flames?!?!?

    080116: Getting Yelled At, Burn-Victim Barbie, McD's?!?!?

    by m4ra on 01-08-2016 at 10:21 PM
    I'm in the city on a cold winter day, I see snow around. I make it to the modern art museum. I'm supposed to go on a cruise with a couple I haven't seen in years. They really want me to go and tell me they will pay for it. The woman goes away and I'm with the guy, he has darker tanned skin and pretty heavy metal. As I follow him I see a female friend I know mostly through another couple I know. I try to wave to her but it's like she doesn't see me. She is person that does a lot of things with culture circles, she is talking to a foreign male friend who also has dark skin. Did she ignore me or just not notice me? I continue walking.

    Inside the hall of the modern art museum, or around the corner of it I play a game like Galaga on a small screen. We play together with him giving advice. I mess up and start taking damage. They guy yells out and I apologize. As I continue to play I ignore his advice to the most part and try to get a feel for the game through trial and error like I usually do. He keeps on yelling at me, saying how I messed up so bad and that I suck at this game and I'm losing. I tell him it's just a game but he keeps on hounding me. I get up and leave, I don't have to take this kind of abuse.

    I'm by the registers in a large grocery store. There are no windows or anything. The registers remind me of the store near my friend's old place but the store is much larger in the dream. I'm sitting on the floor with my back against the wall. Pinhead from the Hellraiser movie comes up to me. To my left. on my bag, there is a small Cenobite idol, it's like a bust but made of geometric forms, dark but abstract. Pinhead wants it and I give it to him. In return he give me a Barbie doll, the chest is all melted and burnt, the hair is in splotches. I think it's a Cenobite Barbie maybe? She looks burnt and hurt, a burn-victim Barbie.

    Outside the modern art museum at night, I walk in the snow, it's much warmer now, the snow is slushy. I walk, looks like the courtyard of my childhood home but I don't recognize it as such. Going to meet my mom?

    I'm in a McDonald's near my mom's place, I try to be really polite to the cashier person. I see that there is a special Big Mac deal, two meals for 7 bucks. Not sure I can eat that much. I go up to her and try to be really nice, I smile a lot. I try to order something that is really easy for the kitchen to make. Despite it, I go with the vegetarian wrap, since I'm a vegetarian. In my wallet, I find enough to pay for it.

    Later, on a bridge near my childhood home, bright and cold outside, as if I phase through the bridge?!?