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      Unfortunately, even though I could teleport to your dreams and come get you, you would probably not remember it. I have received dozens or hundreds of request from people asking them to make them lucid, or to pull them into a dream. Raven and I tried this a few times together. Every single time the person would never become lucid, and never remember the dream.
      I can't help you other than encourage you to do your best to somehow get to the Green Moon. I have shared lucid dream video tutorials online under the youtube username seapoidog and moatwog.
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    Catching up!...?

    by MageCat on 09-07-2015 at 01:43 AM
    so I've finally got my LD skills up and over the past few days I've made a couple of new things on Star Island:

    1. Jem City- A City Where people can live a hang out

    2. Friendship Mystery School- A school in which Dreamers can learn how to become better At LD.

    3. The Blank Planet: A planet that acts as a canvas for imaginative thinking and creating! But the second when everyone leaves the planet, it goes back to a blank planet

    I really love Lucid Dreaming, especially with friends! If anyone is interested in Shared dreaming please inbox me or leave a comment It would be my honor to help!

    Star Island Story 3: " Adventure???? "

    by MageCat on 09-04-2015 at 12:58 AM
    Ok so I went out of town and left my computer at home so im back now and yea.....

    so last night I went to my island and made a plan to see some of my DV Friends. I have an device in the dream world that gives me the location of any place and anyone in the universe. I tell it to find " DannyCool " and it shows me his coordinates. He was located on earth so I hoped in my space craft and put in his location on earth, then I took off.

    I landed in a city on a roof top and saw a comic book convention going on down below. I made my way into the crowd and stood on a gargoyle statue. I tried to get a good look for Danny, but thought it was impossible so I told myself if I just sat a wait he would show up eventually. After about 5 minutes I saw someone dressed as a hitman and I got a strong feeling it was him.

    He was by himself and was walking real fast in a hurry. I quickly got off the statue and ran towards him dogging the crowd of people, when I caught up to him I said " hey are you DannyCool From dreamviews? ". He stopped and look at me confused and said " yes? how do you know about dreamviews? Are you a lucid dreamer? " " Yes bro im Mage Cat! "

    He looked at me then laughed and said " Mage Cat! Buddy! " Then shook my hand " Nice Costume! who are you supposed to be? " he asked. " oh this is what I wear on a regular haha... so you like conventions like this? " " nah its just something to do man, I'm supposed to be meeting some friends here "

    " you do know your dreaming right? " I said. He laughed and said " oh really now? inception right? " I then put my hands up and said " no really look! " I summoned one of my magical creatures that resembles some what of a cat dragon and rode on it like a horse. " Holy crap! " Danny said as he took a few steps back. The crowd of people stood and stared, then freaked out. Danny disappeared ( probably woke up due to being overwhelmed )

    " opps " I said. I ordered my giant cat to climb the building that the con was being held at. We made it to the top and I made the dragon cat disappear. " well that didnt work out as planned " I then saw a guy with long black hair who looked like the prince of persia on the rooftop with me. I felt he wasnt a dream character so I yelled " yo how'd you get up here? " he turned around slowly and said " do you know who I am child? " " uhh...nope" I said.

    " I am Waking Nomad " he said " bullshit Waking Nomad doesn't lucid dream anymore. " " That's the dumbest thing I herd all day " he said shaking his head. " prove it " I said " why would I waste my time proving to you, that I'm me? HA ! FOOL! " I started to get the feeling it was Nomad so I asked " so... are you back then ?" he responded " I never left "

    Star Island Story 2: " Adventure "

    by MageCat on 08-22-2015 at 10:22 PM
    { So I arrive at Star Island by a WILD } I get to the Island and plan on meeting some of my friends that I used to LD with back in the day. I look around the island and its pretty small; a couple of palm trees, a pink ocean, light brown sand, and volcano.

    I want to expand Star Island, but at the time I was more focused on finding my old pals. I had to create a way to travel to my friends location, so I used some Dream Magic to create a portal to my friend Zeta's house. I arrive at his place and I see him on top of his roof.

