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      Well, I actually use all kinds of techniques. I'd say currently my primary techniques are WILD and DEILD. But I also used MILD and SSILD. Lately I've also been experimenting with galantamine and choline, but I don't recommend it when you're first starting out. You want to learn fundamentals before you try lucid aids. Basically what I do is when I wake up for my WBTB I get up and do something to kind of wake myself up a little so I don't instantly fall back asleep. So I get up and go to the bathroom and get some water, and if using galantamine and choline this is when I'll take it. Then when I lay back down I do MILD or SSILD, then if I end up at a point where I can WILD during that great. If not and I fall back asleep at least I did SSILD or MILD.

      Anyways, I'm in the same boat as spellbee. When I first started out I had huge success with SSILD, so I definitely recommend it for people that are just starting out.
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      SSILD was what I first used for fairly consistent lucid dreams. I had had a couple spontaneous DILDs before I tried it, but I had lucids just about every night that I tried it. I tried doing a 30-day challenge of using it, which is way back in my Dream Journal if you want to read about it (even though I only got to day 18, I believe). The only thing about it is that it causes a lot of False Awakenings, which can make you lose lucidity if you don't remember to RC when you think you've woken up.

      Unfortunately, I think I used SSILD so much that it no longer works for me. However, I did have enough experience from using it that I was able to move on to other techniques and still carry over a lot of the dream control and stabilization things I learned from using SSILD. It should be fine for a few months, but eventually you'll probably want to move on to better methods like MILD and WILD.
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      That definitely sounds like you're pretty close. I use an alarm to wake me up about 4 and a half hours after my bed time. I know some people just naturally wake up during the night and do it then, but I'm not one of those people - once I'm asleep, I'm pretty much out cold until my alarm wakes me up.
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      Out of the 15 or so WILDs I've done, I've only had "SP" twice (it's usually pretty rare), and it was only scary once - for about 5 seconds, until I realized that it meant I was already dreaming, making me become lucid. If you've read around the forum, you've probably come across the fact that this "paralysis" actually means you're in a dream already. This helped me when I first experienced it - I had read so much about it that when it finally happened I knew what it was and wasn't afraid of it. So as long as you know the symptoms (inability to move your limbs, shortness of breath, potentially dark presences in your room), it's super easy to spot. Then, once you know it's happening, just remind yourself that you're in a dream, nothing can hurt you, and there's nothing to be afraid of.

      Check out a thread called "Sleep Paralysis Explained", it'll tell you all about what actual SP is and why you shouldn't be afraid of it. I'd link to it here, but visitor messages don't allow hyperlinks.
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      Thanks, glad you like them! If you like really descriptive dream journals, also check out Hyu's DJ on the forum. His entries are what really inspired me to get better at my lucidity.

      I'd say for beginners SSILD is a good way to start. It doesn't require a whole lot of effort to pull off, and it'll help you kind of get your feet wet into how being lucid looks and feels, so you can move on to more tried and true methods like MILD and WILD. Of course, the best way to improve your chances is to work on your dream recall. You want to be able to recall at least one dream per night before you start trying for lucidity.
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    Non-Lucid: A deceitful alarm!

    by MadzAssassin on 01-10-2016 at 12:32 PM
    Non-Dream Lucid Dream Non-Lucid Dream False Awakening

    I have been reading up on LD for a while now and decided to ease myself into the process with some mild...well...MILD xD So I didn't expect to have a LD on my first night, but I did have a semi-vivid dream! Which is always a good thing!

    Wednesday 6th/1/2016

    Background Info: I went to bed at around 22:30 and fell asleep at around 23:15-30. Befire then, I was doing some MILD mantras along the lines of 'I am aware I am dreaming.' I wasn't on planning on doing a wake back to bed due to school the next day, so I just tried to ease myself into the process of preparing for a LD.

    It was fairly mild outside. For some bizarre reason, I was in a scrap yard where cars go to meet their demise. The pace was small, with towering towers of rusty four-wheel drives and a pools of various litter. The are did not look pleasant and certainly didn't smell it either. In the distance, the sun was setting rather quickly, emitting a nice, orange glow which brought a sense of warmth to the scene. Not much was happening to be honest, and I had no clue why I was at this crap yard. Accompanying me for this dream was my own Mother, her partner Robbie and Robbie's 1 year old daughter, Marina, who resided in a pram next to her mum. In the corner of the scrap yard was some kind if shack where you could order pizza, specifically Dominoes. Being hungry and bored, we decided to order one for later.

    (I don't actually recall the ordering process, but I remember the conclusion at the scrap yard.)

    Me and mum had gone to order whilst Robbie waited with the pram. When me and my Mum returned, Robbie spotted a small Motofone amongst a pile of junk. She pulled it out and decided she'd keep it for some strnage reason. According to her, she'd always wanted one when she was younger. This didn't make sense considering they wasn't around when she was younger, but I just let that thought slip and clapped her for her lucky find.

    Fast-forward a second or two and we were back at the at home. Now joining the cast of this dream was both my Grand-parents and my Autie. They all were in the lounge, watching something on TV. My mother was in the kitchen. Robbie had placed the motofone on the window sill and was now sat on the floor, entertaining Marina. Next thing I now, Mum was outside the living room window, getting something out of the car. When she came out of the car, she looked down the road to spot the pizza we ordered make its arrival. I could amazingly hear her through the window say;
    "It's here!"
    Before could all get up and head into the kitchen, the motofone began ringing. Robbie tried to answer it but she couldn't. She could not accept the call or decline it. It just would not stop ringing. So we took it in the kitchen when we left the lounge.

    In the kitchen were three female strangers that I had never seen before. They were just standing in a group minding their own business. I distinctly remember one who had blonde hair and wore a leather jacket with a fur collar. But the other two's appearances I can't remember.

    I marched past the females, with the rest of the family in tow and approached the backdoor where my mum and the pizza delivery woman waited. Strangely, when I opened the door, the rest of my family who wer ebhind me, had all of a sudden beat me to outside. Odd. I now had the motofone in my hand, and it was still ringing. Because we ordered the pizza at the scrap yard, I assumed that Dominoes had something to do with the phone as it seemed they ran the scrapo yard. I showed the pizza delivery woman the phone but she did not seem one bit interested.

    I then woke up! My mum was in my room telling me I'd be late for school and that my alarm needed to be louder to actually wake me up. I then realised that my alarm was ringing and it was the exact same sound as the motofone in my dream. Bloody deceitful alarm!