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    MoSh: How about you stop trying to define everything, and just accept what you experience, and explore it.
    - From the DJ of Waking Nomad!
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    Recent Entries

    Low recall

    by Man of Shred on Today at 02:37 AM
    Trouble sleeping past few days. Trying wbtb but not falling asleep.


    Had a dream my brother's gf was trying to hook me up with Katelynn. ( I went for a smoke during wbtb, and my brother's gf was shoveling snow, and she said she had a dream that I was doing things with Katelynn in some bushes... And then she said that I should try to get with her. And I said: no, pretty sure she's raising a kid with a common law guy. I remember K was a friend in 2011 after I moved to Bowden. But we never even got close to hooking up, even after she invited me over for new years, and it was just me and her. The energy was just too frigid for me to try anything, and I never make a move unless I have an absolutely impossible to miss greenlight.) Anyway in the dream my brother and his gf were driving me and K to a date or something. I offered her the front seat, but she insisted on the backseat. Yeah, didn't seem to be comfortable with the idea either...

    Jamie 1

    Just a quick flash of Jamie leaning down to kiss me. And no, I won't explain why she had to lean down.

    Jamie 2

    Jamie is standing in a black space and to my right is a dream scene of a city or something. Her hair is very much like when I knew her. Jamie is leaning out of the shadow and asks, " Do you want to see me?" Then I wake up.

    I do.
    non-lucid , side notes

    Some recall

    by Man of Shred on 02-29-2024 at 04:29 AM
    Past few nights I've had a little trouble sleeping properly.

    Work related

    Something about operating a hand held grinder that cuts bolts or something.

    Vague recall

    Something about going in about of some native woman's house

    Jamie 1

    Working with Jamie again, but this time I'm a dishwasher at a bar or something. Jamie is a server or something. I don't recall actually seeing her in this dreams. My brother??? Keeps handing me beer jugs to wash, that also have mini jugs with the handles hanging from the big jug rim.

    So far in my dream journal, I've dreamed me and Jamie have worked at McDonald's, Wal Mart, and now a bar. So, what's our next dream job?

    Jamie 2

    Me and Jamie are talking in a black space, but memories we share of hanging out, are floating around us in a white space also kind of like a holographic image. The image is of the co op we both walked to while we were waiting for something special to kick in. We are facing one another also holding our hands in each. For a moment she is wearing double Dutch braids as a hairstyle, which I think is odd because she doesn't strike me as someone who would wear that as a hairstyle. We are both happy and saying meaningful things to one another. The only line I remember from her saying is, "You didn't deserve what I did to you, Robert. " Which sounds like a meaningful apology. Damn right .

    Short dreams

    by Man of Shred on 02-26-2024 at 03:29 AM
    Spotty recall these past couple days, due to unusual sleep schedule at home.

    Had a couple NLDS but can't remember the details.

    Jamie dreams

    1. A flash of her laying in bed, wearing a white bed dress. She's showing me something. I won't say what.

    2. Me and Jamie are working at a Wal-Mart. But it's the overnight shift. Everyone gets the same half hour break on late night s so on our break I start walking to my car to eat and smoke. Jamie joins me while walking to my car and she asks if she could sit with me in my car.

    3. While slightly dosing I had an HH image of Jamie encased in a strange device. She was in a glass orb and a giant wooden thing was connected to it which operated a door. An angel with large wings stood outside of it and operated the door. A man approached the glass, but he was really a lustful demon. Jamie saw the demon and began to get undressed for it. But it couldn't get it because the angel kept the door shut. Ok... Not sure what to make of that.

    More dreams

    by Man of Shred on 02-24-2024 at 12:38 AM

    Short dream with low detail about working in an office building. We were moving boxes around and stuff.

    Long dream

    Started out... I was flying up in some interesting caves. They were endless and bright multi colored. I went in a crevice where some people were. Apparently my dad was working in the cave and we were laying tapes out. Some foreman mentioned my dad was fast and did everything in the cave so quickly.

    I was wiping a tape that was by a damp spot with water flowing through it. I couldn't get it to stick and after several tries... I started yelling in frustration. The foreman told me to leave. I argued the work couldn't be done. The man said he had a guy that could do it, and a young guy took my spot. This sent me into a ranting rage. I started leaving.

