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    1. Just reminded me of this clip I was trying to include in a lucid dream video. Represents the first moments where the dream looks blurry and confuse. Oh well, let's hope someone does something more advanced ^^

    2. That would be a cool idea. It could give a feel for some of the lucid adventures people have here.
    3. I feel like I have to add pictures to all my DJ entries to make them trigger the memory of the dream more easily. Otherwise I would probably not see the dream as it happened after some time. That idea of illustrating seems interesting, especially because the results would be at least way off

      Wish I had some skill at drawing though, finding pictures in the net is not the same :x You know what would be great? Some one with good editing skills make a video of a famous ld in the dream gallery per month
    4. Ah... now I see why I had such a strong dream about drawings in my dream last night. Thanks for the good vibes.

      I had often thought about putting together my most vivid and active dreams -- but I'd never thought of adding pictures. That's a great idea. I love to draw, though I haven't done it in a long time. It might also be fun for other people to draw -- a strange twist: someone else to draw what I dreamt!

      Have you ever thought of doing something similar for your dreams?
    5. Enjoyed reading your "About me" Tab and finding out how you kept a dream journal for all those years. That's quite a long time! I'm guessing you probably have a very big pile of books, if you happen to have children or grandchildren you can tell them about your own adventures. Ever thought on doing a small compilation of your "best" dreams and put them into a book with pictures and stuff? I'm sure it would turn out to be a nice project ^^
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