    " HEY MAGE! " he yelled as he waved his hands. I walk over and climb up the side of his house and get on to the roof with Zeta. " Yo Zeta whats up? long time no see friend " I hug him and then I look at his face. I see a face of worry and I ask " hey man you ok? "

    " Yea man, I was just thinking about somethin- it's nothing really... " He then went in his pocket and took out a cigarette. " Hey man you got a light? " he asked " Nope. " I say ( I dislike cigarettes ). I then ask " you do know you're dreaming right? " " Maybe?... Idk anymore kid, I'm to old for that kinda stuff " he said as he blows smoke im my face. I wave the smoke out of my face and say " C'mon man! don't you know that stuff is bad for you? "

    " hmm?- haha so what brings you here? " " I want to get the team back together again, like old times. " he looks out at his neighborhood and puffs out a cloud a smoke a sighs " I told you Mage I'm to old for that stuff now, It was fun wile it lasted." I shook my head in disappointment and said " man you're never too old for fun... well if you ever change your mind I made a new place called Star Island. " I gave him a map so he could find it.

    I got up and looked at him, he was still gazing out at the houses in deep thought. " Ok man I'm going back to my place. " I then made a portal and as soon as I made it Zeta got up and said " WOA DUDE WHAT THE HELL? HOW DID YOU JUST-" " Your dreaming fool. " I said. He then looked at his hands and looked at me and disappeared ( that means the person wakes up ) I then walk into my portal and arrive back on my island.

    I plan on just doing my own thing: working on my dream magic, working on building star island into an actual World, and working on getting Team muffin back in action. I look at my hands and shoot a purple chi blast out and it hits a palm tree and sets it on fire. I then create a wizard type Robe with a hood and create amethyst crystal staff. I point my staff down at the sand and create a giant sand castle and walk in the castle. I shape the castle so it has 4 rooms and one bedroom for me. The inside of the castle is not sand like rather its like an actual castle I decorate my bedroom how I imaged it in waking life

    When I adventured with my friends back in the day, we all had code names and mine was " Mage Cat" Because I was the Wizard of the group and I had a Cat head. I morph my head into a cats head I AM MAGE CAT!

    Star Island Story 1: ' Getting Started... "

    by MageCat on 08-18-2015 at 06:50 PM
    You can do anything you imagine in the dream world, The possibilities are ENDLESS. Like for instance, if you wanted to fly on an elephant across the world at jet speeds, YOU CAN. All you have to do is practice and believe and you can achieve!

    So last night I did A WILD and I ended up in Toronto Canada looking for an friend. I wanted to catch up on my LD skills, so I made it an objective to see her. Like I said you can do ANYTHING in the dream world, so I created a TESLA car and drove to a spot where I knew she would be at Tim Hortons ( a coffee shop ). so I drive up and see her on the phone with someone. she puts her finger up at me like " wait im on the phone " so I just sit and wait.

    She gets off the phone and we talk and then I go back to her place and catch up. I tell her about LD and she laughs at the concept. I tell her she's dreaming and she says " Ok what ever " I then get fed up with her and leave after an hour long convo. I drive away and see a creek and by the creek is my old space ship I used to Adventure in. It's almond shape with 3 rockets, 2 wings, and all silver. I go in it a fly to my planet.

    I arrive on my planet and go in my castle. I sit at my desk in my room and think about putting a " Dream Team " Together so we can Adventure and Explore. TEAM MUFFIN! I laugh and awake

    Dream Adventures: Getting Back into Lucid Dreaming..... [ Re-introducing Myself ]

    by MageCat on 08-18-2015 at 06:02 PM
    So I've been practicing lucid dreaming for 2 years now and quit for a while, but now im starting to get back in to it for good.

    I have a plan to share dreams with people a create a place in the dream world were all can come and have fun and learn new things about themselves and others. I am really REALLY good at lucid dreaming, and I would like to help anyone get into it if they are having trouble.

    I've created my own planet for people to visit to learn how to LD better and or just chill and have fun. To me LD isn't hard at all, but this wasn't always the case. When I first started I always had trouble and used to us the DILD method to lucid dream, but with time and dedication I now can Lucid dream easily.

    So If you are interested in Sharing dreams with me, let me know because I will be posting my Adventures on here again and want to Adventure with you all!