    Now I was walking down a grassy hill and some guy from the construction group was following me. We kept talking and he was trying to calm me down. I remember saying something like I was "hangry."

    I went to the camp where I supposedly lived, tried to eat at a restaurant but the details are foggy. I also got kicked out of the restaurant.

    Next I was in some store with advanced clocks and watches. This girl with long brown hair and grey eyes helped me in the store. Her name tag said , "Jamie," and might have even said so. She didn't seem to know who I was. And I wasn't sure it was my Jamie., even though the height and look was the same. She showed me a tiny clock inside a glass pyramid that fit in the palm of your hand. I guess it WAS Jamie, just that we didn't recognize one another.

    I left the store and saw something like a sci Fi convention going on. People were walking from a door in Starfleet uniforms. For some reason I thought I had a pass to get in, so I walked right in. I walked past lines of people in similar uniforms. I tried to shake some actresses hand but she looked shocked. Security people kept scanning my forehead as I was walking through. Then security escorted me out

    The security guy took me to the lobby and was holding my wrist. I kept telling him to let me go . Eventually after some talking we were friends. He showed me a watch he had that was in the shape of a glass pyramid. I told him that the Jamie girl that works there, looked and acted exactly the same as some girl named Jamie that I knew in another town years ago. A guy piped up... It was PewDiePie. And he said, "whoa, that's a crazy coincidence." Or something. We started talking but I woke up.

    Jesus' message

    I fell into a brief HH dream. A scene like and oil painting of Jesus slid from the left and came before my eyes. He said, " After careful consideration of knowing Jamie's character, I have determined that the reason why you haven't heard from her yet, is because she feels very guilty about how she mishandled you in the past. She also is very fearful of the same result happening again." Wow, okay. All I can say is I'm not willing to reach out either, since I already have a few times and have been only met with silence. I'm not willing to message someone who isn't going to respond. I don't want to harass her in any way. I guess we're just gonna have to run into eachother more... Or she CAN do the drive bys more if that's what it takes for her to feel comfortable with me, she has my permission.

    neighbors house

    Brief dream about house sitting my neighbors house. I was on some landing. It was night time and I was talking to some girl on the main floor. I was doing some dream parkour stuff around the house while we we talking. She was saying how the previous owner had all these rock tiles for the driveway and how he was taking them all to his new house . I responded that the current owner of the house we were sitting said the previous owner left a lot of those tiles in the basement. That's all I remember.


    I was walking down a busy suburban street at night time. I was with some friends or something. I saw a girl I seemed to recognize with orange hair. I said to the guy I was with that a thought she was cute. The girl came up to me and seemed to know me. I'm not sure if it was Asuka, or Jamie. We sat down somewhere on a bench with a tarp over it. I was holding her hand. I rested my head on her shoulder and fell asleep.

    Lots of dreams

    by Man of Shred on 02-22-2024 at 02:28 AM
    Dream recall increasing from journalling more. Yay!

    Dog wtf

    Dream of seeing my dog again. He was barking at me again. His mouth looked funny again. It reminded me of the previous dream when he looked like that, but I didn't think to do an RC.

    Jamie 1

    Flash of me and Jamie walking away from my house that I was in when I was renting the basement suite in 2011. We were arm in arm. My vision zoomed out in 3rd person perspective. It was night time, and we both looked semi anime. We also were smiling and looked kind of dazed.


    I was staring out of a window. I noticed my reflection. I was a girl though and I slightly resembled Jamie... I had spots on my face, like sick with the measles or something. My vision zoomed in and the spots were really sweat drops discoloring my skin. I looked away and looked back and now I was my normal self but still sweating. I was wondering how sick I was.

    Jamie 2

    I was in a large store like a Sears or something. Asuka was behind me and Jamie was beside me. We were walking on the tile path between the wall and a clothing section when a really short blond girl blocked my path. Some music started playing while we were talking and for some reason we started dancing. But I was confused about which hand should go where. I switched hand positions a couple of times. I then remembered that I was with Jamie, and I shouldn't be doing anything to make her jealous. ( only problem with my dream state I'm like a drunk guy and everything I do is impulsive). I leave the girl and find Jamie sitting on the floor on the edge of the clothing section. Asuka is just in the background watching. I sit down in front of Jamie, she still looks semi anime, she's staring into space and is smiling. I try talking to her but she hardly replies. I grab her hands and stand up. She stands up with me. I think asuka was using a song spell on Jamie or something when I was talking to the girl to trance her out from noticing, or being jealous. Maybe the song spell made me sober to think of Jamie as well.

