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    1. Nothing much new. I did start a new sub-forum where I tic off how many nights I wake up finding I have been dreaming what was playing on the radio. This plays into the CAN WILD method, but instead of creating a short alarm that goes off one time so as not to disturb your sleep very much, I want to have speech that influences the direction of my dreams.

      That's about it.
    2. I'm okay. Thanks for asking. Nothing much new is going on for me. How about you?
    3. I see what you are talking about now. I don't really mind that it doesn't have my new name though.

      How have you been? I need to look into your DJ and subscribe!
    4. I'll look for that eventually maboroshi. In the mean time, I guess it's like Gandalf the White when he said, "Gandalf the Gray...they used to call me that" in an "Oh yea!" kind of tone. I've become The Sandman in a very natural progression.
    5. No, it's in the dream posts. If you look at a dream on the "Recent Entries" page, you'll see the title. Then below that it says the time of the post and the name of the poster. Then in parentheses it gives the title of the overall dream journal. Yours says "Rman's dream journal." I think I occasionally see that and still think of you as Rman. Both names are cool, though.
    6. Maybe it is from a separate journal I had from a class I was taking with Zebra. Did you take one with him?
    7. Oh, crud. My bad. I do remember you as Rman, from when I first came to Dream Views. I think your journal is still titled with the name Rman. So I used that name by accident.
    8. How'd you know I used to be Rman? You must be pokin' around deep. Lol
    9. Hi maboroshi,

      Thanks for reading my dream entry. You must been watching the recent DJ posts because I just posted this dream. I appreciate any time people take time to read a post.

      I never ask people to read my entries, but since you chose to look into one, I want to point you to one that is absolutely hilarious. Yesterday I dreamed I was in a library. Check that dream out. it isn't too long.

      There is one book I saw that beats just about any dream I've ever had. It is hilarious in a sad kind of way.
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