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    1. Heck ya man this is my last semester of college so I will have more control of my schedule after that! I have been on Dreamviews. I just havn't had many lucids worth sharing lately. You should try and stop into the chat sometimes since I still go on there when I can.
    2. Hey man, hope school is going well! Better see more of you around in December break
    3. I have been doing good. No lucids but some interesting frags. I look forward to reading how you train with Goku! Keep up the good work.
    4. Hey buddy, just checking on ya. Hope all is well! I've made some great progress this past week. I'm doing a mix of MILD and WILD I came up with while reading ETWOLD. It's been tougher than I thought to meet up with Goku though haha, I think next time I will be able to see him hopefully.
    5. I'm really disappointed I have slacked off. My school has really gotten in the way but my schedule doesn't start to early so its not really an excuse I just haven't been journaling enough. I did get a lucid dream this week about being a castaway on an island which was pretty cool but not worth posting about. Thanks for the encouragement and I will make sure to be active again and journal every day.
    6. Monkey! It seems like we're still connected in one way or another... as in it seems like we've both been slacking pretty bad these past two weeks! My recall hasn't been great due to poor journaling and school getting in the way... but anyways, let's try to keep active man!
    7. I'm not sure but we'll figure it out.
    8. I know =/, it was so much easier to follow each other's dreams that way. Are you sure we can just create a new thread in Grandfathered Journals for that purpose?
    9. I think we should use the old style of dream journaling but I think we should make two separate threads so we can keep them separate. I always liked the old format better. I guess it would go in the grandfathered dream journal section. I wish our journals in the old shared dreaming accademy didn't get deleted. :/
    10. Great idea! do you wanna create a new thread where we post our dreams, or should we just read them off each other's journals? I'll start writing them down tomorrow (today I recalled a few but was too lazy to write them down)
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