    Next night


    I was in a town that reminded me of Red deer. I was walking into a store when I noticed a bunch of Arab looking guys in black bullet proof vests carrying large guns go into a bank across the street. I go into the store and warn everyone in there to quickly leave the store and that I seen people with guns. I hear a bunch of gunshots and I leave the store. The Arab guy keeping 6 makes direct eye contact with me. I pretend I don't notice and quickly enter a glass door leading into the hallway that goes to the other end of the shopping plaza..l I exit into a residential area and keep walking.

    Last night.

    Moving in together

    Jamie asks me to move in with her (her exact words). But when I move in it sucks. Jamie doesn't talk to me at all. I remember eating at a dinner table with her and her parents... Maybe siblings? I'm given my own room. I keep passing Jamie in the hallways but she never looks at me. This seems to go on for a day or two and I'm considering just moving out, since I feel like a complete stranger there.


    I'm in the backyard of a house by a garden. I see my dogs dad (who we put down years ago) he's a large and intimidating rottweiler. I think it's strange he should be around. He growls and runs past me, one of his hind paws is mangled. I noticed smoke by some plants and notice a small fire when I get there. I have to pee and consider putting it out that way. I try to but the my jeans get caught on some thorn bushes. I wake up.

    Semi lucid

    Prelude: I dream I am laying in bed. Jamie is talking to me as a voice in my head. I tell her I'm meeting up with Raven in a dream and we are going to see some cool dream place, I invite Jamie along. Jamie says in my head that she's going to put on something special for the occasion.


    I'm on a motorbike and stop at some hobby place. I go inside to reserve a table for the people coming (Raven, Jamie, maybe asuka). Inside the place people are playing cards and chess. I notice a piano in the corner and make a mental note to talk to the owner about tuning the piano and leaving some cards, since I just got certification in piano tuning and repair.

    I slap my jacket over the table to reserve it and leave. Outside is no longer a street, but a huge Campus. I walk through a few large buildings on the campus, I walk by a room with ridiculously large bleachers inside.

    Outside I meet up with my group. A hooded lady, who looks like she's going to a cosplay convention. Two golems, the clay made into man, kind. A lady wearing wearing a blue wig with a large braid hung over one shoulder she introduced herself as "Samantha." Or something (Asuka). I say I reserved a table in a game room where we can play cards or chess. The two golems shrug and agree that could be fun.

    I begin walking through the campus again with the group. After sometime, the two golems are walking ahead of me, and that's when I hear Jamie call my name. I looked behind me, and she's barely even dressed. She's wearing a golden bra with sparkles on it. She walks past me and she's only also wearing a g string of the same color. On her waist is a thin gold chain with a blue veil mesh which barely covers even the top of her.... Box. The tips of her hair are blond. She turns her head around and smiles at me, asking with her eyes if I like what I see, then walks beside the Two golems.

    It then clicks in. I remembered the conversation in my head with her, when she said she was going to wear something special . For the bedroom yes, but for chess club? I'm about to follow them through the door when " Samantha," distracts me and starts talking to me. Then I open the door but the hobby/game place is gone and it's the room with the strange bleachers.

    I run outside and look for my group. I give up after a while and fly atop some pole sign. I turn and see Samantha again with her blue hair. She seems to be trying to cheer me up from losing the group. I notice she's wearing stilts to reach the height of the pole sign. I say, "You know this is a dream right? You don't have to wear those, just fly up." But she vanishes. Then I notice her below on the grass waving at me. She teleported.

    I shrug it off and fly away. I notice people on one of the ledges of the campus building. They are waving at me and calling for help. But I keep flying. Then I notice more people need help. I fly to them to rescue them. They are no longer people. Just mouths stuck on the ledges, they are just lying there calling for help. I go to pick a mouth up then it vomits on my hand. I stare at the mouth and it seemingly dies like when a bee loses it's stinger. I go to grab another one but the same thing happens. The stench is getting to me. I almost begin to vomit myself when I wake up.
    memorable , lucid , non-lucid