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    Purple Mobsters false awakening what the eff?!

    by marlie on 04-18-2012 at 09:01 AM
    Hi everyone.. has been a really long time - over a year actually since I made any new posts, I would guess most the people here now are new users who wouldnt remember me, but to those that do.. Hi!!

    Some dreams just cannot go unrecorded.. It should be noted that i am currently using nicotine patches, because I am trying to kick my filthy habit! (BOOOOO!!!) and that they have dramatically changed my dreams, made them more vivid, more memorable and more realistic- However.. I wouldnt advocate using them for this purpose as all you will end up with longterm is a nasty nicotine addiction and an empty wallet.
    And so to the dream!
    I was in a bar, propped at one of those really high tables, distracting myself from looking like id been stoodup by digging through my bag as if i was looking for something, every item in my bag was purple( its my dream colour- always has been) I do that for a while and finally cease, reaching instead for a pack of playing cards from the other end of the table, i open the pack, fan them out and all of them are purple too, standard cards in purple tones. I unfan them as if to put them away and they set alight, I dropped them, stamped on them, when i look back up my friend has arrived. We sit and I tell her about my day- that I knew of a warehouse full of designer goods that some local mob has been whispering about doing over. I suggest to her that if we followed behind them we could maybe grab anything they dropped without them seeing us,and just skim a little cream off the top of their hard work,she is hesitant but agrees and we set a time and place.
    The dream skips to the warehouse and i am sat outside on a parking barrier swinging my legs. It is pitch black yet I can see very clearly.Im getting annoyed- she is clearly late. I sigh and am about to give up when I hear footsteps, I cup my hand around my eyes as if there is sun and there appeared two men- they were actually the gay couple off that show "modern family"- kind of irrelevent but made me go "huh?" They dont see me sat there and walk straight into the warehouse via a side door with no caution or hesitation. I wait a few more minutes mostly in hope that they might be the ones doing the place over and that surely they would grab more than they could carry and drop something on their way past. She arrives, making no excuses and just waves at me to follow her through the same door, i try and dissuade her and she grabs me and says " no the police are here this is the only way we can go" I follow her in and we are suddenly in a dark, festering maze, a heavy smell of flesh making us each gag as we slowly walked, clung to each other, trying to breathe through our mouths, trying to breathe at all at one point. Suddenly we stop and freeze, she screams i just kind of stare and feel nothing much. in a puddle of blood and guts, were the two men, their bodys mangled and kind of wrapped around each other, one head severed and propped on the others chest, the other head had been seemingly flung to the other side of the tunnel. Momentarily one of their mothers appeared and did that painful scream you often hear on movies when a mother looses their kid. But quickly she vanished again and so did we.
    random dream kicked in: I was jumping on a bed with my neice, the dog jumped on the bed too, we were laughing, the room was purple the bed was purple , everything else was black. we jumped and then everything vanished but me. I cooked mac and cheese and then i was in jail.
    I was walking through town and had stopped to look in a travel agents window. I turned around there was my sister in law, who happened to be in the police and in full uniform,i greeted her warmly she looked at me cold, said she was arresting me for the murder and dismembering of two police officers, I tried to explain to her that I had nothing to do with it, We were just there and saw the bodys but was nothing to do with us, she didnt believe me, and led me to the police car. I got in and my friend was already in the back. She couldnt get her seatbelt done up. the police officer helped her. My friend and i smirked at each other,we were scared but kind of excited, new experiance? We stopped at a cafe, the officer got out,her hair was purple. she went inside and we could see her on the payphone through the window. she was smiling and chatting calmly. my friend and i got our storys straight..for some reason the story we agreed to was chalk and cheese to what id dreamed about in first half but it seemed to be what we both believed had happened- that we had been in the warehouse trying on costumes for a play and a woman with a knife had welded it at us and then killed the men. The police woman came back out, calmly got in the car and drove each of us home, my friend first and then me. My brother knew all about it when i got in and i assumed thats who she had called. he laughed and joked about it as if it was no big deal. he was unphased completely and made me beans on toast in seconds and placed it infront of me. I confided in him that i was starting to think maybe it was a dream and we hadnt really seen anything,he informed me it was not and reccomended i sleep as tomorrow i would likely be arrested again. i obliged and instantly appeared in my bed i closed my eyes.
    I woke up then.. and had to pinch myself that it was all just a dream, I was so glad it was, i did my usual (actual) routine, brushed teeth, put kettle on, oh my brothers here " morning" he said " you look happy" i said "sure why not" he then mentioned prison and i cried. i honestly believed i was awake and in reality, i was horrified that i had " really experianced it all" I paced all day waiting for the police to come get me, I kept repeating over and over " it feels like it was all a dream, i dont think it even happened? am i going mad?" various sentances along those lines. the waiting period.. actually felt in my dream like hours and hours of pacing. It was awful.
    Then suddenly ( thanks to my very bouncy puppy and very noisy alarm clock) I actually did wake up, and for many minutes laid and stared and tried to rationalise it and fathomed that now i really was awake and yes it was all a dream, It did take quite some time to be certain of it though.
    I wouldnt say my dream was particuarly fascinating in content but it is the first time that within a dream i have "woke up and said oh it was a dream" and this was definitly one of my best flowing and memorable dreams, and filled with details and consistency.
    Also please excuse any bad spelling or grammar.. my objective was to get it down as fast as possible so i didnt forget any parts. Im sure i probably did forget some though.